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Strategic Analysis

I realized that maybe I needed to point out a few more things about China's military strength in relation to her enemies she keeps antagonizing. Her idiot, power mad leaders are as stupid as the Western leaders. All greedy and/or power mad whackos are. Remember that I told you that greed and a lust for power destroy common sense.

China has about 2 million regulars and half a million reserves but keep in mind that her regulars are spread out around the world like in the South China Sea, Africa, South and Central America, inside the US, and South Pacific. Those forces based outside of China are outside of any immediate military actions against China. They won't matter until they can get into the fight, which could be months to never. China's weapons are reengineered replicas of Russian weapons that are not as good as the Russian weapons she reengineered so that her weapons are probably second class because China is too cheap to buy all of her weapons from Russia so she buys a few Russian weapons, reengineers them, and turns out lower quality weapons.

India has about 2.6 million regulars and reserves combined and is one of those antagonized enemies right on China's western border with her forces concentrated within India. She has some of the best US and Russian weapons in the world so that her weapons are first class. Her weakness is she is also at war with Pakistan on her western border, which probably has about half a million troops but is right now waging war with Afghanistan.

Taiwan has about 2 million regulars and reserves combined with them all concentrated on Taiwan and China's southern border. She has some of the best US weapons in the world so that her weapons are first class.

Japan has a quarter of a million troops all concentrated on China's eastern border and is working to double her force as quickly as possible. She has some of the best US weapons and her weapons are world class so her weapons are first class.

Just between those 3 enemies, China has about 5 million enemy troops right on her borders with many of China's troops spread around the world and those enemies all have better weapons than China has. If just those 3 nations stage a combined military effort against China, China is screwed and that is without the US or any of China's other enemies like the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, and Australia getting involved.

Do you get the picture yet?

Everyone keeps over estimating China and under estimating her enemies, especially with China's leaders having already proved they are idiots. If all of China's enemies stand up to her together, she will either back down or get her butt handed to her.

India & Russia

Remember that I have been telling you that India and Russia are becoming two of the new big players on the world stage replacing the West?

I didn't lie. This video shows you how they are working together to become the biggest economic players in the world.

One thing to note early in that video is how India and Russia are replacing economic power houses like Exxon because of the sanctions. The West's sanctions are causing the West to be in economic retreat and Russia and her allies are stepping in to replace the Western businesses as they leave gaping holes in the global market. This is just another example of how the Western sanctions are backfiring on the "intellectually superior" upper class trash and are actually causing the Western economic decline.

The irony is that, in trying to set up their evil global dictatorship,they are destroying their own nations and any potential for a global dictatorship.

One thing to notice at the end of that video is that Russia, India, and China are increasing their industrial productions using such things like coal, while the idiots running the West are shutting such industries down to increase their control of the people. The arrogant fools are destroying their own economies because they are so focused on their global dictatorship.

US Allies

Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe betraying our allies was going to cost the US allies?

But, hey, under the Commierats, the US has been betraying our allies ever since Afghan Joe and his Commierat pals just handed South Vietnam to North Vietnam in 1975.

Now we have nations like Saudi Arabia jumping ship to join the Eastern Alliance because the US cannot be depended on as an ally. Other nations have learned that, if the US elects a Commierat as president, they cannot depend on the US as an ally, especially with the Commierats so obviously rigging the US elections to put lefties in as president and in Congress.

This video shows that even Europe has realized they cannot depend on the US as an ally, which is going to eventually leave the US without any allies.

People, if other nations cannot depend on the US to help save their butts, why should they risk helping to save the US's butt?

They won't and we will be completely on our own. Well, the left is succeeding at destroying our nation in every way possible.

He points out the EU's over dependence on US weapons but does not point out how Europe has been using the US Military as a shield so their greedy upper class trash could sack their own defense budgets to launder more money into their greedy pockets, leaving them more vulnerable to attack and invasion, especially if the US lets them down.

What else this dependence on the US does is provide a vulnerability for the EU in that, if the US is incapacitated or her military industry is diminished, then the EU won't be able to get enough weapons and munitions to defend themselves.

What? Their great sounding stupid global thingy isn't working?

