I Told You So 511


Remember that I have told you that I am a registered independent?

This video explains why. Most of the GOP are worthless lying politicians who do what they are told to do just like the Commierats, it is just that they are not trying to setup a commie dictatorship but they will go along with it.

I don't vote for Republicans; I vote against Commierats.

Listen to them explaining things and that tells you why so many people hate Republicans. They are owned by the upper class trash just like the Commierats.

Do you believe me yet that our Republic is dead?

If they do not uphold and enforce the US Constitution, then our Republic is dead.

He told you that the upper class trash are bankrupting the country like I told you they are doing, which is why you have to let the lefties have the "Republic of the US" following this war so they can be held responsible for the debt they are causing but not all of the land and you can build a new nation.

One reason why they are bankrupting the nation is so we will not be able to fund the military action necessary to stop their dictatorship.

Remember that I told you before the election that the reason why the Commierats didn't get Obama elected as Speaker of the House and moved up to Vice president was because the left felt they had the election rigged enough they knew the GOP wouldn't be able to impeach and remove Afghan Joe?

It turns out it is even worse than that because my estimates are always conservative so it is always worse than I warn you about.

Even with the "big red wave" the left still has control of the Senate so Afghan Joe can't be removed.

They are trying to get RINO McCarthy elected as Speaker of the house, which would just be giving control of the House back to the left because RINOs are lefties. A group of GOP took a stand against it and prevented it from happening, which caused the House to go into recess.

What is important is that most of the GOP, at least 188 of them, just voted for the left to keep control of the House via McCarthy.

And you think the Republic is not dead?

The House would not have even been able to investigate the lefty government for anything serious. It would have all just been show, telling me that things are even worse than I thought.

Easily, probably at least 80% of Congress in both houses are lefties. Right now, you could run Obama for Speaker of the House and enough RINOs plus the Commierats would vote for him for Obama to win.

You think not?

If the 18 RINO members of the House that we know about voted for Obama, it would be enough to get him elected as Speaker of the House and, if they get big enough bribes, they will.

Yep, it is very likely that God is going to judge Congress too.

Remember that, while he was president and during his second term, the US Military caught Obama's people with 2 nukes?

One was a 1K tactical nuke called a mini nuke they detonated off of the coast of the Carolinas and we never learned the throw weight of the other or found out what they did with it. Very little of the US media even mentioned it, the DOJ and FBI didn't even investigate or prosecute those who had them, and it is now all forgotten.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Keep an eye on that.

Russian Barracks

There is a bunch of big hype about Ukraine killing Russian soldiers in a school in Russia that was being used as a barracks and munitions storage for some troops. Of course, the West started out claiming 600 Russian soldiers were killed and then started claiming 400 but is now claiming "well over 100", which may come down more, and Russia is saying 63 killed. Ukraine has never told us the truth about anything and Putin tends to be much more truthful.

The West is making a big thing out of this like they do every time they destroy a Russian anything and blow it all out of proportion.

Scott Ritter talks about it in this video and he tells you that, while Ukraine was making this one kill, Russia made at least 3 or 4 kills of the same type and magnitude that the West is ignoring with their propaganda.

Later I found out that was Putin destroying 4 NATO/Ukraine bases with heavy death tolls, while the West is making a big deal out of those forces destroying one Russian barracks.

We KNOW that every time Ukraine destroys one tank, they try to make it look like a battalion was destroyed so we can't believe anything Ukraine says.

There is one rule in the military that you just have to understand, when you are at war with someone, you don't get to just safely sit there killing the other guy because the other guy ALWAYS "fights back at you" so he will do some killing too. That is normal in war.

What both sides are trying to do right now is that Russia is ramping up to finish off Ukraine with another bigger invasion and Ukraine is trying to diminish the number of troops invading while Russia is trying to diminish the number of troops defending.

Look, Putin knows that, when he invades Europe and the US, Europe and the US will shoot back at Putin to try to stop the invasion but we are kind of out gunned right now by the Eastern Alliance and have depleted our munitions and troops because of our greedy upper class trash sacking our defense budgets.

This video tells you what I have been telling you in that Putin keeps pulling his forces back to draw the NATO/Ukrainian forces out of their trenches and other protective coverings onto open ground and/or into Russian cauldrons to more quickly wipe out more of the NATO/Ukrainian forces before he invades.

He tells you some about the forces and weapons Putin has assembled for the invasion. He said that we are seeing weapon systems that we have not seen before just like I warned you would happen and Putin just gave the orders to disable satellites over Ukraine to deny Ukraine the use of Western satellites to provide them intel about Russian troop positions and movements.

