I Told You So 496


Remember that I have been telling you that the royals are HEAVILY inbred to the point of having birth defects?

One of the most common birth defects they acquired hundreds of years ago was hemophilia or where your blood won't clot because of a lack of vitamin K. This caused quite a few royals to bleed to death from minor cuts and wounds, even as children.

In this video she tells you about the son of the Russian Romanov family in the early 1900s having hemophilia B but she does not tell you that it was the royals' inbreeding that caused it. She also told you that quite a few of Queen Victoria's offspring had it, proving that it was an inherited family disorder and it was caused by the inbreeding.

For hundreds of years, quite a few members (not all) of the European Royal Family had worse health than most of you do because of their inbreeding and I have told you about some of it.

I told you that the royals having kids with birth defects made it really hard for the royals to continue to convince people that the royals were superior to you lowly peasants with much better health and healthier children. You didn't have to be a genius to realize that people who have children with birth defects are not superior to you.

Once they started living in castles, the royals handled this by putting their defective children in castle towers with single peasant women to care for them and keep them out of sight. Those women were sworn to secrecy at the threat of death.

Sometimes the defective children would get out of the tower when the keeper fell asleep at night and roam the castle so the royals started telling the people in the castles that the child was the ghost of some distant relative to scare those people away from making contact with the defective child so they would not find out the truth. That is the real truth why the royals started having haunted castles.

Later the royals started up and maintained orphanages where the royals could dump their defective children with a late night carriage drop off as a baby so that no one saw who the child belonged to. The secret was kept by the family and their doctor, who was also a royal.

Remember that, until recently, only the royals could go to college, much less become a doctor.

Later, as science advanced to where they could tell when the child was going to be defective before it was born, the royals began having abortions and they legalized abortions as a cover for the royals and so the royals didn't have to worry about getting caught and facing criminal charges for murdering their defective children.

I also told you about how the Hapsburg Royal Family became extinct a few hundred years ago because their inbreeding caused them to become infertile so they couldn't reproduce. This is why the other royals now marry royal cousins that are not as closely related so they are called "commoners" to deceive you into believing they are not royals. Both Diana and Meghan are that kind of "distant" royals or cousins to help prevent the inbreeding problems they started having hundreds of years ago when they were inbreeding within a much smaller family group.

Common problems caused by inbreeding are a decrease in intelligence and an increase in insanity, which I see more and more among the royals, which explains why their plans keep failing and they are so twisted in how they treat other people.

BTW, I was finally able to find out that even Reagan, the Kennedys, and Biden are members of the British Royal Family so that every US president going all of the way back to at least the Kennedys was a member of the British Royal Family. That means that every US president since 1961 was a member of the British Royal Family and you can bet that most of the presidents before that were also members of the British Royal Family. That is almost 2/3 of a century of the British Royals ruling the US and the lefty royals are right now trying to finalize that rule.


One thing the West has been trying to do with Ukraine is to use the Ukraine/NATO forces to tie down the best of Russia's forces fighting in Ukraine so she can't stage an invasion of the West and they can wear her down fighting a proxy war in Ukraine.

That is a big part of why Russia pulled her better quality weapons (she never had her best weapons in Ukraine) and soldiers out of Ukraine and replaced them with her worst weapons and soldiers and started bringing in soldiers and weapons from other countries to fight in Ukraine.

It is to keep Russia's forces from being worn down so NATO can't just sweep through and take over Russia.

Russia has been repositioning her better to best weapons and soldiers, while building more of her best weapons, in places like Bulgaria, next to Finland, and in Eastern Russia near Alaska so they are not tied down fighting in Ukraine and are positioned to quickly go to war with the West, which is a big part of the reason why the West is quickly building up troops in those places.

Putin outsmarted the West again.

Remember that I told you that no military can be better than its leader and our leaders are military idiots. They have already proved that is true.

This video is another example about how bad the West is crushing Russia in the Ukraine War. They aren't. Russia is clearly crushing them. I even heard one retired US general say that "Russia could erase Ukraine."

Those rich royals are really smarty pants, aren't they?

