I Told You So 488


I just got confirmation that those troops entering Ukraine from Russia were Chinese.

Keep an eye on this.

I am also keeping an eye on Ukraine as to whether the US Military has moved entire military units disguised as Ukrainian soldiers in against Russian troops. That is the only way I can see Ukraine making the advances they are making and, if that is the case, it is a blatant act of war by the US and UK against Russia.

Remember that Putin has been moving his better troops and equipment out of Ukraine to invade Europe and replacing them with his worst, which was still winning until a few days ago.

Did the US and UK take advantage of this weakness in Russian troops to send in US and UK troops against Russia's weakest troops to prevent Russia from invading Europe?

It is looking more and more like that is what is happening because Ukraine didn't have the weapons, munitions, or even troops to hold ground against Russia and is suddenly taking ground?

Something is going on here because something big had to change and I would not put it above the left to sneak in US and UK troops disguised as Ukrainian troops to stage an offensive against Russia to force Russia to move her better troops into Ukraine and prevent the invasion of Europe. Ukraine couldn't even hold ground so there is no way this offensive is being carried out by just Ukraine.

You can bet that, with his spies, Putin knows what is going on.

I think the upper class trash sending in US and UK troops disguised as Ukrainian troops is the only way Ukraine could be taking ground right now. I don't care what warm fuzzies the stupid people might like to believe, there is no way the Ukrainian forces could magically go from being crushed everywhere to taking ground without a really big change. It has to be something else and the US and UK sending in troops is the most likely answer.

I can just hear the stupid people saying something stupid like, "Well, dey just got brabe or sompin'."

I wouldn't be surprised if the US troops sent in are 101st and 82nd Airborne because they were both sent over there since this war started and were in the Poland/Romania area.

But Putin still is not sending his best in against whoever is slowly making ground against him and it is a slow grinding progress and not the overwhelming route the lefty media are making it look like.

It looks like Putin is sending in Russian reserves and troops from other nations to hold off the offensive, while keeping his best troops dedicated to invading Europe, especially after Britain talking about using nukes against Russia. Putin knows that, as soon as his troops take Poland, Germany, France, and Romania, Ukraine won't be getting any more troops, weapons, and munitions so their war will be over and so do the US and UK. It is very clear that the US and UK both know Putin is getting ready to invade Europe.

I am wondering, if those troops making ground against Russia are US and UK, how will they get out of Ukraine when Russia invades Europe and cuts off their supplies and retreat out of Ukraine. I sure hope they have a good plan B but I seriously doubt Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley are that smart.

If our leaders did get stupid enough to send in US and UK troops, you can bet Putin is planning to trap them in Ukraine by quickly cutting off their escape route when he invades Europe. We are suddenly going to find ourselves negotiating with Putin to get back 100,000 plus of our sons, husbands, and fathers. Hey, if Putin traps those troops in a super cauldron called Ukraine, he won't have to fight them in Europe or the US. They will be trapped out of the fight.

People, that is very likely with everything the upper class trash royals keep doing keeps failing. Yeah, I could easily see Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley do something that stupid...again.

Why would this not fail too? What, did they suddenly get smart?

I think that one thing God is obviously doing is showing just how inbred stupid the royals are with everything they keep trying keeps failing. Their gene pool has to be an absolute mess after thousands of years of inbreeding.

Right now, Putin is calling up more reserves to hold them off until he can invade Europe and cut off their escape route.

As a matter of fact, Putin probably sees this as improving his invasion potential because those troops are no longer in Poland to hold off his initial assault into Europe. To Putin, the door to Europe just opened up.

Did the upper class trash fools, you know, Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley, just play into Putin's hands again?

Hey, they did so wonderful in Afghanistan. /sarc

All 3 of them should have been fired after Afghanistan.

I keep seeing idiots saying that Putin is running out of weapons, you know, like they are not making any new weapons.

Yeah, right. He has not even committed his best weapons to the war because he doesn't want the West to see them in action before he has to invade the West, he had more than 12,000 tanks and more than 5,000 military aircraft before the war started, his military was ranked only second to the US Military in size and power, plus he has been buying weapons from other nations to use in Ukraine so he wouldn't have to show off his best weapons, and you know his weapons factories are producing his best weapons very quickly (probably 24/7) to replace the lesser weapons as they get destroyed or just breakdown.

Putin isn't even close to running out of weapons. People, it should be common sense that, if he was running out of weapons, he wouldn't be selling weapons to other nations like in Africa and Latin America. He would be keeping those weapons at home to protect Russia.

Duh, hello? Anyone home?

You can't believe ANYTHING the left tells you.

I told you that we should not mess with Christian Putin and Russia.

