I Told You So 589


After what you have seen over the last few decades, especially recently, do you believe me yet that Hell is a good place for good people because it will protect good people from evil people, who go to Hell?

It is about to get much worse.


Hamas "achieved all targets" so they now want to talk truce, you know, like all of those murders, kidnappings, and destruction never happened and so the Hamas leaders can start planning their next attack on Israel without worrying about getting their evil brains blown out. "Hey, you know, it was all just good fun." /sarc

They better be thankful that I am not the PM of Israel or I would be putting together a kill list of everyone involved in this horrid crime against the people and preparing to hunt down and kill every person involved in these horrible crimes from the top down. I would refuse to negotiate concerning anything until everyone of those murderers is dead. If any of them manage to escape Gaza, you hunt them down wherever they go and kill them. They committed war crimes , which is a capital crime.

Everyone of those evil monsters should be held accountable for their crimes. They had no mercy on your people, they should get no mercy from your people.

People, you cannot just let these evil monsters to get away with their crimes because it will embolden them and others to commit more crimes later.

"Hey, we got away with murdering all of the people we wanted because all we had to do was ask for a truce and those stupid Israelis gave us the truce, letting us get away with our crimes. So we can murder all of the people we want, ask for another truce, and get away with any crimes we want."

No, everyone needs to know that, if they commit such crimes they will die too in order to discourage them from committing such crimes plus, when you send them to Hell, they will never cause harm to anyone again. God told us to use the death penalty for very important reasons.

As I am watching this, I am realizing that Hezbollah will attack Israel when she goes into Gaza because Gaza will tie down many of Israel's troops so they cannot be used in such mass against Hezbollah.

Two other potential flash points are both Egypt and Syria, who share borders with Israel. They may also attack Israel when she goes into Gaza with other nations and terrorist organizations sending forces to Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt to join in this war.

This could very easily escalate into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and looks more and more like it is.

Plus tension building in every nation that has Muslims so that, when Israel goes into Gaza, those Muslims may start uprisings and riots to tie down the forces in those countries to keep them from helping Israel.

It is very obvious that the stupidity of the Western upper class trash Royals and their puppets in such places as Afghanistan and Ukraine has emboldened those hostile nations against the West and has made them anxious to go to war with us. They now believe that, united, they can beat us.

This is probably the biggest reason why Israel has not yet gone into Gaza; they want to prepare for all possibilities and they are moving troops to all of those borders. The last I heard, Israel has called up half a million reserves.

Importantly, people keep forgetting that Israel has more than 200 nuclear warheads as of 30+ years ago and probably has more now. She has a number of nuclear armed subs, ships, and planes plus missiles. I can't believe no one is talking about that and realizes that Israel is not going down alone.

From what I understand, almost all of her nukes are tactical nukes of 100K or less. She could devastate Iran and a number of other countries pretty badly, especially militarily.

I just found out that Israel is bombing exits from Gaza into Egypt to keep the Hamas terrorists and their leaders from escaping into Egypt. That means Israel has cut Gaza off completely from the rest of the world. They are now shooting fish in a barrel.

This video channel, Israel Guys, gives you some good intel about what is going on in this war. They are a pretty good channel and I have found them dependable.

Remember that I have been telling you that Hezbollah has joined in the fighting from the north and to watch out for Iran, Egypt, and others, especially terrorist organizations, joining in the fighting with Israel in this war?

This is the first video I found telling that Iran has also joined in the fighting alongside of Hezbollah in Syria at the Golan Heights in Northern Israel and that another terrorist organization has also joined them. It tells you that they have all set up a "war room" or command center in Beirut and are just now positioning or massing troops for their invasion.

He also tells you that the US has committed a second aircraft carrier group for twice the fire power. If the US gets involved, Islam will be fighting against two of the top four military powers in the world but Islam has 1.4 billion people globally.

This is escalating quickly and Obama, Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam have not yet joined this fight so keep an eye out for them. This is huge and is going the way I warned you it might go.

Note that it says the Iraqi "SHIITE GROUPS" telling us that this entire thing is being managed and staged by Shiite Muslims but Sunni Muslims could soon join. The Shiite Muslims are the Iranian Muslims who have been negotiating with Afghan Joe and that he recently gave $16 billion to. Iran has control over all Shiite Muslim groups. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Hold it, the Nation of Islam is also Shiite and is involved because Afghan Joe is a puppet for Obama, who is a top member in the Nation of Islam so you know it was Obama who told Afghan Joe to give that money to Iran just before this war started. Oops!

I am starting to see Obama, Farrakhan, and Nation of Islam finger prints all over this thing. They are starting their move now and, with those Muslims in US intelligence, it will be very easy for the Nation of Islam to pull off a surprise nuking of Chicago. This just keeps getting worse.

I woke the next morning doing the math on this so let's do the math.

