I Told You So 606


Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe is working for Hamas and handicapping Israel?

In this video he tells you that is exactly what Afghan Joe is doing. He very clearly is not working for Israel and is working for Iran and Hamas just like I have been telling you.

The media are doing everything they can to make it look like Afghan Joe is helping Israel while he is actually holding Israel back and helping Hamas.

Then I found this video that gives you more details on how Afghan Joe is holding Israel back and helping Hamas but he also tells you what I told you about how Israel will benefit even more than Hamas from this cease fire, spoiling the plans of Afghan Joe and the other terrorist supporters.

With the escalating attacks by Hezbollah, it won't be long until Israel will be forced to put significant effort into destroying the Hezbollah underground munitions bunkers. She has already destroyed at least 3 or 4 that I know about, along with a lot of launching targets but will have to accelerate their rate of destruction.

Today was two days in a row with Hezbollah staging very heavy artillery, missile, and drone attacks in Northern Israel telling me that Hezbollah is getting ready to invade Israel to draw troops there from Gaza to help save Hamas and draw other Muslims into the war. What they are doing with those very heavy artillery attacks two or more days in a row is prepping the battlefield for an invasion. That is blatantly obvious.

This video shows a little of that pre-invasion battlefield preparation.

BTW, now that Israel has control in Gaza with a breather to fight Hezbollah in the north and also Hamas in the West Bank, Afghan Joe is telling Israel to "not expand the war to the north" against Hezbollah. "No, no, don't start fighting Hezbollah to protect your people from our terrorists! You have to keep letting our terrorist murder your people with their rockets and missiles we gave Iran money to build."

Mean while, the terrorist supporters, especially in the media, keep focusing on the idea that, "Israel has a right to defend herself" but if she defends herself she will be killing civilians, while ignoring the Israeli civilians the terrorists keep killing, therefore, "Israel should stop defending herself and just let our terrorists murder her civilians".

If you pay attention, listen closely, and use common sense, they tell you whose side they are on and most of them are on the side of the terrorists.

Actually kill all of the terrorists and get this war over to stop the killing of all civilians?

Oh no, they are too evil and simple minded to think of that and they definitely don't want you to think of it either.

Guess whose side they are on because I refuse to believe that all of them are that stupid? Have you figured out yet that there are going to be a lot of lefty journalists burning in Hell?

Keep an eye on that.

This video gives you a pretty good history of cease fires Israel had with Hamas for more than a couple of decades. They are obviously concerned so I posted this comment:

"First, the two state thing is bull crap being used by the supporters of terrorists like Hamas because Israel gave the Arabs a 'two state solution' with Gaza, run by the Arabs and that worked so well, you know, for the terrorists. It has been tried and it failed. Enough of that bull crap.

Second, the IDF top officers proposed this particular cease fire to Netanyahu so I am wondering, 'what does Israel have up her sleeve?'

You have to understand that Hamas is encircled in an Israeli trap so she cannot get reinforcements, resupply or retreat out of harm's way. Israel can.

Oh, Hamas can reposition but that just means Israel will destroy them in a different place.

Plus you have to understand that Hezbollah and Hamas are right now increasing their attacks against Israel and this pause gives Israel a chance to keep Hamas tied down in Gaza while doing significant damage to Hezbollah and Hamas in Lebanon and the West Bank.

You see, this pause can actually help Israel more than it can possibly help Hamas in Gaza because, where are they going to go or get more weapons from?

If I were a member of Hamas in Gaza, I would be wondering, 'What is Israel planning to do to me on day 5?'

You watch, on day 5, Israel is going to hit the ground running and make big advances.

Why did Israel give Hamas 150 terrorists for 50 civilians?

Don't be surprised to find out that Israel put tracking devices on those terrorists knowing that Hamas will take them into their tunnels, headquarters, and other important places telling Israel where to strike.

Look, Hezbollah is doing pre-invasion artillery work in northern Israel and Israel has to stop that invasion.

