I Told You So 575


Remember that I have been telling you that Ukraine has been taking very heavy losses and they can't do that long before they won't have enough troops left to hold back on Russian offenses?

This video tells you that is exactly what has happened. It is only a matter of time until Russia cuts loose with a full scale offensive.

Mean while, ALL of the leaders for the West responsible for this failure, including Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley plus all of the leaders for the UK, EU and NATO, should be required to wear red (bloody) dunce caps everywhere they go to show just how stupid they are. They are so stupid they can't even read and understand the Russian strategies and tactics.

Russia is taking back the land they LET Ukraine have to trap and destroy the Ukrainian troops.

Also, the video shows that Russia is appreciating the West equipping and arming Russia with the West's equipment, you know, like that Bradley they captured. Putin should be nice and send Afghan Joe a thank you letter.

Do you still think the Western leaders are as smart as your farts, you know, those intellectually superior elites, who gots demselves duh right degrees from duh right unkneebursities being taught by out of touch with reality, dope smoking, overpaid, lefty academe?

Remember that I told you that most people go into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally? Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash royals and their puppets have been inbreeding too long and that always causes a decrease in intelligence and an increase in insanity? Remember that I have been telling you that the West's military and intelligence leaders are so stupid that the only way they can get promotions is by telling the idiot upper class trash royals and their puppets the lies they want to hear?

Almost all of the intelligent people are further down in the ranks and are the working people. The really stupid ones are running the planet.

Do you believe me yet?

The military calls what Russia is doing right now "probing" to find out how weak the enemy is, where their weakest places are, and then they will use that intel to plan their offensive. Every day it gets one day closer.

One thing that just blows me away about this is that the war is really about the royals trying to get Russia out of the way of the royals so they can set up their global dictatorship over everyone, therefore, the greedy, power mad royals are not going to stop the fighting until they get what they want; an absolute global dictatorship AND no one is saying or doing anything about it.

Without addressing that obvious and simple fact, you cannot come up with a solution to the problem. You HAVE to stop the globalists to solve the problem. Noting else is going to work. No matter what else you do, the globalists have proved they will not stop on their own. Even the failure of their great sounding stupid ideas will not stop them because they will just keep doing what is not working until someone stops them. The globalists ARE the problem.

When the people wake up and realize that the upper class trash royals and their puppets ARE the problem, then the people will be able to solve the problem.

I do hope you realize that, with all of these Western weapons like the Leopard tanks, French tanks, US Patriot system, and others so suddenly showing up in Ukraine without an adequate time to train the Ukrainian operators for these weapons systems, it should only be obvious that the crews operation those weapons are NATO crews who already knew how to operate those systems.

There is no way that we trained up Ukrainian troops to effectively operate those systems that fast. Therefore, it should be obvious that it is NATO directly engaging Russia in battle with those weapons and losing.

That means that we have not just been depleting our weapons and munitions but also our trained soldiers in Ukraine. We now do not have those weapons, those munitions, and those soldiers to defend our nations. Think about that. You can bet that Putin knows it.

I keep seeing that Putin not "making a big push" is still causing the West to believe that Putin is afraid to fight the West, which emboldens the West and to believe that he will be easy to beat. I have told you that Putin wants them to believe that so that 1) the West will keep sending in more and more troops and weapons into Russia's traps for Russia to destroy with minimal risk to Russian forces and 2) it will make it much easier for Putin to stage a surprise preemptive nuclear strike against the West because it has the West believing that Putin is afraid to fight the West. We used to call that a sucker punch and it actually makes the West much easier to defeat.

This also makes it very easy for Putin to continue to draw Ukrainian/NATO reinforcements into Russian traps to slaughter them by simply giving up tiny bits of ground to convince the West that they are defeating Russia so they just keep sending more and more troops in to be slaughtered.


Remember that I was warning that the other African nations will begin to support Niger? Remember that I warned about those African nations using their control of those gas and oil pipelines to fight back against European imperialism?

This video provides very important information about all of that. Pay attention to the map of Africa showing all of the nations that have ALREADY signed agreements with Russia because they are already part of the Eastern Alliance and the idiot Western upper class trash royals and their moron puppets don't get it that they are fighting against a global alliance to stop the West's global imperialism.

The real irony here is that the West is being forced to give up their imperialism because they don't have military forces capable of imposing that imperialism because they sacked and destroyed their militaries they need to impose that imperialism to fill their greedy pockets with their defense money. They screwed themselves because of their greed but they are not finished screwing themselves yet so it is going to get even more interesting because of their insane greed.

