I Told You So 567


When I see how much of what most people believe is lies, misinformation, and propaganda, the idea of my trying to teach all of those billions of people the truth is overwhelming and intimidating. It is like trying to dig up the continent of Africa with a tea spoon.

I figure that God has 1) others teaching and 2) when Obama nukes Chicago, this blog will go viral and a lot of people will quickly learn a lot about a lot of important things.

I see other people teaching about one or more things so I know God is using that route to partly unteach or deprogram the lies, misinformation, and propaganda the upper class trash royals have spent thousands of years and hundreds of billions of dollars to brainwash people to believe, which is why the left keeps trying to censor us.

I have realized that God has taught us about Obama nuking Chicago so long ago for a number of reasons.

First, He is using it to test and build my faith in Him and probably also to test and build your faith in His prophet or teacher (prophets are teachers who teach what God tells us to teach; we are not mystics. We only see in the future what God shows us in the future.)

Second, when Obama nukes Chicago, this blog will go viral globally so billions of people will learn the truth about a lot and God is giving me time to write and teach more before that happens because most people will only read through it once and probably won't follow it as I continue to write so I need to get the important stuff written before that happens.

I conservatively estimate that there has to be at least 5 to 6 books worth of information on this blog with more than 2,200 pages of information. OK, maybe 8 or 10 books teaching a lot about a lot. (A book normally has about 100 to 200 pages.)

Third, with me warning you about Obama nuking Chicago so far in advance (right now about 15 years), it could only come from God and not from me. Keep in mind that Abraham believed God for more than 20 years before he had his son.

Besides, that will also absolutely prove that I am God's prophet or messenger.

Besides, all of those other predictions that keep coming true, you know, the "I Told You So" thingies, are also proving I am a prophet or teacher of God. I mean, come on, I have a many fold higher successful prediction rate (8 to 9 times higher) than the second best in the world, the Langley Think Tank for the CIA, which they say they only have a successful prediction rate of 10% to 12%, with them having access to classified intel.

I am not doing that on my own, people. No one but God is that intelligent and I ain't God. I just work for Him.

I DON'T WANT to be God; He can keep the job.

Just remember that many of those Old Testament prophet's prophecies still have not been fulfilled from thousands of years ago.

So, hey, what is 15+ years?

Global Heat Wave

Waaaaa! Waaaaa! The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

This fear mongering about the "global heat wave" is pure bull crap.

I told you I studied meteorology and I paid attention to the local seasonal weather patterns in this high altitude desert beginning more than 20 years ago to help me adjust to it. The normal summer weather was very easy to read because in the middle of May the temperature began to hit 100+ degrees F on a daily basis; the end of May through the first or second week of July, it was consistently and daily between 100 and 115+ degrees F; the first or second week of July we went into our monsoon season with good rains about every 3 to 4 days, which brought the temperature down to the 90s.

This year, it didn't even hit the hundreds on a daily basis until the end of June and only hit about 110 in the last few days with today, July 17, being the first day of it hitting 112 degrees F. The big negative thing this year is that we didn't get our spring rains and are now not getting our monsoons, drying us out AND that should be increasing our daily temperatures but it still isn't getting that hot here.

Wow, what a global heat wave!!! /sarc

So, if they are having a global heat wave, then this high desert must be the only place on the planet with cooler temperatures or they are lying to us and it is my bet they are lying to us...again!

It is an act of terrorism by the left to scare you into giving them more control "to save our planet" so they can steal more money from you to save their bank accounts and have more control over you to save their global dictatorship. Everyone aiding and abetting in this terrorist attack against the people belongs in prison.

What they are doing is psychological warfare where they get you to focus on the normal summer heat so it will feel hotter, while they lie and tell you it is hotter. You feeling hotter causes you to believe their lies about it being hotter so you will believe the rest of their lies and give them the control and money they want; to save you, of course.

People, if it really is getting hotter, it is because of them building all of those hot solar energy farms.

Global Dictatorship

I am watching the lefty upper class trash and they have changed their tactics from threatening the people in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to obey them to conning their leaders into joining any of their governing bodies to give the upper class trash royals more control and power over those nations the West lost control over because those people no longer fear the declining West.

The EU, NATO, UN, WHO, and other organizations controlled by the West are having conferences where they invite the people from Latin America, Africa, and Asia to consider joining those organizations.

They are trying to get all nations on the planet under one government control system to convert that government control system into their global dictatorship to give them absolute control over everyone. It is a con and sleight of hand by the upper class trash royals.

The Western lefty upper class trash royals are extremely determined and desperate to get their global dictatorship as soon as possible so they can own everything, while you own nothing, and to depopulate or murder off better than 95% of the people on the planet so the remainder of people cannot topple their evil government.

The upper class trash are trying in every way they can to get their global dictatorship to have control over everyone and to own everything. They are bonafide nuts.

It is just like I have been warning you and they keep proving that the only thing that will stop these evil monsters is death and they just can't leave others alone. They will never stop until they reach Hell and, even then, if they are ever released back onto Earth, they would just regroup, reorganize, and start over again. They are eternally insane and have invented infinite insanity because their insanity is never ending.