Because of this, the Europeans have decided to begin providing their own militaries with weapons made in their own nations, which will diminish the US military industry by decreasing it revenues and forcing those businesses to cut back on research, development and production.

This will increase the military decline of the US and leave Europe more vulnerable unless Europe stops sacking their own defense budgets to fill their own greedy pockets.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been warning you about the US Military becoming too dependent on UAVs or drones, you know, to make the military industry more money at our expense by the US Military buying more expensive drones?

Using F-16s with the obsolete APR-46 receiver, I could put together a very effective modern version of the Wild Weasels to hunt and kill UAVs. It would be a piece of cake.

In 1973 the APR-46 had a nice little function to where, if an enemy aircraft just keyed its radio mike; the pilot didn't have to talk, just key the mike for a second, and then keyed the mike again within 15 minutes, the APR-46 would give you the location, altitude, speed, and direction of that plane so you could intercept it and blow it out of the sky.

Remember that I taught you about active and passive systems?

The active system sends out some form of electronic signal telling everyone it is present and its exact location. The Passive system does not send out any kind of signal so no one will know it is there hunting until the prey is dead.

All UAVs and drones are what we called active systems or beacons telling us it is present and its exact location making it very easy for something like the APR-46 (we have better today) to find and locate that weapon system for the F-16 to easily destroy it with its guns.

The system I designed is passive so the enemy won't know they are being hunted until it is too late. That F-16 should be able to hunt UAVs and drones as long as it has ammunition and fuel and, of course, they would hunt in pairs.

Now, you have to understand that, if you shoot down the UAV, they just launch another UAV, unless it is an expensive one, and keep right on fighting but, if you kill the operator, they have to go train a new operator before they can fly any more UAVs or drones.

Therefore, if the operator is within range, you should focus on hunting and killing operators because your receiver will tell you where they are too. Most operators are near enough to the battlefield, usually in a trailer, ship, or plane, to be within range and your receiver will pick up their transmissions too so you can locate and kill them with your guns. It would be easy to tell the UAV or drone from the operator because the UAV or drone will move much more.

Note that I have also just taught you that ANY aircraft with such a receiver, should be able to easily hunt and kill drones/operators. They are that easy to hunt and kill, which is why a military being too dependent on UAVs or drones makes you vulnerable.

Note that, if they become too dependent on their UAVs and drones to where they can't operate without them and you destroy the UAVs and drones, they can't operate against you.

Good Video

This video provides good intel concerning a number of things.

First, I don't think Putin is being accurately translated concerning the use of nukes because they make it sound like he is using double speak with him saying he won't and then he will use nukes. I figure it could be that there is a Russian idiom that is not being understood and translated by the translator. He makes it plain at the end of his statement that he will use nukes to defend Russia.

Second, they provide some different information concerning military and Ukraine for both sides so that Russia is nowhere near being defeated and Zelensky wants the cluster bombs to take out civilians in mass so they can blame Russia.

Third, they tell you what I have been telling you for years that, when some great sounding stupid idea by the left fails, they just keep doing more and more of it because they really do believe that, if they just do enough of what fails, it will magically begin to succeed so they are now doing a NINTH set of sanctions with the first eight sets having failed.

Note that I keep waiting for the upper class trash to blame Ursula for all of their previous failures, fire her, and stuff her butt on their royal bus to replace her with a new puppet. They always do that, when everything fails. Ursula shows you in that video how dishonest and deceitful the upper class trash are with their statements to make themselves seem like the good guys and blame others for their crimes.

Fourth, they cover how the Western media are not covering the many protests in Europe and that there are many protests. The people are rising up but they keep just blocking streets and peacefully protesting, while you know the upper class trash criminals are laughing their butts off in their mansions. The upper class trash won't care about those protests until the people start storming those mansions and put the upper class trash at risk. I keep wondering when the people are going to learn that.

Keeping an Eye Open

Something I am watching is the Speaker of the House. As soon as this last session started, Pelosi resigned and they elected Jefferies so I was thinking that maybe they decided not to replace Afghan Joe since the GOP not having control of the Senate means the GOP can't remove him from office.

