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Question Everything

This is a great example for why you should question everything. This video is by a guy with a college degree in history and he is probably a college professor.

When I studied this in college, there were some significant differences to what he teaches here and this is a good example for questioning even college professors.

First, the principle reason for this Confederate mission was not to just "take the West for the Confederacy" as he stated. The Confederacy really didn't care about the West.

You have to understand that Britain was on the side of the South and had promised the South, you know, the Democrats, that, if they could secure a harbor from being cut off by the Union or Northern blockades, Britain would send some military units to help the South win the war, with hopes of Britain getting at least some of their colonies back, you know, the South.

Note that the North or Union had its naval fleets on the East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico but had almost nothing on the West Coast.

The real Confederate plan was for the Confederate unit to take Santa Fe and use it as a staging position to take the poorly defended Territory of California so the British could use the California harbors and our west to east rail system to supply British units in fighting the North with the Confederates.

The Union unit that actually fought the Confederate unit at Glorieta Pass was based out of Colorado and not New Mexico.

The proof for that is this guy said that the Confederate unit was marching west from Santa Fe to attack a Union fort west of Santa Fe, when they met and fought at Glorieta Pass but Glorieta Pass is actually east of Santa Fe between Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico, where there was no Union fort. That disproves his whole story from Santa Fe on. Before that, he got the first battle right.

What really happened is that the Union unit came down from Colorado with a Colorado militia unit to fight the Confederate unit, which had taken Santa Fe, and the Confederate unit decided to cut the Union unit off at Glorieta Pass, EAST OF SANTA FE, and fight there.

The battle raged for about 3 days and was a stalemate but, while that battle was raging, the Colorado militia unit snuck through the mountains, north of Glorieta Pass to get behind the Confederate unit, where they destroyed the Confederate supply train, forcing the Confederates to flee EAST, not south, to West Texas and not El Paso. About 2/3 of the Confederate unit died crossing the New Mexico desert fleeing east towards today's Lubbock, TX.

The proof that the Confederate unit did not flee south to El Paso as he stated was that the first Union unit still held the fort between them and El Paso so that Union unit would have captured or killed the now desolated Confederate unit so the Confederates would have never made it back to El Paso and the Confederate commander knew that so he had his men flee south of Glorieta Pass and then east across the high desert New Mexico grass lands towards Texas and where they broke up and scattered and there was not enough food or water to support more than about 1/3 of his army. 2/3 of his army died from dehydration, heat, and starvation.

This is not the first time in the last half century that I have proved college professors wrong. They are human and can be just as wrong as you and, if you study the theories for any college field of study, you will find they have been wrong more than right, so question everything everyone tells you. I have questioned ALL of my college professors for more than half a century because I want to know the truth.

Question EVERYTHING you are told, even by your college professors because they are not always right.

Big Tech

Big Tech is now laying off thousands of loyal employees who helped big tech screw you. It won't be long and people will start talking and telling the truth about what was really going on inside big tech.

Listen, I have told you that no one can trust a traitor so, when they help big tech betray the people, it is only a matter of time until they are betrayed by big tech and then they will betray big tech and both of them were too stupid to realize the other would betray them.

When someone tells you to betray other people, it is only a matter of time until they betray you.

US Military

Remember that I have been warning you that the US Military is too weak right now and has, at best, a one front military and is rapidly declining because of our recruiting problem and our upper class trash giving more and more of our weapons, munitions, and troops as "contract fighters" to Ukraine?

This video tells you about those and other problems we face as we let the stupid people running our government get us into a war with Russia.

He said we only have about 150,000 fighting troops or combatants and the other 300,000 are support people. That is not even a one front military against a nation like Russia or China, much less both at the same time. Like I have been telling you, my estimates are conservative and it is worse than I have been telling you and most of our inbred, corrupt leaders are completely, 100% clueless about the military and war.

Remember that most of them went into government because they were too stupid to earn half as much legally.

Most of the upper class and our leaders are so ignorant they think that because it is OUR MILITARY it just gots tuh be duh best. Why, it ain't possible for duh Ruskies to beat our military.

Not if you sack it to fill your greedy pockets with money and don't maintain it as the best. He even speaks about this "delusion" among the ruling class.