May God keep and bless Israel so she will live long and prosper. Sincerely, US Vet"

Then I found this video, which provides some interesting intel. First, during this "humanitarian pause", Israel has shifted a lot of manpower taking out Hamas in the West Bank like I told you would happen.

He also tells you that Israel is "about to enter a new phase in Gaza that will require fewer troops," meaning the pause makes it easier and safer for the IDF to reposition its troops and send others to deal with Hezbollah and Hamas in Lebanon and the West Bank like I told you.

Do you get the picture yet?

They are using Afghan Joe's "humanitarian pause" to gain an improved strategic position and troop preparations to continue to better destroy Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank and Hezbollah in Lebanon. They are playing Afghan Joe and these stupid "cease fire" terrorist supporters for suckers and fools AND, after they resume fighting, when the Hamas supporters start their whining about another cease fire, they can say, "We did that" and keep on fighting.

Another great sounding stupid idea by the left and their terrorist pals just failed.

Remember that I have been telling you that Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim nations are trying to get rid of the US so they can feel safe invading Israel?

This video tells you exactly that at about 1 minute into it, when the leader of Iran said that, without the US, the Muslim nations could finish Israel within minutes. That is what they believe, which tells you what they are trying to do. Now, just because they want to believe it doesn't mean it is true.

If they can get the US out of the picture, they will rush to stage troops in Syria and Lebanon to invade and destroy Israel, you know, just like God told you concerning the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

BTW, I just saw where others are starting to realize that this war "is setting the stage for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39."

BTW, Hamas and some of the media are trying to make it look like the reason Israel submitted to this cease fire is because Israel is losing, you know, just like the same media are still making it look like Russia is losing in Ukraine. They are trying to encourage all of the Muslim nations to unite and invade Israel.

Do you believe me yet that there is so much bull crap out there?

In the first minute of this video he tells you that Iran is moving more terrorists into the Lebanon/Syria area to intentionally spread this war into other nations to get even more nations to send troops to invade Israel.

Iran is right now expanding the war into both Lebanon and Syria along with Yemen, while trying to get Iraq involved, you know, everyone except Iran.

BTW, it should be obvious that Hamas in the West Bank is getting their reinforcements and weapons and munitions through Jordan.

Note that he tells you that Israel is winning on four fronts at the same time; Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, and now Syria.

Gee, I wonder why the Muslim nations are afraid of Israel and trying to get all Muslim nations plus China and Russia to unite to invade Israel, you know, like it said in Ezekiel 38 & 39?


Remember that I have been telling you that it is only a matter of time until enough Ukrainian troops get routed that others will also rout?

This video shows you that is happening. At about 3:20 into that video he tells you that the 53rd Brigade routed so the 110th Brigade was forced to also rout to keep from being encircled.

Entire military units are routing now as a whole so their entire front line is already starting to implode just like I told you would happen. When this panic gets bad enough, the military units will race each other for the Dnipro River in a massive panicked rout, which ain't going to be long.

I don't care what the lefty and military industry liars are telling you, Russia is obviously crushing Ukraine.

Stupid Religious Leaders

I am so sick and tired of our poser Judeo-Christians leaders who are telling us that "we must be tolerant and respect Islam" telling me they are a bunch of ignorant buffoons who are completely clueless about Islam and probably also Judeo-Christianity. All they know is what dey seen on TeeBee about Islam being a religion of peace.

Maybe they should try reading the Koran AND the Bible instead of just reading the lefty media?

Those ignorant, arrogant, righteous, "holy", "godly", politically correct, fake Christian religious leaders are a massive part of the problem and we and this planet would be better off without them. They should shut their arrogant, ignorant mouths and learn something, you know, like maybe learn the truth about Islam before they teach you about it.

Why, dey is are be politically correct morons pretending to be true Christians who have no clue what they are talking about or are traitors betraying you because they are tools of Islam.

People, they are telling you to respect Satan worship and not God. These imbeciles make me furious.

What are the arrogant, ignorant fools going to tell you to respect next, satanic human sacrifices?

Oh yeah, some of them are teaching you to support abortion, which is just a human sacrifice to their false pagan goddess, Free Sex.