Then, suddenly Pelosi was Speaker again and ramming bad bills through the House again telling me Jefferies couldn't do the job so they brought back Pelosi.

The thing is that I had to really dig to find out that much over a period of time because the conservative media are not keeping us up on it. The idiots are too busy talking about Trump and DeSantis for 2024 to pay attention to what the Commierats are doing right now.

I also found out that they called a special session for the House for at least the week before Christmas, when this last Thursday should have been the last session for this year. I have not been able to find out if they have called a special session for the week following Christmas. It is really tough to find more than just minimal information concerning these things.

I am wondering what the Commierats are up to but the conservative media would rather talk about sensational bull crap than actually report the news.

Is Pelosi going to hold onto Speaker until January 2, 2023 or what? Do they have more bad bills to ram through the House before the GOP takes over?

BTW, the GOP is supposed to take control of the House on January 3, 2023.

You might want to keep an eye open on this.

New Mexico

I saw a news item that the cowardly media are not standing up to saying that the corrupt New Mexico upper class trash royal Commierats (Spanish Royals) are saying that the shortage of water in New Mexico is being caused by "climate change" so we have to get rid of cars.

The trouble is that the idiot lefties fleeing their ruined blue cities to New Mexico to ruin New Mexico too are so ignorant and stupid that they don't know that New Mexico has been a high altitude desert since before the Spanish Royals, you know, the ancestors of our corrupt New Mexico Commierats, arrived here and began settling Nuevo Mexico in the 1500s, 500 years ago and long before the Industrial Revolution, much less before the invention of the automobile.

That is why, when the Spanish settled Nuevo Mexico, they only settled along the rivers, of which there were not many. Almost all of the settlements were along the Rio Grande and Pecos rivers with large areas of the fifth largest state in the US completely unsettled. Even the Indians were not living in most of this state because of very little surface water.

This state has been "short on water" for at least 700 to 800 years. Archaeology shows that there was more surface water about 1,000 to 1,200 years ago, maybe about 2 to 3 times as much but it was still pretty much a "savanna land" or primarily a dry grass land except in the mountains.

Climate change and global warming are a lie and a con to control the people and it couldn't be more obvious than to those who know the history of New Mexico (Nuevo Mexico).

But those stupid Commierats fleeing the big blue cities they helped destroy just keep believing the Commierat lies and keep voting Commierat so the Commierats are destroying this state too and they are doing a great job of it.

The thing that really kills me is that our stupid city, county, and state leaders are so incredibly brain dead stupid that they cannot figure out that, when they imprison the people so the upper class trash can systematically and easily kill off the people, why are those greedy, power mad upper class trash going to need those leaders, bureaucrats, law enforcement, media, educators, and military? There won't be anyone for them to control for the upper class trash so why would the upper class trash not kill them off next?

Of course they will but the idiot lefties are too stupid to figure that out because all they can think about is the power they now have and the money they are now stealing with their lies.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often AND get right with God before it is too late. The Bible tells us that, if you don't get right with God, He is not going to hear your prayers and come save you.

People, you wouldn't save someone from the adverse effects of their crimes, if they insist on continuing to commit their crimes. You would let their crimes destroy them until they repent of their crimes because, if you do save them before the stop their crimes, they will just keep committing their crimes and causing the same problems so you would have to keep saving their stupid butts.

You BETTER get right with God!!!!

If it were not for what God has showed me, I would tend to believe that, because of so many people without spines, God might have to let China/Russia/Latin American invade and conquer our nations and kill our upper class trash to free us from their tyrannical rule.

This is already really bad and quickly getting worse so you BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often. Hey, it is your butt they are going to murder and, in cases like this, ye ole spine protects ye ole butt so grow one.


I am starting to see memes that the lefties are using to turn conservatives into sheeple, you know, brainwash your butts a little at a time. What they are doing is using conservative memes and changing the messages to be just slightly more liberal so the conservatives are believing and reposting those memes. They are doing this to gradually change the thinking of the conservatives to believe the lies and propaganda of the left to get them into the lefty flock of sheeple.

Keep an eye on this. The lefties know how to use psychological warfare very well. The royals have been using it for thousands of years to control the people. If you are not careful, they will have you and your friends believing the same stupid crap their lefty slaves are believing and they only need to get 51% of the people that brainwashed, not all of you.


