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Rome II

Here is some irony. All of the other corrupt nations on this planet have been living high on the hog from US foreign aid, while our idiot politicians have been sacking and destroying this nation. With the US being more than $31 trillion in debt and the lefty upper class trash continuing to intentionally destroy this nation and its economy, while creating WWIII, it won't be long and this nation won't be able to give any of those nations foreign aid and all of those nations getting and depending on that foreign aid will go broke. They will all fall when the US falls forcing them to accept the upper class trash royal global dictatorship.

Foreign aid was a sucker punch.


Remember that I have been telling you that there was a coup attempt in China (helped by the US) to take Xi down and replace him with someone that won't make buds with Russia, you know, divide and conquer because they know the US only has a one front military and can't beat Russia and China at the same time?

This video shows something very interesting. They escorted out of the meeting the former leader of China, who was trying to regain power, which should tell you that he was the person the US was using to stage that coup and Xi just finished putting that coup to an end. Xi just consolidated his power by making that person and his friends organ donors.

Do you believe me yet that, when they take over the US, they will round up and kill our upper class trash traitors who foolishly think they will get to share in power?

Once again, the US failed with one of their great sounding stupid ideas and it has already back lashed on them. This just consolidated or cemented Xi's power and the relationship between Russia and China so you should expect everyone in the Eastern Alliance to cut loose on the West soon in WWIII.

Right now, the only coup attempt left by the West of the top nations' governments in the Eastern Alliance is Iran.

US Oil Reserves

Remember that I told you that the reason for the US oil reserves was to provide our military with quick oil resources in the event of a sudden military emergency or war and Afghan Joe was weakening our military by taking oil out of it?

This video tells you exactly that. Afghan Joe is compromising our national security for political reasons.

Since I know that the left wants to destroy the US to set up their global dictatorship, I have to also believe that it is also probably sabotage and treason to help an enemy defeat the US in war or to only be able to fight to a draw with the destruction of both nations. I do not believe that the timing of these withdrawals in relation to them starting WWIII is a coincidence.


Remember that I told you that Italy would most likely jump ship to Russia's side for gas with their new government?

There are two important things about this video.

He tells you that the new government in Italy is on Russia's side and that, as soon as they assumed power, the gas started flowing to Italy again. Surprise, surprise.

This should tell you that, when Russia and her allies start their invasion into Europe, Italy will be off limits so that one of Europe's top 5 nations has already been eliminated as an enemy to Russia and their allies. That means that the Africa Union will be able to focus all of their force on invading Spain and France, increasing their chances of success.

The second thing was about intel or espionage and I taught you about that a few decades ago. I taught you how they can monitor ALL conversations in the US regardless of what technologies you are or are not using.

Satan's Spawn

Remember that I told you that the reason for the left pushing for abortion was to next make it legal for "post birth abortion" so Satan's spawn could legally sacrifice babies to their false pagan gods?

I just got this from the American Center for Law and Justice:

"Infanticide was JUST LEGALIZED in California. The ACLJ is taking legal action.

Governor Newsom, who claims that Jesus' command to 'love your neighbor' means we should kill babies, just signed this gruesome bill into law.

By intentionally using the word 'perinatal' - not prenatal (before birth) - the law will effectively allow a living child to die up to 28 days after birth. That's infanticide."

The evil things just keep proving me right about things I wish were not right. They are definitely making their moves for power and control.

Gee, you don't think Newsom and company are Satanists, do you? Gee, I wonder why God told me in a dream that He is going to destroy Los Angeles in an earthquake storm?

Note how deceptive they were with the wording so, if the people turned against it, they could say it was a spelling error. The really stupid people probably won't even notice and you can bet the evil lefty media won't point it out.

This shows you just how evil the lefty pagans are. They just have to be able to legally murder babies to their false pagan gods. Know that they never stopped doing it in secret and have been doing it for thousands of years but, if this stands, they will now be able to openly sacrifice babies to their evil pagan gods. That will be when they all come out of their evil closets. It will be a stampede of sin.

More and more, they just keep showing you their evil true colors. Please pay attention so this can stop.

If you keep voting for the left after this, don't expect any mercy from God because you are not showing any mercy for helpless babies.

I guess this is going to have to keep going on until the left shows you all of how evil they really are. I pray that we are close to the end of that. I am afraid to ask how much more evil can they be than to murder helpless babies to their false pagan gods.

