I Told You So 533

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash think they are smarter than they are, they fail at everything they try, and they think they are gods?

This video tells you all of that and more. These people could not manage an outhouse without stealing the toilet paper.

They absolutely refuse to admit when their great sounding stupid ideas fail so they can never learn and have convinced themselves that the reason for their failures is always because they did not do enough of what failed so the answer is to always do more of what failed.

It is like Tucker said, they are delusional or out of touch with reality and irrational, therefore, they are insane by definition. Basically, they all have reprobate minds.

The upper class trash are right now in a double bind. First, they are losing the war against Russia to remove Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship over everyone so they can steal everything from everyone and murder off most people (they are now encouraging mass suicide).

Second, they are trying to finalize their dictatorships over our Western nations to give them more control, power, and wealth to finalize their global dictatorship.

Every time you turn around they are grabbing harder and harder to set up all of these dictatorships, which is what their "celebration" for the start of the Ukrainian War with a massive propaganda campaign was. They are using the UN, NATO, and WHO to internationalize their government dictatorships into one international dictatorship to help them finalize their global dictatorship.

They are just proving that the ONLY thing that will stop them from their insanity is death.

I have been thinking about the greedy upper class trash royals taking our medical care away from our doctors and controlling it with their insurance and chemical companies and it is much worse than I had thought.

Think of this; those evil chemical companies will make much more money if you are sick, using and buying the most possible amount of their drugs. Therefore it will be to their benefit if our doctors are instructed or ordered to make you sick enough for you to need as many of their chemicals as possible for your entire life. You know that is going to happen, if it hasn't already happened.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

It will be a very good thing when these evil human demons are burning in Hell where they can never again cause you harm.

I have realized why our governments, especially democracies, don't last more than about 150 to 200 years before they implode. Once a new government is set up with well meaning people, it takes the upper class trash royals about 150 to 200 years to completely corrupt the rulers enough so they will sell themselves into ownership to the upper class trash so the upper class trash can enslave, oppress, and abuse the people at will. That is when God uses their evil to weaken and destroy those nations so other nations can invade and conquer those nations so we can build new nations.

That is what is going on right now. God is using their insanity to destroy our Western nations so you will have to build new nations after you get rid of at least the worst of the upper class trash.


Remember that I told you that Putin is going to attack through Poland and Germany into France?

It seems that the former president of Russia said that, if necessary, Russia will attack into Poland, you know, like I have been telling you, and Putin is getting ready to do it. Gee, what a coincidence.

This video provides very good intel about the corruption of the Western upper class trash, militaries, and other organizations. He explains a lot and tells exactly why Putin MUST decisively win this war.

He shows that it is the Western nations that are evil and wrong and why you must overthrow your corrupt governments and replace them with good governments. If the people running your nation are bad, then your government is bad and it is the responsibility of the people to remove their bad leaders so they nations can be good nations.

He also tells you some of what I learned in decades of studying Putin but there is much more to it than he told you. There was a Hebrew family that fed Putin and his mother so he respects Hebrews today and helps Israel. He also came to know Jesus as his savior because of those terrible times. He also learned Russian military history and the effective use of the Russian cauldron in crushing enemies the way he is doing in Ukraine. It is a slow, methodic, and very deadly process that I have not seen anyone other than me recognize. He also learned that you have to crush a persistent enemy to stop them. He was a KGB officer and still knows how to use his KGB but under a different name. He learned how to fight smart and not just strong. God prepared Putin well for this war.

He also tells you how the extremely hard times of the Russian people over the last 75+ years has made them hard and strong for this war. They have been through incredibly hard times with the Western upper class trash betraying and turning on them to force them into slavery AGAIN and the Russian people, now mostly Christians, are saying, "No", in mass.

I just realized that God is letting the American people go through these tough times to toughen up the American people for what is now happening and you are going to be made even tougher before this is over.

Nuke Warfare

Remember that I have been trying to teach you the truth about nuke warfare?

I get so fed up by the fear mongering by our media about how a nuke war will kill all life on earth, wipe out the entire solar system, destroy our galaxy and everything else. Waaaaaaaaa; the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

I just finished watching a video where they were talking about the thousands of nuke weapons and how they will wipe out the planet, the sun, and everything else. Waaaaaaa; the sky is falling, the sky is falling.

I am pretty sure I told you I believed that fear mongering bull crap put out by the lying politicians and media until I joined the Air Force and SAC began training me to fight a nuke war and the SUBSEQUENT conventional war and I went, "Hold it, aren't we all going to die?" They said nope and started teaching me the truth.

All the liars talk about is thousands of nukes will wipe out everything.

Hold it, most in the 40s, 50s, and 60s but some later, we have already tested thousands of nukes, probably at least 4 to 5 thousand, between the US, Britain, France, Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Pakistan, India, and probably at least a few by Iran about 20 years ago. The Soviet Union detonated the biggest nuke in history, which was a 50 to 60 meg nuke in the 60s.

Why are we not all dead? What happened to all of that nuke fallout crap? Did you know we already survived a nuke war?

