I Told You So 48

These "I Told You So" essays are getting easier and easier. I hope you notice that every "I Told You So" essay is about them telling you one thing would happen and me telling you something else would happen with them being wrong and me being right. Also, in most of these "I Told You So" essays, there are numerous things which I correctly predicted and they said something else would happen so it is much more than me being right and them being wrong for 48 predictions. By now it is prabably well over 150 correct predictions for me and wrong predictions for them. If you count every little item, it could easily be over 200 by now. All you have to do to be right is expect the opposite of what the government/Commiecrat experts (and most others) tell you will happen and you will almost certainly be right.

Hey, the commie's are batting a 1,000....in the red. :-) They have literally been wrong about everything. If you bet against the commie government and media every time, you will take a bundle to the bank.

This time the unemployment went up again just like I said it would and the commie experts said it wouldn't. The fake unemployment rate (the one the government is telling you about) went up slightly to 9.6% in spite of almost half a million people dropping out of the work force every month in frustation over not being able to find a job but the real unemployment is now being estimated at between 20% and 25%.

And they call this a super recession and not a depression AND they say we are in a recovery? Yeah, right.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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