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Eden II

I thought about it and decided to make a deal with my Christian friends that, at year 950 in the Millennial Reign of Jesus, we meet somewhere to share what God did through us in our lives. That will be fun.

Euro-American Royals

Remember that I have been telling you that there are many more royals than they are telling you about? Remember that I have been telling you that they are all different branches of one royal family because they are all related by marriage? Remember that I have told you of some of the medical and other problems caused by their inbreeding?

This video is really fantastic because it tells you that and more. They estimate that she had 1,289 total descendants who all married into other European branches of the royal family all over Europe.

Note that does not include the descendants of her siblings, her husband's siblings, and the other members of her family's in-laws. That only includes for her 9 children and their direct descendants and note that they all married 1,289 other royals, who were all their cousins, and, if they averaged just 5 kids per couple, they had another 6,000+ children.

Do you believe me yet that there are tens of millions and maybe 100 million Euro-American royals, after 3,500 years of inbreeding?

Note that this video only talks about the medical problem of hemophilia caused by their inbreeding and doesn't include other problems they have. Also remember that research has proven that inbreeding decreases intelligence and increases insanity, which is why we are seeing everything they are doing today failing.

Unfortunately, in that video, she told you that the doctors tried to cover for the royals by making it look like their hemophilia was caused by a pain killer but it has been a problem among royals long before Queen Vic and she points that out plus we know it was caused by inbreeding.

People, the Queen's doctors, who were other royals, are not going to tell you their medical problems were caused by their inbreeding. They want you to believe that all royals are superior to you.

Remember that, in those days, the only people who could go to college were royals so all well educated people were royals, you know, like Marx and Darwin.

Hemophilia is a genetic disorder caused by inbreeding. She points out that it is genetic and gives good details on it.

Then she told you what I have been telling you about the royals all inbreeding for thousands of years because it would have been beneath them to marry one of you lowly peasants. It was their arrogance in believing they are superior to you, which caused them to inbreed, and that inbreeding destroyed their gene pool and caused the problems they have today such as stupidity and insanity.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall."

She does a very good job of pointing out their air of superiority and many of them have believed they are gods, required everyone to bow before them like bowing before a god, which is the reason why you still have to bow to them today.

Eyes Opening

Remember that I have been telling you that people's eyes are opening and more people are moving to the right?

God let the lefties have what they wanted and increasing numbers are not liking it. They are realizing they were lied to by the left.

In this video Turley tells you that the changes are pretty radical with ten or more point changes taking place. They are especially turning against the failing Marxism and, if they check, they will find that many of changing sides live in the big blue cities and states, where people increasingly have to live with the Marxism.

Hey, if their teachers and professors had not lied to them, they would not have chosen to live that way.

He tells you that Christianity is surging in growth, which is causing more people to become conservative. We are still at about only one in three people identifying as Christians so we are still mostly pagan as a nation, especially since our nation is run mostly by pagans. Things are going to keep getting worse until that changes because God will let those people have what they want and that will make things worse.

Remember that I told you that the left killing their babies or not having babies would come back to haunt them?

Turley says that is happening right now and it will get worse as time passes.

Do you believe me yet that your children are your future and, if you kill off your children, you are killing off your future?

The left is finding that out the hard way right now and this will cause increasing numbers of school teachers and professors to lose their jobs because they have supported killing off their future students.

Who is going to need them to teach nobody?

And you think they are smarter than you because dey gots dem duh right degree from duh right ukneebursity? Is their stupidity hurting your brain yet?

They are their own worst enemies and too stupid to figure it out, you know, like all of those woke CEOs and other woke managers who should be sweeping floors.

Liberalism will eventually kill itself off but not before destroying everything it can.


I just found out that Afghan Joe is giving Ukraine another $1.3 billion to buy what is left of our weapons and munitions from us so we can surrender to everyone without a fight.

This is interesting because Russia has been finding our missile launchers because they use radar and the radar signal tells Russia where they are.

To beat that, they are now sending laser guided rockets to Ukraine so that the signal is more difficult to detect but there are significant limitations to lasers. They cannot operate with anything in the air like precipitation, dust, smoke, or chaff so it is easy to break lock on the laser so it can't guide the rocket.

Plus you can follow that laser right to the launcher.

There are also things you can do that will cause the laser beam to feed back on itself and destroy the device putting out the laser but that is all classified, though I am sure Russia probably already got the emails about it over the last 10 years.

