I Told You So 473

Financial War

I got this from Bitcoin.com by Jamie Redman:

"While inflation data in Europe and the U.S. has risen significantly higher last month, Russia and members of the BRICS countries revealed leaders in the five major emerging economies are in the midst of 'creating an international reserve currency.' Analysts believe the BRICS reserve currency is meant to rival the U.S. dollar and the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) currency."

This will easily destroy the US dollar and make it completely worthless unless the smarty pants idiots ruining our nations and planet can quickly tie it back to gold, which I doubt they are intelligent enough to do.

Very quickly, no one on the planet will want dollars, not even most US citizens. It will quickly devastate the Western economies and turn us into third world countries economically.

This video shows you that our corrupt leaders KNOW that Putin has the tactical and strategic advance with them between ye ole rock and a hard spot. They know they are at the mercy of Russia but they still will not stop their hostile actions against Russia like an intelligent person would do.

"Hey, if we keep bluffing him long enough, it will work."

Putin is outsmarting our leaders at every turn but our leaders are too arrogant and stupid to admit it. "Why, no one could possibly outsmart them, dey is smarty pants," even though just about everyone is outsmarting them.

Why is Putin outsmarting the Western upper class trash royals?

Because Putin is a Christian and gets to use the wisdom of God or common sense but the lefties are pagans and get to use the foolishness of eternally damned and arrogant Satan.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall." We are definitely falling faster and faster. We are right now burning up on financial reentry.

Do you believe me yet that you are involved in the fall of Rome II because of our greedy, power mad inbred idiot upper class trash royals?

It isn't just a fall, it is turning into a supersonic plunge.

The News Done Right

This video is one of his best and really shows you how nuts the lefties are.

Here is an interesting magic coincidence; the homosexual community brought us deadly HIV (AIDs), which they got from monkeys in Congo, Africa and that is well documented. Now the same community has brought us Monkeypox, probably from giraffes. /sarc

Maybe they should stop screwing monkeys to make lefty college professors, politicians, journalists, and upper class trash babies?

You just might want to consider that homosexual males keep getting diseases like HIV and Monkeypox is probably telling us that God meant it when He told us that homosexuality is an "abomination" to Him.

US Cities

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefties are turning their blue cities into archaeological sites?

In this video Tim is telling you pretty much the same thing. People are moving out on a massive scale, which will turn them into sewers, which will die and become future archaeological sites.

Our biggest cities are dying but too many of the people fleeing the messes they have made of those cities will create messes of other cities. Some are learning and turning to the right but many are not.

What will happen is that the good people will flee, leaving behind the idiots and bad people along with good poor people trapped there until it gets so bad that everyone else will leave.

As the people flee, the tax revenues will quickly decrease until the corrupt upper class can't steal enough money and then they will leave for where they can steal more money. Eventually the infrastructure will fall apart because of a lack of revenues to maintain it so that few people will even be able to live there, then there will be a final mass exodus killing the city.

God's People

Remember that I have been telling you that God has His people and army out there working to stop Satan's spawn, regain control of our nations, and rebuild our nations?

In this video Larry Kudlow tells you about some of those people and how they are working and planning to do just that. What he tells you or outlines to you is good, sound policy for doing just that.

I am seeing increasing signs of the good people God has in our government, military, law enforcement, and businesses who are doing the fighting and will do the rebuilding while the fighting is still going on and after it finished.

I am convinced that the organization that has this YouTube channel is part of God's army because they do a lot of very good work in holding Satan's spawn responsible for their actions. In that video, he exposes a lot of the government corruption I have been warning you about. The left has made our government extremely corrupt as he shows.

Note that he points out the ways these criminals have made themselves above and impervious to the law, which is unconstitutional. It unconstitutionally makes it so that they can do as they will regardless of the law and the harm it causes others.

You need to pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load to make sure you have bases of operations for rebuilding what will be left of this nation.


I have been watching the relationships between Russia and Iran and Russia and Israel, especially since Putin was so close to Israel before he invaded Ukraine.

The "news" or intel I was seeing everywhere just didn't make sense. They were making it look like Russia had turned 100% against Israel, which didn't make sense, even though Israel did turn somewhat against Russia. Some of the Christian media even started harping about how Russia will be part of the invasion of Israel that will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which I am still doubting.

I just found this video, which makes a lot more sense. It seems that the relationship between Russia and Iran is more of a relationship of convenience (I need you/you need me) the way I thought it probably would be because I still see Russia holding back on shooting down Israeli planes and missiles attacking Iranian bases in Syria plus Russia has taken oil and gas customers from Iran, which you know Iran isn't too happy about.

