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The lefties are even bragging online that they are having no children and aborting their children so they can enjoy the wild life for the rest of their lives.

Now do you understand why pagans slaughtered their children in human sacrifices to their false pagan gods and their cultures always failed, you know, the way our lefties are slaughtering their children to the pagan god, Free Sex, and our culture is failing?

Your children are your future and, without children, your culture has no future.

Just look back through history. Every time a culture got heavy into child sacrifices to their pagan gods so they could have more fun or more money or whatever reason they gave, their culture failed within a few generations. I learned that a long time ago studying history and archaeology and I will give you just a few examples.

The Canaanites were slaughtering their children to their pagan gods like Baal, Molech and others by the thousands every year. Then, with the Canaanites having many fewer young fighting age males, Israel just walked into the land and crushed them.

The Maya Indians were slaughtering as many as 1,000 kids on normal days per temple and up to 3,000 kids on holy days per Temple and their culture began to decline 400 years before Chris Columbus was born. 200 years later the Aztecs swept through the area and wiped out most of what was left of the Mayan culture with the Spanish finishing off the few remaining cities a few hundred years after that.

The Aztecs had also started going wild with child sacrifices and the Spanish wiped them out too. The Incas got heavy into child sacrifice and the Spanish wiped them out too. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Throughout the Middle East and Europe the pagans built up powerful armies and nations, got into child sacrifice, and got the crap beat out of them.

It should only be common sense that, if you let your religious leaders talk you into murdering your future warriors and the future mothers of future warriors to your false pagan gods, you are going to lose your future wars.

But reprobate minds don't have common sense so they never learn and keep making the same stupid mistakes for thousands of years. They never learn.

One thing all Christians need to pay attention to is how other religions treat Christians in their home countries because that is how they will treat you in your country if they gain enough control over it. As far as I know, all pagans persecute Christians in their home countries, often murdering them.

Then I found this video tells us that the first of those super duper lefty university presidents is at least in hot water with the universities losing money and them facing calls to resign. At least one donor has withdrawn a $100 million donation, which will really hurt that university.

Do they suddenly not look so smarty pants?

A little hint here is that, when your business depends on money from other people, those other people get a say in how you run your business.


This video provides very good intel and shuts down the lies, misinformation, and propaganda by the left and Muslims. He is very professional.

The trouble is that too many people are not objective, especially on the left, and they will only believe what they want to believe to support their agenda. Talking or debating with them is a waste of time.

For example, those who have chosen eternal damnation because they love their sins, will choose to believe that God and the Bible are not true so they can feel free to continue with their sins without concern for their eternal damnation until Judgment Day. Then it will get real.

The best example for that is the upper class trash Royals and their puppets who have made up their own pagan religions to believe in so they can ignore Christianity, which is why they hate, fight against, and persecuted Christians. That is what all paganism is, including atheism. They are just made up fairy tales to replace God, the Bible, and Christianity so they can continue in their sins without concern for eternal damnation.

They won't even consider and will make up fairy tales to dismiss facts and evidence that God is real, the Bible is true, and eternal damnation is a real thing. They won't listen to you and will do their best to silence you so others can't hear what you have to say because they want to be able to do as they will to whomever they will whenever they will. These are the people the Bible says "will curse God" on Judgment Day as the angels usher them into eternal damnation.

One thing I am watching with Afghan Joe working against Israel, is whether the US is deploying troops in the Middle East to help Israel and protect the other US troops or to deploy and stage those troops to invade Israel without Israel attacking them. I have learned not to trust Afghan Joe and his bunch.


Because the US and Iranian troops have not really done much damage to each other yet. It is looking more like show than war. With almost 100 attacks on the US and less than a dozen on Iran, Iran has not killed one US soldier and the US has only killed 5 Iranians. That is some pretty lousy shooting.

Israel has destroyed more troops in those areas than the US and Iran combined with many fewer attacks. That is a war.

Just watch this video and tell me about it. In just one attack Israel killed two Iranian generals.

I am seeing that hundreds of Hamas members have surrendered to Israel and Israel is reported to have made 300 of them talk and provide important information Israel is using to continue this war.

This video tells you about that and a number of other things. It looks like Hamas is falling apart.

