I Told You So 508


I am now seeing scientifically ignorant people saying, "Science is fake", because they don't know what science is and because criminals like Fauci and others having been lying so much.

The people like Fauci, who are lying about science and calling it data, are destroying people's confidence in science. They will do irreparable harm to our futures by causing people to turn away from science and back to ignorance because of fake science.

Scientific progress was just murdered by Fauci and his fellow con artists abusing the name science as data, which it is not. This was all for money.

You fake scientists quit calling data science and shut up. You morons are destroying our future.

Always remember that science is the study of how and why things work and that is all that it is.

Science ain't fake; Fauci is fake!!!!

Western Nations

Remember that I have been warning you about the nuts running our Western nations?

This video shows you how irrational and nuts they are. They know that they are causing a war with Russia, it will be horrible, and they just keep right on doing it. The more I see of the upper class trash, the more I am convinced that they are hopelessly brain dead stupid.

The vast majority of them know nothing about the military and wouldn't know a strategic analysis if it ran over them with a truck but dey is smarty pants so dey can command the military too.


Remember that I told you that God told me to design and build a 62 ft Hallberg-Rassy sailboat, rated as one of the 5 best cruising sailboats in the world, and I found it would cost me $2 million 20 years ago and much more today?

They are no longer doing the 62 ft boat as a production boat but I could probably order one for even more money so I decided to see if there are any good used ones for sale. I found a 2008, a 2004, and a 1997 models and it was interesting. They were almost all built close to what I want for my design so that minor modifications would be required to have what I want.

The 2008 model was asking a little over $800,000 so that it depreciated about $1.2 million or more than half in just 14 years. The 2004 model was asking about $600,000 so it depreciated about $1.4 million or almost three fourths in just 18 years. The 1997 model was asking a little over $400,000 so it depreciated $1.6 million, almost completely, in 25 years.

As soon as you row that boat out of the dock area, it drops by at least 1 to 2 hundred thousand dollars. No wonder so many people are buying and fixing up used boats.

What a waste of money, huh? Maybe I should get a good used one and just fix her up a little?

First, I have to get my health back and the money from God, both of which God promised and I ain't doing anything without.


You know who some of the people are backing this war in Ukraine and why?

It is people like Microsoft (Gates) and Amazon because they are getting paid big bucks for providing the technical support for this high tech war. They are making a fortune off of it and telling their puppets to spend more of your fortunes so they can sell more military products like software and computers to make more money killing people. Nice guys.

It is just like I have been telling you, they don't care who gets hurt or killed as long as they make their millions and billions of dollars in your tax money to keep the war going. Heathen!

And they call themselves civilized?

Yep, good old Bill Gates and the rest of the upper class trash criminals making their war fortunes at your expense like they have been doing for thousands of years. I hate to tell them but there ain't going to be any mansions in Hell.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

I know God has His reasons for letting this continue because He has His plans and I see His hand moving to eventually counter it but I honestly feel God cannot send these things to Hell fast enough.

Then I found this video telling about more of the corruption and lies concerning Ukraine. He keeps telling you what I have been telling you for years.

In this video he tells you that Poland is itching for a fight with Russia thinking the US will rush right in and miraculously save their butts, while also telling you that the US does not have the manpower, firepower, logistical support, and everything required to fight Russia just like I have been telling you.

You can bet that Putin knows the idiots running Poland want to start a war with Russia, which is part of why he deployed his troops in Western Belarus, you know, just in case.

If Putin has to go to war with Poland, which will draw all of NATO into the fight, he will just very quickly and effectively drive through Poland and Germany into France, while also invading the US and UK to just get it over with so keep an eye on that.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often or kiss your butt goodbye.

He tells you that we are increasingly likely to end up in WWIII and get our butts handed to us by Russia but he is not including the rest of the Eastern Alliance who will come to the feast when the US goes down and they smell the blood.

Note that he tells you how weak the rest of NATO is and that they don't have much to contribute to the fight just like I have been telling you. He also tells you that the NATO countries are almost disarmed because they have given almost everything they did have to Ukraine so it is almost all destroyed or captured by Russia like I have been warning you.

Towards the end, they tell you that this is all about the insane globalists trying to remove Putin so they can set up their global dictatorship and the lunatics are so fixated on their global dictatorship that they can't think straight. They are nuts.

He tells you that we only have 40,000 to 45,000 ground troops in Europe who are ready to fight someone like Russia, which is worse than I thought. I was hoping for 80 to 90 thousand US troops there but that would still be no match for 700,000 Russia forces but the idiot interviewing him asked if those troops were ready, you know, to take on 700,000, which was a really stupid question.