Listen, study the history of Europe, you know, that joint the idiot US royal lefties think is superior to the US but needs the US Military to hide behind, and you will see that the inbred royal fools have been causing wars between each other for thousands of years with all of the morons arrogantly going off to war against each other believing, "Our military has to be superior to their military because it is our military" because they wouldn't know a strategic analysis if it ran over them with a train, and half of them always getting their butts kicked.

Just in the last 110 years the European royals started WWI and our idiot, corrupt royals intervened to save "Mother England's butt" because our stupid, inbred royals are members of the British Royal Family and they just couldn't let their family get their butts handed to them by more distant members of the European Royal Family.

When we solved that mess with thousands of our young men dying, the idiot European royals started the same stupidity that caused WWII and we had to intervene again to save Mother England's butt and, when we lost tens of thousands of our young men cleaning up that insane mess, the inbred European royals started the same crap again that caused the Cold War that lasted 40 years with several hundred thousand of our young men being killed in the proxy wars that mess caused and with the British and other royals using the US as their proxy protector so they could sack their own militaries and, when we finally put an end to that mess in 1991 with the end of the Cold War, the idiot inbred European royals started their crap again causing this mess with the US now as their front proxy army to protect their cowardly butts for millions of Americans to die in a nuclear war.

I told you, we need to stage a strategic retreat from Europe and let the evil, royal war mongers fight their own war with their own people dying until they put an end to their inbred insanity. Let them fight their own wars but our inbred royals are too stupid to understand that. Dey just gots tuh sabe der cousins from der own inbred insanity.

Besides, once those criminals find themselves facing Russia with only their sacked militaries and not having the US Military to hide behind, the cowards will make peace with Russia.

Listen, people, the EU has a population about 10% to 20% greater than the US and they should have a military about 10% to 20% larger than the US but they sacked their military, laundering that money into their greedy pockets, while hiding behind the US Military. Tell them to take the money the cowards sacked from their own militaries and go buy their own military to kill their own young men in their own wars instead of us killing our young men in their wars.

There is no other reason their militaries should be as small, weak, and limited as they are. If their upper class trash were not so greedy, they could easily have one of the 2 most powerful militaries in the world but they have almost nothing because of their stupid greedy upper class trash.


Remember that I have been telling you that Ukraine is all about money and power for the West?

This video tells you all about the money side of it and remember that I proved to you years ago that George Soros is a front man for the British Royal Family with him answering directly to a British Lord, who answers to the head of the family, which is now King Charles.

They clearly have two goals. The first is to get rid of Putin so they can set up their global dictatorship so they can steal everything you own so you "will own nothing" and the second is to steal everything they can while getting rid of Putin. They are insanely greedy.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

People, I have been warning you and they have been proving that, if they do get their global dictatorship set up, they will just draft you into armies to fight and kill each other because they are so greedy and power mad insane they CANNOT stand to see anyone else who has anything or is not their slave, even each other and history and their current actions prove that.

They are already turning on each other and they are not even close to setting up the global dictatorship.

They are evil, human demon, spawn of Satan that have been inbreeding for thousands of years with reprobate minds that can't think of anything but them owning everything and everyone, including each other and history and current events prove that to be true.

Nuke War

If you believe the Bible, then you should know that a nuke war is not going to wipe out all life on the planet; period. There is still too much that needs to happen to fulfill Bible prophecy, that prophecy will be fulfilled, and at least 3 to 5 billion people would have to survive such a war to fulfill the remaining Bible prophecy, especially in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

If you are a Christian and you are afraid that a nuke war will destroy all life on Earth, then you are telling me you are doubting God because He said otherwise. I believe God is using that fear and propaganda to test your faith in Him.

Those pagans who hate God, the Bible, and Christians don't have that security and are going to be extremely terrified by the slightest prospect of a nuke war, especially if they are believing the end of the world fairy tale.

I have already explained to you how they will fight a nuke war and, surprisingly, I have not seen any current military expert who either knows or is telling how a nuke war will be fought, telling me that they don't know the complexities of a nuke war and are just believing the simple minded and ignorant version, which neither the US or Russia military would fight.

I am amazed at how many military people don't seem to know this so I am not surprised that no civilians seem to know it. Many of today's military, including many officers, are not even trained to fight a nuke war since the Soviet Union fell more than 30 years ago.

