I Told You So 585

Arrogant Royals

Remember that I have been teaching you about how arrogant, stupid, insane, and out of touch with reality the royals are?

The great royal god and spawn of Satan, Newsom, has passed a law, Amendment 28, that does away with the Second Amendment of the US Constitution or at least in his insane royal mind.

Remember that ALL greedy, power mad royals believe that they are above the law because they are the law and whatever they say is the law and der Furher Newsom is a French Royal, you know, King Newsom the 13th of Commiefornia. Hey, that is the way their ancestors did it for thousands of years so it gots tuh be true. Forget that the US Constitution was written to prevent that kind of abuse of power.

Note that the US Constitution was not written to require you to respect the government but written to require the government to respect you.

Do you believe me yet that the Royals have all been inbreeding too long?

They really do believe they are so superior to you that they are gods and you MUST obey every evil edict that spews forth from their lips because der mommy and daddy got horny.

Let me teach you the reality of law.

The US Constitution is the basis and foundation for all law in the US.

All state constitutions MUST be compliant with that law or you don't get statehood.

All federal laws MUST be compliant with that law or they are illegal and imposing or enforcing them is a federal felony.

All state laws MUST be compliant with both the US Constitution (first) and your state constitution or imposing or enforcing them is a federal felony and state felony.

All city ordinances MUST be compliant with both the US Constitution (first) and your state constitution or imposing or enforcing them is a federal felony and state felony.

No one can write or impose a law that overrides any part of the US Constitution, especially not at the state or lower level.

Amendments to the US Constitution can ONLY be written by the US Congress and MUST be approved or ratified by at least 2/3 of the states in the US.

Now that is law and reality. I know because I studied law.

By claiming they have written and passed a state law, their 28th Amendment, Newsom and the members of their legislature that voted for it all committed federal and state felonies and should be prosecuted, incarcerated, and, if they have a law degree and/or license, disbarred for life.

People, most of today's politicians are attorneys so they have a law degree and most of them passed their bar so they KNOW when they are violating the US Constitution. There is no excuse for the crimes they are committing. They KNOW they are committing crimes, when they commit those crimes. There should be NO mercy for them.

That is legal reality.

Guess what, the same thing should happen to Queen Lujan of New Mexico but no one has arrested her to prosecute her because the lefties have taken over our legal system to make themselves above the law, which is an insurrection, treason, and other crimes and some of them are capital crimes, which means they should hang.

Those who should arrest her and have not arrested her are aiding and abetting her in the commission of her crimes, they are derelict of duty, they are complicit in her crimes, and they are accomplices in her crimes so they should also be arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated. End game, the people.

Do you believe me yet that the left has destroyed the US and it just has not finished kicking yet?

If you do not enforce the US Constitution, then you do not have a constitution, and this cannot be a constitutional republic, and our nation, as a constitutional republic, is DEAD!

Don't believe me?

Go study law.

Then I got this email from Mark:

"I must agree with you about your governor. She seems to think she has a Divine Right to rule, at her every whim, over 'common' people regardless of the law and the courts.

Hmmm, divine right; isn't that what kings and queens believed they had?"

Yep, just like I said. Gee, what a magic coincidence. All greedy, power mad royals believe they have a divine right to make you their slaves and rule over you. To them, you are just another animal they can kill any time they want, you know, like cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. It's their divine right, "in their view".

After what you have seen, do you believe me yet that the US is dead and just has not finished kicking yet?

Hey, "in my view" and according to the Bible, they ALL have a divine right to eternal damnation.

With them in constant violation of the US Constitution and refusing to enforce the US Constitution, the Constitutional Republic of the US CANNOT not be dead. These and other events prove conclusively that it is not possible for the Constitutional Republic of the US to not be dead. It just has not finished kicking yet.

We are in the death throes of Rome II because of our evil upper class trash royals and their evil puppets and she is right now going down for the third count and it ticks me off more than just a little bit. There is no doubt in my mind that ALL of these evil savages belong burning in Hell for treason.

