I Told You So 459

I Told You So Big Time

Remember that I have been warning you that the Republic of the US will soon be attacked by a number of nations at the same time in conjunction with the Commierat traitors like Antifa and BLM? Remember that I told you that this would include American nations that are members of the Eastern Alliance like Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela?

This video is huge, very huge. It shows that Nicaragua is allowing Russian forces to stage in Nicaragua "for police actions", you know, like that police action called the Ukraine War. Russia is going to be basing ground and naval forces there.

I even mentioned that Nicaragua would probably be one of the nations that would join in invading the US along with others like China, Mexico, probably Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, and others.

I warned you about this big time and it is now beginning and, because the Bible didn't tell you about this, God sent a prophet to warn you about it.

You think WWIII has not already started and is not escalating?

You can thank your greedy, power mad, inbred upper class trash royals and their insane obsession with their global dictatorship for this and it just keeps getting worse. They just can't leave other people alone.

What is a very important strategic implication?

It will definitely cause the US to tie down troops in the US just in case these nations invade the US, weakening our presence in Europe and around the world, you know, spreading out US forces to make it easier to defeat them just like I have been telling you for more than a decade. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that the Eastern Alliance is preparing to take WWIII full global? Do you believe me yet that the US better stage a strategic retreat back to the US with our one front military to protect home base?

Don't be surprised to see Russian forces in Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico plus others.

Oh, and then he said that Venezuela has offered Russia an air base on one of its islands for use by Russian bombers, you know, long range bombers that can carry nuke weapons.

The US is being surrounded on all sides by the Eastern Alliance.

I am waiting to hear that Russia is building up forces in Eastern Russia just 22 miles across the pond (the Bering Strait) from Alaska, which has a lot of open land that will be very easy to invade in a lot of spots and extremely difficult to defend.

Just like with Israel 3 times, when you turn your country from God to Satan by turning pagan, God will always lift His hand off of your nation and put it on another nation, especially if that other nation is turning towards God by becoming Christian. God won't remain faithful to people who won't remain faithful to Him.

God did that 3 times with Israel and the Christians think God won't do the same with us for the same reason? Really?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that the US and other Western nations are beefing up troops in Poland and Romania, they just started NATO war games in the Baltic Sea with 22 ships and in Sweden and Finland with ground troops to bring them into this war plus Putin sent 60 ships into the Baltic Sea and has been building up his land and air forces in those areas?

I just found out that the West is flying significantly increased aircraft patrols in the Baltic sea area with such aircraft as B-52s, B-1s, KC-135s (tankers for refueling), and a variety of fighter aircraft from different European nations and the US and you can bet that Russia is also patrolling the Baltic Sea area with aircraft.

All of this force buildup around Poland and the Baltic Sea is where the West knows Putin is going to attack to invade Europe to take out Germany, France, and the UK along with US forces just like I have been telling you. It is looking like Putin is planning on attaching through Poland and Germany to France and through the Baltic Sea to the UK plus you can bet he will have ships and subs deployed within firing range of and around those nations from different locations when it is time to start those military actions.

Then I found this video of an "amphibious landing in Estonia", kind of. This looks an awful lot like they are using a war games exercise to bring in and position troops along the Russian border in the Baltic area to defend against the Russian invasion. It wasn't exactly like a combat amphibious landing where they scream up to shore, drop the gate, and everyone charges off so it wasn't much of a training exercise, it was more of a deployment.

You better keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you that the Western leaders would soon shove Zelensky under ye ole commie bus because he is no longer useful and is even a burden?

This video shows you they are getting ready to abandon Zelensky and I expect him and probably his cabinet to all die, you know, to keep them quite. But don't worry, cowardly Zelensky will die a hero's death hiding in Poland.

Now, are they dumping Zelensky and Ukraine because they know Putin is about to invade Europe and the US and they are trying to prevent that acceleration of the war by cutting and running like cowards, after they caused the war in Ukraine?

No one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor, therefore, no one should trust the left. If you go to bed with the left, you are likely to wake up dead.

Note that Turley also said that the European economy is about to implode because of this war and their sanctions against Russia, you know, just like I have been telling you Putin would cause just before his invasion.