Do you believe me yet that we should stage a strategic retreat back to the US to save those forces to protect the US, especially with war mongers like Poland chomping at the bit to start a war between the US and Russia.

Listen, if we pull our troops out of Europe, the war mongers in the EU will be less willing to start a war with Russia. To keep the peace, we need to pull our troops out before some of those greedy, power mad upper class trash go nuts and start WWIII.

People, none of these civilian political idiots know anything about military strategies and tactics or would know a strategic analysis, if it ran their stupid butts over with a Mac truck. They are so militarily ignorant and stupid they make my brain hurt and they are in charge of their nations' militaries. That is like giving a two year old the leash for a 1,200 pound grizzly bear and expecting him to not turn into a bear turd.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are nuts? Do you believe me that they are not as smart as they think they are?

Then I found this video which provides some interesting intel, showing that Romania is for the West fighting Russia while trying to make it look like they are neutral. Note the large number of Romanian troops fighting and dying in Ukraine, making Romania weaker because their leaders are idiots.

When their soldiers are all dead, who is going to protect their country?

They are trying to get the obviously militarily ignorant and stupid president of Moldova directly engaged with Russia, which is pure evil on the part of Romania and is clearly using that fool to escalate the war into WWIII.

With friends like that, who needs enemies? Do you believe me yet that the Euro-American royals are inbred stupid and crazy?

Then he points out that lying Zelensky is being replaced by the lying general like a different person telling different lies will not lose the war. You just know Zelensky will end up dead soon and his body will be dumped on a battlefield somewhere to make him look like he bravely died fighting for the country he just spent the last year destroying to become a dead billionaire burning in Hell.

Then he told us that the US criminals have started the PR to get rid of Zelensky and Zelensky better hope that means he will survive and he should go quietly into the sunset or they will kill him.

I warned you about this, didn't I?

Then he tells you that the idiots at the top in the West have finally figured out that the Ukrainian/NATO forces have "been suckered into a trap in Bakhmut" like I have been telling you that Putin has been doing since he faked defeat and retreat only weeks into the war.

I agree with him about Russia's next move up to the point that I think Putin will pivot BOTH to the south for Odessa, whose troops he has almost completely destroyed, and to the north to Kharkiv, which is another strategic target, whose troops moved south to Bakhmut and are also almost completely destroyed. Both should be easy targets for Russia.

Putin recently said that 1) he first wants to finish destroy the Ukrainian/NATO troops and taking all of Ukraine 2) AND THEN he wants to take Kiev.

To do that, Putin will also drive down from Belarus to the south just east of the Polish and Romanian borders to cut off the last of the Ukrainian/NATO troops (in the giant Russian cauldron I have been warning you about) from reinforcements, resupply, and retreat to finish them off and then take Kiev.

That means you will see the following troop movements: He will push west through Bakhmut to push the remaining Ukrainian/NATO forces back from Donbass and finishing those troops off, while also driving from Belarus south just east of the Ukrainian western border creating his giant Russian cauldron.

Then Putin will pivot his troops in the east both south to take Odessa and north to take Kharkiv to finish off the Ukrainian/NATO forces while driving south out of Belarus just north of Kiev to encircle Kiev to trap those troops while preventing any troops fleeing from the east getting into Kiev to make that fight tougher.

He told you just like I have been telling you that the Ukrainian troop moral will soon implode and when that happens, most of the troops will surrender or panic and run with very few still fighting. The fight will be over.

That should quickly end this mess and then the West better behave because Putin is ticked and he isn't going to take any more crap.


I knew this was going to happen and the idiots running the EU and US couldn't see it coming. What morons.

They thought they would learn Putin a lesson by putting a cap on the price of oil and I thought, if I were Putin, I would just cut off the oil production for a month but Putin is being nicer than me. Putin is only going to slightly decrease his oil production and the West is in a panic over even slightly, especially the intellectually superior EU.

They explain it in this video. They can't do anything that Putin doesn't quickly counter and they just don't get it. They clearly are not as smart as they think they are. They are destroying their own nations faster and faster, while making Russia stronger. The lefties are failing at playing checkers while Putin is succeeding at playing chess.

They are so stupid they can't even tell how big of fools they look like every time they fail like this. They should all be ashamed to go into public without sacks over their heads.

Watching the EU geniuses take on Russia is like watching a clown take on a chess champion. I think the arrogant fools are trying to see just how stupid they can look.

Mystery Babylon

About 2 am this morning (when else, right?) I realized that the reason why we are not seeing anything else concerning the construction of Mystery Babylon is for a number of reasons.

