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Israeli War

The more you learn about something, the better you understand it.

Remember that I told you that the Muslims are required to conquer the planet and kill all non Muslims, especially Christians and Hebrews?

This video tells you about 5 different times the Muslims turned down two state solutions to continue waging war against Israel in order to wipe out Israel and the resultant killings and wars.

The Muslims don't want peace; they want you dead.

Note the edict by the Muslims concerning "the 3 No's". That stands today.

The "two state solution" may sound good to ignorant people but the Muslims absolutely reject it, yet, the left just doesn't get it.

Remember that I have told you and showed you that someone else had to plan the attack because they are not militarily sophisticated enough?

This video shows that someone else had to gather a massive amount of intel for the operation because 3,000 terrorists were given exact details for their operations. They knew the gate to attack, doors to use, and such for attacking bases. They took out communication towers all along the border before the attack, used drones to take out base defensive positions, and many other very sophisticated things. The terrorists didn't just make up stuff as they murdered. That is why they swept through the area so fast. They knew where to go and what to do.

The very detailed information they were given for their specific operations could have only come from a significant number of military personnel in either the Israeli Military or a very close ally like the US. There is no way those terrorists gathered that much very specific intel.

This kind of planning and operations intel required a very large team of professionals gathering that intel for many different locations and operations over a period of at least a few years.

Since it ultimately failed, Hamas was driven back into Gaza, and is about to get wiped out by Israel, I figure it had to the the CIA and/or MI6 because of Ukraine.

Remember that I warned you that Afghan Joe could be sending our troops to attack Israel instead of to help Israel, while pretending to help Israel?

Why would I think that?

Because I have been watching Afghan Joe and the guy in this video explains it very well. Afghan Joe has always shown a dislike for Israel and is Obama's puppet so he is not going to support Israel against Obama's allies. Hint, hint.

Wow, I am supposed to believe that Afghan Joe suddenly changed from hating Israel to helping protect Israel from his puppet master's allies? Really?

Nah, I am not that stupid because Afghan Joe taught me to not trust him. I trust him almost as much as I do Satan, the father of lies.

I agree with that guy at the end of the video and am watching to see if Afghan Joe is going to use that "help" as leverage to get Israel to not defend their people and prevent future terrorist attacks. I figure it has to be one or both of those two things.

BTW, Afghan Joe has deployed a US Marine amphibious assault ship (small aircraft carrier with landing craft) to Israel.

To stage an amphibious invasion of who? Israel? Gaza? Lebanon? Syria? A big question is, "Will those soldiers obey an order to attack Israel and kill Hebrews for Afghan Joe or Obama?"

If they are true Christians, they won't. Keep an eye on that.

Afghan Joe is going to Israel so here is food for thought: "Is he going there to see how he can help or to learn Israel's plans so he can tell Obama and the Nation of Islam those plans?"

No one can trust a traitor.

Right now the lefty media, Western and Muslim leaders, and other Israel haters are doing everything they can to turn as many people as possible against Israel just like they did with Russia and this video shows you some of that. These guys put out good intel so you will know what is going on.

Right now, the fighting is escalating on the northern border of Israel with Hezbollah and, of course, Israel hating Turkey has sided with Hamas.


I hope you realize that, with so many illegal aliens coming into the US, especially Muslims, this war in Israel with the Muslims murdering more than 1,300 men, women, and children and thousands more injured, and our lefties and Muslims in this nation cheering that on or at least supporting it, you should expect a massive increase in terrorist attacks in the US, so be prepared.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because you now need it.

Remember that I told you that the Muslims don't just want to murder off all Hebrews but everyone else who is not a Muslim? Remember that I told you that Islam requires the Muslims to conquer the world and kill off all non Muslims?

Muslims are now calling for the same Jihad against India that Hamas just started against Israel. Their violence and murder is now spreading to the rest of the world.

You have to understand that the West, which kept this in check for the most part but not completely, has greatly weakened because of the greed of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets, making everyone more vulnerable so the Muslims are now feeling more emboldened to wage war against more of the world.

