I Told You So 444


Have you noticed that every few years the dopers are doing new "wonder drugs"? Have you ever wondered where these new "wonder drugs" keep coming from?

They are created by the chemical companies specifically for the dopers and it is getting more obvious. Used to, the dopers used plants to make their own dope or purchased the dope from the small operators who made that dope from plants.

Today's different drugs are coming in already made pills or huge batches of power manufactured by the big chemical companies and it is they who are murdering stupid dopers by the millions and they don't care as long as they make their money. If you want to stop the deaths from drug overdoses, you shut down the big chemical companies making those "illegal" drugs that kill people.

Gee, why are they not busting the chemical companies that are making those drugs that are killing people? You don't think the corrupt DAs are making money from those chemical companies, do you?

I keep pointing out how corrupt the chemical companies are and there are still other forms of corruption by the chemical companies that I have not yet exposed and probably corruptions I have not yet found out about. The chemical industry is at least as corrupt as the international banking system.

Biological Warfare

Everyone found out that the US founded and is financing biological warfare labs in Ukraine so now the lefty run US media are in a frenzy to transfer to Russia the use of biological weapons to cover their own lefty butts. This is an old and typical commie trick called transference of guilt and it really works with the stupid people.

"Why, it may be the US funding those biological warfare labs but it will be Russia who stages the biological warfare attack."

Really? Why, did the US build those labs and fund the research so Russia could stage a biological warfare attack? Do you see how stupid the stupid people are without the wisdom of God?


With the West running just a wee bit low on oil because of what the intellectually superior upper class trash have done, the UK Prime Minister is traveling to Saudi Arabia for talks about buying more oil from them, you know, after the Muslims refused to even answer the phone to Afghan Joe.

I am wondering what kind of snub he is going to get?

Did you notice that the Western upper class trash are losing power, control, and influence on a global basis because of this war and are getting taken down a notch or two, you know, just like their Roman ancestors did during the fall of Rome for the same corrupt reasons? You think those arrogant fools have not already caused the fall of the West and it just has not hit bottom yet? How long do you think it will take for those greedy, power mad, arrogant fools to figure out that they are no longer the great power brokers they were before they started their great sounding stupid plan to rule the world?

They remind me of the story of a dog that had a bone, was walking across a bridge, looked down to see his own reflexion in the water, thought it was another dog with another bone, barked at the "other dog" to scare it into dropping its bone and running away, only to drop his own bone in the water and end up with no bone.

These intellectually superior Western dogs have dropped their bone and it is falling towards the water.


Remember that I told you that, with what is going on in Ukraine, Iran would escalate their attacks in the Middle East?

Iran just launched about a dozen missiles that landed near the US embassy in Iraq, while our upper class trash lefty fools are negotiating a deal with Iran.

That didn't take long, did it? What should that tell you?

They are now in bed with Russia and don't need a deal with the US.

You think that maybe, just maybe, the US should do like I said, stage a strategic retreat from Ukraine and fortify their positions in relation to Iran, Pakistan, China, and North Korea?

But I don't expect Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley to do anything that intelligence. I am convinced the arrogant fools will continue with their current actions until they cause massive damage to the West and probably the fall of more than just Ukraine, you know, like the entire West.

Is Putin looking more and more like Alaric, the Goth, every day, you know, about to sack Rome...again?

BTW, Afghan Joe saying we are going to escalate microchip production in the US tells me he may not be thinking about defending Taiwan, where we get most of our most important microchips from, especially for the military, which will really benefit Russia and China.

Wow, they are about to get a lot of our weapons because of the upper class trash arrogant fools, you know, bioweapons in Ukraine and military microchips in Taiwan, you know, just like in Afghanistan.

If we don't protect Taiwan, China will get a lot of our most important chip production because the upper class trash had to use Taiwan's lower wages to increase their profits and wealth.

Do you see how what the upper class trash have done because of their greed will come back to haunt the West?

God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

BTW, why is Iran so determined to drive the US out of Iraq as quickly as possible?

So they can be in charge of finishing building Mystery Babylon as the global political, financial, and religious capital for their Caliphate just like the Bible says they will, you know, the center for their one world government and one world church.

Do you get the picture yet and see Bible prophecy being fulfilled?

WWIII Strategic Analysis

I need to do a strategic analysis of what to expect from the Eastern Alliance, especially with Iran accelerating its attacks against the US. I don't think their war is going to unfold the way Afghan Joe and his Afghan generals and admirals think it will happen so let me show you why.

Remember that I called almost all of Putin's moves, when Afghan Joe and his Afghan twits missed them all? Remember that I also warned you about the financial, banking, and economic moves the Eastern Alliance were making that others are now beginning to realize?