They never tell you about the throw weights, strategic and tactical uses, how a nuke war will be fought, or anything else that is even close to reality.

What they teach you is that we have billions of nukes that are all the same huge monstrous size that will each destroy every planet in the solar system, that will all be fired at the same time and all of them will reach the targets and be detonated and wipe out the entire cosmos. Bull crap.

Most of the people on this planet will not know there was a nuke war until they see it on the news. Most of you will wake up the day after and say, "Hold it, I thought we were all going to die", you know, just like I said in the military. Most of you won't see a mushroom cloud, see a flash, or even see or hear anything. What you do see, you will think is s storm over the horizon or an earthquake and then life will go on.

I am so sick of the upper class trash lying to scare you about everything, you know, like all of the honey bees dying off when their population actually increased by 40% between 2000 and 2018. You can't believe a thing the government, media, Hollywood, major corporations, or lefty academe tell you. I don't think any of them remember how to tell the truth.

Hey, it is easier to control you and get you to give them more money if you are scared.

I want my own planet and would invite a few of you to come live with me in peace. That would be nice. We could all ride bicycles together and I could watch you ride horses (horses seem to think I want to be an astronaut.)

Let me share some information with you about nuclear weapons that they don't tell you on TeeBee or out of Hollyweird.

First, we have tactical and strategic nukes based on the "throw weight" of the nukes, which is measured in tons of dynamite to cause the same intensity of explosion. They are almost all in the kiloton (K) or megaton (meg) ranges where K is for thousands of tons and meg is for millions of tons of dynamite to get the same bang.

About 75% of the nukes for both Russia and the US are smaller tactical nukes of 100K or less with some being less than 1K. Almost all other nations only have tactical nukes of 100K or less, with many of them only being 10K nukes, which only have a kill diameter of about 2 miles.

Wow, that should wipe out the entire galaxy. /sarc

The strategic nukes are in the range of 100+K to 15 megs with very few being in the 15 megaton range. The strategic nukes are mostly for use for "hardened" underground targets such as Cheyenne Mountain (we and Russia both have hundreds of them) and they will be detonated underground where the blast, heat, radiation, and fallout will be contained underground and will be a minimal threat to anyone and no one will see anything more than some dust thrown up in the air and what will feel like an earthquake.

Wow, that should wipe out the entire galaxy. /sarc

Even many of the tactical nukes will be detonated underground.

Neither side will waste nuclear weapons taking out much of civilian targets except to get our greedy, power mad leaders and the rich upper class trash who own those leaders.

The primary targets will be any military units that can launch a nuke attack or conventional warfare invasion at the enemy to prevent their nation from being attacked by those units.

Another top target will be to take out the top civilian and military leaders along with communications, which is called taking out command, control, and communications. You know, those rich and powerful jerks who cause all of our wars. Hey, without those rich and powerful jerks, we won't have any more wars.

Another top target will be our ability to gather intel after the first wave to make sure we got all of our top targets before we send the second wave, which is why they won't all be launched at once. Those targets include any intel gathering systems like spy satellites, spy planes, spy ships and subs, and anything else we can use to gather intel concerning enemy target destruction.

The last major target will be to take out KEY military industry with tactical nukes. This will cause little bangs in the big industrial cities that won't even come close to destroying even half of each of those cities. You have to understand that they don't have to take out all military industry, just the key factories that either make components that our weapons cannot operate without and factories that assemble those components to put those weapons together because, if you can't put the parts together, you just have a yard full of expensive junk that can't attack anyone. Some of the most important military industry targets will be the assembly factories for all engines used for all weapons like planes, ships, missiles, and tanks. Without engines, nothing is going anywhere to attack anyone.

You see, they actually use logic and reasoning for the strategic planning for even nuke wars.

Both sides know where their key targets are for the first wave and second wave and then both sides will do the best they can to see what they missed for any number of reasons, you know, like the weapon was destroyed before it got to target, which will happen to many of them, with quite a few of them being destroyed in space, which how they will do that is classified.

Plus both sides will have to gather intel concerning the damage done to their side to help them put together the best possible battle plan for the second wave and the rest of the war. We can't plan to use what gets destroyed.

This will require both sides to launch some new spy satellites, then gather intel, then analyze the intel, then put together a second wave battle plan, then put that plan together, then launch the second wave, which could take a few weeks.

I was also trained to know how the US will handle this part of it and part of that is still classified. Yes, nuclear war really is that complex but this is the nutshell version and not the simple minded bull crap you see on TeeBee or out of Hollyweird.

Each side has 3 to 4 waves planned, with conventional war plans ready for after the nuke war (What, you mean not everyone will be killed?) but, most likely, after they see the destruction to their own side from the first or second wave, both sides will probably decide that, "Maybe we should call a truce and talk."

Also remember that all of those military officers have families they don't want to die, unlike the corrupt politicians and upper class trash who only care about themselves and their bank accounts.

Does that sound like ANYTHING like what you have heard from TeeBee or Hollyweird?

