I Told You So 515


Remember that I told you that it was only a matter of time until they stuffed Ursula's butt under ye ole commie bus because of everything going badly to put the blame on her?

That is exactly what the events in this video are really about. She is just a stupid front and puppet, everything the upper class trash has done is destroying Europe, and they are going to stuff her butt under the bus so she can take the blame for everything else too.

You have seen it before, you know what is going to happen. Later someone will point out the mess the EU is in and the upper class trash and media will say it was stupid Ursula's fault to keep the blame away from them.

People, she did what they are accusing her of in 2021 and they knew about it then, it is 2023, and they have known about it all of this time but it is convenient to use this against her now to clean ye ole slate so the stupid people won't rebel against the rest of the upper class trash.

That is why they set up their stupid puppets as fronts, when their plans go bad, they just dump it on their stupid puppets and stuff their evil butts under ye ole commie bus. But, don't feel sorry for the puppets, they knew about this risk and got paid very well until it was time to go under ye ole commie bus to distract from the fact that, what they are prosecuted for was the idea of the upper class trash.

I don't know how many times I have seen this happen in the last half century.

Hey, if you are going to make a lot money playing the game with the upper class trash, you have to also take the falls when the upper class trash royals want you to. Hey, we gotta keep the stupid people fooled.

This is also a power struggle because of what they are doing to Pfizer's CEO. He won't be CEO for Pfizer much longer.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Listen, with everything going as bad as it is going in the EU right now because of their stupid games, heads have to roll to appease the peasants to prevent rebellion and her head is just the first. Others will also roll for what all of them were involved in and caused all of these problems.

The upper class trash do this when things go bad to appease and fool the stupid people into thinking the upper class trash are taking care of the stupid people. Dey is doin' der job.

I told you before she was going under the commie bus soon because she is the head of the EU and all of their super stupid games are backfiring and really making things bad all over Europe.

If they were honest and had any credibility, they would put all of those people in prison. Don't worry, God will put their butts in His prison soon.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present. Next!


This video shows that it looks like they just might finally prove for certain what I have been telling you about Ukraine.

Note that Tucker says that Condoleezza Rice stated that Ukraine is losing the war just like I have been telling you, which is why they feel they need to send US soldiers in to die fighting, and contrary to what the lefty media are telling you.

You cannot believe anything the left tells you.

Do you know what really kills me?

The idiot conservatives who know that the Biden administration lies about everything else and then they just blindly believe what the Biden administration tells them about the Ukraine War with them knowing that the lefties are making a fortune dragging that war out.

"Hey, we gots tuh be patriotic and blindly believe ebry ting the Biden administration says about duh Ukraine War." It ain't being patriotic to support them murdering people for money.

Just how stupid do you have to be to blindly believe ANYTHING the Biden administration tells you about ANYTHING, much less about a war they are making a fortune dragging out?

Have you noticed that, when the conservatives get stupid, I point that out too?

I won't compromise my credibility for anyone. I work for God and He doesn't allow me to lie for anyone or anything.

With everything else that is going on right now concerning this invasion by Russia, showing that Russia has already started the invasion, it is very likely the intel in this video is telling us that Russia is right now getting ready for the troop landing to take Odessa I predicted at the start of the war almost a year ago. The troop ship, the subs, and other ships moving out in mass at this time is almost certainly not by coincidence, you know, while also making moves in the east to tie Ukrainian troops down there.

We already know that for more than a month, Russia has been conducting an artillery/missile/bomb barrage in the Kherson area so I expect them to expand that to include Odessa before the landing.

Oh yeah, they have already been shelling Odessa, haven't they?

He tells you like I told you almost a year ago that Russia plans to use Odessa to join up with Transnistria, which are all Russian people.

Keep an eye on this.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today. It may not happen right away but it still happens.

I find it amazing how many journalists and experts have not yet figured out what is going on, when, to me, these seem so obvious. Putin has started his offensive with small strategic and tactical moves and is building up quickly.

Putin knows that you have to make the right moves at the right time. You don't just blunder into an offensive. It is not like in the movies where everyone just suddenly charges.

This video tells you a lot of what I have been telling you such as there are no wonder weapons that will turn any war around. He said such a thing has never happened in war.

Then he tells you that it takes them "years" to train people how to use a Bradley properly so you will know that, if they show up in combat within the next few months, they won't be operated by Ukrainian soldiers.

Then he told you what I have been telling you, which is that the class room and on the equipment training for months is not enough because you need additional training as an apprentice under more experienced operators to really know how to operate these weapons systems.