Remember that I have been warning you that the left is turning the Ukrainian War into WWIII?

Suddenly I am seeing that Putin is really stocking up on drones and missiles, buying more than a million of them, which I doubt he will need for Ukraine. He is ramping up for a major battle or war and preparing for a major artillery barrage.

He is looking to buy Brahmos cruise missiles from India, as you can see in this video.

Then I found this video telling that Russia is building one million of JUST the Lancet drones, not including other weapons. That is massive when you consider that Ukraine might have a quarter of a million soldiers left so that will be 4 drones for every soldier in Ukraine.

Then he tells you about one other type of smaller drone, which is being produced at a rate of 3,000 per month or 36,000 per year.

People, this does not include the massive number of artillery shells, missiles, and bombs we already knew he is stocking up on. That is going to be one heck of a pre strike barrage to soften up his enemy.

Remember that I warned you months ago that Putin was buying weapons from places like Iran, China, and South Korea, not because he was running out of Russian weapons like the lying lefty media told you, but because he was saving Russian weapons for WWIII and that is clearly what is happening?

Do you believe me yet that Putin is ramping up for WWIII, which is being forced on him by the US and UK, you know, ground zero?

In this video he tells you a lot of what I have been telling you and then, at about 17 to 18 minutes he begins telling you that it is "the globalist elites who are forcing this war to continue", you know, the upper class trash royals who are determined to get rid of Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship, just like I have been warning you. He makes it very clear that the royals or elites are refusing to stop their insanity and THAT will cause WWIII.

Note that he confirms what I have been telling you that it is the US and UK causing this mess to continue, especially when he said, "The rest of Europe won't be an issue, in my judgment." The big trouble makers are the lefty upper class trash royals in the US and UK and Putin knows that AND he knows who all of the individual trouble makers are so that is why I believe that, when Putin has had enough and decides to end this insanity, he will target and kill those people. You will see small tactical nukes going off in rich people's places like Martha's Vineyard and those evil people will stop causing trouble.

At about 21 minutes into that video, Macgregor confirms that we now have a "government run by donors" or the upper class trash royals who own the politicians, bureaucrats, and everyone else like the media. He was telling you that our government is no longer a Constitutional Republic. He tells you that the upper class trash are out of touch with reality, they think Russia is weak and we are strong, and that our military they have been weakening by sacking it, will just roll right over the Russian military. These idiots don't ever think about the consequences of their evil actions.

Then he tells you what will happen when Ukraine implodes just like I have been telling you. He tells you that, when Ukraine implodes, the upper class trash won't be able to hide. Then he warns you what will happen in places like Mexico, the Caribbean, and North Korea, if Russia escalates just like I have been warning you.

He tells you just like I told you that what happens next depends on the lefty upper class trash, who own the corrupt politicians, as to what will happen next. I have been telling you that the upper class trash are showing RIGHT NOW that they won't stop and will cause WWIII and that is his biggest concern.

Macgregor confirms that this is all about greed and power by the royals. They are inbred nuts.

I believe that Macgregor is realizing that the upper class trash are NOT going to stop, he keeps expressing a concern about that, and that they will cause WWIII. He speaks about that more and more as Ukraine fails more.

He has let you know that Putin's primary targets will be the US and UK, which Putin will utterly destroy the UK by killing all of their royals, their intelligence agencies like the MI5 and MI6, their corrupt politicians or Parliament, and their military's ability to counter attack. He will turn the UK into a third world nation in a matter of hours and the UK doesn't have the military ability to stop it because their glorious royals have been sacking their military for decades.

Putin's secondary targets will be France and Germany, with other targets including all nations that are hostile towards Russia like Poland, and he pointed out that other nations like China and North Korea will join against us and keep in mind that he didn't cover everything in that short interview like African nations invading Europe and that the US is in super big trouble, at least as bad as the UK, because China, Russia, Muslims, and Latin Americans, especially from Mexico and Cuba (the Caribbean - he mentioned), have already infiltrated at least hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of troops inside the US to start fighting us from within as others invade us from without, which will be a satanic nightmare.

A lot of people are going to die because of our lefties, especially the upper class trash. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because all Hell is about to break loose on us because of Satan's spawn.

Concerning the attack on the Russian bridge to Crimea, it is very probable that was mostly planned and carried out by the UK's MI6 because of their very aggressive behavior towards Russia and their previous attack on that bridge. Most of such missions like the first attack on that bridge were managed by MI6. The MI6 has been at least 4 to 5 times more aggressive towards Russia in the last 5 or 6 months than even the CIA.

What I am not hearing about it is that, right after the bridge attack, Ukraine staged another attack against Belgorod in Russia, which was originally planned and managed by MI6. That makes it even more probable that MI6 did the bridge attack because it looks like the two attacks were coordinated.

This video tells about that.