You should all be very upset about this because you no longer have any legal rights or freedoms and MUST abide by any and all fake laws that spew forth from their evil lips or else. People, that is EXACTLY what COVID 19 was really all about. It was a dry run at using a fake medical emergency (the flu) to stage an insurrection and treason to set up their dictatorships/monarchies and it worked very well with all of the stupid people complying with every evil edict they imposed on you because no one enforced the US Constitution. What they did was unconstitutional and illegal. They are the worst criminals in the history of this nation and they are in control.

Hey, they are fulfilling Bible prophecy by saying, "Good is evil and evil is good," because they are Satan's spawn.

That is why Queen Lujan staged another fake health emergency to finish the job in New Mexico and the rest of them are working on another fake medical emergency (another flue fakedemic) to finish the job for them.

That is why I taught you real science and kept trying to warn you during their Fakedemic.

Where the hell is our military, all of whom swore an oath to uphold and protect the US Constitution from both external and internal threats. They are doing a really terrible job of it, are not keeping their oaths, and a man is no better than his word. If they don't keep their word, they are garbage.

Then I found this video with Macgregor telling us how and why our nation is dying. I am not the only one seeing the death throes of our nation and the West caused by the upper class trash royals.

He tells you a very important thing about the left when he tells you that, because of the left's believe in atheism, they have no moral compass, which means "do as you will" is good. Satan's one law because the only law and no other laws, including the US Constitution, do not matter.

Then he tells you about nihilism, which is very much the same so that, if it feels good, do it. No morals, not values, and no ethics and all you are supposed to care about is yourself and your bank account.

Does that sound familiar?

Do you believe me yet that, when the upper class trash royals and their puppets say they care about you they are lying because all they really care about is themselves and their bank accounts?

They have been taught in their "right universities" that is all they are supposed to care about.

Then he tells you what I have been telling you about the greatest threat to the US is from within and not other nations. That threat is our upper class trash and their lefty puppets. They are destroying this nation and are trying to finish the job right now. He tells you like I told you that it will take years to clean up the mess the left has caused, which will give them enough time to finish destroying our nations.

He finished by mocking the idea of spacy aliens about to take us over, just like I have been telling you.

Do you better understand why God is punishing our nations being run by these evil lefties by letting them destroy our nations to turn us back to God?

BTW, the royals have dreamed up a number of names to hide the fact they are royals, such as calling themselves oligarchs and elites. Those names are just a cover for them being royals because they know that, if you realize they are royals, their heads will quickly come off and almost no one will follow them. Those and other names are just the curtain for our wizards of Oz called royals and I call them the upper class trash.


Do you know why the West is blaming Z Boy for losing his offensive against Russia?

Gee, you don't think it is to distract everyone from the fact that it was the West who trained Ukraine's offensive forces, do you? Or maybe it was also to distract from the fact that the West sold Z Boy their old, used, junk "game changer" weapons to fight with and for the upper class trash and their evil puppets to make billions of dollars, do you? You don't think it is their way of getting out of their promise to stick with him "for as long as it takes", do you? You don't think it was to distract from the fact that, while Z Boy was running around begging for more money and weapons, it was the NATO, CIA, and MI6 exspoits mismanaging the war, do you?

Nah, it had to be Z Boy's fault. "Get your butt under our Western Royal bus, boy!"


Remember that I told you not to be surprised if Prigozhin turned up somewhere?

It wasn't him this time but it was a general who everyone thought had gone mission and might be dead. "Why, Putin probably murdered him."

The first 2:30 of this video tells you that he turned up in Algeria working with their government to keep French forces out of Algeria and making arrangements for Russian forces to be in Algeria. Putin knew where he was.

He went missing because he was clearly on a secret mission. Don't be surprised to find out that it also had to do with those gas and oil pipelines going from Algeria to Europe, you know, to France.

It is a really old trick. You make someone disappear for a while so you can send them on a secret mission and I have noticed that Putin is good at it.

Then I found this video about a day later dispelling the Ukrainian "news" about the Chechen Warlord, Ranzam Kadyrov, being out of action and in a coma, when, suddenly, he reappears just like a certain general.

Gee, I wonder what secret mission he was on?

You have to understand that this is Russia beating out the Ukrainian, CIA, and MI6 intelligence by feeding them false information and making them look inept. Hey, if they don't know he is there, they can't watch him or plot to kill him there. Think about it.

