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The Republic

The Republic isn't dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

Watch this video and then tell me about it. The Commierats are abusing the power of government to get rid of their opponents and this is what all dictatorships do. A constitutional republic forbids such abuses of government power.

What they are doing is unconstitutional and no one is enforcing the US Constitution, no one. If you don't enforce the Constitution, then you don't have a Constitution and you cannot have a Constitutional Republic.

If we had a Constitutional Republic, then Afghan Joe and his people should have already been arrested. Since they have not been arrested, then we don't have a Constitutional Republic.

The big problem here that should concern all of you is that the law enforcement and military are NOT keeping their oaths to uphold and defend the US Constitution and the people of this nation against both external and internal threats. This means that they will do whatever they are told regardless of the US Constitution, you know, just like the Nazi Gestapo and SS, when they should refuse unconstitutional orders.

The US Constitution is no longer the law, the leaders are the law and that can never be a Constitutional Republic.

We have one saving grace at this time and that is that there are still good members of law enforcement and the judiciary but not enough. The good judges are keeping us from absolute tyranny for now. They are barely keeping our extremely corrupt government afloat.

One important thing the idiot corrupt people do not realize and they should be concerned about is that, what you can do unto others, others can do to you. Today, that corrupt government may be your friend but history teaches the day will come when it will turn on you because it will benefit them in some way.


This is just too good and too funny. With the upper class trash causing almost all of our problems for us making life harder on us I got this from Vineyard Gazette via AP via CenturyLink by Ray Ewing:

"TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday flew two planes of immigrants to Martha's Vineyard, escalating a tactic by Republican governors to draw attention to what they consider to be the Biden administration's failed border policies.

Flights to the upscale island enclave in Massachusetts were part of an effort to "transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations," said Taryn Fenske, DeSantis' communications director."

You know, to Martha's Vineyard where the upper class trash live lives of luxury at your expense and they are the ones supporting bringing illegal aliens into the US. Just dump the illegal aliens right on their front lawns. That is hilarious.

"Hey, you want these illegal aliens in the US, here, have them in your part of the US."

Then, showing their true colors, the natural elites at Martha's Vineyard called the military within 24 hours to have the illegal aliens removed from their wonderful "sanctuary" that I guess they lied about it being a sanctuary. The illegal aliens should litigate for false advertising.

The left keeps opening everyone's eyes proving the left never tells the truth and showing how evil they are.

The Fall of the World

Remember that I told you years ago that we are being punished for turning away from God and that, if you turn away from God, you are turning towards Satan? Remember that I warned you years ago that, when they brought back ceremonial idols for Satan, Baal, and Molech, it was very bad because they were literally bringing back those pagan gods?

This video shows you in detail why and what has been happening in the West and US for more than half a century. These demons or "gods" are destroying our nations around the world and using the pagan lefties to wage war against us Christians.

Our nations are right now being run and destroyed by those evil pagan gods and their demon possessed leaders, who openly admit that they are working to destroy our Christian culture because of their hatred for God, the Bible, and Christianity. The left's agenda is a hate crime.

You MUST repent of your sins, turn back to God, and call on His name to save your butts or it will only get worse. I see God's hand moving in many ways to save us but I also see Satan and his demons moving in many ways to destroy us. This is a spiritual war that Satan and his demons are quickly turning into a physical war to destroy you all.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often to fight back against these pagan gods and their demons that destroyed this planet for thousands of years the way they are working to destroy this planet again.

Jonathan Cahn is very good.

Note that I have warned you about most of this and the goddess of sex, fertility, and love he mentioned that goes by many names around the world is Ester, whose birthday and holy day is Easter, that we Christians worship on every year so that we are mixing worshiping her, a false pagan goddess and demon, with worshiping the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, which is not good and is at least partly satanic. That is permitting Satan and his demons to get his foot in the door to infiltrate and destroy Christianity from within, especially our churches.

You wonder why our churches are failing?

Quit worshiping on Easter and start worshiping on Passover. Quit worshiping on Christmas and start worshiping on Sukkot. And quit worshiping on Halloween, it ain't innocent fun; it is satanic and demonic.

We need to return the worship and celebration of the birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus to Passover, where you ONLY worship Jesus and nothing pagan or satanic.

We Christians must turn back from celebrating on all pagan holy days like Halloween, which is purely demonic and is us calling Satan into our lives, and Christmas, which is at least partly worshiping Sol, the Roman sun god, Satan, to celebrating the birth of Jesus on Sukkot or Passover, when we will only be worshiping the birth of Jesus.

God says we must choose between Him or Satan and you can't have both. If you choose Satan at all, then you choose Satan period.