I think it is just that Israel had to cool her jets and play like she was turning against Russia to please the US and UK even though she is refusing to send Ukraine certain weapons. She has been mostly sending things like uniforms and body armor and not necessarily weapons that could cause harm to Russian troops.

Keep an eye on this.


The idiots running our nation and their lying media keep telling you they are using the Ukraine War to wear down Russia so we can finish her off but they are too stupid to realize that Putin and his generals have flipped that strategy against the West too, you know, just like everything else the West has done and has backfired on them.

How are they doing this?

It is pretty easy but first you have to understand how the West is providing weapons to Ukraine and what is happening to those weapons.

The way they are working it is that the US gives tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine to buy the used weapons from EU nations like Poland, Romania, and Germany, who ship those weapons directly into Ukraine for Russia to destroy, most of them in route, most of the rest in weapons depots, where they put those weapons because Ukraine doesn't have enough trained soldiers to use those weapons, and the few remaining on the battlefield, with minimal losses to Russia.

Then those EU countries turn around and use that money they got from Ukraine that Ukraine got from the US tax payers to purchase used weapons from the US that will not arrive until the military industry builds replacement weapons for the US, which will take a year or more, in some cases 3+ years, so that those EU countries will be weakened until they get their weapons replaced in a year or so. This has reached a point to where Germany refuses to send any more weapons to Ukraine.

So few EU countries are willing to give up the weapons they have left until they can get replacement weapons that the US has started selling its used weapons directly to Ukraine depleting the US weapons stores, which means that, if Russia invades soon, the US won't have enough weapons to replace the weapons those EU nations sold to Ukraine to fight Russia with. Oops.

Get this, the used weapons the US sold to the EU nations for selling their weapons to Ukraine but won't get until the US gets replacement weapons for those used weapons are being sold by the US to Ukraine with the US not getting the replacements for those used weapons before they are delivered. Think about that.

Then you have to keep in mind that the Western military industry has been slowed down concerning production because the West is sanctioning certain materials like titanium the West needs to make weapons and are mostly coming from Russia.

Mean while, I see idiot journalists and YouTube propaganda channels acting like Russia is running out of munitions and weapons, you know, like 1) Russia didn't stock pile for this war (which is clearly wrong) and 2) that Russia isn't still making weapons and munitions, which is a very stupid assumption. You know her factories are cranking out weapons and munitions really fast.

Then you have to keep in mind that Russia is destroying Western weapons and munitions faster on the trains, trucks, and in weapons depots than she is losing weapons in combat plus the Western weapons are also being destroyed in combat largely because Russia has had air superiority since this war began.

Then you have to keep in mind that Russia has brought in forces from other nations like Syria to conserve her forces to invade Europe, while they are killing European forces who entered Ukraine to help fight this war, you know, like US CIA and Special Operations fighting in Ukraine. There seem to be about 12,000 Western forces fighting in Ukraine as mercenaries with some dying on a regular basis.

When you connect all those dots, it should be obvious that the West is losing weapons and munitions faster than they can replace them and Russia seems to be pretty much holding her own or at least losing weapons and munitions much slower than the West.

Guess how that is going to end, especially when the West finds itself facing, not just Russia, but also the rest of the Eastern Alliance with seriously depleted forces.

Putin is outsmarting the West again and the upper class trash and their puppets are too stupid to realize it.

Now, the upper class trash and their puppets are bragging that they are dragging the Ukraine War out as long as they can to wear down the Russian Military and also launder as much of your tax dollars as they can into their pockets via the Military Industry.

It also tells me why Putin seems to be in no hurry to win this war, you know, so he can further disarm and weaken the Western militaries as much as he can with the war before he invades the West.

Keep an eye on this.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the biggest problem the lefty upper class trash royals and their puppets have is that they think they are smarter than they are and that you are dumber than you are?

This video shows you that very clearly for a number of policies. The upper class trash insult your intelligence with their arrogant games telling you just how stupid they think you are. They don't even try to disguise or cover up their insults to your intelligence any more or about how brilliant they think they are.


Remember that I have been telling you that the biggest reason for the inflation we are having where the prices for everything, and not just gas and oil, are going up is being caused by the government printing huge amounts of money out of nowhere.

This is explained quite well in this video telling you why we have been experiencing inflation for decades, they just kept the rate of inflation low for most of that time.