Also, we have let the barbarians inside the gate, where they can much more easily murder and destroy so they are encouraged to murder and destroy.

Alaric and his Goths are inside the gates of Rome II because of the Royals and their lefty supporters. It just got even more nasty because of the upper class trash greed.

If you sack your military, others will sack you. You must keep a strong military and law enforcement to protect you from those who will cause you harm. A lot of people are about to die because of the love of money.

Then, a day later, I found this video telling us that it is already happening in Europe.

Gee, who would have guessed?

France is talking about exporting any Muslims that have any kind of terrorist affiliation because a teacher was stabbed to death by a Muslim with some terrorist affiliation.

Listen, if they are a Muslim, they have been trained to hero worship terrorists and want to be a terrorist. They are taught that, if they die even just trying to kill a non Muslim, they are guaranteed salvation so that murdering non Muslims is a religious act or good work earning salvation. I have been warning you about that for decades and now it is happening.

It is just getting started in the West and will soon get much worse because of the millions of Muslims we have brought into our nations because of the left. You can thank the stupid, greedy, power mad Royals and their puppets for that.

When this gets really bad, it is going to force all of the smarty pants, especially lefties, to admit that Muslim terrorism is caused by being a Muslim because their religion REQUIRES them to conquer the world and murder off all non Muslims and they will succeed during the Tribulation.

Boy, is that going to screw up a lot of lefty heads by forcing them to admit that one more thing they love to believe is wrong because they are out of touch with reality. A bunch of them will soon be killed by terrorists because the terrorists never ask whether you are a Muslim, lefty, or whatever. They just kill you. Hey, the lefties want equity, they will get equity.

Keep an eye on it.

BTW, one thing that is very probable for savage, murdering terrorists and I am not seeing anyone in the media say is that Hamas is very likely to have blown up their own hospital on purpose to create civilian dead they could blame on Israel to turn more people against Israel.

People, Israel is about to invade Gaza and kill all of the Hamas terrorists who just murdered more than 1,300 people, almost all civilians and mostly women and children for their cause. You better bet that those same people would murder another 500 in a hospital to use to turn you against Israel and cause you to stopping Israel from invading Gaza to save their own evil murdering butts. It was either that or soon be killed by Israel.

Don't be surprised if that turns out to be true.

Then I found this brief video telling you that one of a number of rockets fired by Hamas blew up the hospital and it is possible that rocket was intentionally aimed at the hospital to create civilian casualties, though he did not say so because that would be hard to prove.

Now, they may find evidence proving this in the future such as an e-mail or written orders.

Keep an eye on it.

US Insurrection

Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, and Obama are staging a soft coup or insurrection of the US and they will soon finish it with a violent act to scare the people into accepting Obama as their leader "to protect them"?

As usual, this guy, a US veteran, in this video gives good intel in a number of areas.

Remember that I have been telling you that Iran already has nukes, contrary to what everyone else is telling you, and they are building a big arsenal of nukes because they are smart enough to know that only a few nukes will just get you in trouble?

At 8 minutes into that video, he tells you that Trump said, "Iran is rapidly building a large scale arsenal of nuclear weapons." Knowing Iran, that is probably more than just one or two thousand nukes. They want to have as many or more nukes than the US or Russia.

Gee, where have we heard that before?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today and I was telling you that one several decades ago and I told you why I knew it.

Then he tells you that we have an unknown number of Iranian agents or sympathizers infiltrated into our government just like I told you that Farrakhan, Obama and the Nation of Islam have been doing for decades with their agents. Oops!

Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load?

Do you believe me yet that Farrakhan, Obama, and the Nation of Islam plan to invade Israel to prove Obama is the Muslim Mahdi so they can conquer and rule the world?

They are just as greedy, power mad, nuts, and psychopathic as the Euro-American upper class trash Royals. Hey, Obama is a member of the British Royal Family and I told you that before.

People, this is even worse than I have been warning you about because it shows that the Nation of Islam has such good control of our government with their infiltrated agents or the deep state that they can hire spies and agents working for an enemy into key parts of our government. It also means that the Nation of Islam and Iran are working much closer together than even I thought. The Nation of Islam and Iran are not just sleeping in the same bed, they are using the same pillow.

