I Told You So 500


Remember that I told you that Russia pulling out of Kherson was a Putin trap?

I told you that as soon as the Ukrainian/NATO troops moved into that Russian Kherson cauldron the Russia troops would begin bombarding them with artillery, missiles, and bombs to destroy those troops.

This video shows you that Russia is doing just what I told you they would do.

The first thing they did was to destroy the infrastructure to drive the civilians out to decrease civilian casualties and that is what they did, shutting down their power and water and, guess what, a bunch of the civilians left. Gee, who would have figured.

Note that they said that only 32 civilians have been killed with all of that bombing, which is a pretty low mortality rate. Zelensky has even said he is going to have to move more people out of the areas where they are not getting gas, electricity, and water, just like Putin wants him to do, you know, tying up Ukrainian troops moving civilians out.

The second thing they did was begin bombarding the Ukrainian/NATO troops, shelling 30 communities a total of 258 times.

They are devastating the Ukrainian/NATO troops because their idiot NATO leaders sent them into that trap because God has closed their eyes.

Man plans, God laughs.

Putin drew the idiots back into another Russian cauldron trap because the idiots refuse to learn and adapt and Putin is now back on the offensive, crushing the Ukrainian/NATO troops. He is already driving the Ukrainian/NATO forces back AGAIN at Bakhmut and will soon be driving them back in the South and the North. I saw that they think Putin is encircling the Ukrainian forces at Bakhmut. Gee, what a surprise.

Note that Putin is "slowly" driving those forces back to draw in more forces so he can destroy them.

Everything the upper class trash are doing is failing, EVERYTHING.

Remember that, at the beginning of this war the x-spirts thought Russia would finish it off in just 2 weeks.


Because the x-spirts simple mindedly thought Putin would commit his entire military right into this war.

The x-spirts have not figured out yet that the reason that didn't happen is 1) because Russia has still not committed more than maybe 10% of his troops to this war so the arrogant fools are saying that Russian troops have "under performed", when, for only about 10%, they have done very well, and 2) because Zelensky left Ukraine so Russia couldn't kill and replace him so Putin is trying to destroy the support by the West for Zelensky.

No, the idiot x-spirts have under performed because they have not yet figured out that Putin is still holding back on about 90% of his forces to fight the West.

You see, the idiot Western leaders were hoping Putin would commit all of his forces and they would suffer enough damage so that the Western forces could much more easily defeat Russia with just a one front military but Putin knew better and is fighting smarter than the West. The West keeps dragging this war out in hopes of getting Putin to commit the rest of his forces and to suffer enough damage to those forces so Putin can't kick their butts in a war but Putin is not as stupid as the idiot Western leaders think he is and they are not as smart as they think they are.

Man plans, God laughs.


Remember the fight between Zelensky and Klitschko, the mayor of Kiev?

It turns out this is much more important than I thought and it is shown in this video because Klitschko was in the same pro Russian political party as the head of Ukraine that the CIA coup deposed and put their puppet in place and Klitschko is very popular with the people AND he is pro Russian. After Zelensky removed Klitschko from office as Kiev mayor, the people reelected him.

He would make a fantastic Russian replacement for Zelensky, which explains why Zelensky just picked a fight with him. That tells me that Zelensky is afraid of him and may already know that Putin is probably planning to replace the Western puppet, Zelensky, with Klitschko.

You know that Putin knows about Klitschko. You can also bet that, as soon as Putin can kill Zelensky and his corrupt pals, he will, so he can make way for Klitschko and his pals but, first, he has to also get rid of the violent Nazis that support Zelensky and are a threat to Klitschko.

Gee, I wonder why the CIA got Zelensky out of Ukraine as fast as they did and have him in hiding right now? You don't think it is because Putin already has Zelensky's replacement waiting and ready, do you?

Note that Klitschko started to run for president and withdrew probably because the Ukraine Nazis threatened him.