Having more money does not mean you have more intelligence, it just means you have more money. There are a lot of stupid rich people.

Here is an easy prediction: That female leader of the EU, who is unelected and was very arrogant a few months ago, probably won't last much longer in the EU. I will be surprised if she lasts more than a year. The upper class trash will blame her for their failures and dump her butt the way the UK did their PM.

Do you believe me yet that the Western upper class trash royals are inbred stupid?

Then I found this video which shows just how and how much Russia is economically crushing Europe with Europe's own sanctions against Russia. It really shows you how stupid the upper class trash, who gots dem duh right degrees from duh right unkneebursities, really are. No IQ required.

Yeah, they are really showing Russia, aren't they?

They make my brain hurt because they just keep doing the same great sounding stupid crap that keeps failing. "Hey, it ain't that sanctions don't work and are backfiring on us, it is that we don't have enough sanctions on Russia! If we do enough of what doesn't work, it will magically work, said my unicorn."

I am absolutely convinced that the Western upper class trash are having an international stupid contest and it is very close.

So, what should the Western upper class trash do to stop the problems they are facing?

Stop doing the stupid stuff they are doing that is causing those problems but they are too stupid and arrogant to do that because they would first have to admit that it is their great sounding stupid ideas that are failing and you know they will never do that.

Hey, if you stop doing the stupid stuff that the lefty upper class trash royals have been doing for more than half a century, at least 80% to 90% of our major problems will just magically go away. That is what Trump was trying to do but they stopped him before he could get it done.

Hey, if you want to put an end to most of this corruption, you investigate one top corrupt person to find their offshore bank account, find out who has been bribing them, then you investigate those bribers to find out who else they have been bribing, then you investigate all of those other corrupt people to find out who else has been bribing them, then you investigate all of those other bribers to find out everyone else they have been bribing, and continue with that until you hit a dead end. You should get at least 80% to 90% of the corrupt people in this nation. All of the upper class trash and their puppets have off shore bank accounts creating an big offshore banking industry.

This video is very interesting in that it talks about the deception, corruption, and even war crimes by Zelensky and that his antics are causing him to decline in favor with the upper class trash but, so far, the West still thinks they need him to do what they want him to do.

What you have to keep an eye on is that, what he has already done and to possibly cover up for Commierat crimes, he could end up dead, and, if he continues making such moves, he probably will end up dead and replaced. He is dancing on very thin ice.

Also, remember that I told you that it looks like Turkey is in the process of jumping ship to Russia's side?

Then you have a woman belonging to a terrorist organization trained by the US committing a terrorist attack in Turkey. Something like this could easily push Turkey all of the way over to the side of the Eastern Alliance so keep an eye on that.

Note that he said that the head of US CIA intelligence and the head of Russian intelligence met in Turkey. I told you that our military and intelligence people remain in contact and that happened frequently during the Cold War.


Remember that I have been telling you about the corruption of the chemical industry? Remember that "Big Pharma" is part of that corrupt chemical industry?

This video tells you about some of the problems being caused by the corruption of Big Pharma.

Also, she addresses the shortage of nurses and you need to also remember that there is a shortage of workers everywhere.

Gee, you don't think that part of that shortage has to do with the fact that the lefties have murdered more than 60 million unborn babies, tens of millions of whom would be adults needing jobs or working today, do you?

Remember that I told you that one of the signs of a nation or empire falling was the slaughter of children as sacrifices to their pagan gods like our goddess, Free Sex? Do you see the long term results of butchering off tens of millions of unborn babies or even slaughtering children to pagan gods?

You end up with fewer young people to make your economy work and keep your nation growing, much less being able to fight to protect your nation. Think about it, 60 million people is almost 20% of our current population and they butchered that much of our population so there is going to be a big economic down turn, which is happening right now.

Just imagine what would happen if we had a war that killed off 60 million people. It would be devastating to our economy and weaken our military making us vulnerable to attack and invasion.

And the idiot lefties want to keep making it worse by murdering tens of millions more children.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out," and murder is a sin.

Government Corruption

I have been watching this FTX con and, from what I see, it looks like he was using what we call a "shell company" to launder money to himself, Commierats, and others.