He tells you that no other military in the world is required to fight with their hands so severely tied, you know, to help Israel win the war. /sarc

This video shows you how the US is handicapping Israel in this war while PRETENDING to be supporting Israel. It is getting more obvious that the US is taking the side of Hamas and trying to protect Hamas from being wiped out by Israel. As the war continues, Afghan Joe and his accomplices are making it harder and harder for Israel to wipe out Hamas to protect their people. This is a massive betrayal by Afghan Joe and company.

She makes it sound like Afghan Joe's betrayal is for political reasons because she doesn't understand Obama (his puppet master) and the Nation of Islam (Obama's puppet master.)

This video tells that the war against Hezbollah is expanding into Syria after Hezbollah fired rockets from Syria into Israel. Therefore, Israel is hunting the attacking terrorists in Syria to destroy them too.

Hold it, I thought Afghan Joe brought all of those troops there to prevent Hezbollah from "expanding the war" by attacking Hezbollah in Lebanon for attacking Israel? Where are his attacks against Hezbollah?

I have not seen one attack by US forces against Hezbollah for attacking Israel.

Could this be because Afghan Joe and Austin are not moving those troops there to aid Israel but to pretend to aid Israel while positioning those troops to invade Israel without Israel attacking them before they can stage?

Keep an eye on this.

It looks like Israel is getting close to finishing the job in Gaza and, with Hezbollah increasing their attacks from both Lebanon and Syria, Israel is ramping up for war in the north to put an end to that nonsense.

This is a great channel that gives great detailed updates without dragging out telling the first 2 months again and again and again. It is the best I have found.

He is telling you that Israel is now arming its civilians so they can defend themselves. They finally learned that lesson and the US better learn it too.

You think Afghan Joe and his accomplices are not working against Israel?

Afghan Joe is giving Israel until the end of December to finish the job in Gaza but Israel is saying they need until the end of January. He is not giving Israel enough time to get the job done, putting her under stress, which increases the chance of Israel making serious mistakes and Afghan Austin knows it.

Have you ever heard of any nation giving another ally nation a time limit to fight a war?

What this will do is, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel will work on becoming completely militarily independent for her own sake, which is why she will sign a treaty with the Muslim Caliphate at the beginning of the Tribulation and won't care about anyone else.

This video shows what Afghan Joe's (Obama and the Nation of Islam) new plan is. They lost on trying to stop Israel from destroying Hamas so they regrouped to let Israel finish off Hamas (hey, they are just deposable cannon fodder) and then put Gaza under the control of the head of the West Bank who runs a major terrorist organization, you know, to build a new Hamas. He has even already invited the current head of Hamas to be involved in the talks with the US and "be partners with Hamas", you know, so he can rebuild Hamas in Gaza.

They are trying to flank Israel so it doesn't matter if Israel wipes Hamas out in Gaza because they are already planning to seize control of Gaza to rebuild Hamas in Gaza so they can keep murdering Israelis. They are using Hamas to wage a continuous war against Israel until they can wipe out Israel and then the US and Europe.

"Hey, go right ahead and wipe out Hamas in Gaza and we will just seize control of Gaza and rebuild Hamas but we are your ally."

Do you really think they are trying to help Israel? Really? Has it gotten obvious enough for you yet? Do you believe me yet that Afghan Joe is just a puppet for the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, and Obama with Iran being their proxy? Now, do you understand why I tell you that, in a war, you have to kill from the top down because, if you don't the upper class trash Royals will just hire more thugs to murder you just like they are already talking about doing right now?

They are Israel's worst enemy and Netanyahu MUST stand up to Afghan Joe and his puppet masters.


Remember that I have been warning you about the extreme corruption of our government by the lefty upper class trash?

This video gives you very good details into many of the things they and their puppets were doing to wage psychological warfare against us.

Have you noticed that more and more of the truth is coming out and going public?

God said the truth would be made known and it is. He is opening eyes to the corruption of the upper class trash and their puppets trying to set up their dictatorship over you.

Remember that I told you that these strikes against US troops in Iraq and Syria seem fishy because Iran has made so many strikes without killing one soldier and Afghan Joe only making a few counter strikes?

This video shows that even more. Iran has now made 85 strikes without killing one soldier and Afghan Joe still does nothing.

What it looks like to me is that the Nation of Islam (Afghan Joe's puppet master) and Iran are working together to cause the US to want to get her troops out of that area to 1) not provide assistance to Israel and 2) make it easier for the Nation of Islam to move its military into Syria to invade Israel.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I warned you that Iran is Islamic and they believe that dying while killing non Muslims earns you guaranteed salvation so, they believe that, if they blow up the entire planet and kill everyone on it with a nuke war, they will earn guaranteed salvation so they will start a nuke war that will destroy the planet?

