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Queen of England

This is just too funny.

Are the upper class trash too easy to predict or what?

I just saw that Queen Elizabeth "was FORCED to pull out of service." Read: she ain't Queen no more.

Why, it is her health, don't you know it?

Got rid of one tyrant and she is replaced by the rest of the family.

Now that King Charles got rid of the Queen, when and how will King William get rid of King Charles so William can be king?

This crap has been going on for thousands of years and, if you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

BTW, when King Harry succeeds in gaining control of ye ole colonies, you know, which is much more powerful than the UK, do you really expect him to submit to the rule of King Charles or King William?

I seriously doubt it, especially after Harry and Meghan were booed at the celebration.

You have to keep in mind that all of this bad treatment for the two could very easily be to convince Americans that they are no longer "members" of the British Royal Family.

BTW, I just saw a Fox News headline that said that Meghan and Harry were not on the balcony with the Queen during their colors thingy. Bull crap; I saw a picture of them on that balcony. They were in the right rear and William and his wife were in the left rear as you look at the picture.

Though they did have another family appearance with just the Queen, William, his wife, Charles, and his wife.

The media are really playing this bad girl, bad boy thingy for Meghan and Harry.

"Why, they are being picked on by the Royal Family, the poor little victims."

I guess that is supposed to make them our new founding family?

What really kills me in this day and age is to see the Europeans, especially the British, worshiping their royals, who have caused them so much anguish throughout history, as infallible gods, who can do no wrong. They have not learned a thing in thousands of years.

Gee, I wonder why the upper class trash royals have caused the lefties to want to be just like the Europeans?

The royals are just people and most are not very good people. Most of them actually arrogantly believe their own bull crap about them being superior to you.

Note that Piers Morgan is one of Satan's arch angels singing praises to the Royal Family, which has me wondering if he is also a member of ye ole Royal Family?

He can't seem to say enough good about them, of course he is now working for the BBC, which is a government run TV network and the government answers to the Queen so you know he won't say anything bad about them unless he is told to do so.

God said that we are not to be respecters of persons, you know, like royalty, celebrities, and athletic heroes. You are to only worship the one and only true God, Yahweh/Jesus.


Remember that I told you that I was in ECM during Nam?

This article tells you a little about the electronics warfare taking place in Ukraine but only a little.

What intel did that article about electronics warfare tell me about ye ole Ruskies?

First, they have different ECM units. They have specialty units just like our Army has that go out to counter certain weapons systems. The Ukrainians captured several of those.

They also have an ECM team within every battalion of about 900 to 1,000 soldiers. Every ECM field unit is going to have a minimum of a frequency scanner and directional finder to locate signals being sent out by the enemy and use those signals to get the physical location of the "transmitting unit".

From what that article says, the Ruskie battalion units also have weapons for neutralizing drones and are doing a very good job of it so keep in mind that many of those drones are US and EU drones. The Ruskies are also countering communications, navigation, controlling signals, and even neutralizing actual weapons systems. Note that they actually disarm warheads.

Overall, the Ruskie ECM is very good ECM and they are right now controlling the battlefield with it.

One of the problems the US has here in sending our best ECM to Ukraine is that 1) the Ukrainians won't be as capable of using it as our people are, which will make it easier for ye ole Ruskies to counter it and 2) it provides the Ruskies with intel about our ECM so they can develop countermeasures to use against our ECM in a war with us. It would be a huge threat to US national security.

You have to understand that ECM is very fluid and changes very quickly. We had very effective ECM against the SAM 2 and 3 units during Nam but, while we were bombing Hanoi, the Ruskies developed a counter to our countermeasures and shot down some of our Buffs with it.

I was involved in the R&D for developing a counter to the Ruskie counter to our countermeasures and it only took us 2 weeks to develop that counter to protect our Buffs.

In ECM we have two types of electronics warfare weapons systems; those that send out signals and those that don't. The ones that send out signals are called "active systems" and those that don't are called "passive systems".

The signals sent out by the active systems tell the enemy you are there and where you are. In ECM we call those systems "beacons", you know, like a lighthouse sending out a beacon of light in the night telling you where they are.

The passive systems don't send out signals so the enemy can't tell you are there, much less where you are, until about 2 seconds after they end up burning in Hell. SURPRISE!!!!

Those magic widdle drones are active systems sending out signals telling us they are there and where they are. All drones are beacons and most of my countermeasures for drones are passive systems. Think about that.