No, they are ignorant and don't know what they are talking about concerning nuke warfare but they sure love to scare the crap out of you, don't they?

I am so sick of that. It burns my butt.

Remember I told you about nuke bunkers all over the US and Soviet Union we were trained to fight a nuke war from?

This video is about a command and control nuke bunker in Europe. Note that she said the war was to be fought in 3 phases (What? People were going to survive?) and the first phase was expected to last about 30 days but she didn't tell you about the other 2 phases.

Wow, you mean a nuke war could last for months?

There were different types of nuke bunkers for different purposes. There were command and control, logistical support, and combat bunkers and we were trained to know that, it would take both sides about 2 weeks for them to get their forces into nuke bunkers, before which, neither side would start a nuke war so we kept a close eye on each other's movements in relation to their nuke bunkers.

Contrary to what the idiot media told you during the feared "Cuban missile crisis", we were NEVER within two weeks of having a nuke war, not one time. Contrary to what TeeBee and Hollyweird teach you, you don't just push a button and everything blows up. That is simple minded ignorance.

There were fighting nuke bunkers that combat units (mostly ground and air) would move to before the nuke war started and we were trained to be ready for that, from which we would fight.

TeeBee tells you that the president would fight from a special airplane. Bull crap. Yeah, right, you know to get blown out of the air by a nuke. Those planes were to quickly get his butt to a special secret underground hardened nuke bunker, I know where it is but its location is probably still secret and it wasn't the ones they have told you about on TeeBee. I think those were "revealed" to draw Soviet fire to those bunkers.

You know that base built in a mountain the space ships flew out of and into at the end of the first Star Wars movie?

We built a bunch of those in the mountains all over the US during the 50s and early 60s with nuke blast doors we could fly our planes in and out of LONG before Hollyweird made that movie and I figure they found out about one or two of those and used our nuke warfare idea in their movie.

I know where at least 3 of those bases are just in New Mexico and there are many more of them. My grandfather helped build one of those in the 50s about 30 miles from where I live now.

We were trained by SAC to evacuate to those bunkers to begin fighting after the nukes stopped flying unless our base was to deliver more nukes with our planes.

Do you believe me yet that a nuke war would be NOTHING like TeeBee and Hollyweird tell you?

Hiding in some of those nuke bunkers was what we called "Uncle Sam's Black Closet" with stuff I still cannot tell you about. Just know it was there. Star Wars and Star Trek had nothing on us, baby.

This guy in this video is pretty good and is telling you what I said. The upper class trash royals have created the worst military crisis in history, especially for the US that is much worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis.

He tells you that the people pushing us into this war with China and Russia are mad; they have been given over to reprobate minds. They are irrational and out of touch with reality so they are pushing us into a nuke war.


Remember that I told you that the bad royals are killing Britain to get their monarchy and surf slaves back?

This video by an Australian news agency interviewing a Brit tells you some about how bad it is and how persistent and corrupt their leaders are.

I think the "British Empire" is in its final death throws because of the upper class trash royals trying to force their slaves back into servitude by impoverishing them.

Maybe it is time for Bastille II?

Either that or it will soon be back to them being surf slaves because the bad royals are clearly proving they won't stop until they get their dictatorship or are dead.

Climate Change

The guy in this video is really good and does his homework very well. He completely disproves the climate change criminals and their money making crusade. Be sure to follow the money, you know, like giving them $500,000 of your tax dollars for free will make it possible for them to reverse the climate.


Remember that I have been warning you about the cartels being bigger and more powerful than the media have been telling you?

In this video they start telling you how big and bad they are.

Do you believe me yet they are one of the criminal armies the upper class trash own?

Right now, the cartels are operating at least throughout Mexico, the US, and Canada and who knows where else. It is a rapidly growing and extremely well funded armed international criminal organization that you will have to fight to get your nations back from the upper class trash royals. You better pay attention to these guys because they are part of your enemies.

It is very likely the upper class trash are infiltrating these people into our nation to counter our militias. The United States of America is being invaded RIGHT NOW!

Do you believe me yet?

We are right now at war with our own lefty upper class trash and most people don't even know it because of our lying lefty media, college professors, celebrities, and teachers. The lefty upper class trash and their puppets are waging war against us to destroy our nation RIGHT NOW!

Note that he says that commie run Canada is a real threat to us just like I told you we will have to fight in Canada and take at least the western part as part of our new nation to eliminate that threat. Trudeau and his bunch working with our internal lefty enemies have made Canada our enemy just like the same upper class trash made Mexico our enemy.

We are right now surrounded and infiltrated by our enemies so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, and lock and load.

Revelation 9:20-21:

"And the rest of these men who were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and idols of gold and silver, and bronze and stone and wood, which neither can see nor hear nor walk.

Neither repented they of their murders, nor their sorceries, nor their fornications, nor their thefts."

So God continued to judge and punish them because they refused to quit their sins like adultery, which is why I keep telling you to get right with God or it is going to keep getting worse until we do get right with God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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