Think about this: Obama is a devout Muslim; guess what he believes.

Remember that I told you that Iran is just a front or proxy for the Nation of Islam? Remember that I told you that Farrakhan believes Obama is the Muslim Mahdi or Messiah and knows that for Obama to prove to the other Muslims he is, he must stand on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and give the order for all Muslims to murder all non Muslims, which requires invading and destroying Israel?

Do you get the picture yet?

All you have to do is use common sense. Iran was funded by the Nation of Islam via Obama and then Afghan Joe giving Iran billions of US dollars to Iran to wage war against Israel. Iran has been aided by other actions done by both Obama and Afghan Joe. Obama is a top member of the Nation of Islam and Afghan Joe is a puppet of Obama and, therefore, of the Nation of Islam.

That is why Iran's attacks against the US have only been to raise enough concern for people in the US to want to withdraw those troops from the area with no fatalities yet (if they actually kill troops, the US people will want revenge), US has not staged any significant counter attacks causing significant damage to Iran's terrorist armies, and the US has not staged any attacks against Iran herself. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Afghan Joe sent extra troops to the area to make it look like he is supporting Israel, while working hard to hinder Israel and I realized the Nation of Islam will not use US troops to invade and destroy Israel because very few of the US troops would just march through Israel murdering every man, woman, and child they see, which is what the Muslims want, you know, just like October 7th, and the way the Nation of Islam's personal army of Muslims and lefties will do, which is why Obama will take his own military built up by the Nation of Islam.

Remember that those lefties in the Nation of Islam Army have been chanting "from the river to the sea", which means to murder everyone inside Israel just like they have been taught to hate Israel.

Do you get the picture yet?

Iran is just a proxy putting on a show and doing certain things for the Nation of Islam and Obama. After they destroy Israel and Obama proves he is the Muslim Mahdi, all 57 Muslim nations will be REQUIRED to unite behind Obama to conquer the rest of the world, starting with the US and Europe. They will easily raise an army of hundreds of millions of Muslims to do it.

Remember that the Bible tells you that, before mid Tribulation, the one world government will raise up a 200 million man army east of the Euphrates River where Babylon is?

With 1.4 billion people, only Islam can do that.

Do you get the picture yet?

They are fulfilling Bible prophecy right now by preparing to fight the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and, after they and their allies lose that battle, Israel will take everything from the Euphrates River to the Nile River and Indian Ocean, cutting Islam in to two parts just like the Bible says in Daniel, Islam will be forced by their defeat at the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to regroup, reorganize a new global caliphate to conquer the world with everyone else except Israel having lost most of their militaries during and in the wars following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 so Islam will make a treaty with Israel to keep Israel out of the fight just like the Bible says, and then, after Islam conquers the rest of the world (which is when Islam will raise up a 200 million man army by Babylon to conquer everything to the east), Islam will turn on Israel and Israel will capitulate with a "remnant" of Hebrews refusing to convert to Islam fleeing into the "wilderness", where God has a place prepared to protect them until the Battle of Armageddon. That is just the nutshell version.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Every day, we get one day closer.

This video explains a lot about what is going on concerning our young people since before Obama was elected and not just in the US but around the world.

It tells you that Muslim Qatar is funding our universities, you know, to teach young people how wonderful Islam is, how horrible whites are, how horrible Israel is, and how Islam should rule the world.

Do you understand now why 400 million lefties converted to Islam between April 2012 and September 2012 under Obama to bring the global population of Islam back up to 1.6 billion people? Do you understand why so many younger to middle age people are chanting death to Israel? Do you understand why so many of them are being trained to fight by the Nation of Islam and they will be a big part of the army Obama takes to invade and destroy Israel because they WILL murder every man, woman, and child in Israel because they have been taught to hate Hebrews? Is the picture getting clear yet?

Gee, I wonder why all of those young people hate the US and the rest of the West and want to destroy our nations? You think it is because they have been brainwashed to believe and think like Muslims? Do you believe me yet that the academe are a huge part of our problems?

The academe have sold their souls to Satan for money.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

He tells you that Qatar owns the research at Texas A&M for nuclear research that could be used to make nuke weapons. Yeah, them wonderful academe know how to make this world a better place. Jerks.

