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Millennial Reign of Jesus

With me watching the upper class trash Royals and Muslims destroy everything we have built and knowing the Tribulation will be here soon, it is too depressing to try to dream about doing and building things that I know I will have to walk away from soon and the Muslims will destroy when they conquer the Earth. I have not been able to really dream for several years.

This morning God woke me to the realization that, with the Tribulation being so close, so is the soon coming Millennial Reign of Jesus, where there will be no crime, no wars, no corrupt governments, I will have a healthy body with about 80 years of learning and experience, and 1,000 years to dream, design, create, build, and manage things to help people. Wow, just the thought of being able to do that for 1,000 years is wonderful. I can dream again and I don't know which dream to start with.

Just look at what I did in less than 50 years before I got sick. I was a state champion marathon athlete who got up to national and international fitness level, I created from scratch and built up a racing program to teach young people to dream and how to achieve their dreams that beat internationally ranked pro and amateur teams, and I have helped at least tens of thousands of people around the world. I will soon be 75 and I have done much more than most people will ever do and it has been a huge blessing from God.

Now multiply that times 20 and you know I am going to help tens of millions of people in 1,000 years. Wow, that is so exciting. One of my biggest goals in life is to stand before God on Judgment Day and hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant." And I am going to get to meet those people I helped.

He showed me some of the things I will do during His Millennial Reign like building a sports program that will grow so fast I will barely be able to keep up with it, help colonize other planets, and I designed over 300 businesses that I can use to create jobs for people to help colonize those planets, provide quality products and services, and help build cities. I want to build my own university to help teach people the truth and I will have 1,000 years to do it. My idea of retirement is, "Next project." I am going to be like a kid in a candy shop.

One thing I really look forward to during the Millennial Reign of Jesus is not having to spend so much time talking about evil people to warn you. That will be wonderful.


Remember that I told you that the average time for a relationship with lesbians was 2 years and for homosexual males was about 2 weeks and I got that intel from homosexuals?

I think I told you when they began to push homosexual marriages that all it was going to do was greatly increase the business for divorce courts?

Yesterday I found out that the current divorce rate for lesbians is 75% and you know it is much higher for males.

They also loved getting married and adopting poor innocent children. You know the fights for custody and the child support is going through the roof.

An easy prediction is that almost all homosexuals will say that the worst thing they did was start homosexual marriages. Keep an eye on it.

They are not stable people and, when you put unstable people in stable relationships, it ain't going to end well.


Remember that I told you that the Nation of Islam and Iran have been planning this war for at least 10 to 20 years, probably longer? Remember that I told you that the Nation of Islam under Farrakhan has been planning and building for conquest of the world since at least the 1960s and how he was doing it?

This video shows you millions of dollars in tunnel construction that you know took decades to design and build. They had to be planning and building that tunnel network for decades.

They have been building this since at least 2005, when Israel set up the Gaza Arab two-state solution, giving them their own land, their own government, and their own economy but that doesn't mean they have not been building at least some of it before that.

Then Afghan Austin flew to Israel and told them to decrease the aggressiveness of their war or "to scale back the war", you know, take it easy on our Muslim terrorists because Farrakhan is getting upset.

Here is something I realized you better keep an eye on. With all of this hostility and sabotage by the Nation of Islam run US Government in conjunction with the West "selling" Ukraine weapons we know she sold a bunch of to other nations and entities like terrorist organizations, when she needed those weapons herself, plus those weapons showing up in the hands of Hamas in Gaza, was all of that weapons stuff with Ukraine the Nation of Islam run US Government laundering US and European weapons through Ukraine to Hamas and other terrorist groups?

It is beginning to look like it because that sure is a big magic coincidence, especially with Hamas starting a war against Israel just when the West is losing a war in Ukraine and after it has become clear that the Afghanistan withdrawal was intentionally botched to arm the terrorist Taliban organization.