Now, do you better understand what Putin really meant at the start of this war when he said he was going to get rid of Zelensky (and his corrupt pals) and denazify Ukraine?

People, that is part of why Putin is dragging this war out to kill off the last of the Ukrainian Nazi battalions, who keep hiding in the rear killing civilians, and get rid of Zelensky and his corrupt pals. The picture just got a lot clearer.

Don't be surprised if Klitschko is the one who tells us where Zelensky is hiding.

BTW, Zelensky is back to using the original green screen backgrounds he started with.

Has he been kicked out of Kiev, England for trying to start WWIII?

Keep an eye on this. This is getting very interesting.

This is very interesting, what they show in this video.

Putin has found out from his spies that Ukraine is very short on SAM missiles so he is using missiles without warheads to deplete what is left of Ukraine's SAM missiles.

Note that he would not do this, if he was low on missiles, which proves that the West is full of crap about Putin being short on missiles.

One trick I am waiting for Putin to use is to send in some missiles just ahead of either drones or planes flying at tree top level below radar to watch for those SAM missiles coming up from the ground to show where the SAM units are so they can be destroyed, which will destroy many more missiles much faster along with the launchers and their crews.

When Russia has done away with the SAMs, then she will start a full scale barrage of Ukraine and her facilities using warheads.

BTW, the idiot western leaders think Russia using S-300 missiles without their warheads, means she is low on other missiles. No, it just means she is using the least expensive and easiest to replace of her missiles to save on her better missiles.

Note that Russia is also using this to deplete the West's inventory of SAMs while Russia is ramping up to invade the West with the first attack being missiles, bombs, artillery, and other munitions that require SAMs to defend against.

Do you see Putin's game?

You deplete all of the West's SAMs and then launch your bombardment for your invasion so many more of you missiles and bombs will reach target and do more damage to make it easier and faster for your troops to invade.

BTW, for home defense, Russia doesn't use its obsolete S-300 any more, which are dispensable; they use their S-400 and S-500 along with other SAM missiles. Russia will still have plenty of other SAM missiles to protect her land and troops but the West won't.

Get the picture?

Keep an eye on that.

BTW, read the comments for that video. They are very interesting.


Remember that I told you that, when they got their global dictatorship set up, the British Royals would screw the rest of the European Royals?

This video shows you in some interesting details that they are already doing that. Hey, the power mad whackos have to finalize their power at the top too.

British Royals in the US and UK are transferring businesses and wealth to the US to enrich the US and UK and impoverish the rest of the royals. I told you the infighting would start soon because it has been going on for thousands of years. These evil things are not going to suddenly stop now and become nice people.

Remember that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor. That is why they used to hang traitors.

Remember that I told you that the US, as UK's proxy via the Commierat Party, forced the European nations to support their war in Ukraine against Russia and the sanctions against Russia?

This video tells you that at the start and then tells another thing I have been telling you, which is that the upper class trash are failing at everything, including their sanctions against Russia, who their lying media keep saying is being crushed and devastated by the superior West.

Everything is backfiring on the West and Russia is prospering quite well.

Did Russia plan this out well or what?

I am waiting for the US British Royals to turn on the rest of the British Royals and them not appointing Meghan as Speaker of the House may be them doing that right now. Keep an eye on that.

Putin has outsmarted the Western leaders at every turn but the arrogant fools just keep trying and failing.


Remember that I told you that China is trying to buy up the leaders of nations to take over those nations because she knows she can't militarily defeat and take over those nations, including Taiwan?

This video shows you that is exactly what China is doing and it is working. China just bought a huge portion of the control of Taiwan and is very close to taking over Taiwan without firing a shot because she KNOWS she can't successfully invade Taiwan so just buy off the stupid people with promises you don't plan to keep.

A lot of voters in Taiwan just sold their souls to Satan, probably for free stuff they will never get. They are just as stupid as our American lefties.

"Free stuff? We are going to get free stuff? It sounds good so it gots tuh be true." All you have to do is promise "free stuff" and you will own the stupid people.