Now do you know why we used to call them academic whores?

Oh and then we find out that these universities are promoting Nazism just like they did in the 1930s. Gee, what a magic coincidence. They are turning your kids into Muslim Nazis.

Court Case

In this court case I have told you about, I am finding out more and more how corrupt our government has become. I cannot find one city or state judge who will enforce the US Constitution to prevent the abuse of power by a government, not one.

I have told you that, if they do not enforce the Constitution, then you do not have a Constitution and this is no longer a Constitutional Republic.

It is not just my court case I am learning this from but also in watching other court cases with abusive corrupt judges.

The problem is that the judges are part of the government and, if they become corrupt like the rest of the government, then they clearly will not enforce the Constitution to protect the people from abuses of power by the rest of the government or themselves and we do not have a Constitutional Republic. Right now, more and more of the judges are refusing to enforce the Constitution so that our Constitutional Republic is dead and just has not finished kicking yet.

You are living through the death of the greatest Constitutional Republic in history because all manmade governments will eventually fail because of corruption and, right now, they have ALL failed because of the corruption of those governing and their evil, rich puppet masters.

I AM SO VERY READY for a Christian theocracy ruled by Jesus that will never fail. I am more than ready to live by God's Laws forever to be protected from the wicked.

Just watch closely and you will see that, with corrupt judges, our Constitutional Republic is dead and just has not finished kicking yet.

The lesson here is DO NOT put your faith in anyone or anything but God!!!

If you still want to believe in a democracy or republic to protect and save you, go ahead and pray to this one to see what happens. Hey, I know, pray to Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and the rest of those criminals to protect you from them.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because this Constitutional Republic is failing you RIGHT NOW!!! You can thank the upper class trash Royals and their puppets for that. It used to be the greatest nation in history but they are putting an end to that.

Look, if we did manage to magically clean out all of the corrupt garbage in our governments and save this Constitutional Republic, in another 150 to 200 years, your descendants will have to go through what you are going through right now because ALL such governments fail in about 150 to 200 years with the US having lasted longer than any other such government in history, for about 250 years.

Do you understand why, after this test we call life is over and we have Judgment Day, God is going to give crowns to some of us based on how well we did in His test and use those crowns to appoint our leaders forever?

They will be people God knows we can trust forever. It will be a monarchy and the perfect eternal government.

Get Right With God

Remember that I keep telling you to get right with God?

I found this very good video teaching you about getting right with God and knowing you are right with God.

The Bible tells us that we will be surprised at some who go to Heaven and some who go to Hell because they were or were not right with God.

If they were not right with God, they did not choose to acknowledge their crimes against God's Laws, repent of their crimes against God's Laws to try to not commit more crimes (though you will), and to accept God's payment He made for our crimes against God's Laws through our Lord, Jesus Christ. Therefore, they chose to spend eternity paying for their crimes against God's Laws themselves.

That is your choice; choose wisely.

I often imagine what it must be like for those who chose not to accept God's payment for their crimes against His Laws to be doing something and suddenly wake up burning in Hell, facing eternal damnation.

Imagine being a suicide bomber thinking you are earning guaranteed salvation murdering non Muslims only to wake up in Hell. Imagine being a member of some pagan cult thinking you are saved because of your membership in that pagan cult and having practiced all of the right rituals and waking up burning in Hell. Imagine being a person who only pretended to accept Jesus as your savior so you can feel safe in committing crimes in God's Laws, but not having repented of those crimes so you could accept payment for those crimes, and you find yourself burning in Hell.

All of those people, their families, and their friends will be surprised when they are sentenced to eternal damnation on Judgment Day. Don't be one of them. Get right with God.

You need to know that, by the end of the Battle of Armageddon, within the next decade, every person on this planet who has existed or does exist right now who chose not to accept salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ, will be burning in Hell.

The only people who will still be alive on this planet and not burning in Hell at the beginning of the Millennial Reign of Jesus, will be those who accepted Jesus as their savior and those who did not get a chance to be tested as to whether they would accept Jesus as their savior, many because they died before birth or they were not old enough to be tested. The rest will be burning in Hell.

I invite you to come with me into the Millennial Reign of Jesus. It will be wonderful to live in peace with no crime or wars for 1,000 years with Jesus. Please, get right with God.