We know that Louis Farrakhan is the head of the Nation of Islam, which is in control of all black Muslim groups plus the rest of the Muslims in the US. We know that, by the 1960s, he started getting his people to join key agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA, Pentagon, and others, you know, two thirds of a century ago. Then he would have those trained and experienced US Government agents return to the Nation of Islam and build a second government within a government for the Nation of Islam PLUS he kept some of those agents in the US government to infiltrate and take control of government agencies and to provide intel from those agencies.

Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have been in the process of staging a soft coup or insurrection since at least the 1960s.

Farrakhan has been making trips to Iran to communicate with the leaders of Shiite Islam since at least the 1960s and has been to talk to the leaders of Iran probably over 100 times since Jimmuh Carhtuh arranged for them to take control of Iran from the Shah of Iran in the late 1970s and Jimmuh probably did that at the encouragement of the Nation of Islam because they have been a big and powerful part of the Democrat Party since at least the 1960s. I remember watching them being big players in the Democratic Party in the news in the 1960s.

Then Farrakhan helped get Obama elected as president in 2008, with Farrakhan getting a wee bit long in the tooth and tired of waiting. Remember that Farrakhan went to see Billy Boy Clinton about staging their coup then but Billy Boy talked him out of it. Farrakhan has been chomping at the bit ever since then.

Obama selected Afghan Joe, Obama's puppet, for his Vice President to do his dirty work behind the scenes because of Afghan Joe's corruption. Joe sold his soul to Satan a long time ago.

Obama promoted Afghan Austin, you know, a Nation of Islam agent, to the position he held in the Pentagon, when Afghan Joe promoted Austin to his current position in charge of the Pentagon so that the Nation of Islam is now in complete control of the Pentagon, which I found out yesterday, is now in control of the CIA. They have been in charge of the NSA and all other intelligence agencies since I was in during the 1970s. Plus remember that the lefties converted to Islam in 2012 under Obama, putting them under control of the Nation of Islam. It is also obvious that Farrakhan's agents have taken top control of all significant agencies in the US Government giving the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, and Obama at least 80% to 90% control of our government deep state at the top in what is a soft coup or insurrection. Hey, it only took them two thirds of a century.

All they need now to finish their soft coup is a crisis event, you know, like COVID or 9/11, to scare the American people enough to want Obama to save them, you know, "from evil Israel", that our upper class trash owned media are turning everyone against. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Then he points out that the Muslims have warned that, if the US gets involved in this war, the Muslims will attack US bases in the Muslim nations.

You can bet that will also be the trigger event for the Muslims in the US rising up and waging war within the US, you know, the Nation of Islam's BLM (what, you meant those BLM riots were a test run?), which will help the Nation of Islam with their soft coup by scaring everyone into wanting Obama to save them.

You can bet that Farrakhan, Obama, and the Nation of Islam were involved in planning and staging the war in Israel to use the bombing of Gaza to turn the American people against Israel, like the left is doing right now, so they can blame Israel for nuking Chicago and want Obama to invade Israel to save them. Remember, Israel has tactical nukes.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load. It is about to go hot.

Illegal Aliens

Remember that I have been warning you about soldiers and terrorists infiltrating into the US?

This video is about that and has some interesting information.

Do you believe yet that my estimates are always conservative and it will always be worse than I say?

People, that is an army of Muslims and is just for this year. Them permitting these unknown people into our nation is a severe breach of our national security and a federal felony. But, hey, these criminals doing this are above the law.

People, this is going to get very ugly very quickly just like it just did in Israel. The good guys in our military better get our troops to our nuke bunkers really fast because NONE of our US bases have war zone perimeter defenses and they will all get overrun really fast just like the Israeli military bases did.

Then, hours later, I found this video showing that those Muslims infiltrated into other countries throughout the west are rising up in protest and, when Israel goes into Gaza, this will probably get violent like in Israel and they are within the gates.

I hope you have learned that all of these protests are financed and organized by the upper class trash of whatever nations or religions. They obviously are not spontaneous. That means that, when they get violent, that has also been financed and planned out with specific targets.

All of those people and many more will support Obama, Farrakhan, and the Nation of Islam taking a US army to invade, conquer, and destroy Israel. Most of them will gladly join that army.

I am seeing more and more people who are realizing that there are lots of Muslims in this country and the protests supporting Hamas are causing them to realize that some of those Muslims want to do to the US what their fellow Muslims did to Israel and they are becoming concerned.

Do not be surprised to see increasing terrorist activity in the US, especially in our big blue cities because of the lefty commie traitors those people have kept voting into office.

Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load?

We need a massive Christian revival in this nation to get the people back into a good standing with God so He will protect us better from these bad people, including our current leaders, media, educators, upper class trash, and others. A lot of people are about to die.

This video tells me that pro-Muslims have infiltrated our intelligence and other agencies just like I told you the Nation of Islam has been doing for more than half a century.

Gee, who would have guessed? Gee, maybe the Nation of Islam in the US helped cover up this attack so no one would know it was coming? You think? What else have they already planned for the next phases in this war against us and are covering up?