Keep an eye on this.

Then I found this video showing that Putin is annexing the Donbass area into Russia, using the people voting to return to being part of Russia so that it is a referendum by the people to return to being part of Russia.

By international law, this is very important because, if the West or anyone else attacks this area as part of Russia, then it is an overt act of war against Russia and can bring the full fury of the Russian Military down on the attacking nation. Putin is outthinking the West at every turn.

So far, by international law, Russia has been defending a breakaway state or two (the Donbass area) against an outside force (Ukraine) but it will now be Russia defending herself against the same force.


I recently saw that they are having a minor Ebola outbreak in Uganda so, out of curiosity, I looked up its transmission and found that it can be transmitted to humans by shrews but they didn't say whether or not it can be transmitted by other rodents like rats, mice, or voles.

With our rodent pandemic in the US, you might want to keep an eye on whether it can be spread by other rodents. Even the CDC doesn't say whether other rodents can transmit the disease though it would be prudent to assume it can be, just to be safe.

Military Recruitment

The US Military is having a very serious problem in recruiting enough soldiers as you see with this video and you can bet that a big part of that is because there were 60 million potential recruits murdered in their mothers' wombs as babies.

The same thing is happening to the US that happened to all pagan nations who murdered their children to their pagan gods, you know, like the goddess Free Sex.

Those nations that murder their children have always declined economically and militarily until another nation conquered them and we see that with our former Christian and now pagan US, which has been murdering our children since the 1960s. We now have 60 million fewer military recruits.

Do you believe me yet that you are right now witnessing the fall of Rome II because of our paganism?

Our paganism is right now destroying this nation and is trying to finish it off while you are reading this.

The children are your future and, if you destroy the children, you destroy your future.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out," and murdering your children is a sin and it is right now finding us out.


Remember that I keep telling you about government corruption and how the upper class trash have turned our governments into money laundering rackets?

This video shows you one more way in which the upper class trash make a lot of money from our government corruption. This is just the tip of the iceberg and it goes on every day.

On Judgment Day, you will find out about every tiny bit of it and most of you will be appalled.

The Past

Remember that I keep telling you that, if you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present?

This video is about how the academe idiots keep being fooled by tyrants because of their simple minded stupidity.

Note that he shows the similarities between how the left treated Hitler and today's tyrants for the same reasons. If you study Germany prior to the war, you see the same things they are doing today.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

One reason for that is because the inbred, power mad academe lefties and royals, who hate God and the Bible but really love the Bible prophecy about the Tribulation one world government, have been believing ever since the Church of Rome converted to Christianity in 312 AD that the one world government MUST be them. Why, it just couldn't be anyone else because they are just so wonderful.

They are so power mad, evil and simple minded that they ignore the details and keep believing that the one world government must be them ruling the world forever, especially since their beloved Luciferianism also says so. They ignore that the government will rule for less than one decade, it will be destroyed by God, or anything except that a government will rule the world and it just must be them ruling the world. It just cannot be anyone else.

That is about all they know and believe about that prophecy because that is what they want to believe so it must be right.

Prior to Germany declaring war on the US in December 1941, the US lefties tried to keep the US out of that war because they thought it was going to be Nazi Germany ruling the world and they wanted to be buds with Nazi Germany so they could share in the rule. The left had big political movements and speeches about it during that time. They just loved Nazi Germany.

After Nazi Germany fell, they thought it was going to be the Soviet Union so they became buds with the Soviet Union until it fell and then they decided they, the British/American Royals would make it happen.

During the time of the Soviet Union, the lefties speculated that Mystery Babylon really meant the Catholic Vatican, then London, then Paris, then New York City, then Los Angeles, then even Tokyo and they all failed. I heard them speculate about all of those being Babylon, which didn't make sense to me.

No, Mystery Babylon will be built as an extension to and right by Ancient Babylon in Iraq.

Since WWII, the people who became most fanatical about that were the British Royals, followed closely by the rest of the Euro-American royals, and today they fervently believe it must be THEM ruling the world, which is why they are so extremely determined to set up their one world government even though their efforts keep failing. It just has to be them!

The lefty academe love dictators because they dream of being dictators for the one world government. They are inbred nuts.

All Talk

Remember that I have been teaching you that the lefties always talk the talk about good things but never walk the walk about those same good things?

This video shows you EXACTLY what I have been teaching you about the lefty lies. They NEVER mean the good things they say. The lefties are all talk and no walk and they just proved it big time.

Any time a lefty starts talking about doing anything for the good of anything, grab your wallet and run because it is just another lefty con to steal money from you.