Gee, the Nation of Islam run US Government sure has been arming a lot of terrorist organizations but it is just a magic coincidence. Keep an eye on it.

Do you believe me yet?

This video shows you how the IDF is bending over backwards to protect civilians like no other military has ever done in a war because of the US sabotaging Israel's efforts. It is also why this war is taking so long and is so difficult for Israel to finish winning it.

But, Israel is now using cyber warfare to attack Iran without militarily spreading the war. They seem to be doing a pretty good job of making life worse in Iran.

Illegal Aliens

Remember that I warned you that this illegal alien infiltration into Western nations was not going to work well and some nations are beginning to realize I was right?

This video tells that the UK and Germany had already realized that recently and that Italy is now waking up to it, especially concerning Muslims. Remember that previously, nations like Hungary had decided to not allow illegal aliens in their countries and the rest of Europe didn't like it.

A big realization by some of those nations like Italy is that their culture is not compatible with Islam so they are really turning Muslims migrants away.

More nations are waking up to the truth about Muslims.

It makes me wonder just how ignorant and stupid the leaders and their bureaucrats are that they couldn't figure this out before. The obviously don't know crap about other cultures and religions from other nations.

Do you believe me yet that the stupid people are running our nations and world?

BTW, you better get ready for terrorist attacks in the US because it is clear that the Nation of Islam puppet, Afghan Joe, is bringing in terrorists across our border to stage terrorist attacks against you to terrify you into submission of their absolute rule, you know, so they can protect you from the terrorists they brought into the US. Wink, wink.

Hey, they are going to murder you all off with their depopulation crap anyway.

You want to see how bad the illegal alien problem is in the US?

Watch this video because they show and tell you how bad it is and those illegal aliens are now almost all young military aged men with no families. There are millions of them.

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because they are just about ready to go to war against you RIGHT NOW!

Biological Warfare

Remember that I warned you after Ukraine that the US has biological warfare labs all over the world and would have quite a few in Africa?

This video tells you some of those African nations have found that to be true. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

I really wish I could stop being right about the upper class trash Royals and their puppets but God has just taught me too much. It is like I can read them like a book and it is a really bad book.

This guy gives really great details concerning the US biowarfare program.

The video tells you that their reports say there are OVER 30 known biowarfare labs in Africa and MORE THAN 400 globally. He also tells you what I told you that diseases like HIV have come from these labs. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Maybe that explains why we didn't get those diseases from African slaves hundreds of years ago?

The trouble is with that video is he is still believing some lies by the US Government that said those labs were put there to deal with the HIV outbreak, when they actually were there before causing the outbreak or those diseases would have come to the US hundreds of years ago with the African slaves. That is just common sense. Those diseases were not a problem hundreds of years ago.

What they did was take diseases from monkeys and reengineer them to attack humans, you know, like they took COVID19 from bats and reengineered it to attack humans. They also took SARs from Chinese birds and reengineered it to attack humans. Gee, they sure are reengineering a lot of different diseases to attack humans with them openly telling you they are going to depopulate the planet but that is just a magic coincidence.

There are going to be a lot of scientists burning in Hell. I wonder how many billions of people those scientists have murdered so far. Every day we find out how much more evil the upper class trash Royals really are, you know, pure satanic savages. People, they are developing micro organisms to butcher men, women, and children.

He tells you that one doctor said the Ebola outbreaks were caused by labs in those areas just like I told you because they didn't have Ebola come to the US with the slaves hundreds of years ago. That is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Did I tell you that I got within 6 three hour courses or one semester of having my degree in biology and I am glad I didn't finish it?

Before my illness brought me down, I was considering getting my Ph.D. in biology for the fun of it because I love science, especially biology and physics, but I could never work in those biowarfare labs murdering people.

Then he tells you that the labs that were responsible for Ebola were founded by George Soros and the Bill Gates Foundation.

Gee, maybe that is why Ebola didn't come to the US hundreds of years ago with those African slaves?