I mean, come on, look at how China is treating her own people with those people rioting in the streets and it being all over the media and that many of the people of Taiwan want to be under the control of the CCP? Really?

The idiot lefties are definitely having a global stupid contest.

BTW, when China gets Taiwan, she is also purchasing a lot of advanced US military weapons and technology she can use against us. She will get the best of our military chip building technology.

This is a massive defeat for the rest of us that was almost certainly helped by our upper class traitor royals.

Do you believe me yet that God is going to have to save our butts because our traitor lefties have created such a horrible mess?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often.

Just how stupid are the richest people in the world?

Remember that I showed you a few days ago that the reason why those "richest and most brilliant people in the world" are supporting China, with China ramping up for war against the world, is because they know that, because they sacked our military budgets for so many decades because of their greed that our military is just a one front military and them doing business with China because of their greed has made China wealthy enough that China has been ramping up her military, they don't believe we can win a war with China (without destroying half the planet because of their insane greed) so they think that, if they play nice with the power mad raving lunatics running China right now, China will not kill and sack them the way China is already killing and sacking Chinese billionaires.

Yeah, those arrogant fools, who have more money than brains and just won the global stupid contest.

Why, return some of the money they stole from our military budgets so our militaries can ramp up to defeat China and protect the greedy upper class trash evil butts?

No, they would never do that because they are too greedy so they just made up a little fairy tale about how, if they are nice to China, the power mad whackos running China will be nice to them in spite of the fact that China isn't even being nice to their own rich people.

Why would China let them keep their lives and their money when China can easily take their lives and their money?

Now China has their power.

Besides, why would China trust those traitors when those traitors' own people couldn't trust them? Besides, those rich people should be convicted of sedition and treason, shouldn't they?

They are the greatest traitors in history.

If your brain isn't in extreme agony right now, then you do not fully grasp just how stupid these rich morons are.

And you think these people are not dumber than rocks and that they are as intelligent as my farts? Do you still believe they are smarter than you?

Having more money does not mean you have more intelligence, it just means you have more money. The upper class trash prove that every day with every breath.

Weather Fraud

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash lefties and their political and bureaucratic puppets are fear mongering with their weather change crap so they can justify taking tens of billions of dollars from you to launder into their pockets?

This video shows you that.

Note that they used to use fear mongering to steal hundreds of millions and then billions and now tens of billions because, the more they get away with stealing, the more they will try to steal next.

I told you what is going on with our weather about 2 decades ago. I originally called it global warming but, when these phonies started calling their con global warming, I changed it to continental drying, which is still the problem and I told you what the solution is.

The "solutions" they are using are just making things worse and I have told you about that too.

"Hey, give us more of your money and the weather will magically change." Yeah, but not for the better.


This is hilarious except for the harm it is causing to their people.

This video shows that the greedy, power mad leaders of Europe started a war and sanctions against Russia using Ukraine as its proxy for more wealth and power and they are losing wealth and power because of it.

They are now spending so much more for gas that it is draining their coffers and decreasing the amount of money they have to ramp up their militaries to fight a war against Russia. On top of that, all of their governments are still failing and imploding.

Their evil plans have absolutely, 100% failed big time.

Man plans, God laughs.

As far as the people, if they continue to support these evil, greedy, power mad royal tyrants, then they are getting what they deserve. Be careful who you vote for because it really does matter.

Note that their evil leaders are paying for most of their people's gas bills with those people's tax money that has to soon be paid for by those people, further decreasing what those people can buy, which will cause their economies to implode because of the greedy upper class trash. The governments paying for most of the people's gas bills with the people's tax money is just a shell game to fool and appease the stupid people so they won't rebel and take off the heads of the royals.

Guess what that means; the people and the corrupt businesses are not going to be getting as much free stuff for a long time.

I keep waiting for some intelligent person to do the research to see how much of their tax money they are getting back as free stuff and how much of it is going into the pockets of the upper class trash.