This shows that it should be obvious that it was planned internationally by Muslims with Muslims having enough control of our intelligence agencies to cover it up. This is a severe breach of national security and MUST be cleared up as soon as possible.

I have been warning you about this for more than a decade and it is now happening.


This is a very interesting and telling video that shows how Russia is breaking Africa free from Europe and the US, helping improve their economies and industries, and creating new trading partners with Russia to also help free Russia from the West.

The stronger their economies and industries, the more money their people will be making, and the more people and nations can increase their trade with Russia, while isolating the West from everyone else to decrease our control over everyone else.

Putin is driving the West out of Africa and freeing Africa in a number of ways.

Right now the West is imploding because of the greed and insanity of our upper class trash and their puppets and it won't be much longer until the implosion is complete.

I have been wondering about Putin making buds with such power mad nations are Iran, India, China, and North Korea but I just realized that, after those nations take out the West, Putin has enough nukes to take out all of those nations plus he has been buying down those nations' munitions stock piles while stocking up his own. Putin may be the most brilliant military leader in history.


Remember that I have been telling you how ruthless the Royals have been for thousands of years, murdering their own families for power and wealth?

This video shows a glimpse of that inbred insanity. It is about dozens of Royals murdered by their families. They are literal barbaric brutal savages pretending to be civilized.

Yeah, a really nice bunch. I thank God I was not born into that bunch.

Do you believe Jesus yet that very, very, very few of them are not going to burn in Hell?

People, if they will murder their own family members like that for power and wealth, you mean nothing to them. They will and have slaughtered you and your ancestors like pigs and chickens for thousands of years and are still doing it. The only thing they care about is themselves and their bank accounts.

They don't even care about each other so they are NOT going to care about you. It should be obvious from just a little bit of history that they are brutal savages and human demons who don't even have mercy on each other.

Now, who kept arresting all of those Royals?

The rest of the Royals they don't tell you about or call commoners to deceive you.

Do you believe me yet that there are more than 10 million, maybe 100 million, Euro-American Royals running this planet and that is what everyone else is rebelling against...finally?

These upper class trash Royals are finally losing their control and power over the rest of the world because of the way they have treated the rest of the world for more than thousands of years and because of their insane greed. The rest of the world has had enough, especially with the upper class trash Royals trying to set up a global dictatorship to increase their power and control over the rest of the world so they could steal everything from everyone.

Do you better understand what is going on?

I can't wait for Judgment Day when every evil word, thought, and action they have committed is made known to everyone and you will finally and completely understand why they will spend eternity burning in the Lake of Fire just like Jesus said they will.

Now I have to go apologize to savages for calling the Royals savages. The bad ones are the worst criminals in history.


Remember that I have been telling you since before the Ukrainian War began that Russia loves to use what they call the Russian Cauldron and we call an "encirclement"?

The first 14 minutes of this video he shows you the step-by-step execution of a Russian Cauldron just like I have been telling you for almost 2 years. I warned you about those outer points on both flanks they can use to make a pincer move to encircle or put the "lid" on the Russia Cauldron.

They created that pocket to draw enemy troops into it like I told you and then do the pincer movement to enclose the enemy within that pocket so they can't get reinforcements, resupply, or retreat, completely cutting them off from the rest of their forces to finish them off.

Everywhere that Russia has created a pocket like that and drawn large numbers of enemy troops into it, I have been waiting for Russia to put the lid on that cauldron and they finally did big time, trapping a large number of Ukrainian troops inside their cauldron to finish them off. I told you so!

This is just the first of those Russian pockets with lots of troops in it that will soon be encircled and then the Russians will bombard the enemy, while starving them out with no resupply for munitions, food, and water. They will destroy those troops until they are all wiped out or surrender.

It is a trap armies have been using for thousands of years, I have been warning you about those traps and showing what I could of them but this is the first time the video showed the details of how it works.

Now that Russia has started finishing those traps off, as soon as they finish with this one, they will do another one and another one and another one until the Ukrainian line implodes and then Russia will pull off at least one or two large ones like I told you about before this war started to quickly finish off the Ukrainian/NATO Army.

Then he tells you why Russia did this cauldron first because he said that there are a lot of underground bunkers with a lot of NATO (US and UK) troops and officers for Russia to trap and capture, which will be a massive victory for Russia. Gee, what a prize that is going to be.

Russia just went on the offensive and the West just lost a huge battle.

BTW, I don't think the timing of this first cauldron capture and the breakout of the war in Israel also tying up US forces is a coincidence. US forces are now tied down in both theaters, spreading our troops out, with some now captured, weakening the US Military.

Holy crap! The fecal matter for WWIII is starting to hit the fan and Russia just staged her first offensive attack against the US and UK just like I have been warning you.

You better watch China and North Korea.

I warned you that, when the Eastern Alliance escalated to WWIII, they would start fighting in Europe/US, the Middle East with Iran, China, and North Korea and it is starting to build right now. Here we are, half way there with the US trying to start wars with China and North Korea.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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