Gee, you don't think that was part of their globalist depopulation plans, do you? Do you see how evil the upper class trash Royals are? Do you believe me yet?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." It just keeps coming out more and more every day just how evil these monsters are, while pretending to be good people. You are now learning what I have spent over half a century learning.

I didn't know exactly when the US started our bioweapons program but I knew it was since at least the 1950s and he tells you it was started in 1943 by FDR, you know, a lefty socialist jerk and member of the European Royal Family, especially from the Dutch and British branches. He did it under the pressure of the British Government. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Also remember that the Royals formed their first organization to set up their global dictatorship in 1947, just after the war. Many of the Royals have been evil for thousands of years. There have been some good ones like Trump but not a lot.

Do you believe me yet?

Then he provides some more intel as to why they screwed Nixon the way they did. I thought it was just because they were making so much money from the Vietnam War and he brought it to an end, costing the upper class trash a lot of blood money but he also made it illegal in the US to do biological warfare research for offensive reasons.

Then another scientist tells you that the US spread Ebola like I said and then he told you that other sources are saying that the US developed HIV and Ebola.

Obama Chef

Remember that I told you that the Obama chef thing is a little suspicious and you should watch it because he might have been a Military plant to keep an eye on Obama and the Nation of Islam?

Gee, why are they continuing to investigate a drowning unless something is going on?

This video is about the chef drowning and he tells you that the Secret Service boats were not working at the time of the drowning and they can't get all of the videos and other intel concerning the drowning.

What are they hiding? I mean, it was just a drowning, right?

Apparently not or they wouldn't be hiding anything. This report just creates more questions.


Remember that I have been telling you that it is very suspicious that the US or anyone else is not going on the offensive against the Houthis to protect commercial ships from missile attacks by the Houthis?

EVERYONE is dragging their feet about helping protect commercial ships from Houthis' attacks. There is definitely something going on here. What they are talking about is a purely defensive operation to shoot down missiles and drones to protect the ships and not about attacking at least the offensive weapons systems attacking the ships to destroy them to prevent attacks.

How many times have we seen offensive measures taken against terrorists for lesser threats in the last 30 years?

This is a threat to all commercial shipping and no one wants to just blow up some offensive and control units for a terrorist organization? They are going to just permit this terrorist organization to continue with their terror attacks? Why? They really don't want anyone to kill Muslim terrorists, do they?

My first guess is that these terrorists are proxies for the Nation of Islam run US Government. That is what it looks like.

Remember that I told you that Israel will have to take all of the way south to and including Yemen to protect her shipping?

This video provides further evidence that is true. No one else will stop them because they are using the Houthis as a proxy to block shipping to Israel.

That video also shows there is obvious collusion between the Nation of Islam run US Government and the Muslim nations against Israel and they are obviously just putting on a show about doing anything right.

Do you believe me yet that Israel is going to have to take control of everything from the Euphrates River to the Nile River to the Indian Ocean to fulfill the prophecy in Daniel with the one world government being divided into two parts?


Remember that I told you that it looks like the West/EU/NATO is trying to start a war with Russia to justify them attacking and invading Russia or, at the very least, they are trying to bluff and intimidate Russia into submitting to their dictatorship?

In this video it just got more obvious. They are trying to send more weapons to Ukraine and Hungary is blocking it so they are talking about denying Hungary voting rights so she can't block it.

That video provides some very interesting intel about their EU bully system to control lesser members. If they do take away the voting rights for Hungary, don't be surprised to see Hungary leave the EU.

The West is doing its best to keep that war going to 1) tie down Russia so she can't invade Europe and 2) to use Ukraine to weaken Russia so they can destroy Russia to get her out of their way for setting up their beloved global dictatorship. Sooner or later, Russia is going to get fed up with this and just attack Europe and the US to stop the insanity and she is ramping up for that right now.

BTW, Orban of Hungary just met privately with Erdogan of Turkey and they are both Russian allies. Do the math on that one. Keep in mind that Turkey is a member of NATO but not the EU, while Hungary is a member of both.

