I Told You So 59

I have tried to refrain from so many "I Told You So" essays this year but it has just been getting too easy to write them so we are going back in business writing them.

I warned you about the mess in Libya and guess what? I told you so. The bombing stopped Gadhafi's forces from advancing and wiping out the Al Quaeda over throw of his government and country and now the Western forces are permitting the Al Quaeda forces to advance freely to retake an oil field and engage with Gadhafi forces else where while still stopping the Gadhafi forces from defending the country and government, you know, just like I told you they would. After the Al Quaeda forces took back an oil field, Al Quaeda began setting up an oil company and are trying to use that to get the Gadhafi financial resources which were frozen by other countries like the US and EU to keep Gadhafi from using those moneys in the war. Want to bet the Al Quaeda forces get those moneys to fight Gadhafi....and the rest of us?

Just like I told you, both Russia and China are now calling for the bombing of Gadhafi forces to stop but they have also been joined by North Korea and Germany with others to follow. This begs to question why Russia and China abstained from the Security Council vote to get Gadhafi. Easy, it was a sucker punch by Russia and China to let the West invade Libya so they could then turn around and make the West look like the bad guys they have become with this invasion, which Russia and China are pointing out is in violation of UN policy. Score one for the commie east against the commie west and the stupid commie west thought the commie east was on their side because, after all, they are all commie's. The stupid commie west have been fooled again....which I have to admit is easy to do.

Of particular note is that this action against Libya is setting a very dangerous precedence for invading Israel when she defends herself from attacks by Hamas, Hizbullah, and other terrorist organizations and kills civilians. This is a very easy prediction to make and will be used to justify a UN war against Israel in the near future.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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