I Told You So 528

Spacy Aliens

Remember that I have been warning you about the upper class trash using fake space aliens to get you to submit yourselves to the absolute rule of the upper class trash "to protect and tack care of you"?

This video tells you about how they have actually been planning and working on different ideas and ways to do this. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Here it comes, people, I found out the next day that Afghan Joe is forming a "Space alien task force". They are doing it right now.

So, are the fake space aliens going to be robots or Hollywood actors?

I am wondering if these UFOs are really US target drones being used to distract you from the things they don't want you to see or think about, you know, like their corruption. There is a pretty good chance that is what they really are.

Then I found this video that does a good job of telling you how the government is using the spacy alien crap to scare you into being controlled. He tells you how they would use it to set up their beloved global dictatorship. He did a very good job in this video.

BTW, if China wants secret information about the US, all they have to do is send a Chinese maid to Afghan Joe's house.

Ukraine War

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia is crushing Ukraine and NATO?

In this video he details the losses on both sides showing how Russia is winning the war by giving up ground to save Russian lives while causing much heavier losses for Ukraine/NATO.

He also tells you how the Ukraine War is disarming the entire West and not just Ukraine and how the West simply cannot continue to provide weapons and munitions for Ukraine at their current rates of losses and consumption. It is amazing that Ukraine has any weapons or munitions left. They won't have any much longer.

He does the math for you and tells you that, when Ukraine took back Kharkiv, they lost 20,000 to 30,000 men and Russia only lost 200 to 300 men and that, when Ukraine took back the West bank at Kherson, Ukraine lost 12,000 men and Russia lost 1,500 men.

Do you see how Russia is winning the war by giving up territory in such a way that it is destroying the Ukrainian military without also destroying the Russia military?

He says that Ukraine has 40,000 men in training that we probably won't have enough weapons and munitions for them to fight and that is barely enough to replace the troops lost in just the Kharkiv and Kherson areas but not the rest of the areas like Bakhmut.

Mean while, Russia lost less than 2,000 men, just finished training and deploying 300,000 more and are now training up another 200,000.

Who is winning that war?

Putin's strategy is very clearly to conserve troops and weapons by giving up land today and crushing the Ukraine/NATO forces so he can take back the land against much smaller forces, which will cause fewer losses than it would have cost to keep the land.

This video shows you quite a bit of intel about the Soviet Union, the trip from the Soviet Union to Russia, and where Russia is today in relation to where the West, especially the US, is today.

He tells you how evil the Western upper class trash are, how the US upper class trash are stabbing their European cousins in the back for the love of money and for power, and how we are destroying Europe just like I have been telling you for years would happen. Amazingly, the European upper class trash royals are so inbred stupid they just keep standing there taking the US stabbing them in the back, destroying their nations. They don't even have enough brains to step away from the knives to save themselves because of their insane obsession with their global dictatorship.

He finally tells you that Putin has realized that he MUST invade and conquer the West to stop this insanity because, as long as the upper class trash live, they won't stop.

By the strangest coincidence, at the same time, Russian bombers have started probing for intel concerning the defenses on the Polish border. Keep an eye on this.

Then a day later, I found this video with reports all over the place that the Russians have started their offensive. Surprise, surprise, surprise. I told you days ago that they started their offensive with the preinvasion barrage.

Note, that just like I have been telling you, he said an inside source in Russia said, "Russia is preparing for a 30 month war against NATO and the United States." Gee, what a magic coincidence. I have been telling you that was going to happen for months with EVERYONE else saying it wasn't going to happen. 30 months is 2.5 years.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

It blows me away that I saw this coming months ago, when no one else thought it was possible and, now, it is happening.

Note that they point out that Ukraine is very seriously depleting the US and Europe's munitions stock piles and puts us at risk of getting our butts kicked just as they finally figured out that Russia is about to invade Europe and the US. Wow, that was really smart. My brain hurts.

Then they show you how blatantly obviously the West is lying by showing Milley lying his lefty butt off, insulting everyone's intelligence.