Hmmm, is Russia working with them to build or expand the Russian alliance against the West?

US Military

Remember that I have been warning you that the upper class trash Royals and their puppets have been intentionally weakening the US Military so they can't stop the Royals from setting up their global dictatorship?

This video tells you they are succeeding. The US Military is now at its smallest size in 80 years or since WWII.

Now do you understand why the US Military started setting up and training militias decades ago?

They KNEW the traitors would down size the military to make it harder for the military to stop their insurrection and treason. Hey, they have to get it weaker and smaller than the Nation of Islam Army with a portion of the US Military being the Nation of Islam Army.

I wonder how much of that smaller US Military is the Nation of Islam Army?

Do you believe me yet that you better join a militia, get trained, get organized and get ready to fight for your survival? Remember that the upper class trash Royals plan to murder you off, if they get their dictatorship?

You will soon be fighting for your life, baby.

Remember that I told you that the Nation of Islam will not be taking more of the US Military than those who are also members of the Nation of Islam because they know most of our troops won't just march through Israel slaughtering every man, woman, and child but their Muslim Army trained up by the US and US veterans will?

Note that he told you that we only have about 1.3 million troops in the US Military and quite a few of those are Nation of Islam troops infiltrated into our Military and the Nation of Islam has millions of their own troops in their own military. Their military will be their own troops, all of the black gang bangers in the US because they are all members of the Nation of Islam, all members of BLM, all members of Antifa, and Muslims who are not black. That could easily be 10 to 30 million troops plus there will be tens of millions of troops infiltrated into the US by China, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and others. It ain't looking good, baby.

Do you believe me yet that you are going to need a lot of help from God?

When Obama goes to take his troops out of here, you need to sit tight and just hold ground to make him feel safe in taking as many of those troops as he wants to take for invading Israel to decrease the number of troops you will have to fight later to get most of your nation back. If you stage any offensives before he leaves, he will feel a need to leave more troops behind to fight you and that will make it tougher for you to win so be smart.

Every day, we get one day closer and the picture just keeps getting more clear.

Yeah, I know, I am a conspiracy theorist but my conspiracies keep being proved right. It is better for you to prepare for my conspiracies and them be wrong than it would be for you to not prepare and them be right. You prepare for the worst and pray for the best.


Remember that I have told you that the Nation of Islam has infiltrated people into and taken control of most of our government, is using Iran as their proxy to destroy Israel so Obama can stand on the Temple Mount and prove he is the Muslim Mahdi so the Muslims will unite behind Obama to conquer the world with Afghan Joe being his puppet?

This video provides more clear evidence that is true because the Nation of Islam run US Government is funding their proxy, Iran. It just couldn't be any more obvious.

He points out some of the ways that Afghan Joe is sabotaging Israel while quietly funding Iran with $10 billion.

I think these people still have not figured out or they are afraid to say what part the Nation of Islam, Farrakhan, Obama, and Biden are doing in this treason. I am pretty sure the good guys in the US Military know what is going on because they have been preparing for it for decades.

Keep in mind that, if Afghan Joe loses in this election, Obama won't have a puppet running this nation for him and Obama will lose power and control. I seriously doubt Obama will accept that, especially at this time and with him quickly aging. You can bet that he, Farrakhan, and top officials in the Nation of Islam meet concerning this regularly. You can bet that, with the infiltrated control they have right now, they will be much more willing to stage a violent insurrection of our government to finish seizing permanent control.

Remember that this is not just Obama who is going to nuke Chicago and stage this violent insurrection. This is Farrakhan's fifth column or shadow government he has been systematically building for more than half a century with very well trained people, many of whom have clearly infiltrated and taken current control of most of our government, with Obama being a top member of the Nation of Islam. They have the resources to do this and, as Muslims, have the desire and attitude plus they plan for their Nation of Islam government to rule the world. They have been preparing and planning for this since at least the 1960s.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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