Note that this has all been planned out to happen close enough to the invasion for the West to not be able to quickly replace those resources in order to be able to use them in the coming fight. If Putin just told his people to destroy the satellites, it means he is going in soon.

Note that, of the 300,000 NATO/Ukrainian troops, most of them are now teenagers who have been forced to fight as cannon fodder for the left against Russia. They are just target practice so the left can drag this war out longer to make the evil military industry more money.

And you think these evil spawn of Satan lefties care about anyone other than themselves and their bank accounts?

Remember that I told you that it got my attention when I found out that Putin was an officer in the KGB, which I was trained to deal with, and that he still has his KGB operating in other countries around the world, under different names providing him with intel on those countries and working within those countries to influence them?

This video shows you EXACTLY THAT!

Do I know that man or what?

Putin is winning the war and he is going to win the war because Putin is smarter than all of the upper class trash combined and it should be obvious that he is on God's side but the leaders of the upper class trash West are not.

The upper class trash god, Satan, is no match for our God, Yahweh.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash are out of touch with reality and believe bull crap concerning Ukraine because they listen to idiots who say what the upper class trash want to hear to get promoted and get jobs?

The arrogant morons live in their own upper class trash echo chamber completely out of touch with reality.

This video shows one of those idiots saying the stupid stuff the upper class trash want to hear and then Scott Ritter goes off on him, shooting holes in what the idiot said in a very educational rant exposing the stupidity of the upper class trash puppet. Scott hammered his butt.

LA Super Quake Storm

Remember that I have been telling you that there is a strong probability of the LA quake God told me about also causing quakes in other major cities on the West Coast?

I just found out that they are now saying that a 7+ super quake will definitely hit San Francisco within the next 30 years that will utterly destroy San Francisco and that will cause a simultaneous super quake in LA but they are now saying it is much more imminent and could happen any day. They say that will be a 7+ quake that will run all of the way from San Francisco to LA.

Northern California is right now in a major earthquake watch, especially after these storms.

That tells me that the super quake in LA will also definitely cause a super quake in San Francisco, destroying both cities. Such violent quakes will cause other major quakes all up and down the West Coast.

They are also saying that Southern California is now 100 years overdue for a super massive earthquake just like I am warning you about and God warned me about.

This coming super quake in California could easily kill millions of people. From what I am seeing right now, the seismologists are pretty much predicting what I have been warning you about.

I keep seeing more and more signs that everything is getting ready to come together right now.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, while you still can.

This video shows more about how bad this last storm was. It was really severe and another bought of rainfall is expected to hit Nor Cal in the next few days.

Then, today, I found this video showing how much worse the lefty West coast will get it today and again in two more days, on Friday, plus they are now saying a couple more systems will come in next week.

Pay attention because, according to their weather maps, it is also going to do a lot of damage to both Oregon and Washington.

And you think they are not being punished by God?

Plus all of that water flowing down through their faults will cause very massive earthquakes and they KNOW it. This is going to be a very interesting winter and spring.

Based on what THEY are now telling you, you could easily see the almost complete destruction of LA that God warned me about more than a decade ago caused by a super quake and it now could happen any day, according to them.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and get right with God.

Keep an eye on this.

Lefty Paganism

This video starts out by doing a pretty good job in dealing with abortion. More than 60 years ago, it was proved conclusively that, upon conception, the zygote was a living human. The 5% of scientists in that survey who deny that are just in denial because of their fanatical pagan religious bias.

You cannot scientifically support the idea that the zygote is not a living human.

Just as important, at about 7:50 into that video he tells you something that I have been telling you for decades that science has been telling us, which is that the lefty pagan populations are decreasing quite quickly because they are killing off their offspring and the Christians are raising their offspring to adulthood.

Know it, your children are your future so that, if you are killing off your children, you are killing your future.

I have taught you before that, when a pagan society begins murdering off their children in enough numbers that their population begins to decline, it always causes the economy to decline, which weakens the nation, making it vulnerable to invasion, which is the primary cause for the decline and fall of all nations and empires. History proves this to be true but ye ole pagans still have not learned that after thousands of years.

Look, the economy for 100 people will be at least 10 times stronger than the economy for 10 people because it will have 10 times more people producing, buying, selling, and trading. The value of the currency for the economy for 100 people will also be at least 10 times greater than the value of the currency will be for the economy for 10 people because you will have a 10 times greater demand for that currency.

This is all economics 101, people, which shows just how ignorant and stupid the lefties, especially the upper class trash, are. If you want to see just how simple minded and stupid these upper class trash morons really are, just read the following.

