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There is something else I need to add to the article I wrote yesterday about modern prophets that preacher seems to not understand so maybe he should study the Bible a little more closely.

Remember that their sect beliefs are that there will be no more prophets after the Apostles because the Bible contains everything.

Go back and study the Bible and ALWAYS throughout the Bible, whenever the people turned away from God, God sent prophets to teach, direct, and warn those people to bring them back to God. 100% of the time and the Bible tells us that God does that.

You have to understand that there are 2 Hebrew words that were wrongly translated to mean prophet and they actually mean teacher. That means that God sends teachers we call prophets to teach, guide, and warn people when they turn away from God.

So, here were are today with a massive global falling away, most preachers teaching false doctrine, a world full of poser Christians who don't take the Bible literally, and war being waged against God's people and He isn't going to send teachers/prophets to teach, guide, or warn the people to return to God? Really?

No, the Bible teaches that, when the people turn from God, God will ALWAYS send "men of God", teachers, and "prophets" to instruct, guide, and warn His people back to Him because He loves His people. Therefore, I write what God tells me to write.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.


Remember that I have been telling you about how the corrupt media help cause and control the mess we are in?

In this video Turley explains it very well and shows how it is backfiring on the left and destroying their lefty media.

This is a brief but very good video telling how the upper class trash fool the people into giving the upper class trash more power and control and shows that it always hurts the people.

This video shows quite a bit concerning our national and international corruption and organizations like the CIA and other such organizations.

Note that they start by showing a number of participants in this secret meeting by the upper class trash but, at about 20 minutes into the video, he explains some of the corruption of the media and why they always lie to you, you know, they are all owned by the upper class trash and required to lie or lose their jobs.

Note that about 26 minutes into the video he started talking about blood lines and the royals like I have been telling you for years. Gee, what a coincidence.

What should this tell you?

The upper class trash already have the people designated and organized for their one world government and they need to consolidate power over the rest of the people to finalize their global dictatorship. In its organization, the one world government already exists, it just doesn't have complete control of the entire planet and it has to be stopped before they get that control.


Years ago I told you that, based on what I have seen and know, I believe that Iran already has nukes but is secretly building an arsenal of nukes because it is the only nation that has tried for 6 years to develop nukes and still does not have nukes even though they have been trying for about 40 years now, with the aid of China, North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia, which doesn't make sense.

Guess what, in this video he tells you that the smarty pants UN people just found out that Iran has secret nuclear facilities. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

And what else does the UN not know about? Maybe Iran already has a small nuclear arsenal?

Since they have had a satellite program for more than a decade, I would not be surprised if they already have nukes in space, you know, concealed in some of those satellites just waiting to be dropped on someone like Israel, the US, or Europe.

Note that he said Iran has said they are going to take their nuke program dark, you know, secret, with part of it already being dark or secret.

Gee, what a coincidence that this is all happening in relation to what is happening with Russia, China, and North Korea. Note that he points out that Iran is ramping up its proxies at the same time, you know, for war.

You don't think this was all planned out and coordinate, do you? Do you believe me yet that the US better stage a strategic retreat in Europe to save our own butts?

It just keeps getting worse because of our greedy, power mad upper class trash.

Keep an eye on this.

Mass Shootings

I am seeing more and more cases where the left is sending their mass shooter terrorists to murder people, especially in schools, and they are getting shot before they can murder anyone. There is also a big escalation in the number of these mass shooters the lefties are sending out because they only need for a few to succeed in order to terrorize the people some more into giving up their guns.

It seems that the people are using their guns to stop the left's mass shooter terrorists.

I am wonder how long will the left continue and fail to get their mass shooter terrorists to kill people before they change to another tactic or even will they.


This video is important because it shows that the Western lunatics know that Putin is planning to attack into Europe through Poland and use the Baltic Sea to attack the UK, just like I have been telling you.

Them testing the air defenses out over the Baltic Sea and over Poland tells you that they believe these two avenues will be the main attack routes for missiles and planes used to batter the UK, Poland, Germany, and France just before and during when Russia invades.