If you are worshiping Satan and his demons in any way, you are turning from God and asking Satan and his demons into your lives and it will always result in the destruction of our nations and lives.

Note that Jonathan tells you what I have told you in that you must first "turn from your sinful ways" or repent of your sins. He tells you that the only way to deal with this starts with repentance.

Then he tells you that you must start "living the Word of God" or turning back to God like I have been telling you.

You have to win this spiritual war before you can win the physical war just the way he explained how Gideon had to destroy the alter of Baal before he could destroy the physical enemy of Israel.

I don't know if you have noticed yet but the pagans getting what they want is what causes the problems that God uses to punish us so that we pretty much basically punish ourselves with our own paganism.

Wow, that really works well, doesn't it?


If you want to understand globalism and where it is going, you have to understand that Hitler and a number of other Nazis, including the royals in his government, believed in Luciferianism.

In Luciferianism, they worship Lucifer while denying he is Satan and the Devil, which is only partly true. Before his fall, Satan's name was Lucifer, the Angel of Light, and then, after the fall, he is mostly referred to as Satan, the Devil, and other names like Baphomet, Pan, the Horned one, and others.

The belief in Luciferianism states that, if the followers of the cult set up a global dictatorship worshiping Lucifer and wipe out other religions by depopulating the planet, especially Judeo-Christianity, Lucifer will come to Earth, make his followers immortal, set up his kingdom, and rule with his followers forever, you know, globalism.

That is exactly what Hitler was doing by trying to conquer the world and murder off all of the Hebrews along with millions of Christians the left doesn't tell you about. Hitler was a Luciferian globalist who believed the third Reich would last at least a 1,000 years, you know, immortality.

It is important to understand that many of the Euro-American upper class, especially the royals, also believed in and practiced Luciferianism and still do today, which is exactly where their globalism came from. Many of them, just like Hitler did, profess to be Christians in public as a cover but practice Luciferianism behind closed doors so they are globalists pushing the global agenda.

It is very likely that all or almost all globalists like Klaus Schwab and King Charles are secretly Luciferians because of their morals, values, and ethics, you know, they want to murder off or depopulate the planet.

With King Charles now at the head of the British Royal Family, "defender of ALL faiths" (including Luciferianism), and an avowed globalist, it is likely that we will soon find out who the Luciferians are. They may all soon come out of the closet to finish grabbing for power and quit pretending to be Christians.

Keep an eye on this.


This video shows how the upper class trash will setup and run scams.

They put together a cause like solar or wind energy then get government funds in grants and subsidies to pay for the building of the factories to make those products (at a profit, of course - hey, it launders your tax money into their pockets so they don't have to risk their own money) and then more grants and subsidies to setup businesses to use those products (at a profit, of course) and continue to use grants and subsidies to run those businesses at a profit until they can't get the grants and subsidies to continue making a profit and then they will either sell their businesses to suckers or declare bankruptcy, turning a profit with very little to no investments of their own.

It is always a scam or con by the upper class trash, you know, a money laundering racket.


Steven does really good research and has good resources for intel but he may not understand some of what he shows because he isn't a veteran. In this video he shows some very telling information that confirms what I have told you.

For example, I told you some time ago that the US has CIA and special operations units in Ukraine and also that Ukraine has put together units consisting of veteran fighters from other nations, including the US.

Steven thinks those videos he shows show that there are actual US and British military units in Ukraine acting as Ukrainian troops and they could be, so I will keep an eye on this for confirmation, but it is also obvious that some of those units are the special operations and CIA units actually fighting on the front lines and the foreign veterans units fighting on the front lines.

Even that will cause Putin to escalate to the next step or the invasion of Western nations and that explains Putin Meeting with Xi in Uzbekistan recently, you know, holding a little war council.

Also note that the Congressman pointed out what I have been telling you that Putin staged a preemptive attack into Ukraine and you can bet he is getting ready to do that with the West. He is not going to permit the West to strike first.

All of this tells me that this war is about to go hot for the entire planet and it is very likely the war games in Eastern Russia are setup and preparation for the invasion of Alaska and Japan by those forces. The fecal matter is about to hit ye ole fan and it is going to get very ugly because of the greedy, power mad upper class trash royals. A lot of people are about to die very soon.

Note that I am watching for troop movements to North Africa to invade Southern Europe and to Mexico and Cuba to invade the US plus there are already a lot of sleeper cell troops inside of Europe and the US. This could easily become the worst time in history thanks to the evil upper class trash royals. They have turned just about the entire planet against us.

Here is an interesting "coincidence". This video shows that Mexico gave the keys to Mexico City to Julian Assange, who is considered an enemy of the US, showing what Mexico thinks of the US at a time when everyone is ramping up for war against the US.