Boy, are those liars about to look stupid or what? Do you understand why Putin knows he has to conquer the West and kill these satanic fools off to stop them?

Then he tells you what I have been telling you about the politicians within the military are the idiots who get promoted to the Pentagon level. Remember that I told you that they couldn't win a fight in a kindergarten sandbox. They are politicians first and military officers not at all.

He even explained why they are lousy officers and called them lap dogs. He gave an example of how the French did the same thing before WWII and it cost them their nation the same as it is soon going to cost us our nation, just like I have been telling you.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

That corruption is the main reason I got out of the military instead of making it a career. I couldn't stand it. I quit considering the possibility of making the military a career when I was threatened with a court marshal because I wanted to improve something in the military.

And you expect those corrupt lap dogs in the Pentagon to defeat Putin and his top officers in a war?

Then the judge changed the subject to the idiot balloons and, just like I have been telling you, Macgregor told him that you don't steer balloons and the wind blows them wherever the wind is going. You cannot control the directions of balloons, which is why they became obsolete for spying in the 1960s when satellites replaced them. Balloons are useless for spying.

Then he told you about the satellites and told you about the thousands of Chinese, both legally and illegally, in the US.

I posted this on FB:

With my training, if I were Xi and I wanted intel about ANY military facility in the US, I would send agents across our open border with PROGRAMMABLE drones. They would put tails, wings, and heads on them to make them look like birds flying in the areas where we wanted intel, program the drones to fly from point A to point D and take pictures between points B and C to land where I could receive them WITHOUT any signals going to or from those drones to give them away to the US military.

No one would notice and we would get our intel.

Our open borders are a million times the threat to our national security than any stupid balloons! Only stupid people worry about balloons.

Let me teach you about the greatest intel gathering or spying in history. This is standard electronics warfare today.

When an electron goes through ANYTHING, it gives off a microwave signal traveling at the speed of light forever that will quickly reach China's spy satellites. That signal is very specific to what it went through and pending any signal modulation.

For example, every time you touch a key on your key board, it sends out a microwave signal saying you touched that specific key. Every time you move or click your mouse, it sends out a signal saying you moved or clicked the mouse and what you clicked the mouse on. While you are reading this on your screen, your screen is constantly sending out microwave signals telling us EVERYTHING you are seeing on your screen. Every time your computer processes ANYTHING, it sends out signals telling us everything your computer just processed. When you text or talk on your cellphone, we get the entire message. Your electronic watch is constantly telling us what time it says. Your TV or radio tell us what you are watching or listening to.

You can't use anything that uses electricity that doesn't tell us what you are doing.

They receive and relay all of that from a satellite to a computer that will show us EXACTLY everything you do and see on your computer IN REAL TIME, you know, while you are doing and watching. It is just like we are looking over your shoulder.

And you think China is going to even think about using some stupid balloon? Really?

In a nutshell, that is a tiny glimpse of electronics warfare technology and they don't need any balloon to hold them back!!!

Hand of God

Remember that I have been telling you that God's hand is moving in this world, He is opening eyes, and causing increasing numbers of people to come to His side of the line?

This video shows you that is happening even bigger than I had thought. God is calling his people to Him and Satan is losing the fight.

Remember that I have been telling you that Russia has become the new Christian leader of the world?

Turley tells you that 70% of Russians identify as Orthodox Christians. It is the new Christian nation of this world and under the protecting hand of God, which is why I warned you to not pick a fight with her.

Do you believe me yet?

Then you find out that less than 35% of Americans are Christians and only 5% of Britains identify as Christians. Those nations are being run by pagans so they are evil pagan nations and in judgment. You can also see why the US will fall but not as bad as Britain and the rest of the West.

Loving God, His Laws, and His people is protecting your nation but hating God, His Laws, and His people, and loving Satan and your sins is destroying your nation.

We used to have 2 billion Christians in this world and could easily double that.

These are those people God showed me in a dream that will move forward to take back control of our nations following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, when God will destroy millions of pagans gathered to invade and eradicate Israel. They will also be the people God will send to colonize other planets before the Tribulation begins.