Then he tells you about the corruption in Washington making them rich killing people.

Then he told us that the military officers in the Pentagon do not want to commit US troops into direct open conflict with Russia in Ukraine. They realize their troops will be butchered in this offensive and that we don't have the troops to waste on this fight, which is why they are now pulling those already in there out. He tells you what I have been warning you about in that our military is not up to par and is undermanned with us not recruiting enough soldiers.

Then he tells you about how the idiot and ignorant politicians and media will start wanting us to get directly and openly involved in this war so they can save face for their lies, which is why I have been saying for a year that the US needs to stage a strategic retreat to protect the US. If the US pulls her troops out of Europe, this entire mess quickly goes away because the Europeans will make peace with Russia. They are not going to take on Russia with their ragtag armies.

Do you understand why now?

Those idiot politicians will kill our soldiers to save face for their lies and then insist we send more and more to die, escalating this war into eventual defeat with us not having anyone left to protect the US. They don't care how many of our soldiers die as long as they don't look bad because of their idiot lies and war drum beating.

The morons wouldn't know a strategic analysis, if it ran over them with an M1A2 tank and all they know about the military and war is how to make a lot of money killing people and lying about it. I hate corrupt politicians. All they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

Do you believe me yet?

People, the upper class trash and their moron puppets are determined to turn this into a super disaster. They should send those jerks to the front lines with BB guns.

Afghan Joe

Remember that I have been telling you about how stupid the lefties really are?

This is another thing that kills me about how utterly stupid the lefties are.

They knew before the 2022 election about Biden illegally possessing classified documents, they hid it, and then recently didn't take advantage of the opportunity to replace him?

I guess they thought they were such smarty pants they could keep that from your for 4 to 8 years.

How did that workout?

Oh yeah, you found out about it after only two years, WITH it having been covered up so I guess they are not as smart as they think they are and that you are not as stupid as they think you are?

They screw up everything and are so stupid they cannot figure out that they are not as smart as they think they are and that you are not as stupid as they think you are.

You have to understand that you have to sign out classified documents to get them. You don't get them by accident.

One thing I am wondering about is, doesn't someone at the national archives check to see who has classified documents before they leave office?

It seems like all you would have to do is a search under someone's name to see what they have signed out and not returned. It sounds to me like the security system is broken and needs to be fixed.

BTW, I believe this is happening because of the way the Commierats treated Trump with the Mara largo raid.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

What really kills me about all of this is watching the Commierats and their chumps squirm for their crimes being exposed because they were stupid enough that they thought they could get away with their crimes forever. You know, they wouldn't lose power and be exposed and prosecuted because they thought the people wouldn't wakeup to their corruption and vote them out of power.

They really love insulting your intelligence.

Wow, that really worked out well. It is just more of their arrogant reprobate smarty pants. They really have to be the stupidest people in history. It is amazing how stupid the lefties are.

Some think that the left exposing Afghan Joe for these crimes they had been covering up might be the left preventing him from running again in 2024, you know, like I have been warning you that these corrupt criminals will do as they are told or else. They usually destroy disobedient puppets like is happening to Afghan Joe or they just kill them.

What we are watching is a power struggle where the GOP is trying to take back some of the illegal power the Commierats seized while in power and to hold the Commierats accountable for their crimes against the people.

Then I found out that one set of top secret documents were found in Hunter's garage where he keeps his Corvette. He doesn't have a security clearance so him possessing those documents is a federal felony and, if Joe gave him those documents, that was a severe national security breach and he should lose his security clearance and go to jail.

This video shows some interesting things. It starts by showing part of the problems with the top secret documents and then, very interestingly, tells about the closing of more than 600 universities and 10,000 campuses because enrollment is way down because of them going woke.

I guess their sins are finding these corrupt lefty woke universities out.

The people just found out about even more academic corruption concerning the FBI.

Maybe they should investigate that, you know, the academe selling out the American people to China for money?

You know that, with the money the Biden family received from China, the money the university where those top secret documents were store received from China, and those academe getting the FBI to not investigate the influence China was having on the US universities, it is very likely that they were passing top secret documents to China, which would be an act of treason so don't be surprised if this investigation implicates a number of corrupt academe in such things as treason.

Then I found this video from Australia which shows even more that it looks like the left is doing this to Afghan Joe to keep him from running.

Taking a page from the book of what the lefties did to Nixon, they will let Afghan Joe stew for a while to get him to denounce running again or he will go to jail to get him to resign so they can move Kruella up to be the first female president.