Maybe with this happening at this time in conjunction with the rest of what is going on in the world, you know, like WWIII, this will soon be over.

Do you understand why I so very much look forward to Judgment Day when all of this evil will be over forever?

Just think, following Judgment Day, NONE of the evil spawn of Satan will be able to cause any of us harm again FOREVER! That will be wonderful and I will praise God for it.


I am so sick of the media not knowing enough about the science related to what they are talking about to be able to properly analyze what they are talking about.

For example, concerning climate change. I have not seen ONE member of the media point out that plants breath in CO2 and breath out O2 and animals breath in O2 and breath out CO2.

That is critical for understanding that plant growth and not renewable energy will be most important for decreasing CO2 plus, if you look at what the renewable energy is doing concerning this when they almost all require the destruction of millions of acres of plants, which will decrease changing CO2 to O2 and just make the CO2 problem worse, not better, you should know they are not trying to solve a CO2 problem.

Just look at pictures of those massive solar and wind farms, where they have destroyed millions of acres of trees, grass, and brush. That is the absolute worst thing they could do to decrease CO2 and will actually increase CO2.

All those solar and wind farms are doing is making rich people more rich with your tax dollars being used to pay for their energy farms.

If the honest members of the media knew what they were talking about, we wouldn't have half the problems we end up having. I wish they would first learn what they are talking about or shut up. They are just making it worse.


Remember that I have been telling you that China, Russia, and the rest of the Eastern Alliance are getting ready to escalate WWIII by invading the West and our allies soon, probably this year?

This video tells you that the US Military is expecting that to take place "before the end of the year", probably next month or sooner.

Note that these people still are not getting the big picture.

It is increasingly likely that the Eastern Alliance will go full on war against the West before Christmas, probably in November.

I have been warning you about this for years. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often because our nations are being run by idiots like Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley. The idiots are in for a really huge surprise very soon.

What the Eastern Alliance is planning on doing very soon, probably within the next month, at most two, is simultaneously start a number of military actions the West cannot properly respond to. Everyone is too focused on Ukraine and Taiwan and then individually of each other.

People think Russia is ramping up to invade Ukraine but that is just a cover. Russia and her allies are ramping up to invade Europe from the east and north, while the Africa Union will invade from the south. It won't take long for them to take Europe because the European upper class trash have been laundering their military money into their greedy pockets instead of building and maintaining strong militaries. If they just take German, France, and the UK, Europe falls.

I just saw one of those military industry propaganda channels saying that Belarus is "giving tanks to Russia" because Russia is running out of tanks.

No, Russia still has more than 10,000 tanks. What the fools don't realize is that is Belarus joining forces with Russia to invade Europe.

Iran and her allies are ramping up to invade Israel.

North Korea is ramping up to invade South Korea.

China is ramping up to invade Taiwan and take the Western Pacific.

It was very clear to me that, when China had her ships and planes just outside of Taiwan airspace, they were gathering intel to prepare for a soon coming invasion.

I think China is in for a really huge surprise with Taiwan and that may save our butts. If Taiwan either destroys most of China's military defending their island and stages a counter attack into China or stages a preemptive invasion of China, I think Taiwan could take Beijing.

Russia is ramping up to invade Alaska to seize US oil and gas resources because US planes, tanks, and ships require oil and gas to work. Great strategic move. Remember that I told you that the US revived the 11th Airborne in Alaska to counter that move.

For decades, China and certain Latin American nations have been moving sleeper cells into the US to attack the US from within and they, Latin America, and Russia are now getting ready to also attack the US from the south, out of Mexico and Cuba.

Will Russia hit New York City with one or more nukes?

Probably from a sub to take out the Stock Market to destroy our economy. They will probably also hit Washington DC with up to half a dozen nukes because the important things are spread out quite a bit so that only one or two nukes won't get it all. Those targets will include the White House, Congress/Supreme Court (with one tactical nuke), Pentagon, FBI, and the Federal Reserve plus one or two others.

What all of this is planned to do is spread out Western forces enough that they can be more easily defeated by the East.

Most likely, we do still have our black closet but that will probably only help level the playing field but I don't think it will be enough to save Europe; maybe most of the rest.

Third Temple

I have been watching and am seeing increasing numbers of videos about Israel building the Third Temple like this video by the Temple Institute, which will be in charge of building the Temple.

This tells me that they are getting the people ready for the building of the Third Temple, which is going to start soon.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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