After all, who were they going to fight a nuke war with so why train them to fight a nuke war?

It amazes me that almost everyone else I have heard or read seems to think that a nuke war will be both sides just nuking the crap out of each other's cities, you know, all of them, which neither side has that many nukes with that much throw weight.

That would also be really stupid because it ignores the military need to destroy the other side's military, military industry, and governments, which is the main reason for war. I would be surprised if any of one side's larger nukes is used against major cities unless it was to take out a number of the other side's military industry factories within a reasonable distance of each other. Most likely they will only use tactical nukes on our cities and save their larger nukes for taking out hardened targets, especially underground, of which there are many.

You should study the hardened, underground facilities. There are at least 100 to 200 such facilities in just the US and we knew the Soviet Union had enough of them to house 80% of their national population AND their military. It will require all of our larger strategic nukes to take all of those out, especially since many of those nukes won't make it to target.

Know that Both sides have already planned out every target they want to hit on the other side with the first wave, both inside and outside the other country. They are not amateur or stupid enough to blindly launch a bunch of nukes and hope they hit something.

For the first wave, the ICBMs are already programmed to hit specific military targets in the other nation, all pilots will be given mission briefs to read on the way to their targets telling them which targets to hit, and every ship and sub already has targets assigned for each nuke weapon they have with those nukes already programmed to hit those targets.

Then, after the first strike, they will gather intel with a number of platforms like surviving satellites (many of them won't survive) to see which of their most important targets they hit and missed, then decide which targets need to be hit with the second wave and send that information to the people required to fire the second wave so they can program for the second strike. That could take a few hours to even a day or two for second strike because it takes time to gather and analyze intel, make strategic and tactical decisions, and then communicate instructions to the troops and for those troops to prepare to carry out those instructions.

That process will continue for up to about 4 waves, with them focusing mostly on military, military industry, and government targets. That means that a full scale nuclear war could take a week or two and, most likely, after about the first or second wave, both sides are going to realize the war is nuts and start talking peace.

Hey, you have to understand that we can't use all of our nukes on just Russia and they can't use all of their nukes on us because we need to save some for other hostile countries like China, North Korea, Pakistan, and Iran, just to name a few, and Russia has to save nukes for Europe, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and other nations. Nuke war ain't as simple as most people think it is.

Will the biggest cities have nukes detonated in them?

Almost certainly but they will be almost all smaller tactical nukes that will not even come close to wiping out most of those cities and their suburbs like they always make it look like on TeeBee. Many of you, even in the biggest cities, will survive.

Let's do the math, you know I like math.

You have to understand that the reason why we used nukes with larger throw weights back then was because our missile guidance technologies were not as accurate as today so they wanted larger nukes to take out targets by getting close enough. We don't need those big nukes today because both US and Russian guidance systems are good enough today to nail the building they want thousands of miles away plus bigger nukes require more nuke dirty, which requires more nuke dirt every few years to rebuild those nukes back to the bigger throw weight, after they deteriorate down to low weapons grade nuke dirt. If you use less nuke dirt per nuke, it requires less nuke dirt to rebuild your nukes every few years and you can have more nukes to take out more targets.

For those and other reasons, today, we use small throw weights with at least 2/3 to 3/4 of our nukes being smaller tactical nukes and neither side has even 6,000 nukes.

Think about this. The largest nuke either side ever had in inventory was a 25 meg nuke, which destroyed a little less than 400 square miles. Neither side has anything bigger than 15 meg nukes today but let's say that both nations have 6,000 nukes (neither side does) and they are all 25 meg nukes that will destroy 400 square miles. The worst possible scenario.

Greater Los Angeles has approximately 34,000 square miles so it would take 85 such nukes to completely wipe out all of the greater LA area. If it only averaged 50 such nukes to wipe out the average major city, then either side would only be about to wipe out 120 major cities with 6,000 25 meg nukes and would still leave almost all of your military targets untouched. Oops!

It would be a waste of nukes and time to focus on destroying cities. The destroying cities idea is all bull crap.

