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The females for abortion keeping saying, "My body, my choice", which is a lie. You see, biologically it is not their body they are destroying. They are destroying another person's body that is inside their body so it can't be their choice.

You cannot choose to murder another person based on their location.

"Why, I do not like where you are in spite of the fact that I helped put you there so I get to choose to murder you."

If they were destroying their own body, then it would be their choice but it IS NOT THEIR BODY they are destroying so it can't be their choice.

Biologically, they are murdering another person who is inside their body.

Then they have the lame argument that it depends on when the other person has mental awareness, which does not matter because killing another person when they are unconscious and not aware of their surroundings is still murder.

The true and valid choices they do have are to 1) not have sex and 2) use contraception. They do not get the choice to murder someone else because of their age and physical development.

"Why, I have decided that you are not old enough or well enough developed so I get to choose to murder you."

People, what abortion is really all about is that the man and woman have irresponsible sex and create a baby human inside of the woman. The woman doesn't want to care for the child and the man doesn't want to pay child support so they murder the child because it is an inconvenience to them. That is reality. There will be a lot of murdered babies waiting to testify against a lot of mothers, fathers, and doctors on Judgment Day.

A much better choice is to be responsible enough to not create the child OR adopt the child out, especially since there are more people wanting to adopt children than there are children to adopt.

They need to outlaw the rich paying people to protest. That will stop a lot of lefty protests because most of the people there are only there because they are paid to be there and say what they are paid to say. I told you years ago that those protestors get $5,000 or more per week to be at those protests and act up.

I am wondering that, with the timing of the shortage of baby formula in conjunction with the demise of Roe vs Wade, is this shortage of baby formula the left trying to force people to accept infanticide, you know, to keep the babies from suffering by starving to death?

Keep an eye on this because the timing is at least suspicious.


I just saw the left saying that "Ukrainian troops make gains near Kharkiv", you know, the fools are driving further into ye ole Russian cauldron.

Either the people reporting on this are really stupid because they have not learned a thing about Russian strategies and tactics or they are bald face liars. Probably a lot of both.

Germany is now moving away from the Western Alliance and saying what I and others have been saying, that the weapons we are sending to Ukraine won't make a difference in the outcome of the war. They are daring to tell the truth and seem to be about to leave ye ole flock of sheeple.

Keep an eye on this because, if Germany drops out of the fight against Russia, then Russia only has to defeat France, UK, and US to stop this crap and there is always the possibility that Germany and others will join forces with Russia. Hey, Russia will gladly provide German forces with lots of weapons.

Also, Macron is trying to reorganize the EU to "create a new EU" to entice the UK to return to being part of the EU so that, when Russia invades Europe, the UK will be required to help fight off Russia. This tells me that, if the UK doesn't rejoin a "new EU", then France might go the way of Germany.

I am seeing more headlines that Russia thinks the EU and NATO won't hold together but will break up. I am sure he knows it will break up just like I have been telling you it will and it already is.

When the EU and NATO do break up, it will leave the UK and US holding the hot potato with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and others about to attack them.

Remember that I have been telling you that the left's fairy tales about Ukraine defeating Russia are blatant lies to get you to support us sending tens of billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine? Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is the one winning and winning big and how they are winning?

This video tells you the same thing and that the truth is finally coming out like I told you it would. The liars have now been exposed.

One thing he points out is our militarily ignorant politicians believing the militarily ignorant news journalists and going on crusades based on the media lies. None of them are intelligent enough to do a strategic analysis of the situation but dey is smarty pants politicians who knozes its alls.

These idiot politicians getting everything they know about the Ukraine War from the lefty media and making decisions based on those lies and propaganda should scare the crap out of you. We have too many militarily ignorant politicians making decisions for this nation based on the lies they are being fed and those liars should be facing charges for their crimes. I WARNED you for years that the left is the greatest threat to US national security!

Pay attention to what Haines said about what is really going on such as the Russian cauldron in Donbass and Mariupol (steel mill) I have been telling you about. She told you that Russia is even doing better than what I have been telling you and that my estimates were conservative, as usual. Basically, she said what I said in that everyone else is lying to you.

But, hold it, the lefties and military industry are telling you that Putin is bringing in troops from other nations to fight in Ukraine because Putin is losing, right?

People, I told you that Putin is bringing in those other nation's troops to replace Russian troops he is positioning on the European border along with Russian troops he is bringing back to Western Russia, you know, from places like Syria. Oops!