Finally people have figured out that COVID 19 is just the flu just like I told you. Wait until they figure out that it is just a moderate to mild flu like I told you and they have been played for suckers and fools by the lefties.

Don't believe me?

Research has shown that the true mortality rate was just 6% of the 900,000 they keep telling you or only 36,000 in two years when the pig flu killed more than 60,000 in just one year and was not declared a pandemic. People, the truth is that COVID 19 only killed about 18,000 people per year or about one third of what the pig flu killed in one year and that COVID 19 was a fakedemic.

Do you believe me yet that you should not just blindly believe ANYTHING the left or the government tell you and that you should question EVERYTHING?

British Empire

Remember that I told you that the British Empire never ended and they just changed the name to the Common Wealth so the British Monarchy could hide behind fake democracies?

This video tells you that the King of England is the "HEAD OF STATE for 14 Common Wealth nations", meaning his word is law. He also tells you that increasing numbers of them are wanting to BECOME republics.

What? I thought they were republics?

No, they pretend to be republics to fool everyone and so the British Monarchy can hide behind their fake republics just like I told you.

Did you notice the timing for these nations wanting to rebel and become republics instead of remaining monarchies hiding behind fake republics, you know, while the very limited British Military is tied up dealing with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and other members of the Eastern Alliance so they can't deal with or put down rebellions for freedom in 14 Common Wealth nations?

Gee, what a magic coincidence. Well, there goes the British Royal Family one world government right down ye ole royal toilet.

You watch, everyone of those nations that decide to rebel against the British Monarchy for freedom will be welcomed into the Eastern Alliance by Putin to help them gain their freedom from the British Monarchy. You just know it.

Watching the Euro-American royals fall flat on their evil faces like this is just getting too funny.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

Just like I told you, the royals running those nations are grabbing for power at the first opportunity.

Maybe we Americans should teach those Common Wealth nations how to sing the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" while they set up their constitutional republics?

The British Royal Family isn't just failing, they are losing ground big time.

What one world government?

Hey, maybe some of these new republics will want to join our new republic after we win the war against our lefties?

It wouldn't hurt to ask.


Watch this video and, if the conservatives gain control of the House and Senate, watch Fauci either flee the country or commit suicide to keep from going to prison.

You will learn the truth about what happened and find out just who made money and how much money they made from this crime.

Keep an eye on this. We could have a really fun necktie party.


In everything I have seen and read, everything I have gotten from talking to other people about their countries, and having traveled a little to other countries, there is no way any other nation on the planet could legitimately claim to be better across the board than the US has been since WWII.

This video is disturbing because it shows that our educational system, media, and parents have really screwed up this nation with lies making this nation look much worse than it has ever been.

Is the US perfect?

No, no nation can legitimately claim it is perfect but the US has achieved more and helped more people than any other nation in history. Its economy, industry, culture, and military have been the best in the world until just recently because of the damage the left has recently done to this nation.

For that many people to believe what they believe, they have been fed bull crap by too many sources and they need to question those sources.

The Third Temple

Remember that I told you about them being ready for the building of the Third Temple?

I told you that they just got red heifers to use for sacrifices to sanctify the Temple and they have all of the building materials on flatbed trucks hidden away in warehouses so that they can complete the construction of the Temple in just 3 days.

I forgot to tell you that they have the worship instruments and clothing for the priests in a building not too far from the Temple mount, are training priests for the services so they already have plenty of trained priests, and they know where the original worship instruments and the Ark of the Covenant are hiding in a special chamber under the Temple mount so that they could easily begin holding services in a completed Temple within 4 days of beginning construction.

He tells you about most of this in this video and he repeatedly shows the picture of Rabbi Chaim Richman, who was appointed to be the head of the Sanhedrin, when it was revived a few decades ago, which will be in charge of the Temple services and management.

He is the one who I saw say that they know where the Ark of the Covenant and other original instruments are hiding under the Temple mount (he saw them with his own eyes) and, when they have the new Temple completed and ready for services, they will bring them out from under the Temple Mount and take them to the Temple to begin services.


All we need is for God to move the Hebrews and this will happen.

Keep an eye on this because every day we get one day closer. You are watching the fulfillment of Bible End Time prophecy. This will happen soon.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I keep telling you that most of the corrupt members of the upper class I call the upper class trash are royals who think they are better than you and should not have to live by the same laws they force on you or even in the same neighborhood with you?

Think not?

Watch this video and then tell me about how the upper class trash are not arrogant royals. They behave like royals because most of them are royals and the rest are wannabee royals virtue signaling to be accepted by the royals.

IN THEIR MINDS, you are inferior to them, must obey them, and they can do with you as they please. They are inbred nuts.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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