BTW, Zelensky is saying that the Ukrainian troops "are holding out in Sievierodonetsk". No, they are completely encircled in another Russian cauldron so they can't get out and are being destroyed. There is a difference but, hey, he gots tuh spin it tuh make it looks like he is winning duh war.

Why does Putin wipe out the enemy forces in his cauldrons?

So he doesn't have to fight them again later.

BTW, even with them getting ready to stuff Zelensky's butt under ye ole commie traitor bus, they are talking about giving him more money.

OK, let me get this, they have given up on Ukraine, are admitting the war is lost, are about to stuff Zelensky's butt under ye ole commie bus because the war is lost, and they are going to give Zelensky more money to waste on more weapons that won't even get to the battlefield, and if you don't realize the more money is to buy more weapons so these upper class trash criminals can make more money from the military industry just one more time, you are an idiot. This can be nothing but one last grab for money laundering by the upper class trash.

Remember that I told you that Putin knows that, when he invades Europe the EU nations will stop sending weapons to Ukraine because they will need those weapons themselves to fight Russia?

Also remember that the European nations have quit giving Ukraine weapons because they can't get the resources to make replacements for those weapons and Putin is staging to invade Europe and you know Putin planned this. I told you this would happen and would bring a quicker end to the Ukraine war.

Behold the fall of Rome II by Alaric Putin. The West tried to bluff Putin one too many times and Putin has called their bluffs every time but they will never learn.

I am warning you. This war is coming your way really fast and is being caused and brought to you by your inbred, greedy, power mad upper class trash royals and it is not going to be purdy.

I am just the messenger sent to warn you and I have done a pretty good job so far.

Global Corruption

Remember that I have been telling you about the mind boggling global corruption?

This video shows you about quite a bit of it and some of how it works.

Remember that, with my M.B.A., I am trained to manage their corruption. I know very well how it works.

Note that he told you that the upper class trash have made the US the most corrupt nation in the world.

He points out the rules that the upper class trash set for everyone else and it is those rules that the upper class trash use to control everyone else and what the Eastern Alliance is fighting against. Then he points out how the upper class trash system is now backfiring on them and being used against them by the rich Russians.

Man plans, God laughs.


In espionage, you are taught to pay attention to little things because they can tell big stories. For example, Prince William and his family are moving from London to Windsor Castle, where the Monarchs rule out of.

I guess that Charles and William are about to make their move to remove the Queen.

Then I saw some other intel that tells me that, just like I have been telling you, now that the throne is just days away from being vacant, there is a power struggle within ye ole blue bloods. They are forming alliances and turning on each other just like they have done for thousands of years.

A speaker for ye ole Royal Family stated that Harry and Meghan are being publically warned with that statement that they "better not tell what they saw behind closed doors at the Jubilee thingy or else". My first thought was, "What are the Royals hiding from the people?" I mean they just told us they are hiding something, right? Plus, nothing like a little extortion, right?

It should be obvious that ye ole wonderful, magnificent, superior royals are planning something they don't want you to know about. What they are planning isn't good for you. Think about that.

It is also telling me that 1) Harry was not allowed behind all of the closed doors so he wasn't in on all of the evil planning, he was only allowed to know some of it, and 2) there is contention between all of the royals for ye ole throne and the power that comes with it. This could get interesting and deadly for you. Some Royals could end up dead really soon, you know, it was an accident or they suicided themselves. Think about it.

Hey, the royals have been doing this crap for thousands of years causing wars that murder millions of you so they can have their power and control. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

It is like I told you, greedy and power mad people can never be satiated because they will ALWAYS want more wealth and power at other people's expense. They don't care who they hurt or kill to get what they want.

I have come to the conclusion that the best thing Obama can do for the world right now is help Meghan become US president, throw a formal royal ball in the top of the Sears Tower to draw all of the top royals there to celebrate them "getting their colonies back", and nuke their evil butts because many fewer people will die that way than if the royals get their global dictatorship and butcher more than 7 billion people globally.

Gee, I wonder why God told me that He is going to let Obama do that, you know, to save 7 billion lives?

Hey, most of the good people have fled Chicago because of the Commierats anyway. Most of the people still there are spawn of Satan.