Remember that I have been telling you that our nations are being judged for our sins and crimes against God and that the pagans are bringing back their ancient gods?

This video tells you the same. His book is about how the lefty pagans have brought back the ancient gods and demons into our nations just like I have been telling you, you know, like Satan, Baal, Moloch, and others. He also tells you that our nation will be destroyed just like Israel was destroyed for the same reasons and it is happening right now.

It should be obvious to any Christian that our nations are right now in judgment by God and this will continue until our nations turn back to God and stand up for God. We have reached a point to where it is very difficult because our nations are divided between good and evil so that the good must stand up and fight back against the evil.

Mark sent me a link to this great video that is a little lengthy but very clearly explains why we are in judgment today by God. This explains why I first started this as a creation science blog and, even though I added in news, general science and other things to teach you the truth, I still teach creation science and have taught you the insurmountable flaws in evolution such as the biologists and physicists not having a "first moment" and just ignoring that they cannot explain how everything began because the "Big Bang" has been scientifically disproved and biology cannot explain how it was possible for the first cell to come into existence by accident and coincidence. They are the ones teaching "stories" or "fairy tales" because, without a first moment, everything they teach is just a fairy tale. I also saw this happening decades ago just like he did.

He talks about too many preachers not teaching the scientific truth and it is because they don't know the scientific truth, which should be taught in their seminary schools so they can teach that truth in their churches.

Do you better understand why God has me writing this blog to teach you the truth?

He teaches you the Biblical science I have been teaching you for almost a quarter of a century and does a very good job of it. Go back and read from my first essays to present and you will see.

BTW, did you know that this blog existed before I ever heard of their organization and I may have been teaching this online before they were teaching it online?

This blog was one of the first online creation science sites.

You have to believe the WHOLE WORD OF GOD and not just what you want to believe. God spoke it all through man and it is all correct. God didn't lie; that is Satan's job.

Note that he said that the UK and Europe are "spiritually dead" and that is why Europe is being so intensely judged and punished today. That is why the EU and NATO are in the final stages of falling apart and you are living through the fall of Rome II. That is why it is very likely that their reprobate minds are going to get them conquered and taken over by Christian Russia and that is no coincidence.

The best thing that could happen to the Europeans would be to be conquered and ruled over by Christian leaders.

It shows you why the US is being judged, why God told me He is going to destroy the Republic of the US and you will have to build a new Christian nation, and why our judgment is not as great and devastating as Europe's judgment, which is going to completely destroy Europe and the EU/NATO. We have more people who have not turned away from God and it is for that larger remnant that God will have more mercy on us but only if we stand for God against Satan.

He shows you what I have been warning you about how all of the poser Christian churches will leave the faith and their buildings will be used for other things or by pagan religions with entire churches converting to those pagan religions, which is already taking place throughout the West.

He tells you that, when you say, "god" today, most people ask, "Which god?", because there are many gods in this world and they are all now being worshiped in this nation and throughout Europe. Remember that I warned you that, when Pelosi says, "Lord", she means her "Lord, Satan", which is what the occult call Satan.

As a side note, I find it interesting that I don't think of Bible stories, I think of Bible events because they were real events with real people.

He teaches you that this is all a war between God and Satan for your souls. God tells you that life is a test, it is a pass or fail test, and your choice between eternal salvation and eternal damnation is eternal. This is the one test you do not want to fail.

If you watched that video to the end, do you now understand why I keep saying we need a new Christian nation or theocracy so no one will fill in our wells to keep our children from drinking the truth of God?

To keep the pagans from justifying quickly doing all of this destruction to our new nation, it must be made official from the start that it is a Christian nation so they can't take God and the Bible out of our schools, governments, and any other parts of our lives so they can't brainwash our children into believing their destructive paganism.

This blog is Carl's well to provide you with the water or Word of God.