NO Christian leader should be telling ANYONE to respect Islam or ANY OTHER pagan religion because that is respecting their gods too. You are elevating their gods up to the level of Yahweh and that is blasphemy. You KNOW those arrogant clowns will burn in Hell.

Gee, with such smarty pants poser Christian religious leaders teaching you to respect and elevate pagan gods up to Yahweh's level, I wonder why our nation is being judge and terminated?


If the clowns actually read the Bible instead of lefty books about the Bible, they would find that God forbids you to respect pagan gods so they are calling God a liar, which is more blasphemy.

"Hey, I know, let's all respect Satan!" You don't want the lefties to call you a Satanphobe! "Mommy, the pagan lefties called me a name!" /sarc

Dear fake Christians, you burn in Hell without me because I am not going to let you talk me into burning with you. Enjoy your eternal sauna, baby, you can have my share of the flames.

Clearly, easily, one of the very biggest problems we have in this world is our fake Christian leaders leading people to Hell. THEY have played a very big part in destroying our nations.

Then I found this video in which he teachers you some of the ways poser Christians have been paganizing Christianity to appease pagans instead of convicting them.

Hey, what do you expect from Satan's church infiltrators?


Remember that I have been telling you that Russia will probably have to invade the US, UK, and Europe to stop the West's insanity?

This video shows that Europe is preparing for that invasion. That is the only reason for doing this and it tells me that Europe does not intend to stop their insanity. They are determined to push Russia into a war.

Do you believe me that the upper class trash criminals never quit and the ONLY thing that will stop them is death?

Then I found this very interesting video providing good intel. He tells you that Russia has just finished getting batches of three different combat aircraft, you know, ramping up for war. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

The narrator isn't making the connections between Europe ramping up to stop a Russian invasion and Russia ramping up to stage an invasion.

Then he tells you about an underwater tunnel to protect an important crossing to Crimea from Russia, you know, that they would only need to use during war.

Then he tells you that Ukraine and the Western countries KNOW that Ukraine will not be able to stop a Russian offensive and the only reason they are still giving Ukraine more weapons is to slow down the Russian offensive, you know, to buy Europe more time to prepare to stop a Russian invasion. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

They are also trying to use Ukraine to keep Russia from invading Europe any time soon.

I wonder what the West knows that they are not telling us, well, except for with their actions? And you know, the idiots still won't stop poking the bear?

The only thing that will stop these criminals is when all of them are dead. Hey, Russia has them all of their kill list.

Then I found this video in which a "truckers' strike" has blocked the Ukraine/Polish border crossings preventing military equipment from getting into Ukraine and the Polish government won't do anything about it.

Is this Poland trying to stop weapons and munitions going into Ukraine from Poland because they don't want to be invaded by Russia all under the guise of a truckers' strike?

Remember that Poland will be the first invaded on Russia's way to Germany and France?

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that NATO won't last too much longer?

This video shows contention between two powerful NATO members along with other important information.

First, it shows that Turkey is not as militarily powerful as the media tell us because her fighter planes are old and outdated, probably along with other weapons, confirming that Israel would make pretty easy work of Turkey. Hey, this is what happens when you have a corrupt government that launders its defense money into its greedy pockets; you end up with no defense but Satan's spawn never learn.

Second, it shows that the tension between Turkey and Germany is more complex than just differing on Israel. Germany condemns Turkey for persecuting the Kurds and they have other important difference.

It also shows that Turkey is more leaning towards BRICS than NATO and will almost certainly have to make a choice, especially with the already worsening tensions with Greece.

It is also important to point out that Turkey not being able to buy military aircraft from the US because of the Russian S-400 SAMs and now not getting Typhoons will probably cause her to buy planes from Russia and become even closer to Russia.

What is really funny about this is that Erdogan publically humiliated Scholz for supporting Israel and then expected Scholz to sell him fighter planes.

Was that stupid or what? Gee, I wonder why Scholz didn't sell him those planes?

I am willing to bet that most of you are more intelligent than that.

