I Told You So 490


Remember that I told you that, when Russian troops pull back, they are probably luring enemy troops into ye ole Russian cauldron (encirclement) for destruction?

I just heard that a European intelligence officer said that Ukraine is taking back some land but they are advancing in areas that are "hollowed out" because Russian troops have withdrawn and "they are still taking heavy losses."

That sounds exactly like Russia is luring those troops into ye ole Russian cauldron and "roasting them" and that the idiot western leaders still have not figured out what is going on so they just keep walking into Russian traps, taking heavy losses.

Hey, if Putin destroys ALL of their troops, what war?

It sounds to me like God has "closed the eyes" of the idiot lefties so they keep taking ye ole Russian sucker punches.

That person also stated about how Ukraine is not being able to replace soldiers who get killed.

It takes at least one to two years to train replacement ground troops and 2 to 3 years to replace pilots and other weapons operators like a tank crew.

This video tells me a number of things.

First, Russian missile guidance technology has improved a lot since I was in during 1972 to 1976 because they used to try to get within a few miles of their target with nuke missiles and now they can hit the nail on the head, which tells me they will also hit their nuke targets right on the head.

Second, just like I told you, the Ruskies know right where everything is and what is going on because Putin has a great spy network.

Third, Putin has never had more than 20% of his forces in Ukraine and he pulled his best forces out and replaced them with reserves a few months ago just like I have been telling you.

Fourth, Ukraine doesn't have much left of their military and are relying on forces from other nations including militias. Ukraine is beat and being propped up by the West just like I have been telling you.

Fifth, in this attack, Russia destroyed 80% of Ukrainian air defenses in just a few days. It won't take long to take out the rest. This also explains why Germany weakened her air defenses to sell Ukraine German air defenses.

Sixth, he tells you there are also Americans (trained US troops) in Ukraine fighting in civilian clothes. He tells you what I have been telling you about it taking a long time to train up replacement weapons operators so that the ONLY way Ukraine can even hang on now is with US and UK troops on the ground.

Interestingly, he tells you how to overwhelm enemy radar and weapons systems and we had ECM in Nam that would do that. What you do is put more targets on their radar than their radar system can handle, the system will begin "dropping targets", at which point the operators usually "go take a pee" or get away from the unit before it is destroyed by the enemy. When your radar gets overwhelmed like that, you are about to die.

People, this is really, really bad because Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley are sending some of our best weapons and troops to Ukraine with our military operators disguised as civilians so that Russia gets to see those weapons in action on a small scale, learn how to beat them, which they are clearly doing, and depleting our weapons and operator inventories so we will have less with which to defend our nation just like Ukraine has now. Those idiots are weakening the US against Russia and strengthening Russia for the coming war between us. I warned you about that months ago and said we should stage a strategic retreat and pull our troops back to the US to protect the US from the coming invasion.

Putin is doing what he set out to do by destroying Ukraine's forces. He even tells you the numbers of troops. He tells you that poorly trained forces are using the weapons we send and are just "cannon fodder" or target practice for Russia just like I have been telling you.

Then he tells you what I told you about how the upper level military commanders are Western officers, usually US and UK but including other countries AND they are being out thought and maneuvered by Russian commanders. These Western commanders are not learning from their mistakes and keep making the same stupid mistakes, getting their troops killed. God has to be causing them to be "confused" just like the Bible says.

Putin has almost finished wiping out Ukrainian military resources and is now wiping out Western military resources. Ukraine couldn't last a week without the Western forces fighting in Ukraine.

So, when is Putin going to turn Ukraine into a giant cauldron with our Western troops trapped inside, cut off from reinforcements, supplies, and munitions?

He told you that Putin is going to take Odessa just like I told you at the beginning of the war. Ukraine won't have any sea ports on the Black Sea. He also tells you that Russia doesn't want to invade Europe like I have been telling you but will if he has to and it is looking like the West is going to push him to invade Europe. I hope not but the host tells you that the West is pushing for all-out war with Russia. Yes, they are inbred nuts.

This general tells you a lot I have been warning you about and does a great job. This is a very good video and everyone should see it.

BTW, I heard that Poland is checking their bomb shelters and calling for their citizens to leave Belarus. They are clearly preparing for war in the near future.