Prices and the value of the dollar remained very stable for more than 150 years and then, suddenly, over the last half century, gas went from about 25 cents per gallon to over $5 per gallon and homes went from about $20,000 to over $150,000. They explain why that happened and most of it had to do with the "Fed" printing more and more money at an increasingly insane rate decreasing the value of the dollar so it takes more dollars to buy the same products. That is the biggest reason why prices have increased so much.

To reverse inflation, you have to get rid of most of that fake money, called "fiat money", they have printed to increase the value of that money but most of that money has been laundered into the pockets of the upper class trash and their puppets, who will not just give it up to stop inflation.

He interestingly points out a pretty scary potential problem with printing money. We definitely don't want our greedy, corrupt politicians printing more and more money to launder into their greedy pockets because that would very quickly turn into pure insanity, you know, like they have done in all Marxist countries like Venezuela completely destroying their currencies.

Note that he points out what I have been telling you for years in that the lefty commies have INFILTRATED and taken over our government at every level but not just the government, they also infiltrated our educational system, media, and major corporations. They really started that following WWII during the 1950s.

One of the most important things he talked about is having people properly educated or knowledgeable concerning the truth about government, money, and other such issues. Right now I see the left using ignorance, lies, misinformation, and propaganda to control the people to increase their own power and control over the people.

Most people don't know crap, which is why God has me writing this blog to teach you.

Do you understand why I believe that government corruption should be a capital crime requiring the death penalty?

Once it gets started, it is extremely difficult to stop and will eventually destroy your nation, which is treason. They are selling out the nation and people for money and that is treason.

Booster Shots

This video is very short but shows that political pressure was put on the FDA by the president and vaccine companies to approve the booster shots.

Gee, there weren't any bribes to the politicians and certain bureaucrats, were there?

Nah, it is just a magic coincidence. /sarc


Remember that I have been telling you that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent, it usually means you have less morals, values, and ethics?

This video is a good lesson in how the rich get richer and it is usually with cons or stealing. Pay attention to what they point out about Al Gore but also note that he is worth a little over $300 million and then he is now putting together a "ponzi scam" for $1.7 billion where he takes 20% off of the top or from the total investment before there are any profits, which is $340 million so he is going to just about double his wealth with this con.

You can bet he will make an "investment" that will turn a profit at your expense, probably from US tax dollars given to his con because of bribes given to politicians and/or bureaucrats so rich people will invest in his next ponzi scam too. Basically, he will take 20% off of the top of the moneys "invested", use some of the rest of that "investment" to pay bribes to government officials, and get enough in tax dollars from our corrupt government to combine with what is left of the $1.7 billion to return that to provide all of the investors with a "profit", all in the name of saving the planet at your expense.


Remember that I have been telling you that the academe are a big part of our problems today?

This video shows you some more of the reasons why they are causing so many problems today and, again, it comes down to mostly money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."


I am keeping an eye on them legalizing drugs like pot. All of the idiot dopers are acting like it is great and wonderful because their pushers and friends have them believing the drugs don't cause any harm.

In biology we have known about the harm that these drugs cause the human body for from decades to more than half a century and it isn't if but is when will those problems really begin to show themselves in such quantities that the harm can't be denied any more.

For example, we have known for decades that you are 40% more likely to get cancer from pot than from tobacco and tobacco is really bad for you. We have also known that pot causes the hardening and shrinking of the brain or brain damage and it turns about one in five people into violent psychopaths.

It is only a matter of time until the left legalizing drugs is proved to be just another great sounding stupid idea that will also backfire on the left proving just how stupid and insane they are. Those satanic pagans are the cult of death and destruction. They destroy everything they touch and it should be obvious by now.

Pelosi, Kruella, and Afghan Joe

One thing I am keeping an eye on right now is the fit the left is throwing about Queen Pelosi going to visit Taiwan because of China's threats.

She is obviously drawing a lot of flak from the left to make her look bad for a number of reasons and increase the number of people who want to have her removed as Speaker of the House.

Is this deal about China threatening the US, if Pelosi visits Taiwan, the left setting up Pelosi to get rid of her because she refuses to quit as Speaker of the House to get out of their way for replacing Afghan Joe using the Speaker of the House, you know, her plane just magically disappears over the Pacific Ocean with stories or rumors about it being China?

Hey, it wouldn't be the first time the left has used China as a front to kill people.

If Pelosi, Kruella, and Afghan Joe don't resign so the left can replace afghan Joe with someone else, the left will "resign them" one way or another.

If Pelosi goes to Taiwan, keep an eye on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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