It should also tell you that my estimates and analyses are always conservative and it is much worse than I tell you because I don't sensationalize to scare you. I am just warning you to get ready for what is coming and giving you a good idea of what is coming. You prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

It should also tell you that the Nation of Islam has access to nukes via either their agents in our military or by Iran and her nukes so them getting a small 10K nuke to use as a terrorist weapon by nuking Chicago to terrorize the people into submission for Obama's rule will be very easy and, for them to cover this attack up until it has been committed will be at least as easy as it was for them to cover up the Hamas attack to keep the Israeli Mossad from finding out about it.

This tells me that the Nation of Islam is within one terrorist attack like 9/11 of being able to seize full control of the US Government. Think about that.

Why use a nuke?

Because Farrakhan, Obama, and the Nation of Islam saw how murdering 3,000 people by crashing planes into buildings made Osama Bin Laden a super hero in Islam and gained the absolute support of all Muslims and they know that, if they stage a bigger, more violent attack against the US that kills many more people, it will make Obama a super duper hero and no Muslim would dare not support him as their leader to conquer the world. They also know that, even with Obama blaming Israel, it will get around the Muslim world that it was Obama and the Nation of Islam and every member of the Nation of Islam will be a hero for staging the greatest terrorist attack in history.

Plus we all know Israel has nukes so they will be easy to blame.

What would be the biggest and most deadly attack the Nation of Islam could stage on the US?

A nuclear attack against one of the top 3 US cities, you know, like Chicago, which is the third largest city in the US, on a work day during work hours, where they will murder at least a million people, quite a few of them rich upper class. They will level downtown Chicago and kill everyone within one mile of ground zero or most of downtown Chicago with a 10K nuke plus many more outside the 100% kill zone. It will flatten downtown Chicago and the Muslims and lefties will dance in the streets around the world and cheer our disaster, making Obama the single greatest hero in the history of Islam.

Note that the center of downtown Chicago is east of the Sears Tower and that is where they want to detonate the nuke just like God told me in that dream.

People, you have to understand that the above information should tell you that it won't just be Obama claiming that Israel nuked Chicago but mostly Nation of Islam agents and puppets and Iranian agents infiltrated into US Government agencies like the CIA, FBI, and Pentagon falsely claiming that Israel nuked Chicago to turn you against Israel and they know that most Americans will blindly believe it.

"Hey, duh lying gubbermint said it, so it gots tuh be true!"

Plus they know that no one would believe that Obama nuked Chicago because "it is his hometown" even though he purchased his mansion in Martha's Vineyard or "It is the headquarters for the Nation of Islam", which is actually in South Chicago and is miles out of the range of a 10K nuke or ESPECIALLY if his wife and daughters also die in the disaster, you know, the way Muslims are trained to do such things. Hey, he can always get a new Muslim harem of sex slaves.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

They just keep proving me right about everything because God shows me and I show you so they are really proving God right.

That was an excellent video.

Duh Right Ukneebursities

Remember that I told you that the "Right Universities" supporting and encouraging their students to support the slaughter by Hamas would pay for it and decline?

1:30 into this video he tells you that billionaires, who give huge donations to those universities, are withdrawing their support, causing those universities to lose lots of money.

That happened even faster than I expected.

With those students not being hired after graduation, which will cause parents to send their kids to other universities, and the universities losing donations, some of them could easily go broke very quickly.

You can bet that, to survive, the heads and professors of such universities will be replaced pretty quickly.

He tells you that all of the alumni have been blacklisted from working on Wall Street.

Ye ole academe went one mile too far with their insanity and are paying for it. That is a good thing. I expect most universities to become more conservative because of this.


I am seeing a lot of lies made up by lefty academe who hate Hebrews/Jews about why Palestine is the name for the Land of Israel and the Arabs are Palestinians to get you to falsely believe that Israel is "occupying the land of the Palestinians" so you will hate Israel and support the Arabs.