I am wondering how long it will take ECM leader Russia to figure that one out, 15 minutes?

I was looking through videos and realized something very important about Afghan Joe sending cluster munitions to Ukraine. The upper class trash have begun to question their moron belief that Putin wouldn't dare to use nukes against those wonderful, magnificent, elite royals so they are sending cluster munitions to see if Putin will use tactical nukes to counter them. The morons are getting a wee bit scared and desperate so they are testing the waters just in case they are wrong about Putin. Hey, they have been wrong about everything else.

The trouble with this simple minded, great sounding stupid idea is that Putin doesn't have to use tactical nukes to counter the cluster munitions. He is already using missiles, drones, artillery, and aircraft to take out Ukraine's munitions depots, munitions transportation vehicles, and artillery that will be using the cluster munitions and has already almost wiped most of them out.

One thing you better be concerned about is that you better bet that these ignorant, stupid, greedy, power mad, desperate upper class trash royals are considering and talking about is sending Ukraine tactical nukes because that is next on their agenda. They are already sending illegal cluster munitions so the next thing is tactical nukes.

You better bet Putin knows it and is planning for it.

Do you believe me yet that the ONLY thing that will stop these lunatics is death, which may happen soon?

Hey, if you keep supporting these lunatics and they get you nuked, you deserve it. Quit supporting them.

This destruction of the Kerch Bridge came from the Odessa area and that will require Putin to finally take Odessa to stop it. All of the attacks against Crimea have come from that area.

I am now seeing Putin bombarding Odessa telling me he is about to take it. He has now bombarded it for four nights in a row.

Also, the Wagner troops have started training with the Belarus troops next to Poland's border.

"What, they are not training next to Ukraine's border?"

I told you they were moved there by Putin to invade Poland, Germany, and France from day one, didn't I?

No one else was saying anything about it being a move to invade Europe to stop the insanity, not one other person.

So now Poland has moved thousands of troops near the Belarus border but they can't stop them.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Do you better understand why Afghan Joe sent cluster munitions to Ukraine?

Here is something to watch. Remember that Poland is talking about sending troops into Western Ukraine to claim it for its own, which Russia doesn't like because Poland is a member of NATO.

It is possible that Putin positioned his Wagner troops by the Polish border to tie down those Polish troops so they can't be used to take Western Ukraine making it easier for Russian troops to sweep south through Western Ukraine.

Then I found this video where Poland said that Russia sending the troops to fight with Poland is a provocation.

What? Didn't Poland say they wanted to fight Russia? Why are they not excited about fighting Russia? Were their corrupt politicians just talking the talk to sound tough and impress everyone? Did their big mouths just get their butts in trouble?

Did you notice that Prigozhin was there?


This is critical to watch because it is probably leading up to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. I have been seeing small items leading that way but this is pretty significant.

In this video she starts out talking about a weapons deal between Turkey and Saudi Arabia but, towards the end, she tells you that the 4 biggest weapons buyers in that area are Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

What do they have in common?

They are all Muslim run nations and they surround Israel.

None of them have an external threat to warrant buying a lot of weapons and they are ramping up for war.

Erdogan of Turkey has been calling for decades that all Muslim nations unite and wipe out Israel, while Iran has been funding terrorist armies that have been fighting against Israel ever since Jimmuh Cahrtuh put them in power in the late 1970s, and Egypt has fought a number of open wars against Israel. Gee, this sure looks awful familiar.

It looks like they are probably ramping up for war to take out Israel and, if that is right, that will probably lead to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, especially since all of those and other nations are listed for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Keep an eye on it.


Remember that I have been telling you about the UK's aggression against Russia and how it is angering Russia? Remember that I told you that the UK doesn't have the military might to defend against an attack by Russia? Remember that I have been telling you that the UK has almost completely wiped out its munitions by selling them to Ukraine for the money the corrupt politicians have been giving to Ukraine, you know, to make the upper class trash royals more wealthy? Remember that I have been telling you that the UK is the primary nuclear target because of the crimes they are committing against Russia?

This video confirms all of that and more. Their upper class trash royal idiots have finally figured out they have an increasing probability of being nuked because of their crimes and they are aware of their weaknesses.

Will that cause the UK to back off in it attacks and crimes against Russia?

No, that would require them to give up on their insane obsession with them ruling the planet with their global dictatorship so they probably still believe that Russia wouldn't dare nuke them, the glorious royals, and that they can continue to safely hide under the US umbrella, which doesn't even exist anymore.