First, they had to survey Ancient Babylon to make sure they knew where every square inch of it was so no one could build on it because it is Shiite Islam's most holy site and building on it would be blasphemy and desecrate the site for anyone to build on any of it.

Remember that Obama started having the US State Department fund the World Monuments Foundation to handle the survey and everything else three months after he first took office. They finished that survey a little over two years ago.

Remember that during that time, they also got most of the museums in Europe to return the artifacts that were taken from Ancient Babylon almost 200 years ago to aid in the rebuilding of Ancient Babylon with the museums in Germany and London holding out on a few things and have been restoring and rebuilding Ancient Babylon.

Second, after and only after they finished surveying Ancient Babylon to know its exact size and location, then they would begin surveying the area for building Mystery Babylon because they had to plan out the size, shape, and depth of the massive harbor to handle the traffic for the massive oil, gas, and cargo ships along with the massive loading docks so they could begin surveying for the massive city, infrastructure like gas, electric, water, and sewer lines, streets and other modes of transportation, massive oil pipes running from the Iraqi oil fields, under the city, and to the harbor to fill the massive oil and gas tankers, the location and position of the airport, highways into the city, and allow for the planning of all of the private and public buildings within the city.

Surveying this area will be a massive and complex project and is going on now.

That would take a few years before they could begin construction and it has been only a little over two years since they finished surveying Ancient Babylon.

Third are the negotiations.

What are they negotiating with the Shiite Muslims controlling Iraq and Iran with all Shiite leaders answering to the Iranian Shiite leaders in Iran because they are not negotiating about Iran not having nukes?

They have shown that they don't care whether Iran has nukes so they must be negotiating something else.

The only thing I can think of and the most probable thing is they are negotiating for one or more of the 10 seats in the Shiite Muslim Caliphate Council (the 10 horns and toes of Bible prophecy) that will rule over the world. That is what the US, UK, EU, Germany, France, India, China, and other greedy, power mad leaders are negotiating with Iran about.

That is what our leaders, including the Pope, have been making visits to Iraq and Iran to talk about. Those negotiations are about power and control and the West is pretty much selling out Israel, while the Israeli leaders have their heads up their butts thinking they are negotiating about nukes.

Why would they be concerned about nukes, if they are going to be part of the government controlling those nukes?

They are probably also negotiating concerning their properties within Mystery Babylon.

Remember, that we know of, the British Royal Family, the Vatican, and China have all purchased property in Mystery Babylon and China purchased the oil rights to the largest oil field nearest to Mystery Babylon with stated plans to run pipelines to the harbor in Mystery Babylon to load oil tankers. They did that while Obama was in office.

Also, the US, under Obama, provided foreign aid to Iran to dredge the Euphrates River from the Persian Gulf to and including the harbor for Mystery Babylon for handling the traffic for those massive ships and that should have been completed by about a year ago, especially since they decreased the water flow through the dams up river from Babylon to decrease the water flow through the Euphrates to aid in the dredging.

It shouldn't be too much longer before they make their next move.

It should be obvious that Obama started the dominos falling for the long process of building Mystery Babylon within 3 months of him getting in office the first time in 2009. That means they have been quietly working on it now for almost 14 years because this is a massive and complex project. They should be ready to start the major constructions soon. Keep an eye on this.

Too Funny

I just saw a headline on a YouTube channel saying that Mr. Magic Elon Musk and NASA have revealed the plans for a "light speed engine" for space travel.

"Hey, we are soon going to be zipping through our galaxy just like Star Trek and Star Wars."

First, I doubt it but it could be a theoretical engine that may or may not work and is just hype to get a government grant for research. Musk has made his fortune using government grants.

Second, if it is true, you are not going to go zipping through space like they make it look like on TeeBee and out of Hollyweird. It will still take you 4 years at light speed to reach the nearest star and 20 minutes just to reach Mars. This is a really big cosmos, people.

When you hit ye ole throttle, the stars are not going to turn into streaks, there will be no "Star Trek snow storm" on your screen, and you will not be half way across the galaxy in five minutes.

What will happen is that Earth will gradually get smaller and Mars will gradually get bigger for 20 minutes before you pretty quickly flow by Mars, which will then gradually get smaller and Jupiter will gradually get bigger for about an hour. Then, when you finally get out of the star system heading towards the nearest neighbor star system, our star system will gradually get smaller for days and everything else in space will look like it is sitting still for almost 4 years.

To determine that you are moving, how fast you are moving, and where you are in space, you will have to make measurements concerning the relative positions of the stars around you, which will probably require a computer and observation system that can detect minute differences in relative positions smaller than a millimeter.