Now, the problem with that is that a republican will become vice president, be in charge of the Senate, and only be one step away from being president.

Gee, maybe the morons should have gotten rid of Joe while they could make a Commierat vice president but didn't because they are too stupid? Hey, everything else the left has done has failed so why should they change now?

Watch to see if they try to briefly remove McCarthy as Speaker of the House and put Obama in to become vice president by bribing enough RINOs in the House.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that I believe that China would fail at an attempted invasion of Taiwan?

One thing I keep seeing people, who do an analysis of China invading Taiwan, is they forget to mention that China does not currently have enough troop ships to get even half her needed troops to Taiwan for the invasion.

Plus they never mention the strategic effects of the India/China potential conflict or that China has so many of her troops spread out around the world or that Taiwan probably had Chinese military leaders who would jump ship to Taiwan's side to help free the nation and there are other things they did not include.

In spite of these flaws in their analysis, the CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) did an analysis (read war game) and came to the conclusion that China would fail at an attempted invasion, you know, like I have been telling you but for a few different reasons.

What is interesting is that they even left out the effects of Taiwan's advanced firepower on China. They seemed to work it based on the idea that China would be the only one shooting at the other one.

Their models seem to be pretty simplistic but still reach the same conclusion without including these other factors that are also in Taiwan's favor.

BTW, I would still love to be in charge of Taiwan's ECM program. That would be so much fun and greatly improve the potential that there would never be an attempted invasion.


I am seeing increasing numbers of people realizing that the Bible is right about not laying up treasures for yourself here on Earth. They were wrongly taught that all of those worldly treasures would bring happiness but they are not only not bringing happiness but are bring a certain amount of grief and stress, especially in cost of ownership like maintaining them, which is why so many people abandon or sell so many of their things that didn't make them happy.

Plus the greed of man is partly caused by people getting their worldly treasures, not finding happiness in them, and then thinking that, if they just get more worldly treasures than anyone else, they will be happy but that doesn't work either because look at the obsession with more and more worldly treasures by the very richest people in the world.

These are the unhappy people who have joined the fad for things like tiny houses, sailboat cruising, and other minimalistic living. They have learned, often by watching others like their parents, relatives, and friends that worldly treasures do not bring happiness and they are still in search of happiness.

Many are still not finding that happiness in minimalism and its limitations and keep trying to get more or other ways to find that happiness. Happiness is not of this world and the mega wealthy prove it by being driven insane in their greed and lust for more power.

True happiness can only be found with salvation in Jesus and living by the Bible, you know, caring about your fellow man. Lost souls are not finding happiness and often fake being happy to fool others into believing they have found it.

Global Economy

The Western elites are predicting that, because they are already in a recession because of their stupid sanctions against Russia and other Eastern Alliance allies, though denying their economy now sucks, everyone else around the world will also soon go into a recession this year. They are saying that to make their own people believe, "See, everyone else is poor so we didn't cause you to be poor."

This is because of their elitist arrogance and their refusal to believe that it could even be possible that the entire world, solar system, galaxy, and cosmos no longer revolve around their magnificent selves. Why they are so wonderful and magnificent it just isn't possible for every electron and proton in the cosmos to not revolve around them.

Dear Western elites, wake up and face the truth that this is not the planet Earth of just 20 years ago. You are no longer at the center of the entire planet's universe. As a matter of fact, every time you arrogant fools play another one of your power games, you become less significant to the rest of the world, especially the Eastern Alliance.

Of course, the truth is very different from what they WANT to believe, as is always the case. The lefties live in a fantasy bubble riding over rainbows on the backs of unicorns.

Yes, all of the nations that do a significant amount of their trade with the West will certainly be plunged into a recession by the recession in the West caused by the Western leaders' great sounding stupid ideas like sanctions against Russia and renewable energy.

But Russia's and India's economies are booming so that all of those nations who have been chased off by the Western sanctions to do business with Russia and India will have strong economies.

You see, the West's sanctions and other great sounding stupid ideas are what is causing their economic problems by in part decreasing their trade with those they sanction but those who are being sanctioned are turning to Russia and India to do business, increasing both of their nations' economies, keeping them all out of the growing Western recessions.

You have to understand that, as the West sanctions more nations, they are increasingly isolating their own nations and their problems are increasingly becoming ONLY their problems.

Another Western bubble based on Western arrogance is about to be burst because they think too much of themselves and too little of everyone else. "Why, no one could possibly exist without them and their superior intelligence."