Economics 101 teaches that, when the upper class trash kill off better than 95% of the people on the planet for their beloved global dictatorship, their global economy will crash worse than any economy in the world has ever crashed because the economic activity and demand for their currency will suddenly drop to less than 5% of what it is now and then recover to only a maximum of 5% of what it was before the crash. That will cause better than 95% of the wealthy to become impoverished and the rest of the rich will suddenly be worth much less than 5% of what their wealth was before the morons caused that global economic crash.

Study the small economies around the world and you will find they have fewer rich people and their rich cannot be as wealthy as the rich in larger economies. The number of rich people and their wealth is determined by the size and strength of their economies and the brain dead rich people have never figured that out.

The upper class trash arrogantly believe that their wealth is determined by their intelligence but, if that were true, they would all be perpetually bankrupt.

It should be economic common sense that the economy of 100 people cannot support as many rich or as much wealth as the economy of 100,000 people so you would have fewer rich people and they will be less wealthy in the economy for 100 people than in the economy for 100,000 people. NO BRAINER!!!!

Therefore, it should be common sense that, when the incredibly stupid upper class trash butcher off more than 7.5 billion people to bring the economy down to only have a MAXIMUM of 500 million people, the size and strength of that new economy will literally violently PLUNGE down to less than on one 20th of what it was, the currency will PLUNGE to less than one 20th of its previous value, better than 95% of the rich will become impoverished, and the rest of the wealthy be become less than 2% as wealthy as they were before they butchered off 95% of the people.

You have to understand that economy will PLUNGE to rock bottom, impoverishing almost all of the wealthy and greatly decreasing the rest of the remaining wealthy to almost nothing before that economy bottoms out, much less begins recovering, and will NEVER support more than 5% as many people as being wealthy and none of them will be more than 5% as wealthy as before and that little bit of recovery will probably require at least 100 to 200 years to obtain.

The simple minded idiots will be committing financial suicide by butchering most of the people AND the economy. Most of them will end up dying in abject poverty; they will probably starve to death.

Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than the upper class trash because they would NEVER do anything that stupid?

If God permits these greedy, power mad arrogant fools God has given over to a reprobate mind to get what they insanely want, they could ALL end up living in abject poverty for at least a few decades and they are too greedy stupid to realize it.

Now, I would not be surprised if the members of the middle and lower classes who know how to survive poverty took control and even hunted down and killed at least most of the remaining upper class trash who caused the disaster and I believe that very few of the upper class trash would even know how to survive that kind of poverty; they are just too inbred stupid.


Remember that I have told you that India is quickly becoming one of the leading nations in the world taking control with the collapse of the West or Rome II?

This video shows how India is going against the evil plans of the West and, with Russia and China also standing up to the evil plans of the West, it is encouraging other smaller nations to turn away from the West to the Eastern Alliance.

Also note that India now has the strongest growing economy in the world, having surpassed even China in that area.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you about the fall of the West or Rome II?

This video details some of the reasons why the West is falling into collapse. They talk about the deindustrialization of the West, Europe becoming completely dependent on the US for protection because of NATO, and the brain dead, arrogant upper class trash becoming completely out of touch with reality and literally destroying the West because of their insane greed and lust for power.

Our leaders have gotten so out of touch with reality that they still believe that the US military/NATO is invincible AFTER them sacking all of our military budgets to fill their greedy pockets. Some are finally beginning to realize they have screwed our militaries but many still have not figured out that their beliefs are fantasies and not reality.

Our leaders have destroyed our nations and themselves, thinking it was going to get them absolute power over the entire planet with their insane global dictatorship. They have gone raving mad.

And who dreamed up all of this stupid and insane bull crap the lefty upper class trash and many others believe?

The lefty academe who sit out of touch with reality, smoking dope in their academic palaces, making millions of dollars selling books about their great sounding stupid and insane ideas that are out of touch with reality.


Remember that I have been telling you that more and more nations in Africa are turning against the West and towards Russia?

This video shows that Burkina Faso is doing that right now by kicking France out of their nation and turning to Russia for help in solving their problems.


This is interesting and a little complex. This video only shows you some of it.

You have to understand that China and Pakistan have been working together to stage occasional military attacks against India, while Pakistan aided the Taliban in fighting the US in Afghanistan. Then, Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, and their idiot Afghan staff screwed up pulling out of Afghanistan, giving complete control and many weapons to the Taliban when they took it over.

Then the Pakistan Taliban began staging attacks against Pakistan, which caused the Afghanistan Taliban to come to their aid against Pakistan.

A few months ago India signed an agreement with the Taliban in Afghan so they are allies with Pakistan squeezed between them.

Me thinks the Taliban in Afghanistan is going to keep Pakistan too busy for Pakistan to cause more trouble with India, even with China's help.

Keep an eye on this because it is very significant.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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