Gee, what a magic coincidence, the timing is very interesting and I am only 90 miles from the Mexican border.

Royal Family

This video could be showing a power struggle within ye ole British Royal Family with Charles using the sex case as a weapon to keep Andrew out of power. You know, a little sibling rivalry to be ruler of the world.

I have warned you about such power struggles being common throughout history so I am going to keep an eye on this. This could cause Andrew to put together a group of royals who don't like Charles to stage a coup.

This crap has been going on inside the royal families for thousands of years and often result in wars and armed rebellions.

In the past, this would have easily resulted in Andrew and other royals who hate Charles taking over Scotland and using it as a base of operations to wage war or stage a coup against Charles and his family.


Remember that I told you about the BRICS international banking system that was setup by Russia, China, India, Brazil, and other nations decades ago?

I just found this article that tells you about the 5 main countries that set it up and they have just setup a new currency for BRICS, which is a massive move that will decrease the strength of the West's IMF international banking system and the US dollar.

Remember that I warned you that Turkey is considering jumping ship on the West and NATO to join the Eastern Alliance?

The article tells you that Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are considering joining BRICS, which will be a huge move. It also tells you that Russia, China, and Turkey have been buying a lot of gold for years now on which to base their new currency, which will make their currency significantly stronger than the US Dollar which is not based on gold and is called "fiat" money.

That story also provides more information about what Russia is doing to grow its economy and shrink the West's' economies. The Western businesses that left Russia because of the sanctions are being replaced by businesses from India. Wow, that worked well.

Remember that I told you that Russia is providing weapons to African nations?

I got this sentence from that article by staff and from Bitcoin.com:

"In addition to South Africa, Russia has also increased foreign aid and has delivered weapons to Sub-Saharan African countries."

Putin is building up those African nations' militaries with his weapons, you know, to invade Europe from the south like I have been telling you.

That article confirms quite a bit of what I have been telling you.

Here is a little food for thought.

Before Putin went into Ukraine, he was saying he didn't want to go into Ukraine to throw off Ukraine and the West just before he staged his preemptive attack and he recently said he didn't want to use nukes with the new British PM saying she will use nukes. Think about that.

I also just found out that, for the first time in decades, the US Military budget for this year will not be made public. This is clearly to keep Russia and China from knowing exactly how the US is ramping up for this war so they won't know which weapons systems the US is building.

Then I found this video providing some really good intel.

First, he tells you what I have been telling you that Russia has not even come close to putting their best stuff on the battle field for the world to see but the US is and it is providing weapons intel for Russia just like I warned and Russia is sharing that intel with China "for a coming war with the US."

That should also tell you that Putin is not worried about any progress Ukraine might be making in the war regardless of all of the Western propaganda.

Then he tells you that during the war games they are playing near Japan and Alaska, Russia just test fired a nuke capable missile from a sub just outside of Alaskan waters that would be a tactical nuke weapon just like I have been warning Putin will use in a war against us.

Was that a warning or "bow" shot?

Then Afghan Joe warned Russia to not use tactical nukes against the US. Gee, what a magic coincidence. I guess he got Russia's message.

People, Russia has nuke subs like that around Britain and the US that can quickly strike inside both nations.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

When he shows Wagner recruiting prisoners, what they are doing is recruiting those prisoners to fight in Ukraine so Russia doesn't have to send her best to fight in Ukraine and can use her best to invade Europe and the US. They just need some people to hold off the Ukrainian Military long enough for Russia to defeat Europe so Ukraine doesn't become a threat to Russia before Russia can stop Ukraine's weapons and munitions from the West.

Note that they told the prisoners that, if they fight for 6 months, they will be free telling me that they expect the Ukraine War to be over by then.

Steven then tells you that Putin is weaponizing gas against Europe to prevent having to invade Europe but Putin is also using it to weaken Europe in case Russia has to invade.

At about 10 minutes into that video, I saw a brief headline he scrolled through about Putin having finished plans for using nukes against NATO.

Steven confirms a lot that I have been warning you about and provides quite a bit of information.

It looks like Germany is considering making a deal with Russia for gas, you know, jump the NATO ship to join the Eastern Alliance and Steven tells you that, if Germany falls, all of Europe goes with it.

He points out that Austria and Hungary have already jumped ship for gas plus we already know about Greece. Ye ole NATO/EU stampede has started and is growing.


Remember that I have been telling you that, after China seizes control of the US, they will go after the US upper class trash and kill them all?

This video shows China going after top CEOs in the US because they did something China did not like, you know, selling weapons to Taiwan.

Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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