I wonder who else in the Russian military has "gone missing" and is on a secret mission?

Also, they are now telling you what I have been telling you about us going to war with Russia and that the war has already started. As more people realize this, more NATO countries are already jumping ship with 4 nations in Eastern Europe plus Turkey now jumping ship.

I am keeping a very close eye on this right now.


This guy uses Google Earth to find ruins in the Southwest US and then goes to see them. He finds what were very large communities and a lot of them telling me that the Indian population here 1,000 years ago was much, much larger than anyone is saying.

You have to understand that what happened is that, by 1,000 years ago, the Anasazi, Mogollon, and other tribes had built a massive civilization, which means there had to be much more surface water in this area than there is today and I have seen evidence of this in various places throughout New Mexico, where there are ruins with no surface water, and from talking to older people than me like my grandparents about how much greener New Mexico was just 100 years ago.

The Anasazi were mostly in the upper New Mexico/Arizona and Southern Colorado/Utah areas living in really big and advanced communities like Chaco Canyon and the Aztec ruins near Farmington, New Mexico. From things they found at these sites, we know the Anasazi traded as far south as Mexico City with the Aztecs and the Pacific Coast with a number of other tribes. They probably also traded with the Mississippi people along the Mississippi River.

The Mogollon lived in Southern New Mexico and Arizona and in Northern Mexico.

About 800 to 1,000 years ago, the Navajo, Apache, and Comanche Indians migrated into the Southwest from today's Washington State, Western Canada, and Alaska (probably fleeing the wars in Asia) and completely destroyed those civilizations over a period of several hundred years. The Navajos and Apaches migrated south where today's Utah/Colorado border is and the Comanches migrated south just east of the Rocky mountains. As they moved into the area, slaughtering, sacking, killing, and enslaving the inhabitants, the survivors fled to the mountains creating cliff dwellings and mountain top villages on mountain top plateaus that were easier to defend. Most of them were killed off but some survived by fleeing to pueblos or were taken as slaves and became part of the raiding tribes.

There are ruins all over the Southwest telling us there used to be a really big population here and I have seen some of them. More than 20 years ago we knew about more than 300 such ruins throughout just New Mexico and they have found more since. This guy is finding them everywhere.

I had an uncle who worked for the New Mexico State Highway Department building roads all over New Mexico and he told me they found ruins everywhere. He told me about one ruin where about 600 people were butchered by the Comanches between Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico. They either killed or captured all of the people because no one came back to bury the dead and they found dead remains with Comanche arrows still in them and one had a Comanche war club lodged in his skull.

There were very advanced civilizations all over the Americas about 1,000 years ago that were completely wiped out by the time the first Europeans arrived by the Indians that were here 500 years ago, when the Europeans got here. We know that both the Aztec and Inca Indians wiped out more than 100 tribes each and subjugated at least 100 more tribes each in setting up the empires they had when the Spanish got here 500 years ago.

That means that the Navajos, Apaches, and Comanches murdered off at least 1,000 tribes and villages in the US Southwest before the Spanish got here 500 years ago AND they were still in the process of finishing those tribes off in central and northern Nuevo Mexico by regularly attacking the pueblo tribes around Taos and Santa Fe along with the Acoma tribe that built their pueblo on top of a flat top mesa for protection, the Zuni, and others, when the US Army forced the Navajo, Apache, and Comanche tribes onto reservations to protect the smaller tribes, Spanish, and US pioneers.

In studying history and archaeology, I realized decades ago that everyone on this planet who had control of land, when Chris Columbus was born, had that land because either they or their ancestors murdered the people who had that land before them and took it.


Remember that I have been wondering what Sunak and Modi were up to concerning the UK?

This video partly answers that question. Sunak is doing the UK a great big, humongous favor by getting rich Indians to "invest in UK's economy to help it recover from the stupidity of their upper class trash royals", you know, by having rich Indian businesses make big investments in the UK economy, which will give rich Indians control over the UK economy, which will give those rich Indians control over the UK.

