I Told You So 440

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that it is the elites or what I call the upper class trash who are trying to take complete control of our lives and that is who we are at war with?

This video shows that the media are finally recognizing what I have been telling you.

This fight or war is being waged against us people by the arrogant elites or upper class trash trying to control and run our lives the "way they know is best for all of us", which is them setting up their global dictatorship and murdering off most of us "for the good of the planet".

With the trucker protests spreading around the world, the people are winning but I have told you the only thing that will cause the upper class to quit is death. The upper class trash are fighting back against these protests because they just can't leave other people alone and are obsessed with their global dictatorship or monarchy.

The upper class trash in Nazi Canada ordered their Gestapo, ye ole Canadian Nazi cops, to illegally sieze the property of the truckers and this video shows how the Canadian people reacted to the crimes of their Gestapo. This is why some of those cops are quitting their Nazi police force. They don't want to be the upper class trash Gestapo and they KNOW what the cops are doing is wrong. God is sorting out the good cops from the bad cops.

These upper class trash criminals are doing everything they can to stop you from getting your freedoms and rights back. They cannot stand the thought of giving up the control and power they have already seized over you and are proving that the only thing that will stop them is death.

What they are doing is forcing you to fight a war against them and their thugs for your freedom just like God showed me in a dream years ago and I told you about. You will fight that war because God said you will fight that war and God is never wrong and doesn't lie.

Do you believe me yet?

Every day, we get one day closer.


Remember that I have been telling you that Fauci is a criminal and they should investigate and prosecute him?

This video shows that a movement by some members of Congress is working to do just that. If that really happens, do not be surprised to see Fauci commit suicide.

This is getting interesting but I just pray it is not smoke and mirrors and that they carry through with it.

Keep an eye on this.

Lefty Rage

I was thinking about this and realized that the reason these lefties get angry and attack people who are not wearing masks or don't get the vaccine, isn't because those people don't wear the masks or get the vaccines.

The reason for the lefty rage and attacks is because those lefties are ignorant and stupid.

If those lefties were not ignorant because they studied biology in college and were knowledgeable and intelligent, they would not believe the lies they see on TV and would not get angry at those not wearing masks or not getting vaccinated and would not attack those people.

Therefore, the reason for the lefty rage and attacks is because those lefties are ignorant and stupid enough to believe the lies they see on TV.

When I see people wearing masks, especially after Fauci has admitted the masks don't work, I know those people are ignorant and stupid. They are telling me they are by wearing the masks.


I want to make sure you don't get me wrong. I do not blindly believe Putin or any other professional liar called a politician.

What I am trying to tell you is that the main reason why I believe that the only reason why Putin would go on the offensive is to save Russia is because of the situation he is in.

For example, a few years ago, he had a total Russian population of 180 million and too many of them were elderly with not enough young military age men to be able to stage a sustained military offensive. You can have all of the best weapons in the world and, if you don't have enough people who can use them in combat, you can't win the war.

Then you have to look as his nation's economy, industry, resources, available transportation, especially for resources, manufactured goods, and food and he is not in a good situation to stage a prolonged offensive and I can tell from things he has said and done that he knows it. He is not a fool and is proving he is smarter than the Western upper class trash.

If you think I am wrong then you have to explain why he is right now working hard to build an allied force.

Can he win this war?

Yes, primarily because the West is being run by arrogant, over confident fools, who you just know will screw things up, you know, like they have been doing for years with everything else they have tried and has failed, and that they are underestimating Putin, which never ends well.

Putin is showing he is much more intelligent and is making better moves than the Western natural elite upper class trash and almost everything he does succeeds. Hint, hint.

The main reason why I believe this is dangerous ground for us is because, ultimately, this is in the hands of God, the Western upper class trash hate God, are waging war against Christianity, and are not on God's side, and Putin is promoting Christianity and is much more likely to be on God's side.

Things are not looking well for the US/UK alliance in this, even if they drag in France and Germany, who have pretty weak militaries. This entire situation is very complex.

Look, right now, the US has the most powerful military in the world, though it is quickly diminishing because of the idiot lefties and it blows my mind that they are wanting to use our military to set up their global dictatorship while they are tearing down our military plus they are betraying allies so no one can trust them as an ally. My farts are smarter than that.

Plus the power mad, greedy upper class trash fools have us in the middle of a civil war, are destroying our economy, destroyed our energy independence, most of our industry is in other nations like China and Taiwan, too many of today's US military age young men are spoiled, candy butt, mamma's boys who will freak out in such a war because of all of their lefty brainwashing, and generally have the US in a real mess and those arrogant fools want to take that to war?

People, the arrogant fools beating the war drums have not done their homework and all they are thinking and care about is how much money they will make in this war and not whether the US is even ready for such a war. They are all greedy and greed destroys common sense.

Remember that I warned you that the greatest threat to this nation is the lefty upper class trash and their minions?

Just look at the damage these evil, power mad, greedy things have done to this nation in just two years from within. They have almost crippled this nation in a number of ways.

"Hey, I know, I want to fly an F-16 into combat that I abused, needs a complete overhaul and can barely fly." /sarc

They are stupid, which is why all of their plans keep failing and they want to lead us into war against the next two greatest militaries in the world and all of their allies? Does that make sense to anyone? Do you believe me yet that the stupid people can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid?