This is just beginning and is accelerating fast. Africa is angry at Europe and increasingly striking back. If given the chance, most of them will go into Europe to take back some of what Europe stole from them.

Listen, a big reason why Europe became so rich and powerful is because they conquered and sacked other nations from all over the world to increase Europe's wealth and this imperial globalism was the West trying to take that to the maximum potential. The rest of the world isn't stupid and they know that.

Other nations are now saying they have had enough and no more imperialism by Europe to increase the upper class trash royal wealth even more while the rest of the world "owns nothing!" They understood what that meant.

The rest of the world has gotten tired of owning nothing while the royals live in great luxury and the world is fighting back but the royals refuse to quit their obsession with their imperial globalism to enslave and rob the entire planet.

If the lunatics running the West don't forget their obsession with their imperial globalism, back off, and calm the planet down, they could very easily all end up dead very soon.

The people have said, "Enough" but the royals don't want to hear it.

People, the African people realize that, if they stand up to the greedy European royals stealing their wealth, the African nations can become just as wealthy and prosperous as the European nations once were by keeping what is left of their wealth.

Think about this, right now, the few remaining imperial states of Africa are remaining under the control of the European nations because their leaders are taking bribes that are a fraction of the wealth the European nations are stealing from those African nations. If those African nations stand up to those European nations and stop the flow of that wealth out of their nations, those African nations will become much more wealthy.

They realize that they can stand up to the European royals because those royals have sacked and weakened their own militaries so the royals can't use them to conquer and oppress everyone any more, especially if everyone unites into a global alliance.

Remember that I warned you years ago that, when the royals sack and weaken their own militaries the way Rome did, they become vulnerable to invasion and conquest by other nations, that is what has happened right now and Africa finally realizes it.

Do you believe me yet that you are right now watching the fall of Rome II because of the insane greed of our upper class trash royals?

For those of you who don't understand this. First, the Niger coup was carried out to free Niger from France's continued imperialistic control of Niger, you know, the way our US Founding Fathers staged their military coup to free us from British imperialism, which greatly increased the wealth of the US.

Second, the ECOWAS is an organization by 15 (now 14) nations that are still under European imperialism with puppet governments out of a total of 54 African nations and this coup causes them a wee bit of a problem. If they do not militarily intervene to return Niger to imperialistic control by France, their militaries will be motivated to stage coups to free their nations from European imperialistic control and those owned puppet leaders could lose their jobs and their heads.

Plus you know France is bribing them to unite and invade Niger to return her to France's imperialistic control because, if France goes into Africa with a military force to regain imperialistic control of Niger, she would find herself at war with most of Africa (about 40 nations), Russia, and China with a military that has become a paper tiger because their corrupt upper class trash royals have sacked their military budgets to fill their greedy pockets at the expense of their national security PLUS there are many Africans who have immigrated into France and the rest of Europe, who would stand up and fight France from within to help Niger keep her freedom from European imperialism.

Do you believe me that it would be very easy for Africa, with the help of Russia and China, to invade, conquer, and sack Europe? After what the European Royals have done to the Africans for hundreds of years, why wouldn't they?

Plus you have to also understand that there have been 7 military coups to free African nations from their imperialistic puppet governments in just the last 3 years so France invading Niger to get her slave state back could cause the rest of her slave states to also stage military coups for freedom.

What are they going to do with this coup?

I don't know. I just hope they do something good with it the way our Founding Fathers did.

This video provides some interesting intel because it shows that Italy, one of the five strongest and richest nations in Europe is taking the side of the African nations freeing themselves from imperial rule and oppression by European nations like France.

This will encourage the few remaining governments under European imperial control to rebel and break free to become independent nations.

Remember that Italy recently staged a revolt from European globalism via election of a conservative faction that is against European globalism and their supporting African nations in breaking away from control and oppression by European globalist nations will further weaken and destroy the West's globalist efforts. Remember that Western globalism is royal imperialism to seize control of the entire planet.

Then I found this video, which, in the first part, shows Italy supporting the African nations breaking away from French imperialism. She really tore into President Moron.

You KNOW that will encourage the 14 African nations remaining under European imperialism to rebel for freedom. You can bet that all of those nations' political and military leaders saw her rant about those nations getting their freedom from European imperialism.

Now it is not just Russia and China supporting those African nations breaking away from imperial oppression and robbery; it is Italy and other European nations. The world is turning against the royal globalists.

It should be very clear why these European nations are continuing to force their imperialism on the African nations. It is all about money, you know, those royals and their puppets steal more from more people faster. They do not care that they keep entire nations of people living in poverty as long as they get more wealthy.

