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Third Temple

Remember that I have been telling you that it looks like Israel is getting ready to build the Third Temple?

This video tells you more about them looking for red heifers to sanctify the new Temple, which is what they use the red heifers for. This is probably one of the most important videos you will ever see.

Keep an eye on this because the building of the Third Temple will either be the cause of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 or the result of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Remember that I told you decades ago that the Temple Institute already has all of the materials on flat bed trucks in warehouses about 10 miles from the Temple Mount waiting to build the Temple and they said it will only take 3 days to put those building materials together to build the Temple. The Temple is prefabricated, all of the stones have already been cut, waiting to be carried to the Mount and be put together, you know, like Lego blocks.

They also know where the original Ark and other Temple instruments are hidden and have been since Babylon conquered Jerusalem because those priest hid the originals, sealed the room, which has not been unsealed since then, because they have been using replicas that got carried away by the Romans. The Temple Institute knows where that room is and have seen what is in it because of a crack in the wall opened up by an earthquake a few decades ago. They didn't even know the room was there until they found the crack in the wall a few decades ago and looked in. Gee, what timing.

They have also had the priests' clothing, the breast plate, and other things ready for services to begin for more than 20 years. Everything is sitting and waiting right now and they now have the red Heifers to sanctify the Temple. Every day, it gets one day closer.

When the order is given, that Temple will be put together and services will begin so fast your head will spin.

Wow, and then he said they will be holding the ceremony with the red heifer sacrifice to sanctify the Temple in 8 months or about November 2023. They already have the date set so they really are getting ready to build the Temple. That is amazing and that means this could cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Someone is planning something soon and he is very reluctant to let that cat out of that bag.

Think about this, if Obama seizes control of the US and takes an international army to invade Israel so he can prove he is the Muslim Mahdi by standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order that the Bible says the Antichrist will give to unite all Muslims behind him, you know they will tell all of the Muslims to leave Israel so they can just sweep through Israel and kill every man, woman, and child and it is very likely that the earthquake that will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and the destruction of 83.3% of that army along with all of the leaders, will also destroy the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque so the Hebrews will build the Third Temple, which will cause the Muslims to turn to building Mystery Babylon. At this moment, that is very likely so keep an eye on it.

Then, the next day after I wrote that, I found this very brief video telling you the Israeli military raided one of the two mosques on the Temple Mount and captured about 300 people, probably wanted terrorists though Israel called them "rioters" and the media called them "worshipers". This is not looking like a coincidence and is probably God's hand moving.

Then I found this video, which tells that the Muslims were shooting off fireworks inside their own mosque and desecrating that mosque.

Why? So they could blame Israel to anger the Muslims to stand up and fight Israel in mass?


Remember that I have told you that Truman did things that haunts us to this day and are causing problems?

He worked with the Soviet Union to set up North Korea as a communist dictatorship, which caused the Korean War and everything that has come out of North Korea since.

He permitted Mao to take control of China from our former ally to set up China as a communist dictatorship that has been causing all sorts of problems and wars for us since.

He had a chance to reverse that damage by taking control of North Korea after the Korean War, returning it to South Korea and it being a democracy but he just handed China North Korea to rebuild it as a communist dictatorship after thousands of Western soldiers died fighting North Korea and China.

Then, in this video he started NATO that is about to start WWIII. The lefty socialist Democrat, Truman, has to have been one of the worst and most destructive people in history, especially modern history.


I just found out in this video that Zelensky has said that, if they lose Bakhmut, the war will be over. This tells me that, if that is true, the West has told him that, if he loses Bakhmut, they will not support him anymore.

Has the West realized that they cannot defeat Russia to set up their global dictatorship, they are losing ground all over the world, and everything they have tried has failed so they are backing off and trying to survive? Did the West suddenly wake up, realize that Putin was not bluffing about a nuke war, and decided they didn't want to die?

Talk about getting hit by a couple of really big surprises in a row. Time will tell if they are true.

Will this cause Obama to give up on the West, especially with his Muslim pals coming together to set up a Caliphate to conquer and rule the world, and make his move to prove he should be the Mahdi of that Caliphate by invading Israel so he can rule the world?

Keep an eye on this.

Things are REALLY coming together right now! God is definitely moving in this world big time!

You better get right with God, pray long, pray hard, pray often, secure your red zones, and lock and load because this is going to get very wild. Hey, at least it won't be boring.

If this is true, you watch how fast the West "forgets about Ukraine" and uses China or Israel as a distraction to keep you from realizing that they failed. "Ukraine? Where is that?"

Has Putin really backed the cowards down?

If that has happened, you should be thanking God for saving your butts. Man plans, God laughs.

Now that the US is not going to get tied down in a war with Russia so China, North Korea, and Iran can more easily take other nations, what are China, North Korea, and Iran going to do?


Remember that I have been telling you that this nation is dead and the lefties are trying to finish killing it?

This video tells you that it is dying and collapsing. He makes it very obvious that it is because of the left and the damage they have done to it.


Remember that I told you that the big problem our military is having in understanding Putin is that they just simple mindedly think he thinks like them instead of learning how their enemy thinks?