Do these arrogant fools believe that they can bribe unscrupulous nations like China, Iran, North Korea and others to not see the opportunity of the US troops being tied down and butchered in a war with Russia and they will not seize that opportunity? And those arrogant fools want this country led into war against Russia and company by Afghan Joe? Afghan Joe couldn't even handle a small nation like Afghanistan and he wants to go to war with Russia? Really? What do they have, a death wish?

The US needs at least a couple of years under someone like Trump to rebuild this nation before we go waltzing off into WWIII and definitely not being led by Afghan Joe or any other lefty ilk like Kruella. Those idiots shouldn't be allowed to manage a Boy Scout troop in a softball game against a Girl Scout troop.

One of the problems that is causing me trouble anticipating what the left will do with things like Ukraine is that the left's plans are failing so bad and fast that they have become so desperate that they are beyond irrational. Their world is falling apart around them and they are just blundering at full speed over the cliff.

When people get that desperate and irrational, it is only a matter of time until they turn to completely violent solutions to their problems and I am seeing more lefties demanding violent solutions to everything. Many of them have completely lost touch with reality. This is not good.

Just look at Biden's actions. He gets more irrational as more of his criminal efforts fail.

Putin has the second most powerful military in the world and it is getting better. Without the US and UK, Russia could sweep through Europe right now because all of those nations have not maintained their militaries much at all so their greedy leaders could stuff that money in their greedy pockets. Without the US, Putin could crush the UK pretty much for the same reason. The US is probably the only reason that Europe still exists.

Putin has allies with China, Iran, North Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, and Venezuela along with others.

China has the third most powerful military in the world and is getting kind of better plus she has a number of allies like Russia, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, and others.

The UK has about the fourth most powerful military in the world but would lose on her own against either Russia or China. The best she can be is a help to the US. That is why the British Royal Family are using our traitor lefty upper class trash to control the US so they can use the US military as their bully club against others like Russia and China but they are also tearing down our military so it won't be able to stop them from setting up their global dictatorship. You know, ye ole conflict of interest thingy.

Though it tends to be ranked lower because the people doing the ranking tend to leave out advanced electronics warfare technology, when considering relative strength, I see Israel as the fifth strongest military in the world or better and she is friends with both Russia and the US, she chose sides with the US, turning Russia against her, and the US is now screwing her so she may be on her own in this mess.

The way the US and UK are handling this, it is not looking good for us and our stupid journalists don't get it. All those fools can see is them making more money from covering a war. Our arrogant, stupid upper class trash leaders are stirring a big hornets' nest and, at the very least, we are going to get badly bitten in part because our upper class trash leaders think they are smarter than they are and they keep proving that every day.

That is just the nutshell version.

Would you people quit voting for these stupid lefty fools?

I am tired of their insanity and the harm they cause others.

I keep seeing conflicting messages concerning Ukraine. This video shows that the US embassy in Ukraine is telling US citizens to not come into Ukraine or to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

This could mean any number of things such as the US is about to stage an attack on Russia claiming it is a Russian false flag so the US can invade Russia when Russia trys to defend herself, it could be the US is just giving Ukraine to Russia, which doesn't make sense, and it could be a sucker punch to get Russia to just take Ukraine so the US can claim we are invading Russia because they took Ukraine.

Keep an eye on it because I don't trust any government, especially not our lefty run government.


Remember that I told you that Iran has pretty much encircled Israel and will wage war against the Sunni Muslims states?

This video shows that is already going on and they are already increasing their attacks with Biden helping them.

This war is just going to get worse with Biden in office, especially with him giving Iran more money to stage their hostile actions with.

Legalizing Drugs

This video by Allen West tells you a number of reasons why the left is legalizing drugs such as, if you are using drugs, you can't buy a weapon and you cannot join the US Military.

The left legalizing drugs is a trap for you and not just in those ways.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been warning you that, when the upper class trash don't get what they want, they will resort to violence?

In this video pay attention to Biden telling Trudeau to use force to crush the trucker rebellion. That is telling you that is the way they think and you need to pay attention because knowing the way they think will tell you what their actions will be against you.

Note that Tucker points out that other lefties are also demanding violence to stop the rebellion against the corrupt upper class trash.

"Why, how dare you lowly peasants stand up against your royal overlords?"

Question: With increasing numbers of cops getting shot because of the lefties and their tyrannies, how much longer will it take for the cops to realize they should not support the lefty tyrannies?

2012 Guerilla War

Remember that God told me that our war would begin in 2012 and that I keep telling you that it did begin in 2012 when Obama and company founded BLM and their violence in the streets started with their burning, looting, and killing civilians, you know, just like the communist guerillas were burning, looting, and killing civilians in the Vietnam War?

Just like in Vietnam, our communist guerillas (Antifa and BLM) are burning, looting, and killing civilians in our cities.

More people are beginning to realize that we are at war right now with increasing numbers saying we will soon be at war. They don't realize what they are looking at because most of them were not around during Nam and don't recognize it the way I do.

If you have seen it in the past then you recognize it in the present.

RIGHT NOW the US commies are waging a guerilla war against us and our nation to bring down our nation so they can set up their communist dictatorship just like they did with Vietnam. Gee, what a coincidence.

Wake up, America!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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