Gee, you don't think that was God preparing Chicago for what He knows is coming, do you?

Hey, that is a big part of what the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is going to be, God getting rid of Satan's upper class trash.

Interestingly, a "journalist" on BBC said that the Queen will be the "last Christian royal" or at least pretending to be Christian, in other words, the rest will soon be coming out of the closet as pagan.

Keep an eye on this.


People, the left is not too stupid to figure out how to reverse this growing inflation they are intentionally causing because all they have to do is to do the opposite of what they are doing that is causing the inflation, you know, stop printing more and more money and take the money they have just printed back out of circulation so the value of the dollar will increase and prices will decrease.

Think not?

What they are doing right now is driving prices up to make you more and more poor until you finally have to sell your guns to the government to buy food to feed your family so they won't have to worry about getting their evil brains blown out setting up their commie dictatorship. That is their end game and you better wake up before it is too late. Everything else about gun control is just smoke and mirrors to fool you until they can use your poverty to disarm you so they can enslave or murder you.

They know that, when your family gets hungry enough, most of you will sell your guns to the government for money to buy food for your family and then they have you. They are determined to get your guns one way or another so they can set up their dictatorship without getting their evil brains blown out. It is just a trap and a con.

Eye Opener

In this video, Tucker shows you some of the deceit and lies by the left in an obvious move to seize control of you and your guns in order to safely set up their dictatorship. They are ignoring the Constitution and Supreme Court rulings to do whatever they will to get your guns so they can get your freedoms so they can own and control you so they can have their absolute power over you.

In this video Turley starts with an analogy of the Jan 6 fiasco but then starts explaining how the corrupt and coordinated system works that the upper class trash are using to control people in order to keep the political class in power.

He tells you how the entire system is scripted by a few people at the top, you know, the upper class trash royals, just like I have been warning you for years. They all play their scripted rolls in this fake play to control you.

The term evil does not do the left justice. They are worse than evil.

Everyone should watch that video and pay attention to his sign that says, "Creeping Authoritarianism" because that is what the lefty upper class trash are doing.

Do you still think the upper class trash are not right now staging their final efforts to set up their dictatorship over you? Really?

Of course they are.

Pride Month

With this being Pride Month for homosexuals and the left making a big deal about it, I feel it is important for me to remind you about something I told you about years ago concerning homosexuals the left does not want you to know.

First, I am trained in biology to do "field research" for animal behavior. To properly do so you need to be as non intrusive as you can so you do not affect the behavior of the species you are studying.

Second, I ran around with and/or was married to a "former" lesbian for about 5 years with almost all of her friends being both homosexual males and females, which provided me access and cover for studying homosexuals without having to have sex with them.

Third, she had a masters degree in psychiatry, in which most psychiatrists, for at least the Los Angeles area, but pretty much everywhere else, were homosexuals.

Fourth, in doing field research for animal behavior on a species for just one year, you are considered to be an expert for that species and I did my research for about 5 years, which is very extensive.

I found out that the lefty shrinks had done research by 1985 proving that better than 90% of homosexual males and better than 50% of homosexual females are bisexual but they never made this research public because they knew that, if you knew, you would also quickly figure out that homosexuality is a CHOICE and not genetic or caused by any physical condition in your body so they could continue to fool you into believing that homosexuals just couldn't help themselves and are driven to have homosexual sex. They are just kinky.

I also watched homosexuals for those 5 years who were not bisexual and they almost all admitted and discussed with their homosexual friends that they often thought about TRYING heterosexual sex further proving that it is a choice.

The truth they hide from you is that homosexuality is not a compulsion but is a choice.

US Supreme Court

The left threatening and terrorizing the US Supreme Court should be telling you that, when they seize power, they know they have to either destroy that court or replace all of the justices with obedient commies who will give them everything the left wants.


Remember that I told you that they will use the Speaker of the House to replace Biden, which means they will first have to replace Kruella to get her out of the way?

This brief video tells you that the lefties are working on justifying firing Kruella. Gee, what a coincidence.

They are getting all of their ducks in a row by justifying getting rid of Pelosi, Kruella, and Biden before they start the process in hopes that each step of moving someone from Speak of the House to President will be smooth and fast.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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