And I just found out that Russia has purchased more than 200 suicide drones from Iran and is discussing purchasing short to long range missiles and I wondered whether Putin is planning on using those in Ukraine like the host said or to invade Europe. Putin has at least tested some of the drones in Ukraine so he may also test the missiles before deploying them against Europe.

Keep an eye on this.

Then I found out that the US just started the draft again, you know, because they are starting a war and can't get enough volunteer recruits because they screwed up the military. You know this will turn even more of the lefties against their current leaders, especially Afghan Joe. This WWIII is going to backfire on the lefty upper class trash really big.

What, those spoiled little commies go off and die fighting for you?

The left just keeps making everything worse.

Do the lefty upper class trash all have a death wish?

Then I found this video showing that the left starting WWIII is already backfiring on the left. AOC and the rest of the pro war lefties are already in trouble for starting and still pushing for a war with Russia and it will get worse.

Most of the rest of that video, he went off on anti-war tangents showing that he and most other journalists are clueless about nuclear war.

BTW, just imagine what it will be like for our "woke soldiers" when they get captured by the enemy. You just know they will be tortured to death and, when that gets started and well known, watch a lot of other woke soldiers go AWOL.

The lefties are waking up to the fact that dead people don't get free stuff.

Do you believe me yet that we are in the middle of WWIII?

Then I found this video showing that the Ukrainian Army and other forces fighting for Ukraine are so decimated that NATO is hiring Al Quaeda and ISIS terrorists to fight for Ukraine. Talk about desperate.

Do you believe me yet that Ukraine CANNOT win this war? I am wondering, is God using this war, Putin, and the insane Western leaders to thin out these people who fight for evil?

They point out that we created Al Quaeda but we also created ISIS under Obama.

Then Macron said that France will not fire a nuke, if Putin uses nukes against Ukraine.

Not bailing on NATO, is he? Just a wee bit scared, are we? Is the EU breaking up now?

Did you know that Russia normally has a large nuclear war game they play this time of year and I am wondering if Putin is going to use that as a cover to stage his pre-invasion assault on Europe and the US?

Hey, just gather all of his nuke forces together for the war game and pretend to fire his nuke weapons without pretending.

Mean while, NATO, basically the US and UK, are threatening Russia if she uses nukes on Ukraine.

Then they discussed the obvious fact that Putin really doesn't want a war but the West is forcing Putin to fight this war.

The problem is that the arrogant Western upper class trash bullies think that Putin holding back means that Putin is afraid of the "Mighty West", which is giving the upper class trash a false confidence in their ability to bluff or defeat Putin in a war so the upper class trash keep pushing harder and harder, thinking Putin will cave in and submit to them sooner or later. The upper class trash will keep doing this until Putin is finally forced to escalate WWIII to invade Europe and the US and then and only then will the arrogant upper class trash fools find out that their perceptions of Putin are wrong.

I had this problem when I was a kid fighting on streets as a runt. I didn't know better so it was obvious I didn't like fighting because I didn't try to hide it, the bullies thought that meant I was afraid of them, that caused the bullies to cause trouble for me more, and I had more fights because of it until I finally had a knockdown drag out fight with the biggest of the bullies and then they all left me alone.

Putin is making the same mistake by openly saying he doesn't want war and being hesitant in his strategies and tactics instead of turning the enemy into smoldering rubble and then walking away. The upper class trash bullies think Putin not liking to fight means Putin is afraid of the bullies, which just encourages the bullies more.

I feel safe in telling you about this use of nukes because it is all over the media anyway.

One of the primary targets for Russia will be the upper class trash because they are causing this mess and where do almost all of the upper class trash have homes?

Along the coast lines, you know, like Martha's Vineyard and Malibu. Just imagine what would happen to the upper class trash if Putin detonated nukes in the ocean off the coast by those rich communities creating super tsunamis. Yeah, they would get washed out to sea and drown. End game, Putin.

That would be the quickest and easiest way to take out most of the upper class trash all over the world because almost all of them just love living by the sea.

Then I was watching this video and realized that, if Christian Putin and Christian Russia were to conquer the West and kill off our corrupt leaders who are right now killing us off to depopulate their planet so they don't have to share their planet with us, Putin and Russia would actually be saving us from our evil leaders because then our evil leaders would not be able to kill us off like they are saying they will and are doing right now.

Is God using Putin and Russia to save us from our evil leaders who are right now trying to murder us?

Sailboat Cruising

Remember that I told you that, when things went south, a lot of countries would turn on sailboat cruisers, especially from the West?