People, that was without me having ANY classified intel and Afghan Joe and his Afghan twits having all of the intel. RIGHT NOW they are doing what I told you they would do. Think about it.

First, the Afghan Fools (AFs) have tens of thousands of our troops pinned down in Europe to protect Europe from Russian invasion because, after all, those AFs and our stupid media believe that, "After Putin finishes losing the war in Ukraine, he is going to invade other European nations". Yes, they really are that stupid.

Every time we get troops pinned down, we have fewer troops to fight against China and China knows it. Don't forget that because that will be one of our greatest weaknesses. Also, remember everything I taught you because that is what China has been building its strategy around.

Remember that I warned you years ago that China was making moves to spread our troops out around the world and pin them down to increase her ability to defeat our troops?

That is still the basis to China's strategy because it is easier to overwhelm smaller numbers of troops.

Remember that the US does not have infinite troops, the Europeans have very weak militaries because their greedy upper class trash have been stuffing their military funds in their greedy pockets instead of maintaining their militaries, and the US lefties have weakened the US Military in a number of ways.

1) If our AF leaders keep sending more and more troops to Eastern Europe, that will just be fewer troops China will have to defeat.

2) Iran is already escalating attacks against the US troops in Iraq that will either force the US to send in more troops or get those troops out or lose those troops completely. China is betting we will send more troops to the area to be pinned down, especially with the AFs in charge and that Iran now has a military coalition of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan with now maybe also Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

3) North Korea will invade South Korea drawing more US troops to that fight and pinning them down with China invading the Senkaku Islands pinning down Japanese troops.

4) Russia will begin attacks against Alaska to destroy additional oil and gas resources to further weaken the US and to pin down US troops there.

5) China, Mexico, and other nations that have hundreds of thousands of troops in strategic locations in the US disguised as workers will stand up those troops along with Antifa and BLM forces to wage war inside of the US, which will force the US to bring as many troops home as she can because you MUST protect your own nation first or else all else will be lost. That move alone will pin down most US troops.

6) China will have her forces in the South China Sea begin disrupting commercial shipping to the West to destroy our economies and weaken our nations and she will stop shipping goods to the West to destroy the Western economy, which will draw more forces to that area but I doubt we will have enough forces to do much there by that time.

7) With all of those Western troops spread out and pinned down, China will much more easily take Taiwan.

8) End Game; Eastern Alliance.

How do we defeat this strategy?

1) Turn back to God.

2) We have to get rid of the AFs; that is an absolute must. We must put intelligent people in charge.

3) We stage a strategic retreat in Europe in hopes of diffusing the Russian problem and to free up our troops.

If Russia decides to invade, conquer, and sack Europe because the European upper class trash royals have been stuffing their defense money in their greedy pockets instead of maintaining a strong military, forcing the US to spend our defense money to protect their greedy butts, and their people have sold their socialist souls to Satan for free commie stuff instead of maintaining strong defense forces, let Russia have them, with the understanding that none of them will be allowed to flee to the US. Make them stand and fight.


Because Russia waging a war against the European Royals will tied down and decrease the Russian troops that can cause us harm, it will buy the US time and free up US troops to protect the US from its internal war, since Putin is obviously Christian, it will return Christian rule to Europe and you can bet Putin will hunt down and kill all of the evil upper class trash who have caused this mess so it won't happen again. Besides, I am tired of US young men dying to save the European butts every time the European upper class trash royals get greedy and stupid, especially after they have destroyed our nation with their greed.

It is one of those military sacrifices you have to make in war called a "sacrifice move" in chess to return to a stronger position. With their weakened militaries because of their greed and corruption, the Europeans will be much more of a burden to the US than they could possibly help us.

Besides, after Russia weakens her forces taking Europe and we have resolved the rest of our threats, it will be easier to retake Europe than to defend Europe against a stronger Russian force, if we decide to retake Europe. After all, Europe may be better for us with Putin running it. They sure are a burden right now.

For example, if your boat just sank and your pockets are full of gold, you empty your pockets so you can stay afloat and survive. That is a sacrifice move.

4) You stage another strategic retreat out of Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula and shore up Israel against Iran's alliance with as few troops as you can get away with to free up more troops for more fights elsewhere and pin down Iranian troops there.

5) You build as strong of defenses as possible in the US to save your own butts or nothing else will matter. We must hold onto as much of the US as possible and God has shown that we will have to sacrifice a small portion in the Northeast to the upper class trash lefties to quickly rebuild our nation because of how much the left has already weakened the US. We MUST secure our red zones and take back what we can of the blue zones.

6) We help Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan as much as possible to tie down Chinese and Russian troops there, and I believe the best way to do that is with an immediate counter offensive into China to pin their troops down there and draw at least some of their troops back from the US to protect their home base. Hey, take Beijing and watch them panic for a change.