Do you believe me yet that having more money and/or power does not mean you are more intelligent? Hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds, intelligence?

They keep proving me right.

BTW, it should be obvious that Turkey is trying to upgrade her air force and probably the rest of her military to invade Israel.


Remember that I have told you that the left has been brainwashing the young people for years? Remember that I told you that the lefty protestors are against Israel AND the US AND the West? Remember that I told you that most of those protestors are paid professional protesters who protest anything they are paid to protest?

This video tells you all of that and more. They are now starting to say what I have been telling you for years.

They are even telling you that the Commierats are falling apart and why.

Listen, when the most radical of the Commierats realize they cannot gain control through elections and other civil actions, they will go to war and they showed that with their riots while Trump was in office so you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones and lock and load. One way or another, they are determined to set up their global dictatorship and, if it requires violence, they will get very violent again.


Remember that I have been telling you that they keep trying to make it look like Russia is supporting Hamas and is against Israel but Putin does not support terrorism?

This very interesting video shows the opposite of what they are telling you because Putin just attended the Collective Security Treaty Organization that includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. The video tells you that they have set up an operation called "Mercenary" that attempts to disrupt entry by new recruits into international terrorist groups, you know, like Hamas and Hezbollah.

Yeah, they are really supporting Hamas, aren't they? /sarc

Hey, without new recruits, after they blow up all of the old members, they won't have any more left.

Common sense should tell you he is working to destroy Hamas and the US and UK have been starting terrorist groups that mostly turn on them.


Remember that I have been telling you that, if China tries to invade Taiwan, they will get their butt handed to them by Taiwan? Remember that I have told you that I would love to be the commanding officer of Taiwan when China invaded and would be planning where I would build my mansion in Beijing?

Oh, this is so good and has me wondering if they are reading my blog.

This video shows that Taiwan had a specially little military event to show off their own weapons they have built to protect Taiwan from China. The most special weapon on display is a really big amphibious assault ship they just finished building, you know, for landing Taiwanese troops on China's shores to invade China, which is the ONLY reason they would build that ship.

Do you get the picture?

They just let us know that, if China invades Taiwan, after Taiwan sinks all of China's ships, Taiwan is going to invade China and take back Beijing. THAT is the ONLY reason for them to build that ship; to land their troops on enemy shores. LOL

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!!! Haha! This is getting interesting!

Do you believe me yet?

My question at this time is, "Have they been doing what I said I would do by making contact with top Chinese generals and admirals to plan a military coup to topple the CCP and free China?"

That would explain why Xi baby has been getting rid of so many generals.

Is the CCP about to become a herd of organ donors?

Keep an eye on this because they are doing what I said they should do. Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

It just doesn't get much better than this. Note that the narrator doesn't get the message.

Archaeology Fun

I am going to give a challenge to Christian scientists so we can get around this money grabbing pagan archaeology bull crap of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of years to find out what pre-flood life was really like.

How did those people live? Don't you want to know?

We need teams of Christian scientists to discard all of this trillion years crap and sort out the pre-flood archaeology from the post flood archaeology to use the pre-flood archaeology to find out what pre-flood life was really like.

If you use common sense, it should be pretty easy because we know what the post flood archaeology is so the rest has to be pre-flood.

Then you use that pre-flood archaeology to piece together the pre-flood world. It should be challenging, interesting, and fun, all for the glory of God. This is a challenge to you Christian scientists. Let's find the truth and destroy the pagan evolution cult.

Come on, take the challenge! This will be fun!

There is no telling what you will find.

Where was Eden? Where did Adam and Eve make their home? Where did Cain build a city? Where did Noah build the Ark? Don't you want to know?

What you do is make a list of all of the pre-flood archaeological sights. The pagans have done all of that work for you and you just have to ignore their exaggerated fake dates they used to make more money selling books full of lies. You place the sights on a global map, then realign the continents back into one continent that you can all Atlantis or Pangaea or Eden or whatever, and then you are going to have to do both micro and macro analyses to piece together their society, culture, and lives. It should be a real learning experience and exciting. God will help you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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