Remember that I told you that one of the eventual goals of Russia was to destroy enough Ukrainian forces so that the Nazi Azov unit would be forced to fight Russia so Russia could destroy them?

This very interesting video shows Russia fighting part of the Nazi Azov Battalion for the first time I have heard of them doing anything other than controlling the Ukrainian Government. This is getting very interesting because this tells me that Russia has just about finished off the Ukrainian forces with them starting their winter offensive.

This is a very good thing because, until now, the Azov Battalion has been propping up and controlling the Ukrainian Government forcing Z Boy to do what he was told. If he had done anything else, they would have killed him.

Boy, was I surprised to see it already happening. The Nazis are getting some of their own.


This is really big because this video shows that Russia is going to be making the profits from manufacturing Mali's gold that Europe, especially France, used to make. This is going to boost the Russian economy and diminish the French economy.

Yep, the West's plans to destroy Russia to set up their global dictatorship are doing so well. /sarc

The lesson is that, if you are a pagan run nation, you don't mess with a Christian run nation because it won't end well.

British Royal Family

This guy is really good because he saw this stuff from the inside and gives great details. He doesn't call them the British Royals but he does allude to it.

I don't usually like to link to a video as long as this one but at about 11 minutes into it he tells you that the Globalism is centered in London under the control of the British, you know, the British Royal Family just like I have been telling you. The British Royal Family is running this effort to set up a global dictatorship run by them just like I have been telling you and have been using the US as their proxy, thinking they have control over the Nation of Islam.

Gee, who would have guessed?

Oh yeah, I did.

He tells you how, with Obama, the upper class trash "looted" or sacked most of the American people to make the upper class trash much more wealthy, you know, the Royals stole from you just like they have been doing for thousands of years. That is the real reason why the upper class trash Royals are more wealthy than you, not because they are more intelligent than you but less moral.

He then told you how they looted you again under Afghan Joe with COVID19. Hey, if the upper class trash can keep stealing from you they keep getting richer, while you keep getting poorer. They have been doing it for thousands of years.

He tells you again that the Brits are running the show and keep in mind that I told you that Obama is a member of the British Royal Family, you know, with King Chuck and the MI6.

Do you get the picture yet?

They are doing the same thing with other things like climate change, you know, sacking your tax dollars to build those energy farms and fill their greedy pockets, you know, the way King Chuck has a big energy farm in England making him a fortune.

Then he told you that the UK Royals are working with Royals in the US, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Why did Obama tell his people that they can never let 2016 happen again, you know, Trump getting elected?

Because, even if Trump didn't do much, it would set the upper class trash Royals back at least 4 years but Trump set them back more than that, which would mean, that, if it happened again, Obama would be an old man before he could get to rule the world.

Do you better understand why for you to get your nations back, the upper class trash Royals and their puppets must permanently go?

They are almost all of your problems just like I have been telling you.

He exposes so much of what I have been telling you about Obama still running things and the UK British Royals working with the US British Royals and much more.

Do you believe me yet?

At about 35 minutes he tells you about a number of coups that were ALL done or attempted under Obama.

When you see how complete their control is and just how complex and corrupt they are, you have to realize that God is the only one who can save us from these obviously evil monsters at the top. He makes it very clear, without actually saying it, that you have to get rid of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets to get back control of your nations and lives. We are talking Bastille II, here, people.

He warns you in the title that, as their globalism fails, which it is doing, they will go for national dictatorships, which they are doing, just like I have been warning you.

Crony Capitalism

Remember that I have been telling you that people wrongly keep calling our economy free market capitalism but it is crony capitalism?

In this brief video Vivek tells you that at the start and then explains what it really means. He says it is what we really have just like I have been telling you.

We DO NOT have free market capitalism and have not had it for decades.

Gee, by the strangest coincidence, he tells you that "every politician is dancing to the tune of their puppet masters".

Gee, where have we heard that before? Do you believe me yet?

They just keep proving me right because God put me in a lot of places to learn about a lot of things so I could teach you about those things to help you.

Do you see why I can't wait to get this crap over with, when you see how much crap I have seen and am still seeing?

You just know Satan is extremely proud of these monsters. They do him proud every day.


This video shows that the Philippines is arming itself with anti-ship missiles from the US and India to use against Chinese warships.

China's aggressive behavior is coming back to haunt her because things just keep getting worse for her. I just can't see her winning a war in the area, if everyone of her enemies or even just most of them fight her together.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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