This was also a smart move by Italy because she may see that the African nations are mad and getting ready to invade Europe with Russia so she made sure those nations know she is on their side. After that, most likely, if the African nations invade Europe, it will be through Southern France and not through Italy.

In the second part, it is very important that France was not invited to the BRICS conference in Africa. They know that France is part of the reason why they had to form BRICS to fight off the Western Royal imperialists to stop the Europe/American oppression and imperialism to prevent the royal imperialistic globalist dictatorship over them.

France is part of the enemy they are fighting and France arrogantly expected the BRICS people to stupidly let them into BRICS meetings to try to seize control of BRICS to continue their imperialism by neutralizing BRICS against the West?

You know that is what the French royals would do.

People, BRICS is an a global alliance against the Euro-American royal globalists. They are not going to let those globalists into BRICS to destroy it from within the way the royals are destroying their own nations.

Today I was watching this video and realized that it shows you how poor Africa is because of European imperialism. This channel is of a young woman traveling around continents on a motorcycle and we get to see how people live all over the world. For about a month now she has been driving down the west side of Africa, it is really bad poverty there and it becomes obvious why African nations are throwing off the oppressive yoke of imperialism for freedom.

Hey, their resources made the royals rich.

BTW, a lot of the time she is driving on major roads and you need to take a look at those major roads. That is how poor Africa is.

Now do you understand why I like these and the sailboat cruising channels?

You see what is really going on in this world and not just what they show you on TV. They can be a real education and put you in better touch with reality on a global basis.

Constitutional Law

In my last court appearance I said something the judge took wrong and she said, "You will respect the court or you will be held in contempt of court!" I was surprised and stunned so I have been thinking about that.

Did you know that there is not one word in the US Constitution that requires the people to respect the government and the judiciary is the third branch of the government?

ALL of the words in the US Constitution REQUIRE that the government, including the judiciary, to respect the people. As a matter of fact, the Constitution tells us that, if our government goes bad, it is "our duty" to overthrow that government and replace it with a new government.

That judge had it backwards because she was taught wrong. I am not required to respect her but she is required to respect me. Therefore, what she said was unconstitutional.

Personally, I respect people until they earn my disrespect.

You have to understand that the Founding Fathers were the first government of the US AND they wrote the Constitution to protect the people from THEM because they were intelligent enough to understand that they would not always be the government and whatever they, the government, could do to others, others, the later government, could do to them.

So, by protecting the people from themselves, they were protecting themselves from the future government. It was brilliant.

They were all Christians and understood what God meant when He said, "Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."

They were intelligent enough to see past today into tomorrow and prevent others from abusing the power of the government over them.

Clearly, today's upper class trash are not that intelligent or they would not be doing to others what they are doing today.

You see this happening in Africa today. For hundreds of years, the European Royals invaded, conquered, ruled, oppressed, enslaved, and robbed the people of African, today the power of those European nations has greatly diminished because of the greed of their own upper class trash royals, and the people of Africa are throwing off their chains of imperialism with the European royals refusing to give up that power and control, which is causing the Africans to want to do unto the European Royals what the European Royals did to them for hundreds of years, you know, invade, conquer, enslave, and sack Europe.

Don't be surprised to see at least some of the Africans carry off the European Royals into slavery the way the European Royals carried off some of their ancestors into slavery, you know, the Africans doing unto the royals what the royals did unto them.

God meant what He said.

Today's all-knowing, all-wise, intellectually superior academe have it all wrong when they teach Constitutional law. The US Constitution was not written to make the government tyrants; it was written to impede the government, including the judiciary, from becoming tyrants.

The US Constitution is a contract between the people and the government to protect the people from abuses of power by the government and our governments are in breach of that contract.

Now, either the government must return to being compliant with that contract or the contract becomes null and void (when you breach a contract, it nullifies the contract) and the people will be forced to overthrow that tyrannical government to write a new contract, while prosecuting those in the former government who breached the first contract because those in the government are not above the law and must be held accountable for their actions.


Remember that I have been telling you that this "human trafficking" is really just a fancy term to cover for slavery?

This video tells you that. The upper class trash are using the cartels to bring those people into the US so the royals can use them as slave labor in "sweat shops" to increase the profits for the royals.

I have been watching this crap since the 1970s and I don't know how many law enforcement told me that they can't investigate these crimes because the upper class trash have their puppets shut down the investigations and that human trafficking is just a nice way of saying that the Democrat Party got their slavery back to increase their wealth at other people's expense.

It is like I told you, the Democrat Party did not give up on slavery because they lost the US Civil War, they just changed the name to "human trafficking" to fool the people and hid it from most people. They are still slavers.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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