I Told You So 582

The Church

Remember that I have been telling you that Satan has infiltrated his spawn into our churches to destroy them from within?

This video is just one of many examples of that and she points out that the poser Christian and pagan members of that church put together a fake poll to try to destroy the church by turning people away from God, the Bible, and the Law.

I have been watching this crap go on for more than half a century and studied it in history. It is even talked about in the Bible.

Hey, where do you think the left learned to never quit?

From their god, Satan, of course. He never quits and keeps doing what isn't working. Satan and his demons have been failing for 6,000 years and they are still trying.


Remember that I have been telling you that the US and UK are working to start WWIII with Russia? Remember that I have been telling you they have both been trying to back Putin down by bluffing him because they believe he is afraid of them? Remember that I told you that the British Royals are running this show from the UK and the US is just a proxy?

This video is about just that. The UK is deploying military aircraft in opposition to Russian planes and ships that will inevitably result in confrontation and conflict. This can be nothing but an act of war and aggression by the UK against Russia.

Then, after the UK starts the war, they will get the US to fight the war for the UK because the UK couldn't last a day in a fight with Russia but they can sure start a fight with Russia they can't finish.

They are doing what I have been warning you about for months. They are RIGHT NOW escalating the Ukraine War into WWIII.

You better put on your lead lined asbestos underwear. The intellectually superior upper class trash royal idiots have gone completely bonkers mad.

This makes me wonder whose side is Modi on because Sunak is his man? Did he set this up with Putin to justify a surprise preemptive nuclear attack against the UK and the US or is he trying to back stab Russia? Or is Modi having his proxies start a war between Russia and the US/UK knowing that China will jump in on Russia's side to destroy all of our militaries and leave India as the most powerful nation in the world?

Who is going to win that war between the UK and Russia that the UK is starting?

Ask the Russian nuke armed ships and subs just off the coast of the UK. The UK air defenses won't have time to react to those nuke missiles at such a close distance. The British Royals are about to get a lot of British people killed.

I told you that things are getting really bad really fast because the royals just can't stop their insanity and are out of touch with reality.


Remember that I told you that the US is setting up a group in Niger to assassinate the coup leaders?

Now, by the strangest coincidence, the US has changed its mind and is pulling half its troops out of Niger and "repositioning them".

Gee, you don't think that is so no one can blame the US troops for what the CIA is doing, do you?

"Hey, if we were going to do it, we would not have cut our troops in half so it had to be Niger's people."

They are keeping some troops in Niger so they can come rushing to the aid of the people after the coup leaders have been murdered.

These people are so easy to predict.

Keep an eye on this.

The next day I found this video about the coup government in Burkina Faso that got them out from under French imperialism and the problems they have been having with counter coups since their coup.

It should be obvious that France, the US, and UK are involved in those counter coups to get Burkina Faso back under French imperialism. Hey, you gotta keep those slaves in line. /sarc

You should expect the same thing to happen to Niger.

By the strangest coincidence, France just backed down from bluffing about a military intervention into Niger, is also now "repositioning" their troops, and is demanding Niger release France's puppet.

Africa just moved up in the world.


Remember that I started warning you years ago about these big businesses getting too involved with China and it would come back to haunt them? Remember that I told you that China's economy is going down the toilet so she can't sustain a prolonged war but, with her being desperate and watching her dream of global conquest slip through her fingers, she will be more likely to go to war to save herself?

This video tells you just how dire her economy is and, by the strangest magic coincidence, how it is taking down businesses still operating inside China to use her slave labor. He also explains how the upper class trash using China's slave labor will eventually impact our global economy, though he did not tell you this will cause China to go to war like I did.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Let me show you how stupid the greedy lefty upper class trash are. If all of the businesses are using slave labor to save money to make their stuff, they are not paying their workers enough to buy their stuff so you will eventually kill your market and that is part of what is going on right now. Increasing numbers of people are no longer having enough income and wealth to buy the big business products and they are losing big time.

Henry Ford understood this when they had a depression in the late 1800s and all of the other car makers started laying people off and cutting back salaries so the upper class trash didn't have to cut back their incomes. Ford kept a full employment and gave everyone a pay raise so they could afford to purchase his cars and they did, helping to keep his business thriving by keeping sales high enough to cover costs, while all of the others suffered economic and financial losses and had to shut down factories. We studied that in economics, which makes me wonder why the upper class trash don't know that.

People, if the people own nothing because the upper class trash have stolen everything, who is going to buy the upper class trash products to keep the upper class trash rich?

Only economically ignorant idiots think that true wealth is hording everything you can because you will eventually spend all of that money and inflation will bring its value down. True wealth is maximizing cash flow from your customers to you and back to your customers so they can buy more from you to keep the cash flowing.