This video shows that already happening in Puerto Rico, which is a US territory and these cruisers are from the US. Look closely and you will see there are only a few other sailboats in the port they started out in, telling me word may be already getting around about how you will be treated there.

They tell you they were even warned not to get a cruising permit to cruise around the island for a while, you know, the people don't want them cruising around the island and want them to leave. Things are going to get really bad for Western tourists in other countries.

You can bet that, after that video, few cruisers will want to go to Puerto Rico for at least a while.

FBI Corruption

Here is food for thought. The corruption of the FBI that caused the false charges against Trump happened under Obama.

What? You think Obama didn't know what was going on and didn't approve it the way Biden has approved the current corruption? Really?

Think about it. Obama started this and many of our other problems just before he left the White House. Afghan Joe is just the fall guy.


Remember that I have been telling you about Mexico invading the US in this war?

This video shows that the cartels, who are owned by the lefty upper class trash and giving kickbacks to the upper class trash for the money they make from their crimes, especially smuggling, control about 1/3 of Mexico. These criminal organizations regularly operate inside the US, moving people and drugs from Mexico all of the way to our larger cities.

Take a good look at those cartels because they are small armies of heavily armed criminals and, when the fecal matter hits the fan, they are going to come across the border into the US to seize ground all along the border, especially entire border states.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

The Exodus

I just saw a video promoting a movie about the Exodus and where they think Mt. Sinai is at.

The guy said that part of his reasoning was that it took Moses 40 days to get there so, if it only takes him 10 days to get there, then that probably isn't the place.

Hold it, Moses didn't just take out hiking across the desert by himself at 3 to 4 miles per hour. He was leading 2 to 3 million people with little children, goats, sheep, cattle, donkeys, carts loaded with everything the people owned, and other stuff. Instead of hiking across the desert at 3 to 4 miles per hour, they probably only moved at about 1 to 2 miles per hour or less.

Plus the Bible says they camped or "pitched their tents" meaning that they had to take the time from walking to put up and take down ancient tents, gather firewood and water, fix meals, and sleep.

What would take him 10 days to travel could have taken Moses and the Hebrews 40 days to travel. You have to keep things like that in mind.

If you want to have a better idea of where it was, take off with at least 100 people with young children, goats, sheep, cattle, donkeys, ancient wooden carts that get stuck and break down, put up ancient tents, gather wood and water, fix meals, and other things the ancient Hebrews would have done.

Note that they were not racing across the desert but were walking as a massive group. They would not have moved very far in a day, maybe only 8 to 10 miles.

For example, my grandmother told me that, when they moved from Brownsville, TX to Roswell, NM by three covered wagons in the 1920s, when they were in sandy areas, the wagons were stuck all of the time so that there were days they didn't even cover 4 miles.

You get your ancient carts loaded down with all of your stuff stuck in the Sinai desert sand and see how fast you can move.

Another example is keep in mind how many times the Bible says they crossed the Red Sea, which is only once. Therefore, it could not be in Saudi Arabia (they claim that the Hebrews crossing the Red Sea was actually them crossing the Gulf of Aqaba into Saudi Arabia - you know, like Moses didn't know where the Red Sea is) because they would have had to cross the Gulf of Aqaba at least 3 times to fight the locals who lived in Southern Israel because they went to Mt. Sinai, then fought the Amalekite in Southern Israel, and then returned to Mt. Sinai. Moses would have had to part those waters 3 times, not just once.

Most likely, Mt. Sinai was in the Sinai Peninsula.

Stick to the scriptures and use common sense.

Over the years, I have seen a lot of crap about someone "finding something from the Bible" to sell books or movies and it turned out to be bogus so I am very cautious to what I believe and they have found a lot.

One of the best examples is that I have seen experts claiming that the Ark of the Covenant is under the hill where Jesus was crucified and Jesus' blood was on it, in a temple in Ethiopia, and in underground chambers under the Vatican in Rome but I know that a top Rabbi said he and other rabbis from the Temple Institute actually saw it in a hidden chamber under the Temple Mount and that, after they build the Temple, they will bring it out.

These are the same rabbis who reformed the Sanhedrin more than two decades ago and the one who talked about it was the Chief rabbi of the Sanhedrin.

None of the others except one actually saw the Ark or claimed to, they are just guessing. I am going to take the word of rabbis who actually saw the Ark over the others selling books and movies.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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