Let me share something I have learned about the Pentagon from being in the military and having studied US military history and recent events by Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley prove this to be true.

Most, not all, of the top officers in the US Pentagon are nothing more than worthless military politicians and bureaucrats who got there by kissing the right military and political butts or "saving the military money" on a weapon system. The vast majority of them did not get there by being great military geniuses and leaders.

How stupid are most of them, especially today?

In the 1950s some geniuses in the Pentagon decided that, with the advent of air-to-air missiles, using machine guns in aerial combat was obsolete so they decided to save money by not putting machine guns on the F4C.

After losing dozens or expensive aircraft and pilots in combat in Vietnam, they realized they were not as smart as they thought they were, though they will never admit it, and started hanging machine gun pods under the centerline of F4Cs, which didn't help their aerodynamics but did save quite a few expensive plans and pilots so they started putting machine guns on all of their fighter planes again, which is why we still have machine guns on today's fighter planes.

Now, you would think that those arrogant geniuses would learn from that mistake, wouldn't you?

If you did, you would be wrong.

Some other genius decided that using machine guns in aerial combat was obsolete and would save money on our bombers so they took the one machine gun (a 20 mm cannon) and the operator off of the B-52 to save money so some idiot could get promoted to general and moved into the Pentagon by making other stupid officers and corrupt politicians think they were smarty pants.

Well, how did that workout?

I know, let's do the math and see just how stupid they are and they still have not figured this one out yet. This will make your brain hurt.

First, it is very expensive to fly just one fighter plane on one mission. Don't forget that.

They fly bombers in a "cell" of 3 planes and, because they are no longer armed, each cell has to be accompanied by TWO fighter planes to protect them, you know, fighter planes with GUNS.

Is your brain hurting yet?

It should be common sense (remember that I did not tell you that the people in the Pentagon have common sense) that the purchase, operation and maintenance of all 3 machine guns, the electronic control systems, and operators for an entire cell of 3 bombers costs do NOT even come close to the cost of flying just one fighter plane to escort one cell of bombers for one mission.

Oh wow, those arrogant clowns are really saving a lot of money, aren't they?

No, it is costing much, much more to escort those planes with two fighter planes than to have the bombers armed AND it ties up two expensive fighter planes that could be more efficiently used on other missions. But the Pentagon geniuses STILL have not figured that one out and I am wondering if they flunked math.

People, it would be much less expensive to have and maintain a tail gun, nose gun (under the chin), retractable belly turret mini gun for taking out SAM missiles rising up towards them, two rear facing AIM missiles in the tail, and two forward facing AIM missiles in the front with at least one and maybe two operators with remote controls than to have two fighter planes escorting that cell of bombers AND it would free up two fighter planes per cell to do other missions, increasing the capabilities of the US Air Force, AND much, much less expensive than replacing multibillion dollar bombers and their crews for being shot down because they are not properly armed.

Plus, no enemy fighter plane will want to attack a cell of 3 such heavily armed bombers with today's weapons. It ain't going to end well for them. We are talking an airborne mega fortress that would stop almost all attacks, saving those bombers to be used in future missions.

But the arrogant geniuses in the Pentagon still have not figured that one out because they still stupidly believe the disproved idea that guns are obsolete for aerial combat.

What is really funny is that these morons made that move to disarm bombers right after 2 B-52Ds shot down 2 MIGs during Nam on 2 different occasions, proving that those guns save bombers.

Can you believe they really are that stupid? How bad does your brain hurt now? Do you understand why Putin is kicking their butts?

Yeah, most of the officers in the Pentagon are some of the dumbest officers in the US Military and they are proving it in Ukraine every day. Just ask Putin.

So, what would I expect Putin to do?

Attack with 6 to 8 fighter planes in two groups, with the first group drawing those two fighter planes away from the bombers and the second group to attack those unarmed and vulnerable bombers to quickly and easily destroy our bomber force.

You know that Putin and his generals have thought of that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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