You tell me who has the tactical advantage.

It is always better to be the hunter than the hunted.

When all of those drone companies were putting out their PR to help sell drones to your idiot politicians, telling everyone how, in the future, all vehicles will be magnificent drones, I would sit laughing my butt off thinking, "I can beat that system this way, that way, and half a dozen other ways."

The politicians are ignorant about the military and buy weapons based on what the military industry can make popular with the voters or just bribe the idiot politicians to buy.

As they are now finding out in Ukraine, drones are much easier to beat than anyone told you.

BTW, I posted a link to that site along with most of this information on FB and the Fascist Bullies deleted the posting so it must be something you need to read.

From now on, FB stands for Fascist Bullies.

The Big Con

One thing I am watching is that the lefty upper class trash have caused all of these problems and will soon "come save us" to be our phony super heroes in order to get the stupid people to vote for them.

The big question is, how well will this con work?

If they get their way by getting your guns, suddenly the mass shootings will mysteriously stop, you know, because they will stop sending out people to cause those mass shootings.

Keep an eye on it.


I just realized that, if you reject a true Biblical theocracy, you are rejecting Paradise because that is exactly what Paradise will be, a true Biblical theocracy under the Laws given to us in the Bible and being ruled by God.

You need to think about that because rejecting Paradise is choosing eternal damnation.

Upper Class Trash Royals

Remember that I have been telling you about the upper class trash royals or Euro-American royals plans for their global dictatorship? Remember that I have been telling you that, yes, they do work together or conspire to do their evil to you?

In this video Mark Dice tells you about the same group and note that he states that the Bilderberg Group was founded by a prince from the European Royal Family in the 50s. The rest of the upper class trash are also Euro-American royals.

Today they have more different meetings with more people and are more open about those meetings and what their goals are but it was started about three fourths of a century ago, right after WWII. In the military, we were aware of the corruption of the upper class trash royals in the 1970s.

It is getting increasingly obvious so that increasing numbers of people are realizing it is true, these people are evil, and their plans for global domination are real. They have caused harm to billions of people globally.

Forest Fires

Remember that I have been telling you that all of these forest fires, droughts, and other problems are caused by over forestation, which is caused by tree hugging conservationists, who are brainwashed by conservationist nonprofit corporations to keep the money coming in?

This is a very short video from a news channel in New Mexico. When you get to where they are showing trees, stop the video and take a good look at it. Notice how close the trees are, that the lower branches are high up on the trees because the lower branches can't get enough sunlight and die, the trees are not very wide (they should be about 2 to 4 feet wide for their height), and there is very little grass or brush under the trees because not enough sunlight reaches the ground because there are too many trees. That is an unhealthy forest.

The reason for all of that is because there are too many trees for that area and the amount of water so that the land is "over forested". The land and aquifers dry up killing trees, which turn into kindling and become extremely flammable increasing the potential for fires and increasing the size of the fires, the lack of grass permits soil erosion, also springs, streams, rivers, and lakes dry up killing off riparian areas or the life that exists near water, driving many species into extinction, and it causes droughts because of a lack of surface water.

The lack of grass also decreases food for grazing animals, which decreases their populations, which decreases food for predators, which causes the predators to move into cities, towns, and villages looking for food, and decreases predator populations.

One good thing about these huge fires is that they are significantly decreasing the number of trees per acre, which will mean less water is being pulled out of the soil by trees so aquifers, springs, streams, rivers, and lakes will come back and increase in water levels. Increasing grass will grow providing more food for grazing animals, which will increase their populations, providing more food for predators, increasing their populations.

The trees will grow bigger and healthier decreasing the potential for fires and the size of the fires.

I cannot think of anything the left has done for some good reason in the last 50+ years that has not caused problems, not one thing.

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that I would not do a circumnavigation of the world today and would not sail in the area between the Philippines and the east coast of Africa?

I recently saw a video by a couple who were sailing through the Indian Ocean heading west when they were forced to make an emergency medical stop for their small daughter in the Maldives, which are under Muslim control. They got there during Ramadan, when no one was allowed to leave the country, and then local law and government would not let them leave the Maldives for months because they had to have government permission to leave.

It could have been much worse and I have heard and read about much worse, such as families being killed in some areas by "pirates" and others.

Just north of Venezuela is also pretty bad.

It looks like things are about to get pretty bad for international traveling in most places, especially for Europeans and Americans. Be careful.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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