BTW, the upper class trash are already at least partly causing this recession by laying off large numbers of employees from their big businesses.

Invasion of US

Remember that I have been warning you about the Eastern Alliance invading the US?

China has had forces in Panama for years but now Iran is preparing for a presence in Panama with her Navy. Iran is working to station naval forces in Panama to take out "the great Satan". Surprise, surprise, surprise.

They have been and still are basing troops in Central America to invade the US and the US leaders are either complicit or don't have a clue.

Then I found this video which tells you more, such as the need to secure our southern border and that China has troops in the Bahamas and Nicaragua.

Also note that he points out that, if Afghan Joe's top secret documents compromise our nation, we now have a very serious national security crisis so the US Military really needs to check out all of those documents and who had access to them along with any other documents Afghan Joe could have provided to our enemies.

It is just a wee bit serious, you know?

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and lock and load.

Then the smaller nations in the area of China are getting closer to each other in an alliance against China's expansionism like is shown in this video where Indonesia is standing up to China. Note that she tells you of some of the allies in that area and how they are working together against China. These alliances are all of the way from India to Japan and that is their only hope.


Remember that I have been telling you that the insane globalists are making their final grab for power right now?

This video tells you that "they are getting more aggressive" at about 5 minutes into the video and that is about the globalists grabbing for power and control.

He tells you that "they are always moving forward" and that is in spite of the fact that everything they have been and are trying to do has failed. That doesn't matter to them, they just ignore the fact that their previous ideas have all failed and keep advancing as if their efforts are succeeding. It is like they believe that, if they just keep doing what was planned next, it will eventually start magically working so they will magically succeed.

They are irrational and out of touch with reality or nuts.

It is Satan's spawn getting together to conspire to screw us all.


I know the religious fanatics belonging to the magical cult of democracy and think their god, democracy, will save them will think I am committing blasphemy but this is the truth. My faith is in God and not democracy.

One thing all of this government corruption and incompetence in relation to our militaries should prove is that civilian leaders do not necessarily know what is best in governing and the use of the military. They have devastated our militaries to fill their greedy pockets, putting everyone on the planet at risk of being killed in the wars they keep starting because dey just knoze better about military things in der military arrogant ignorance.

People who keep starting wars and killing people to increase their wealth should NOT be in charge of managing our militaries. All these evil criminals know about military matters is how to make a lot of money killing people.

They know nothing about strategic and tactical analyses, logistics, or anything else.

Under our government, the civilians were put in charge of our military because it was assumed that the civilians would keep the peace instead of wanting to start wars all of the time. That has been proved absolutely wrong by paganism. Our corrupt civilian leaders are constantly starting wars to make more money killing people completely disproving that myth.

It isn't the shirt, pants, or shoes you wear that determines whether you will be a good military leader but what is in your heart and your mind. You have to at least know what you are doing and none of our lefty leaders do.

Africa and South/Central America

Remember that I told you that Russia, China, and the rest of the Eastern Alliance are uniting Africa and South/Central America into the Eastern Alliance against the West?

This video shows that they actually have an organization and name for organizing Africa, South/Central America and Asia called "The Global South". That video is of some of them having a conference. Oops!

I was right again.

Wow, that was fast. It looks like it is being organized and managed by India, you know, a member of the Eastern Alliance along with Russia and China. Wow, that will really isolate and sink the Western economies even more.

Behold; the fall of Rome II!!!!

Commiefornia Judgment

Remember that I have been telling you that Commiefornia is being judged by God right now for their paganism and crimes against God's Law?

I just found out that, not only are millions of people leaving the state but that more than 20,000 businesses of all sizes have left Commiefornia AND Commiefornia is now more than $22 billion in debt at the start of a new year.

It isn't just the weather, everything is going wrong in Commiefornia now and they are still on an earthquake alert for "the big one".

Listen, they have massive flooding, mud slides, sink holes, and they are still in a drought because that excess water isn't going into their water reservoirs that feed their cities. The reservoirs are all still below normal level in a drought state.

Who would have thought you could have such massive flooding and remain in a drought condition? Do you believe me yet?

Remember that, with God, nothing is impossible.

I pray for the good people that God will protect them.

George Soros

I have been warning you about George Soros for more than a decade. I even found out that the British Royal Family are actually bankrolling him so he can make such huge donations for their beloved globalism.

This video shows you some specifics about him but the news anchor doesn't seem to have found out that the British Royal Family own him as their front man.

Pay attention to a few of the things he points out Soros has been doing.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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