I just saw another video that said that Russia just sent 60 navy ships into the Baltic Sea in response to the few NATO ships that were there but that Russia "didn't dare open a new front in the Baltic". What bull crap.

People, that fleet will be within range of its missiles for attacking Poland, Germany, France, and the UK along with US troops in the area before and during an invasion, while under the cover of her land forces. Gee, what a coincidence.

King Harry and Queen Meghan

Remember I have been telling you that the left is preparing to dump Biden and replace him with Queen Meghan?

Watch this video about how the left is going to sell that con to you. They even hired some x-spirt to help them brainwash you into wanting them to appoint Queen Meghan as Speaker and move her up to president.

Note how they spent a lot of time building up the rest of the royals to you also. "Oh, they are so wonderful and magnificent; why, we should all want to be ruled over by them."

I know, I wanted to vomit too.


Remember that I have been telling you about our government corruption and that the left is making a final grab for political power to set up their dictatorship?

This video shows you that very well. This "January 6" thing is just an illegal political kangaroo court by the left to get rid of key conservatives so they can retain power over the government.

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash will not quit until they are dead and they are proving that right now. They will do every dirty and illegal trick they can think of to finalize their dictatorship and keep from losing power. This will only get worse until God has had enough.

He tells you this when he says they are pursuing means that are "unlawful" to get their absolute power for their commie dictatorship. They are criminals committing crimes and in control of the legal system.

This video shows you how desperate, evil and cold Satan's spawn are in their drive to get their political agenda and dictatorship at ANY COST. They don't care who they hurt or kill and have no morals, values, and ethics and this should concern EVERYONE.

These evil lefties need to be stopped because, until they are, they will just keep getting worse and worse. NOTHING is beneath these human demons in getting what they want at your expense.

Here is another video that shows how corrupt and deceitful the lefties are. They are distracting you with a made up crisis while they financially and economically destroy you AND this nation.

The lefties keep proving me right about how evil they are.

How do you stop this inflation they are making permanent?

You have to reverse almost everything they have done, especially their printing more money by taking at least as much money out of circulation as they have printed in the last 3 to 5 years. If you decrease the supply of money in relation to demand, you will increase the value of money and reverse inflation.

This video shows how they are consolidating power in their final grab for power and to set up their dictatorship by shutting down and censoring anyone who speaks out against them and tells the truth.

This is also part of them setting up their dictatorship by silencing the truth, just like all dictatorships do. They control too much of the Internet and are abusing that control to silence the truth.

Now, we are seeing more information being leaked from the government exposing the corrupt, lies and deceits of the government and that should tell you that there are still good people literally hiding in our government fighting this lefty insurrection from within.

God has His army fighting back.


Remember that I told you that China is using COVID as a cover to lock down their people to close factories and ports to prevent sending products to the West to destroy the Western economies?

This video shows they are still doing it or resuming doing it using COVID as their cover to continue destroying Western economies.

They briefly lifted the lockdowns but have reinstated the lockdowns. Keep an eye on this.

Interestingly, he referred to a "US jet" that was crashed into by a Chinese fighter jet, killing the Chinese pilot and forced the US jet to land on a Chinese held island but he didn't tell you that the US jet was a classified spy plane I was trained to work on during Nam, whose existence was classified until that event.

Note that China is increasing hostile actions against Western forces and keep an eye on it.

But, in spite of all of that, the greedy upper class trash are back to doing business as usual with China to keep those big bucks coming in, which is also going to keep funding China's increasing military aggressions.

Remember that I told you that greedy and power mad people can never have enough wealth or power. They will always want more at any cost, you know, like cost you your lives.

WWIII is already being fought, they are just not telling you about it.

When I usually dig through this evil crap all day, 7 days a week, do you understand why I get so sick of the upper class trash in all countries?


Remember that I told you that Putin was taking over the businesses left behind by the companies that are sanctioning Russia because of the Ukraine War?

This is just too funny because the Russian who owned part of the Russian McDonald's franchise bought the rights to the stores and he is starting his own franchise chain under a different brand. All McDonald's sanctioning Russia did was cost McDonald's and the West a regular source of money and transferred that cash flow to Russia. You can watch the video here.