The continental US only has a little over 3 million square miles and it would require 7,500 such nukes to wipe out all of the continental US (forget about Europe and the rest of the world); that is 1.25 X 6,000 25 meg nukes and doing the same thing to Russia, which is much larger than the US, would require at least 2 to 3 times that many nukes and, combined, we don't have that many nukes with that much throw weight. It is scientifically impossible for us to wipe out just our 2 nations, much less the entire planet.

The people telling you it will kill all life on Earth are either showing you how ignorant they are or that they are fear mongering to scare you to control you.

Now, considering that the majority of nukes on both sides are tactical nukes of 100K or less, which will do much less damage, it is scientifically impossible for either one of us to wipe out all or even half of the life in the other nation. It ain't happening, even if all nukes reach target and are detonated above ground, which won't happen.

You have to understand that, when I went into the military, I was believing the same bull crap most people believe that an all-out nuke war between the US and Soviet Union would wipe out all life on the planet, in the solar system, in the galaxy!

Then they (SAC) started teaching me how to fight the absolutely worst case all-out nuclear war with the Soviet Union and still be able to fight the following conventional war.

You think I wasn't shocked? What, you mean people are still going to be alive?

We were taught that, with the ABSOLUTE WORST SCENARIO, with both sides launching all of their nukes, a MAXIMUM of half of the people in the US would die in an all-out nuke war with the Soviet Union. Most likely, less than a quarter would have died.

Guess who began researching and doing the math on nuke war to find out the truth?

When you understand that and use military common sense, then you should realize that they have to be very selective in where and how they use ALL of their LIMITED nukes and use very sophisticated military strategies and tactics. You have to prioritize all of your targets to make sure you destroy their most important military units, their most important military industry, and their most important government agencies to stop their attack against you as quickly as possible before they can destroy all of yours. You will have to fight a war in at least 3 to 4 waves of nukes to make sure you get all of the enemy's most important targets.

You don't just blindly fire all of your nukes at one time.

Nuke warfare is much, much, much more complex than ANYTHING you have heard as a civilian. Probably at least 80% to 90% of the people on the planet will survive an all-out nuke war between all nuclear powered nations combined. Most won't even know a nuke war happened until they see it on the news. Many people will see, hear, or feel something and wonder, "What was that?"

What about fallout?

Most people don't know that, in doing our nuclear weapons testing in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, the US and Europe alone detonated at least 2,000 to 3,000 nuclear warheads and the Soviet Union, Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, and Israel detonated thousands more.

Where is all of that nuclear fallout? Why has it not wiped out all life on Earth? Do you get the picture?

In the late 70s I had a friend named Dan who was in charge of the nuclear fusion lab at Sandia National Labs and one of only 8 people on the National Nuclear Regulatory Board so there was no one who knew more about nuclear physics than him.

Once or twice a week we would sit around talking with me picking his brains on nuclear physics and him picking my brains on the sports sciences and sports medicine (he loved to exercise) and he said something that I will never forget concerning nuclear war.

He said that most people believe an all-out nuke war with the Soviet Union would kill all life on the planet but that wasn't true. He said that, even if we managed to kill all humans, nature would recover within a few decades and go on as if we were never here because "man is nothing but a gnat in the eye of mother nature."

Everything you have been told about nuclear warfare by the media, Hollywierd, college professors, politicians, or any other experts was just ignorance based bull crap and fear mongering. I am trained by SAC to fight that war.

That should tell you that both the Bible and science tell us that a nuke war won't even come close to wiping out all life on Earth. It is scientifically impossible. Do the math.

Will it be a good thing?

No, but most of you will survive it and go on with life with very few problems from it.

Hey, the upper class trash love to think they are more significant than they are. They will find out on Judgment Day how insignificant they really are. Believe me that God can easily go all of eternity not having them around to keep screwing everything up.

Fire Arms

This video shows you one more effort by the lefty commie traitors to steal you weapons so you can't stop them from setting up their evil dictatorship over you.

It shows their persistent desperation but it also shows that the upper level people in at least the most important government agencies and the attorneys writing their laws are all lefty commie traitors working together to setup the lefty commie dictatorship over you AND over themselves but they are too stupid to realize that they are helping set up a dictatorship over themselves too.

And you think they are smarter than you because they have more money than you? Really? Do you believe me yet that our Republic is dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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