This video tells you that at about 16 minutes into it. They cover quite a bit of what I have been telling you that is getting their butts handed to them. They are not thinking right because they think they are smarter than they are because they are not true Christians and God has given them over to a reprobate mind.

He tells you that too many of the decision makers are out of touch with reality just like I have been telling you and that they think based on what the ignorant, inbred, and stupid political class want to hear. Hey, if it confirms their stupidity, it gots tuh be right and it never is but they never learn.

Just like me, he tells you that one of the biggest problems is "politicians in uniform" who are more concerned about getting promoted because they said what the leaders want to hear. He told you that our biggest problem is that most of the people at the top are these political idiots who are afraid to tell the truth.

He tells you that, when our economic collapse finally happens, we suddenly won't care about anything beyond our borders and that may cause us to pull troops back to protect our nation like I have been saying we should.

Note that at about 27 minutes into that video, they started letting the ignorant, stupid people talk so I turned it off at about 29 minutes.

The next day I found this video where Tim tells you the nation is "crumbling" and it is dead. He tells you that the left is waging war against you and to get out of the cities, which should be the blue cities. You want to get out of all of the blue cities and suburbs controlled by the Commierats and secure your red zones because the war is quickly escalating.

More people are quickly waking up to this obvious fact about the demise of our nation.


Remember that I told you that they are trying to get Trump in jail so one of their inmates can murder him?

It is looking more and more like that is the only reason the left is doing this. It looks like a hit or assassination and, if that happens, enough people on the right will go ballistic to start a shooting war.


Remember that I have been telling you that we can track China's subs and stealth planes?

This video is about the British detecting a Chinese sub 20 miles away from the British carrier fleet and sent it packing.

When I was in the Air Force in 1972, we were able to track ALL of the Soviet Subs via satellite 24/7 and I was taught how, if we lost track of one such sub, we could find it within an hour or less but how may still be classified.

I would not be surprised that the US had been tracking that sub, alerted the British force and, when it got about 20 miles away, they also "detected it" and sent it packing.

Hey, if the enemy doesn't know that you know where they are all of the time, they may not feel the need to try to hide better?


Remember that I have been telling you that God is making us all choose between good and evil and He is then moving his people out of areas controlled by evil people?

This video shows that is exactly what is happening. God is making us all choose between Him and Satan, while moving His people out of areas controlled by Satan to protect them just like I told you.

God has drawn the line and people are choosing sides.


Remember that I told you that the GOP taking a slim majority control in the House may be just show so don't hold your breath waiting for them to actually do anything?

This video shows the frustration building because it is just show and they are not really doing anything else.

Do you believe me yet that the Republic is dead?

If your government doesn't enforce the US Constitution, then you don't have a constitution.

The left abuses the power of government to illegally and unconstitutionally persecute people and the right won't use the power of government to prosecute the criminals on the left.

One group is active criminals and the other group is passive criminals.


Remember that I have been telling you that BRICS nations are trying to get African and Latin American nations to join the BRICS Alliance?

This brief video shows India doing that in a very big way by selling African nations weapons at low prices and trying to get them into BRICS. BRICS is ramping up for WWIII.


Remember that I have been telling you that it is only a matter of time until most of the nations, especially Germany and France, bail out on the US and UK?

This brief video shows France now making a very major move in that direction with Macron saying that, if the US and China want to fight, Europe should be able to walk the middle path, you know, not take either side.

This means that Europe is right now bailing on the US and UK so that the US cannot depend on its former allies for help in a big fight and, with the UK imploding, it will just be the US against the world. Our leaders have super screwed the US and its people.

This should cause the US to pull troops back from Europe and most of the world to protect the US and the few remaining allies like Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.


Remember that I told you years ago that God told me that 80% of the agents within the FBI would be good people with only the top 20% being the bad guys.

In this video she confirms that most of the people in the FBI are good people being oppressed and held back by the bad people at the top to keep them from doing their job of prosecuting the bad people on the left.


Remember that I have been telling you that the African nations are rebelling against the abuses by our nations under the leaderships of the Euro-American royals?

This video tells you that the Africans are telling the royals that the royals dictating to the Africans what they can and cannot do is over. The African nations are taking back control of their nations and people to the chagrin of the spoiled and arrogant royals.

The royals have to wake up, grow up, and start treating other people like equal people and not inferior people. I hate to break it to the royals but they are not better than you because they slept in a more expansive crib.

The royals persist in fighting giving up being the gods for everyone else and having to come back down to earth. They have been raised to believe by their families, their teachers and professors, and everyone else that they really are superior beings, when they are not, and they refuse to give up their belief in their superiority. They insist that you continue to worship and bow down to them like they are your gods and they better change or that will get them killed.

I am seeing the exact same movement by the people and their leaders in Latin America.

Rome II has fallen and just has not finished breaking up yet.

BTW, what nations will tend to go to indebted nations for money they don't have?

The Euro-American royals have not figured that one out yet. They are not going to be able to loan others money they don't have. The Western nations don't have wealth or military power anymore and are dependent on these smaller nations for too many of their resources and products to be able to dictate anything to these nations any more. The shoe is now on the other foot.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." It is our turn to be treated the way our royals treated them.

So much I have been warning you about for years is coming true right now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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