Basically, it looks like he was taking money directly from investors and, instead of investing that money for growth, redistributing it to himself, the Commierats, and others or stealing from the investors.

Notice that the woman also mentioned setting up shell companies and using them to launder money. This is how George Soros gives so much money to causes with him only being marginally but not legally implicated in the crimes.

Basically, Soros "donates" money to shell companies that are nonprofit companies or "charities" and they give the money to other organizations or use it to do things like bring in armies of illegal aliens, make "donations" or bribes to corrupt politicians, and other such things.

The left has gotten completely out of hand with this shell company crap and it needs to stop soon.

They tell you quite a bit about the corruption in this video but about only a small part of their total corruption. They are very evil.

Do you believe me yet that most people go into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally?


Do you want to see why the US keeps trying to make questionable deals with Iran?

This video tells you that big companies in the US have been selling weapons technology to Iran so those US companies owned by the upper class trash are making big money from Iran and the corrupt politicians involved are probably taking big bribes to keep those deals going.

The upper class trash don't care who gets killed because of those deals, they just want to keep making that blood money.

Do you believe me yet that all they care about is themselves and their bank accounts?


Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash, who protect China so they can make more money, will be the first killed when China takes control?

This brief video tells you the same thing.

That has been true with every dictatorship and these greedy upper class trash refuse to learn it because of their insane greed.

Do you believe me yet that greed and a lust for power destroy common sense?

What happens is that the greedy and power mad lunatics get so focused on their greed and power that they refuse to consider the long term effects of what they are doing until it is too late. It is like mental tunnel vision.

Fighting Back

Remember that I have been telling you that the people are getting more and more angry and fighting back?

This video shows you how angry the people already are and the upper class trash better pay attention because the people of Bastille, the American Revolution, and other rebellions were that angry.

Every day our war gets one day closer because the insane upper class trash and their puppets won't stop. It is not if but is when will that war turn into a shooting war. A lot of people are going to die because of the greed and lust for power of the upper class trash. They always do.


Remember that, because the lefties were talking about doing it and everyone figured the GOP would seize control of both houses, I told you that the Commierats would use the Speaker of the House to replace Afghan Joe and Kruella with someone who can't be impeached?

When it started getting pretty close to the election and they didn't even start the process, I assumed they would probably still have control of both houses until January to do the process, so I didn't bother to check to see when they would lose control of Congress, I mean, after all, they couldn't be that stupid, could they?

Well, yes, it turns out they are. Now they are in a position where the GOP could get rid of both Afghan Joe and Kruella without having control of the Senate.

Afghan Joe is now under investigation for very serious crimes that could get his butt thrown in jail and force the Senate to remove him from office or they could negotiate a deal with Afghan Joe that, to stay out of jail, he has to resign, you know, like the Commierats did with Nixon.

That would move Kruella up to President and the GOP Speaker of the House up to Vice President AND in control of the Senate, while they appoint a new GOP Speaker of the House. Suddenly the GOP will control both houses of Congress and be first in line for President.

BTW, did you notice that one of their 5 Congressional investigations will be the southern border and do you know who was appointed to manage that crisis?

Yeah, it was Kruella who was supposed to manage that and her failure to do so could result in criminal charges against her and they could make the same deal that, in order to stay out of jail, she resigns, moving a member of the GOP up to President AND to Vice President with a new GOP Speaker of the House, giving the GOP complete control of the US Government.

Right now, with Afghan Joe facing criminal charges, the Commierats are trying to figure out a way to get Obama into Afghan Joe's administration so that, if an emergency, you know, like Afghan Joe being forced to resign or being assassinated by the left, Obama could take over. They can't seem to find a way because, right now, there is no Constitutional way for them to do that without control of the House.

Remember that I showed you how they could have done it months ago and I thought that, with them talking about doing it, they would have but they are so stunningly stupid they blew that one?

Notice that the person they are trying to get into the takeover position, you know, Vice President, is Obama just like I told you they would do months ago?

Do you believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash are so inbred stupid they make my brain hurt?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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