Do you believe me yet that God is using Putin and his increasingly Christian people to stop the evil Western pagan global dictatorship by the royals?


The left loves to call conservatives the Nazis and helped start and continue the lie that Hitler was not a socialist but, in the late 1960s and 1970s, they used to not only admit but bragged that they were doing everything "right out of Hitler's play book"; their words. They worshipped Hitler and secretly still do.

Those Commierats are today's older Commierats like Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi.

Their strategy in what is called "projection", where you blame others for the evil you do, is to get people to think that the others are that evil and, since they are fighting those others, they could not be that evil. The stupid people fall for it so fast and easy it is mind boggling.

You can tell the beast by its actions. The Nazis censored the truth, bullied their opposition, staged riots and vandalized to terrorize and intimidate their opposition, they beat people up, and they murdered people, you know, just like today's Commierats.

BTW, the Commierats were already staging violent riots in the 1970s just like Hitler's Nazis did in the late 1920s and 1930s. They have not changed and they won't, which is why God has to eternally incarcerate them in His penal institution, the Lake of Fire. If God ever lets them out, they will just regroup, reorganize, and continue with their evil ways causing you harm. They love their wickedness. They really do believe that good is evil (it stops them from doing what they want to do) and that evil is good (it is what they love to do.)

COVID Vaccines

Remember that I told you that they were using the COVID vaccines to depopulate you?

I got this from Israel National News by David Rosenberg:

"The clinical trials of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine found that the all-cause mortality rate of the vaccinated group was higher than that of the control group, months after the trials were launched, according to a recently released FDA report."

The mortality rate is 24% higher for those who got the vaccine, which is significant. But, hey, Pfizer says that they decided that those extra deaths were not related to the vaccine. I guess they were just a magic coincidence.

Satan's Preachers

The best of Satan's preachers leading people astray are not witches, warlocks, and other occult preachers but they are poser Christian preachers teaching lies about God, Jesus, and the Bible.

This video shows quite a bit of that and some of those servants of Satan posing as God's disciples. They will lead more people astray, from God to Satan, than any member of the occult.

When you identify them, they rage that you are not doing God's work but you are doing God's work by warning people to not listen to those disciples of Satan.

These poser Christians are the people you need to watch when Obama imposes Islam and Sharia Law on us because, right now pretending to be Christians benefits them but, then being Muslim will benefit them so they will "see the light" and convert to Islam taking almost all of their followers to Hell with them.

That will be God's final sorting of the people with Him sorting Satan's poser Christians out of the church so only God's people will remain in the church. Then, if someone tells you they are a Christian, they will be a Christian and not a pretender because it won't benefit anyone to pretend to be a Christian and will actually cost them.


You want to see just how stupid the lefty upper class trash are?

This video gives you a great but brief look into their stupidity and insanity and just how wonderful their college training really is. They should incarcerate their college professors for criminal stupidity.

Note that the general says that we have no idea of how many troops Ukraine has left and then he says they are in a position of strength? Really? How could he know?

Also note that these people are part of and trained up by a system that has not won a war since 1945, about 77 years ago. I don't think they know how to win a war.

I can't believe the really stupid things they say and these are our supposed x-spirts in warfare? And you think these people can win a war with a one front military against Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea all at the same time?

Unfortunately, they are so arrogant and ignorant that they think they can. This is what happens when you stop teaching your people how to win wars and spend three quarters of a century teaching them how to drag out wars for profit. I would be surprised if our x-spirt leaders could win a sandbox fist fight.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

They have been promoting people, who know how to drag out a war to make maximum potential money so long that there may not be anyone at the top who knows how to win a war.

I have tried to be very conservative in what I have been telling you so that it is much worse than I have been telling you and it is exactly the opposite of what the lefty run whackos have been telling you. They don't even come close to telling you the truth but at least now you know that Ukraine CANNOT win and the idiots keep pushing Russia closer and closer to a global war.

I am convinced that they are not intelligent enough to win that global war and they should have just proved it to everyone.

We need someone who knows how to read a battlefield, anticipate enemy movements, develop effective battle plans, and command troops to win.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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