Gee, what a magic coincidence and, just like the royals always do, you do your evil, while making it look like you are doing them a favor. Hey, it's a magic show, people. Now you see it, now you don't.

Ye ole British Royal Family just sold out the UK and everyone in it. But, hey, they were going to build new palaces in Mystery Babylon and move there anyway. What do they care about Britain? Maybe, because they are descendants of Nebuchadnezzar, they think they have a divine right to rule over Mystery Babylon?

Maybe they needed the money to build those new palaces or their just unloaded what they own in the UK and are moving to Mystery Babylon before Russia melts down the UK because of the Royals?


Remember that I have told you that the Royals believe they are superior to all of you, that they are gods, and they are above the law because they are the law?

This video shows you that these monsters have created a satanic cult in which the people worship the royals by blindly believing and obeying whatever the royals say. Tim shows you a video of the lefties literally praying to and worshiping those elites or royals. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

I like the part where the woman called the ruling elites evil monsters like I have been telling you for years. God told me years ago that He was opening your eyes and those eyes are opening. That is part of my job with this blog.

This is a very good video explaining the left and their stupid lefty worshipers and supporters.

They tell you that all of this insanity is to conquer and rule us just like I have been telling you. The lefties are power mad nuts.

Pacific Islands

Remember that I told you a long time ago that the US Military needed to remilitarize the US Pacific bases on Polynesian Islands in the North Pacific we used during WWII like Midway, Wake, Palmyra, Johnson, and other such bases to protect us in a war with China?

I just found out that the US Military is remilitarizing their WWII Pacific island bases to protect the US in a war with China.

Gee, who would have guessed?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

It would make me wonder if the US Military is reading my blog but I told you years ago that I know they are and why. By law, they have to because, a few decades ago, I repeatedly made contact with a foreign agent I knew they were watching, with me having a secret security clearance and knowing classified intel, to get them too watch me because I was trained to know they would be required by law to watch me after that.

If you know espionage, that should also tell you that I can send them secret messages without them even realizing it, much less the lefties. Think about that one.

Hey, where did you go? Are you suddenly going digging back through my older posts? Gee, I wonder why you would do that? LOL SAC trained me well, didn't they?


Remember that, in a previous essay, I shared a video that shows you the nations that China is occupying?

Take a good look at that map and you should realize that the land mass for China proper is less than half the land mass they are calling China, which should tell you that about half of China's population are not true Chinese but are members of those nations China is occupying so that China might actually have about 600 to 700 million of the 1.4 billion people China claims and many of those people from those occupied nations, who want their nations back, are officers and enlisted members of the Chinese Military, probably at least one third to half.

You can bet that most of those people in the military from those occupied areas have met, they know each other, and they have talked and organized for a potential rebellion and even know other members from the other occupied nations who have done the same. At the first opportunity, those members will turn on the CCP to get their nations back, which the CCP knows, which is probably why the CCP keeps kicking officers out of their military but those people are then going to naturally form underground militias to eventually rebel against the CCP to get their nations back.

You better bet that the Taiwan Military know at least some, probably most, of those officers and are working with them.

Oh, how I would love to be the commanding officer for the Taiwan Military when China gets stupid enough to invade. I would be sitting there saying, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty."

If you study history, you learn a lesson the greedy, power mad royals have not learned in 3,500 years, which is that occupied nations create weaknesses within your own nation so a wise person would not want to occupy other nations, you know, like Putin does not want to occupy Ukraine. Putin knows that those occupied nations will eventually help bring down your nation and Putin does not want to cause that to happen to the Russian people, especially since he saw it happen to the Soviet Union.

This is just one of many weaknesses in Communist China that you better bet Taiwan and probably also India know about and would be one of the greatest weaknesses for globalism because the inbred, evil, idiot Royals never learn because dey is are be too smarty pants to learn.

Think about how inbred stupid these greedy, power mad royals are. Their ancestors were the people who set up all of these global empires like the Spanish, British, French, and Dutch empires that were brought down by all of those occupying nations and the idiots still want to make the same mistake their ancestors made because they never learn.

Listen, if you make a mistake, that is human but, if you make the same mistake again, that is stupidity.

You need to know that we have people in our military who are from nations we abused or destroyed.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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