People, it is very important to understand that, as long as the left is in control of the US Government NO ONE, not one ally can depend on protection from the US and, if the US falls, what protection.

When possible, always take the fight to the enemy and make them fight on their turf to protect their turf. We can also stage other counter attacks in other places to force the fight on their turf and give us the advantage.

The best defense is to have the best offense.

One important thing I have learned in studying military history is that you only fight defense long enough to secure your base position and set up a strong offense, then you go on the offense to take the fight to your enemy and force them on the defense to give your forces the military momentum in the fight as soon as possible.

Stupid People

Remember that I have been telling you that the stupid people are running our planet?

Watch this video but you might want to go puke first.

Now do you better understand why everything is so screwed up? Do you believe me yet that these politicians are just stupid puppets who do and say what they are told and paid to do and say?

It is brain hurting that anyone is so stupid that they support a no-fly-zone that will start a world war because some con added the word "limited".

What does that mean, that we will only shoot down a limited number of Russian planes? Or maybe we will only shoot them down part of the way? Just how stupid are these arrogant fools?

People, she is typical of most politicians and the upper class trash. She does not know crap about the things she helps make decisions about.


Remember that I have been telling you that Putin is holding back his best forces and most of his forces just in case Afghan Joe and his AFs get extra stupid and decide to start WWIII?

In this video at about 6:30 general Kemp tells you that is part of why Putin is holding those troops back. Note that Kemp told you about building up the European defense forces like I told you.

The big question right now is "have the European greedy upper class trash and their stupid lefty commie voters been scared enough to give up easy money and free stuff to rebuild their militaries quickly and right?"

Note that the retired Spanish general said that the next 2 to 3 weeks are important because he thinks the Ukraine War could be ended by then with Putin the victor. Keep an eye on that.

I have noticed that Russia, who, according to the idiot media, is losing this war, is now staging attacks in Western Ukraine.

Wow, don't you wish you could lose a war that well? /sarc

Putin is making fools out of the Western media, x-spirts, and other war drum beaters.

Does this mean that Russia is now approaching the outer area of the Ukraine pocket for encircling Western troops, negating that trap, and putting the Russian troops at risk of being attacked by the Western troops?

No, the trap will still be there, which is one reason why Putin is holding most of his forces in reserve.

For example, what if Putin's troops fight all of the way to the Polish and Romanian borders and the West stages an offensive attack against the Russian troops?

All Putin has to do is stage a "tactical retreat" (remember I taught you about that military move) back into Ukraine past the eastern end of Moldova, you know, where he has his troops based in Transnitria and Belarus for the pincer movement and, as soon as enough Western troops are far enough past the point of the pincer movement, make the pincer move to encircle and destroy the Western troops.

You see, all Putin has to do is keep the pincer troops in place and the trap is still there and we may be about to find out if Biden's AFs are too stupid to see that and start WWIII.

At this point Putin is only bombing Ukrainian military targets and weapons supply lines in the west to further weaken the Ukrainian forces but it is only a matter of time until Russia troops start moving west.

It is only natural that most of the refugees leaving Ukraine for the West will be Ukrainian with most of those staying being Russian, which will change Ukraine into a more Russia friendly nation. Basically, Putin is driving the Ukrainians out to the west and allowing the Russians to flee to the east to return as the war moves west.

BTW, we should not be allowing US citizens to go to fight for Ukraine because, after Putin wins the war and takes them prisoner, it will give Putin a powerful bargaining tool in any negotiations, thanks to our stupid lying lefty media and leaders. Biden and his AFs are not doing anything right.

American Hemisphere

Remember that I told you that Russia has allies in our part of the world that she can use to cause us problems, you know, like Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and others?

Yeah, watch this video and Putin is already doing it with at least Cuba and Venezuela. Don't be surprised to see Putin making buds with Mexico and others.

Did I call that or what?

God keeps showing me stuff, I keep telling it to you, and it keeps happening.

And this is only the beginning of what Putin can do here. Putin is doing to us what we did to him with Georgia and Ukraine. Our stupid leaders picked a fight with a leader who is much smarter than them and Putin has gone on the offensive. You just might want to vote all of the US commies out of office before Putin takes control from those fools.

Our stupid lefties just keep making everything worse and worse.

When it came to "what we could do in Cuba" she lost it and is clueless. What she said won't do any good, especially with Putin financing the Cuban communist government.

But, hey, it will make fools out of all of our commies who hate Putin but love Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and other Marxist nations that are now clearly in bed with Putin. That will be fun to watch, should open an eyeball or two, and should turn some stupid people from Marxism to capitalism, maybe.

Everything the stupid lefties do fails and comes back to haunt them, everything.

And you think they are smarter than you because they stole more than you can earn? Really?

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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