The more I see of the founder's case and what is going on, the more convinced I become that, as soon as the public's attention gets enough diverted away from him, they are going to snuff his butt to keep him quiet.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that Ukraine is not devastating Russia?

This video shows at a little more than 4 minutes into it that Russia is staging its new offensive towards Kiev and is crushing Ukraine.

That tells me that Zelensky wanted to give his speech before the soccer game as an act of desperation.


Remember that I told you that the idiot upper class trash royals have not yet figured out that they can no longer bully and threaten other nations to do what the upper class trash want them to do?

This video tells you that some of them are finally beginning to figure that out and the other countries are telling the bullies in Brussels to shove it. As the video says, "They no longer have leverage."

With the Eastern Alliance, even the US can't just bully everyone to do as we say.

This is because the other nations, especially the ones producing oil and gas, now have the control and can make things much worse for the EU and US since the idiot upper class trash put the hurts on themselves with their stupid sanctions. The moron upper class trash have already caused an energy crisis in their own countries and the other nations know that all they have to do is cut off oil and gas to the evil tyrants and those crises get much worse much faster.

I think they also realize that the US and European militaries are not what they used to be.

Now the other nations can be the bullies to the West. They don't have to put up with the Western crap any more.

The arrogant upper class trash fools have given more leverage to the other nations by becoming more dependent on those other nations because of the EU's sanctions against Russia. This is greatly diminishing the leverage of all Western nations for all other nations.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II?

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

What is really nuts about this is that, with the upper class trash losing their chance at their glorious global dictatorship and turning to cement their national dictatorships with their evil lockdowns, those simple minded idiots are going to destroy their nations' economies even worse, making those evil nations even more impoverished and less influential, which will cause them to diminish in influence on a global level and they are all too stupid to figure that out. They need to quit smoking their dope and pull their heads out of their butts but you know that won't happen.

The upper class trash royals are absolutely destroying themselves and their nations because of their insane lust for absolute power and that is bringing down Rome II faster and faster. They are inbred idiots.

Note that those EU officials who sold out the EU by taking bribes from Qatar are not going to end up doing as well as they thought they would. They will at least be fired, probably imprisoned, and maybe dead, you know, by accident or suicide, of course. Keep an eye on that.

The thing is that these other nations have learned that they can buy out Western officials like Afghan Joe with pocket money, you know, just a few million bucks because of those upper class trash being so greedy.

Hey, it is like I have been teaching you, no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor. No one can trust those officials so they have to get rid of them because they are a threat to everyone else.

BTW, the real reason why Qatar doesn't like the EU investigating those traitors is because it will discourage anyone else from taking bribes from Qatar.


Remember that I told you about Japan at least doubling its military to ramp up for war in that area?

This video gives you more details about that. She is ramping up to be able to wage war against China, North Korea, and Russia at the same time.

Note that she is getting long range missiles and that will put Beijing and the CCP within range of her missiles. If she just gets a few dozen tactical nukes, that will do a lot to discourage everyone else from attacking her.

Note that she is about to become the world's third largest military spender next to the US and China and she is already purchasing quite a few US weapons. This should put Japan in the top five military powers in the world really fast so that China would quickly end up facing two other top five militaries right on her borders along with Taiwan.

I think she realizes she will have to fight another really big war soon.


This video shows you that a very big tool used by the upper class trash to destroy our nations, promote their evil agenda, and control the people are nonprofit corporations called NGOs or Non Government Organizations.

The problem is that these NGOs are funded and run by the upper class trash to spend money and do things as front organizations to keep people from going after the upper class trash for the crimes they commit.

I have been watching these evil organizations work for decades and they are pure evil. They do a lot of the work in causing our problems in the name of doing good for the people but they are NOT working for the people. They work strictly for the upper class trash.

There is a large group of hundreds of upper class trash like George Soros who fund them, including Soros, who funds quite a few of them. They are just criminal front organizations for the upper class trash to hide behind and do the dirty work for the upper class trash. They take their marching orders from the upper class trash.

Pay attention to them, they are owned by the upper class trash royals.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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