The true history for that land is that 3,500 years ago in about 1500 BC, the Hebrews or Israelis settle that land and turned it into their nation so it became known as the "Land of Israel", with Israelis or Hebrews living there since, and remained the Land of Israel until 70 AD, when Rome put down a rebellion by the Israelis against the tyranny of Rome. To prevent the Hebrews from reestablishing the Land of Israel as a nation and as a racist insult to the Hebrews, the Romans renamed the Land of Israel as Palestine.

That is why I hate using the terms Palestine and Palestinian. Only ignorant or racist people use those terms.

The lying academe love to tell you that the Romans named it Palestine because that is a "derivative of Philistine" in the Roman language or Latin but that is not true. It had nothing to do with the Philistine people or "boat people" who came to that area about 500 to 600 years after it was already the Land of Israel and migrated out before Rome conquered the Land of Israel.

But, if that were true, the Arabs living there now could not possibly legitimately call themselves Palestinians because they are not even closely related to the Philistine people, who migrated south to the Land of Israel from the area of Greece and Turkey because, at that time, the Arabs were living south of the Land of Israel in the Arabian Peninsula, you know, Arabian - Arabs.

Before the Arabs even began to move into the Land of Israel, the Philistine people migrated back north to their homelands or to Egypt, long before Rome conquered that area. Besides, Rome would not have named Israel after the Philistine people but the land where they migrated from.

Why didn't Rome name Egypt Palestine when the Philistine people ruled there for more than 100 years and they never ruled the Land of Israel?

Plus Mohammad didn't invent Islam and begin to conquer the Middle East until the 600s AD or the 7th Century, more than 500 years AFTER Rome changed the name of the Land of Israel to Palestine because the Israelis/Hebrews dared rebel against Roman tyranny to prevent the Hebrews from reestablishing the Land of Israel and as a racist insult to the Hebrews.

Therefore, no matter what lie the Jew hating academe make up, there is no way that the Arabs can legitimately claim to be Palestinians; they are Arabs and admit they are Arabs, while falsely claiming to be Palestinians.

The Arabs didn't even begin to claim to be Palestinians until about 100 years ago to cause the ignorant and stupid people in the West to believe that Hebrews were occupying their land to cause those ignorant and stupid people to feel sorry for the Arabs and help chase the Hebrews off of the Land of Israel. It is a lie and a con.

The ONLY people who could possibly and legitimately call themselves Palestinians are the Hebrews who continued to live in that land before and since the Romans changed its name to Palestine to punish, control, and insult the Hebrews. But those people, who have lived there for 3,500 years prefer to call that land Israel and themselves Israelis so, out of respect for them, I call it Israel and them Israelis or Hebrews.

Technically, there are no Palestinians and never have been.

Note that I am not a Hebrew, just an honest Gentile, who has studied the history and archaeology for the Middle East for more than half a century and who hates lies, especially if they cause harm to people.

The truth is that the Israelis are the ones who had their land stolen from them by a number of conquerors over the last 3,000 years including Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Egypt, Rome, and the Muslims and they just finally got back control of THEIR land from the Muslim Arabs in 1948, who stole that land from the Hebrews about 1,400 years ago. The Muslim Arabs were the true occupiers and not the Hebrews so the Muslim Arabs falsely calling themselves Palestinians, when they are Arabs and they admit they are Arabs, are lying.

That is the Land of Israel.

BTW, I saw a lie that said that Jerusalem is the most holy city of Islam because that is where Islam was founded.

Only the lying lefty academe would say that because it is an insult to Islam because all Muslims know that Islam was founded in Mecca in the 7th Century AD by Muhammad, which is why Mecca is the most holy city in Sunni Islam (Babylon is the most holy city in Shiite Islam.) The two most holy cities in Sunni Islam are Mecca and Medina.

The only reason the Arabs began to claim that Jerusalem is the third most holy city in Sunni Islam about 150 years ago was so they could claim the Temple Mount to keep the Hebrews from rebuilding their temple on the Temple Mount. Until that time, the Muslims didn't care crap about the Land of Israel or Jerusalem. But, hey, it fooled the stupid people, you know, the Western upper class trash Royals and their puppets.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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