That is economics 101, which the lefty commies obviously all failed. There is a reason why Commie Biden's economy sucks. The lefty economics of the communists are severely flawed and don't work, which is a big reason why all communist states have failed and always will fail, with China failing right now. They believed their idiot lefty college professors.


You know what kills me about Modi from India?

He is condemning the war in Ukraine, while ramping up for war with China and Pakistan for the same reason Russia is fighting in Ukraine.

Think about that and know that not one journalist got it. The idiot journalists think Modi saying he wants peace in Ukraine means he is Mr Peaceful, you know, while he is ramping his military up for war. At the rate he is increasing his military, in 3 to 5 years, it could easily be the second most powerful military in the world behind Russia and they are allies with Modi selling weapons to Russia and buying weapons from everyone.

Everyone better watch that Modi dude.

Also notice that the entire West is kissing his butt to try to turn him against Russia and Modi is taking advantage of it.

Will he fall for it?

Know that, if he helps them take down Russia, the West will turn on him next because the power mad West do not plan to share power with any more people than they have to and are already turning on each other so you think they won't turn on Modi when they no longer need him?

The West is probably already secretly plotting and making contacts with Modi's opposition inside India to get rid of him, when he is no longer useful. What you are seeing is just show and it is very different behind closed doors. They are all vicious, devouring savage beasts no one should trust.

If Modi falls for their praises, he is a sucker and a fool and the West is hoping he is. People, the West gave him whatever he wanted to sucker punch him into turning on Russia. Don't be surprised if at least some of them pretend to convert to Hinduism.

If you want to see some interesting cultural intel from India, just watch this video and notice how Modi DID NOT hug Meloni the way he did all of the men AND he had his wife stand between him and Meloni for pictures. He obviously MUST stand off from women because of his wife. He is not allowed to be even as affectionate with the woman as he is required to be with the men.

That was interesting.


I got a couple of interesting e-mails from Mark I want to share with you.

This is the first one:

"In your essay, you discussed how evolution is scientifically impossible.

I don't know if you are familiar with Dr. James Tour, who is a PhD organic chemist.

He is a creationist who agrees, and he says that abiogenesis is impossible. He uses his expertise in organic chemistry to prove it. He has made quite a few videos. I enjoy listening to him.

Here is his website."

You would be amazed at how many scientists are creationists because science proved to them that evolution by accident and coincidence is scientifically impossible.

This is the second one:

"We must remember that the assassination o Julius Caesar occurred AFTER he crossed the Rubicon. Et tu, brute?

Sorry, as advanced as the F-35 is, it is no match for the Warthog in close ground attack."

He knows. BTW, for those who don't know, Brute is Latin for Brutus in English.

The most important thing every power mad whacko should learn is that, when they set themselves up in a position of absolute power, they are setting themselves up as a target for murder by one or more others who want that power, which is why all "successful" dictators always become paranoid and purge like crazy, killing off anyone and everyone, including immediate family, they think MIGHT want to kill them for their power. That is why they ALWAYS purge 90% to 100% of the people who helped them get into power, including immediate family, because, after all, if you can help them get into power, you can help put them out of power by helping put someone else in their position and they know it.

No one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor.

Another thing that amazes me is that the people helping put some nutcase into power never learn that lesson until it is too late.

"What? You're going to murder me because I helped put you into power?" Of course they are because you are the biggest threat to them.


Remember that I have telling you how bad the Ukrainian/NATO army is being decimated by Russia?

This video tells you that they are measuring how long the Ukrainians survive by hours and days and not by weeks and months because Russia is killing them so fast.

Then why isn't Russia advancing?

Because it is a trap that Russia will keep using as long as the West keeps sending their troops and weapons into it to be destroyed.

I find it interesting that this Vlogger is finally figuring out what Russia is doing a little more each day. He is getting there.

I just found this channel and he gives some interesting intel concerning this war. He covers things the other don't cover.


I have been telling you to keep an eye on Erdogan because he was playing both sides. This video shows that he just took Russia's side against the West, at least for the grain deal. The upper class trash royals and their puppets are losing the fight for their global dictatorship in every way with both NATO and the EU falling apart at the seams.

But you know they are too nuts to quit so watch for their next moves. They may include the CIA and MI6 causing riots in those nations who resist the will of the British Royals.

Russian FSB

I told you a long time ago about Russia's FSB spies all over the world but especially in the West. They are good and Putin knows almost everything that is going on. He gets very few surprises.

This video makes it look like the US FBI just found out about the FSB and they are worried. It tells you that the FSB are everywhere in large numbers.

Yep, I knew that a long time ago, you know, like during Nam. We were trained to deal with them, when they were the KGB.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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