Once you have developed the inertia and are going in a straight line towards another star system, you won't even be able to tell you are moving. You will just be living in space for 4 years just like on Earth, where you can't tell you are moving and it seems like the sun is moving for the same reasons.

Have you ever stopped to think about what you are going to do in space for 4 years?

Probably some of the same things you are doing on spaceship Earth right now.


Remember that I have been telling you that these fakedemics are planned and being forced on us by the evil upper class trash?

In this video the evil Bill Gates and WHO are telling us about the next fakedemic they will be forcing on us and even giving us a date and starting point, 2025 in Brazil, showing that they are controlling it on purpose just like I have been telling you. They even show you where they will first release the virus.

Now do you believe me? Are you figuring out just how evil the satanic upper class trash are? Do you believe me yet that they are creating these biological warfare weapons in their biological warfare labs and spreading them on purpose to depopulate the planet and control you while also making a fortune?

Gee, what a magic coincidence. You know that their god, Satan, is so very proud of these evil things. Hey, they think they are gods and have the right and authority to do to you whatever they want. Nothing is beneath these unholy vermin.

Note that in the video he shows, the criminals are telling what they plan to brainwash and intimidate you into believing. They are telling you all of their evil plans but, if you dare talk about those plans to incriminate these monsters, you will be branded a conspiracy theorist in spite of the fact that they are telling you in advance what their conspiracy is.

They are that confident of being able to censor and control you and they own the judicial system. They believe they can tell you everything they plan to do and say in advance and, when it happens, you won't dare stand up to them.

Kind of arrogant, aren't they?

Just remember that man plans, God laughs. You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

They told you that they expect a billion people to die, millions of children, and the rest will be suffering from brain damage so they will be able to justify murdering the rest of you to "put you out of your misery."

Yeah, this is their plan to finally "depopulate the planet" or the ultimate genocide against mankind.

Question: So they already know what the bug is, the damage it will do, when and where it will be released by them, so they already know where (which biological warfare lab) it will be coming from and how it will spread, right? Oh, but gee, they are not planning this biological warfare attack against us, right?

It will just be a magic coincidence.

Do you understand why I am so furious that I cannot wait for God to put their evil, vile butts in Hell where they can never cause harm to anyone ever again?

About halfway through the video, he shows you the connection between the evil upper class trash and their vile, lying media. They are the same vipers sleeping in the same pit.

Then he tells you that the upper class trash had already planned in 2007 to lock us down to wait for their vaccines for COVID, which came in 2019.

And you think this is not all manufactured by the upper class trash human demons?

"Dear Lord, we call on Your holy name and ask that You please deliver us out of the hands of our evil, satanic enemies and deliver them into the bowels of Hell where they can never again cause harm to anyone."

It isn't because I am evil but because I care about good people. These people involved in any way doing this evil thing to you are the most evil monsters in history. I will praise God when they are burning in Hell to protect you.

Remember that I told you that God told me that sometime in 2025 the Tribulation will begin, you know, when they are planning to butcher off billions of you to depopulate "their planet"?

I don't think these evil vermin will live long enough to commit that crime against you.

That means that, by January 1, 2033, sometime after the Battle of Armageddon in 2032, ALL of them will be burning in Hell where they can never again cause harm to any of you and ALL of their evil plans will have failed because man plans, God laughs.

Think about it. I cannot wait to see these horrible things ushered into the Lake of Fire for eternal damnation to protect you. I thank God that we won't have to spend eternity with these horrid things in Paradise.


Remember that I told you in a previous essay that this fusion thingy is probably just hype and probably some big corporation trying to get more government grant money to keep failing at what they are doing?

Today, I found this video telling you that you are being flat out deceived and lied to because they had to omit information to be able to falsely say they got more energy out than they used to create the energy when, in fact they used 100 times more energy to create that tiny bit of energy so, no, they did not succeed at what they claimed they succeeded at but, hey, it made the lying media a lot of money.

I get so tired of their lies and deceptions. I will not miss these horrid criminals while they are burning in the Lake of Fire forever. Just think, we will never hear any more lies from them and that will be wonderful.

So, what were they distracting you from with this huge lie?


God is working to get Hebrews to move back to Israel and He is using all of the bull crap going on around the world to do that. At least something good is coming out of all this bull crap by the upper class trash.

This video shows you that the number of Hebrews returning to Israel in 2022 jumped up to 70,000 from only 28,600 in 2021. That is almost triple but is still a long ways from getting them all back to Israel.

At least we now know that, as things get worse around the world, the migration back to Israel will get better.

That is one of many reasons why God is permitting this bull crap to keep getting worse.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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