Today's pagans either never studied or are ignoring the lessons of the Nuremberg Trials following WWII and then, when they lose power and control, as they always eventually do, they are amazed that they are suddenly in a tribunal facing charges for the same crimes.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out," and they always do but the pagans always love to think, "I am smarter than them and I will make it work" and they rarely do until death, at which time they all are held accountable for their crimes.

I daily see our upper class trash, their political and bureaucratic puppets, law enforcement and military committing the same crimes the German Nazis did thinking they will never be held accountable and be hung like the Nazis were. "Why, they are so brilliant and wonderful they will never lose power like everyone else has."

To their amazement, they have lost some of that power today and are being held accountable so, in desperation and panic, they just grab harder and harder for more power to avoid ye ole tribunals and the hangman's tree.

Maybe they are not as smart as they want to believe?


For years, I have heard Christians teaching and believing that we are not supposed to "get involved in the things of this world like government".

These poser Christians belong to "New Testament" churches that only teach parts of just the New Testament and never the entire Bible or they would know better.

There are a number of places in the Old Testament where God tells us that, if someone is doing something wrong and we don't stop them, then their sin is our sin too. God REQUIRES us to stand up to people doing wrong or we are considered complicit in the wrong they are doing and will be held accountable for it on Judgment Day.

People, that is why, when God judges a nation for the evil its leaders have done, He also judges the people of that nation for not stopping those evil leaders.

Doing nothing to stop other people from doing wrong is as bad as doing that wrong.

If you don't believe me, read the entire Bible.


Remember that I have been telling you that this is all being caused by the Euro-American Royals, many of whom you do not even know they are royals?

Yesterday I found out that Greta Thunberg is a member of the British Royal Family along with the others involved in this green energy lie. Gee, what a coincidence.

Do you get the picture yet?

BTW, Greta's physical problems are normally caused by inbreeding and, since she is a royal, that is probably what caused her problems.


Remember that I told you that I have been watching the Albuquerque and Santa Fe areas in New Mexico expecting at least Albuquerque to become mostly a ghost town because they will have used up all of their water because the greedy upper class trash have been too focused in making more money at the expense of their environment?

In biology all land has a "carrying capacity" or limit to the number of organisms that can live there, those people exceeded the carrying capacity for their areas a long time ago and it will only be a matter of time until that ecosystem implodes.

I think I also told you that I heard that Albuquerque was already getting sink holes from them using too much of the water from their aquifer.

I found out from someone there that they have COMPLETELY drained that aquifer bone dry, which will eventually cause such sink holes, confirming the stories about the sink holes and those are going to be really deep sink holes.

They have already drained the Rio Grande River almost completely dry with no more water sources to drain before Albuquerque and maybe also Santa Fe go water broke. When they go water broke, it will be a stampede out of town to other states with most of them losing everything they have. They won't be able to sell their homes or even give them away because land without water is useless, just ask the Sahara Desert.

New Mexico could lose more than one million people within a matter of months because of the greed of the upper class trash with almost all of them losing everything they have. You have not seen a crisis like is building here in New Mexico. Our government will almost cease to exist because of a sudden decrease in tax revenues and almost all of the rich who caused this problem will lose almost to all of what they have.

China-Taiwan Strategic Analysis

I keep seeing everyone talking about when China is going to invade Taiwan and their military leaders are idiots.

I have already told you that they are underestimating Taiwan and over estimating China. It won't end the way their military genius experts say it will.

Let's say China does manager to conquer Taiwan. It will cost China at least 2 to 3 million troops, large numbers of weapons, and a massive amount of munitions leaving China unable to fight the US, Australia, Japan, and India. It would be stupid for China to fight Taiwan.

The better move would be for China to use those forces and munitions to take the US, especially as weak as we are, with all of the sleeper cells she already has in the US, and the other forces she can bring to bear like Russia and Latin America. Then she should take Australia isolating Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan and starve them out and into submission.

It simply does not make sense for China to waste all of those resources taking little Taiwan and leaving her vulnerable.

I am completely convinced that almost all of our elites have been living in some off world royal bubble too long and are completely out of touch with reality. Them constantly failing proves that to be true.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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