I think they and others are now at the top of Russia's kill list so that, when this war goes nuclear, don't be surprised to see the MI6 and CIA headquarters in the UK and US glow in the dark and Russian FSB agents put together kill teams to hunt down and kill those agents and others such as politicians, bureaucrats, and upper class trash royals most responsible for this Ukraine mess. Don't be surprised to see those people start having terminal accidents.

I definitely would not want to be the Bidens, Austen, Milley, Sunak, Johnson, and King Chuck along with any of the super rich royals who own most of those people. I also would not be surprised to see owners and members of the lefty media who put out lies about this war to hurt Putin and Russia die young. Putin knows who they all are and, if we have to have a nuclear war, he will want to make them pay with things like their private planes suddenly dropping out of the sky, which would be easy for him to do. Hey, just leave these bolts over here loose and that plane will get about halfway to somewhere and turn into a plow.

Think not?

After those two attacks, Putin staged revenge attacks on places like Kiev. You better bet that he is planning revenge attacks to carry out during and after this war and maybe even before the war just to get rid of the worst of them.

The problem is that so many of these upper class trash, politicians, bureaucrats, and their thugs think they are untouchable and can murder as many people as they want anywhere they want and get away with it. That may soon come to an end.

Then I found this very brief video explaining why Afghan Joe continues to wage the war against Russia. What he says at the end is right, "What do you expect the Russians to do?" I am telling you what I expect them to do based on my studies, research, and observations and, so far, almost all of my predictions have been right.

Then I found out that Belarus shot down a Ukrainian spy drone. They are pulling Belarus into this war, you know, right next door to Poland with the Wagner troops there.

Then I found this video showing how Putin has had just about enough of the Western insanity and he keeps talking about the US and UK being the primary causes of these terrorist attacks by Ukraine. Don't be surprised if Putin's FSB soon identifies and kills some of the UK and US people involved in these attacks against Russia. They have already arrested some.

The West just keeps making it worse and worse. Russia then said they will reveal details AFTER THE WAR (which war). Putin definitely has a kill list and plans for later.

This video shows that Russia has already taken actions concerning the damage to the bridge, those actions were pretty significant, and there will probably be more actions coming.

Remember that I told you that Z boy is reading the writing on his own wall and sees his butt getting stuffed under ye ole royal bus?

This video tells us it is happening right now. He got snubbed by the EU and intentionally not invited to their meeting with nations from Latin America.

What? He doesn't want weapons from them too?

He better resign really soon or the upper class trash royals will kill him and blame Putin to turn the stupid people against Putin. Z boy is running out of time, friends, money, weapons, munitions, and soldiers.

Watch that video closely and you will see that those European upper class trash live in their own bubble world out of touch with reality, which is why they keep failing, you know, like with the Ukrainian War. They just knew they were going to win that war.

BTW, that EU meeting is the upper class trash royals trying to get those Latin American nations back under their rule and control so they can set up their global dictatorship to kill them off.


Remember that I have been warning you that COVID 19 was a biological weapon and the fakedemic was a biological warfare attack against you? Remember that I have been calling the vaccines the "murder vaccines" that they are using as a biological weapon to wage a biological warfare attack against you to depopulate "their planet"?

This video tells you the exact same thing I have been telling you because, in Florida, they stopped censoring their biology Ph.D.s and MDs and started listening to them about it all being biological warfare waged against you by the left, especially the upper class trash.

Suddenly all of those upper class trash, politicians, and bureaucrats who thought they were above the law could find themselves facing criminal charges for their crimes against humanity.

They just keep proving me right because this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

India vs China

This video shows a really huge increase in threat to China by India. India is doing military exercises with Mongolia, which has a very long border with China on her north side and will require more troops to defend. This is another big military threat to China we have not been hearing about and they may have some kind of mutual defense treaty so that, if one is attacked, the other comes to their aid.

This move means that almost every nation that shares a border with China or is near China is a potential enemy with China. That is one more reason why China should not even think about invading Taiwan but, hey, you never know what reprobate minds will do until after it is done.

This is really big so keep an eye on it. The timing was definitely intentional to send China a message.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you that Rome II is falling and just has not hit bottom yet?

I just saw a headline that said, "Europe is done" and "Europe will never recover".

I have to agree with that and they should show their appreciation to their lefty leaders, academe, media, and others who have helped destroy Europe. Hey, they can always have Bastille II.

I keep waiting to see where God is going to take Europe. If they don't get rid of their royals, it could easily degenerate back in the Feudal times, where the royals raised up armies to send to die fighting to steal power and wealth from each other, which will plunge them all back into the Dark Ages. If they keep their royals and their puppets, it is just going to keep getting worse.

If they get rid of at least the worst of the royals and their puppets, they might be able to rebuild to a reasonable level. I would not be surprised to see mass executions of the worst of the lefty upper class trash and their puppets by their increasingly angry people, especially after the left screwing up their lives so bad.

I figure that some nations like Hungary will probably make buds with Russia and Belarus to form a coalition to protect them from the others that didn't get rid of their greedy, power mad royals.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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