They are too crazy to stop but at least they are finally showing a little concern but, as long as they continue to commit their crimes against Russia, that won't do them any good.

Did you also noticed that they said that China, Iran, and North Korea are also a concern for the UK, just like I have been telling you for years?

The UK confirmed everything I have been telling you about the problems they are causing but they still won't back off because they are inbred insane and stupid. The more I see the more I become convinced that the British Royal Family is going to force Russia to nuke their evil butts. It just amazes me how stupid their reprobate minds are.

Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than they are because my farts would never do anything that stupid? Do you believe me yet that the royals just can't stop with their insane obsession with their global dictatorship?

I feel sorry for the people of Britain but they keep supporting their royals so at least most of them deserve what their royals are going to bring on them. It is the rest of them that I pray for God to protect them from the insanity of their leaders.

Man, am I looking forward to the Millennial Reign of Jesus where there won't be any of these monsters and beasts. They will all be burning in Hell for that entire 1,000 years, where they can never cause harm to anyone again. That will be so wonderful.

Illegal Immigration

Remember that it was the lefties who were all for all of this illegal immigration and encouraging it against the will of most of the people?

This video shows that those same upper class trash people are now paying Tunisia to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into Europe.

Another great sounding stupid idea of the lefty upper class trash just failed big time. Illegal immigration is creating a lot of problems in Europe so they are trying to stop it.

Their stupidity really does make my brain hurt.

To all of the stupid people around the planet who support these insane criminals, you deserve what you get, but to the rest of you, I pray for you.


Remember that I told you years ago that, when everything keeps failing for the Commierats, their party will tear itself apart with some of them saying, "Get out of our way and let us show you how to do it right!"

It is happening right now with everything the Commierats having done is failing and Afghan Joe is plunging towards Hell in every way. I think that even Satan doesn't want him to run again.

Their dreams of a global dictatorship ruling over all of you are dead and they are starting to figure it out. They are very rapidly approaching critical mass, when Obama and his bunch of Muslims will seize control of the US to set up their Muslim global dictatorship. It isn't if any more but when. Every day, we get one day closer.

I keep an eye out for him staging a formal ball in the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago for some reason just like God told me and I told you.

Remember that, for him to seize power, he has to kill the president, vice president, Congress, and Supreme Court because all of the people at the top of the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and DOJ are his people; they will support his dictatorship. I would not be surprised if they helped him stage that coup and I also expect his move to cause the good people in our government to break away from the evil leaders to take a stand and protect key areas in the US like the red states from that dictatorship. It will be do or die time for everyone.

People, Obama and his people are not going to sit there watching the entire Commierat Party failing destroy his dreams of him ruling a global dictatorship without taking things into their own hands to make it happen. With the things they did in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, and other places that should tell you that they will kill anyone and everyone they feel they have to in order for them to get absolute rule over the planet, especially with them believing he is the Muslim messiah or Mahdi.

Keep an eye on this.

Chemical Industry

Remember that I have been telling you about the corruption of the chemical industry that no one talks about?

This video gives you a much better view of how complex and overwhelming it is.

Note that he told you that they never ran tests on drinking water before this even though they knew those chemicals are in most of it. You can bet that is because of bribes.

Note that he tells you how many different things in our world have those chemicals and they have known their effects on your health for at least decades. The truth is just now STARTING to come out and it will get much worse before this is over.

But, hey, the chemical companies have made trillions of dollars from this and, if you pay a few million in bribes, no one does anything about it because politicians, bureaucrats, the media, and others are cheap.

Pay attention at how he explains "forever chemicals" and know a little more of how much Jesus is going to have to heal our planet we have messed up in many ways before we can live on it with good health for 1,000 years.

Climate Crap

Remember that I have been telling you that this climate crusade crap was just a front to launder money into the upper class trash royal pockets, you know, your tax dollars?

Guess who is getting a really big amount soon?

This video shows that King Chuck is going to get an massive increase in "profits" because of wind energy. Their "profits" will suddenly go from $550 million per year to $1.3 billion or an increase of $750 million, better than double.

Gee, I wonder why the royals are pushing all of this climate change crap? You don't think it is a racket for them to make billions of dollars do you?

I warned you about this, I warned you about this, and I warned you about this!!!

Do you believe me yet? Do you get the picture yet?

They own almost everything but that isn't enough for them because they are inbred crazy. They have to have it all.

They better enjoy it while they can because, when they die and go to Hell, they are not taking it with them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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