Do you get the picture yet? Gee, I wonder why Germany, Hungary, and other EU nations are backing down right now? Gee, I wonder why Macron is trying to get the UK to rejoin the EU so they will be required to help defend against invading Russian troops and the UK is refusing after helping to cause all of this mess? Gee, I wonder why China, Iran, and North Korea are positioning to start their military actions against the West when Russia goes into Europe?

When she told you that Russia has NOT retreated from ONE objective, she was telling you that they knew that, when Russia pulled troops back, they were not retreating from their objective but moving to the next objective like setting a trap like I told you. They finished that first objective and then moved to the next objective.

All of the lying journalists and retired generals working for the military industry just got caught with their hands in ye ole cookie jar and their credibility has been destroyed 100%. YOU CANNOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY!!!! It turns out that NOTHING those criminals said was true, not one thing.

I just wish I had her intel instead of trying to dig through the garbage I have to dig through every day for dots to draw pictures. I think I did quite well considering the lousy intel I was having to dig through to find the truth.

I TOLD YOU SO!!!!! Finally, confirmation!!!

Now, you better watch Europe, China, Iran, North Korea, the sleeper cells in the US, and others I have been warning you about.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load!!!

Keeping all of that in mind, the idiot politicians in Finland are trying to join NATO? Do those arrogant fools have a death wish for their people?

One very important thing you should learn from the Ukraine War is that, if you support your government causing trouble for another nation, the way Ukraine did, that can easily turn into a war within your nation with your people being killed and your nation being destroyed. In the US and UK we are at risk of that right now because of our power mad, corrupt leaders.

What you see the people of Ukraine have gone through because of their corrupt and evil government could be the US, UK, EU, and other nations next because of our evil upper class trash. Be careful who you support.


I found this video telling us about one more reason why they are turning against Pelosi and wanting her to "resign", probably or else. She is getting blamed for a lot of different things right now and this protest is a terrorist attack against Pelosi.

Then I found this video telling us that by the "strangest of coincidences", the left is now talking up Meghan for president. Gee, what a shocker! And at the same time they are talking down Pelosi and they have been talking about using the Speaker of the House as a gateway to replace Biden with someone.

Gee, I wonder who they are going to replace Biden with?

BTW, that is Biden's sister promoting the idea of Meghan as president.

BTW, by the strangest coincidence, just before that interview, Meghan was freed up by Netflix cancelling her program.

Who would have thought?


People, these things happening at the same time following all of their previous talk about using the Speaker of the House as a gateway to replace Biden are NOT a coincidence. This was all planned out several years ago. The timing is just impeccable.

"But, it's a magic coincidence cuz our leaders is are be to supid to conspire to do anyting." And you know that every idiot lefty out there will believe that.

It is happening and they are starting to make their moves now just like I told you they would. Pay attention because they tell you what they are going to do.

I am wondering just how much the Biden family got from the Queen of England to be part of this plan where Biden will screw things up super bad and then Princess Meghan will come rescue us?

Yeah, that has probably been their plan all along. They have Afghan Joe and Kruella screw things up really bad, then have Meghan come to our rescue to play the heroine, and then the stupid people will vote in mass for her in 2024 as the incumbent president.

Keep an eye on it.

US Republic

I am seeing that the left has reached a "tipping point" because they are failing at every attempt to finish setting up their commie dictatorship and they are quickly running out of time. They are very desperate and increasingly threatening violence and open warfare against US citizens and the government. They have gone full psychotic and are getting worse.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load because they have reached a point to where they are openly threatening to commit treason, subversion, insurrection, and just about all other crimes to get what they want. Basically, the spoiled commie brats are building up to throwing a massive and violent tantrum because they are not getting what they want and it is quickly slipping away from them.

It appears that Roe vs Wade is the catalyst we have been waiting for in the massive escalation of this war. You better secure your red zones and hold on. They are openly talking treason and other crimes and they are crazy and stoned enough to think they can win such a war.

It does not matter whether people can win a war, it matters whether they THINK they can win the war for them to start the fight. These people are so riled up by their overlords and lefty gods that they are angry enough to believe they can win the war.

"Hey, I seen it on TeeBee, it gots tuh be true."

Right now, the lefties are trying to get their voters angry enough to start waging war against you and killing you.

Space Aliens

Remember that I began warning you years ago that the upper class trash are going to "make contact with superior space aliens who are going to tell you that the upper class trash are intellectually superior to you and know what is best for you so you should submit yourselves to their absolute rule"?

This video shows they are getting ready to do that right now. So much that I have been warning you the upper class trash would do for years is happening right now. You better get ready for it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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