I Told You So 617


I think I figured out why Israel changed to dragging out the war in Gaza. If they finish this war by the end of January, they will have to occupy Gaza to clean up the mess and rebuild Gaza but too many Western nations like the US pretending to be Israeli allies are making it look like Israel "occupying" Gaza to rebuild it is bad. "Why, Israel has to immediately turn Gaza back over to our Muslim terrorists so the terrorists can start murdering Hebrews again."

So, if Israel drags the war out, they will get to rebuild Gaza in parts until it is completely rebuilt by shortly after they finish eradicating Hamas.

Plus Israel is pulling significant forces out of Gaza to either clean up the West Bank and/or stage a surprise preemptive attack against Hezbollah in the north. Keep an eye on that.

The next day after I wrote that I found out that Hezbollah has removed their forces from the Israeli border. I guess they figured it out too.

Remember that I have been warning you that more and more Muslim nations will commit to being united against and destroying Israel?

Now Muslim run Malaysia is claiming Israel is committing genocide in spite of the fact that it is the Muslims who want to wipe out Israel and not Israel who wants to wipe out the Muslims. Malaysia is now demanding the world court take action against Israel. They have joined the Muslim nations that are talking the talk but not willing to walk the walk.

Do you believe me yet that the Muslim nations are afraid of Israel and it is going to take a US lead invasion for them to all join in for an invasion and destruction of Israel?

Remember that I have been telling you that the US Nation of Islam is using Afghan Joe as a front man to work with Iran in wiping out Israel?

Then I found this interesting video telling us that Afghan Joe is mad because Israel killed a top leader of Hamas, Arouri, in waging this war against Israel. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Now, why would Afghan Joe be angry at Israel for killing a leader of a Muslim terrorist organization? Gee, you don't think he was one of the Nation of Islam's top partners, do you?

The video tells us that Israel kept Afghan Joe in the dark about their plans to kill the guy, probably because Israel knew Afghan Joe didn't want the criminal dead.

Do you want to really know that I am right about both Israel and Ukraine? Have you noticed that the lefties just have to stop the war in Gaza but keep funding and supporting the war wiping out everyone in Ukraine? Do you really think the lefty upper class trash Royals care about anything other than money, power, and themselves? It is OK for the lefties to keep killing off everyone in Ukraine to destroy Russia but it is not OK for Israel to kill people in Gaza to destroy Hamas? Really? Do you get the picture yet?

This video reveals some interesting intel, if you understand the language. In the first half, she talks about Iran's attacks on US troops and a few soldiers were injured. Then she tells you that the US staged "proportionate attacks", which mean the US is not trying to win the fight so it is all just show.

Proportionate attacks or force were coined by LBJ and McNamara for counter attacking the commies without trying to destroy or defeat them because they did not want to win the war so the war would continue and they could keep making money from the war. Proportionate attacks has since been using by those making money from prolonged wars to keep making blood money.

In this case, it just means the US and Iran are putting on a show to make people think they are fighting, when they are just putting on a show. Note that she said that, in the proportionate attacks, they "might" have killed some terrorists, which means they probably didn't but want you to believe they did.

Notice how, when Israel struck with disproportionate force, she killed some of Iran's leaders and no question about it. That is how you fight to actually win a war.

I have been hearing about this next item for a while and waiting to find some intel on it. The Israel haters are making this sound like Israel is going to force Arabs in Gaza to deport to other locations but Israel is talking about supporting and encouraging the Arabs to leave Gaza to other places like the Congo, Saudi Arabia, the Sinai, and anywhere else they want to go.

You know that is going to tick off the Muslims and their allies that want to destroy Israel because it will take away a base of operation for the Muslim Hamas terrorist force to operate from next door to Israel.


Remember that I told you that, when the Royals set up their new global dictatorship or monarchy, they would turn on each other?

This video shows they didn't even wait. They are now wanting the existing monarchs to abdicate or resign with lame excuses that the Royals "should grow up and modernize". The truth is that other Royals want to rule and are just using that as an excuse.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present and they never quit. They have been inbreeding too long and should quit breeding.

It is just too easy to predict what these greedy, inbred, power mad nuts are going to do. Hey, they have been doing it for thousands of years and they are not going to change now.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."


Remember that I told you that China's economy is not strong enough to support a sustained war?

This video shows you their economy is even worse off than I thought and, as usual, my estimates were conservative.

It seems China was making most of its revenues from those criminal pirates moving their businesses to China to increase their wealth by using China's slavery to make their products. Now that those criminal pirates are moving their businesses out of China to use slavery in other nations, China's economy is imploding.

This means that, right now, you can bet that China's number one economic strategy is to sack the US to pay her bills just like all failing tyrannies do but they have to attack from within our gates to win the war quickly.

Hey, you turned your back on God, God didn't turn His back on you.


Remember that I told you that Turkey is playing both sides against each other in the Ukrainian War but tends to favor Russia?

The UK just tried to send two minesweeper ships to help Ukraine and Turkey just refused to let them have passage into the Black Sea to help Ukraine.

I just can't get this stuff wrong.

Remember that I told you that it would only be a matter of time until the Ukrainian Military turned on Z Boy?

This video tells us that time has arrived! The troops are increasingly in rebellion and refusing to fight for Z Boy.

Gee, who would have figured that the troops don't want to commit suicide on the battlefields for a lost cause? So, how long do you think it will be before the troops march of Kiev and find Z Boy isn't even there and seize control of their nation back?

Suddenly they are having larger numbers of reinforcements and weapons in Ukraine fighting against Russia and the most probably reason is the West just sent in more NATO forces. This is only slightly slowing Russia down but I have noticed that those forces seem to get depleted pretty fast and Russia speeds up again. Keep an eye on this.

You think not?

In the first few minutes of this video he tells you that NATO demanded a meeting because Russia's revenge strike for Ukraine attacking into Russia killed a bunch of NATO officers directing the war against Russia and NATO got a wee bit ticked about that.

I got the feeling that Russia knew where that NATO command center was and decided to put an end to that nonsense.

The idiot Western leaders don't realize that Russia is now depleting NATO forces in Ukraine on a greater scale so it will be easier to invade Europe and the US so the moron Western leaders just keep pumping more of their troops into Ukraine for Russia to destroy, making those NATO nations even weaker and more vulnerable to attack by Russia.

After Ukraine's attack into Russia, he told you that Russia started bombarding the north of Ukraine and that was to take out the troops that attacked into Russia to discourage and limit future potential attacks into Russia.

If you want to better understand why the West is trying so hard and desperately to destroy Russia, just watch this video and it will tell you that the West's insane greed and lust for complete power and control has caused a rebellion of nations that formed BRICS with Russia as the dominant party in it that is destroying the West and their attempt to set up their global dictatorship. They believe that, if they destroy Russia, BRICS will fall apart.

She shows you some very interesting intel about how BRICS has already started surpassing the economies of the West and should take control from the West in 2024. That is why the West is now so desperate.

Ukraine is now admitting they have a weapons shortage.

Maybe they should not have sold so many weapons to groups like Hamas and Hezbollah to fill their greedy pockets?

But, hey, the US and other Western nations told them they would stick with Ukraine until the end so they thought there would be no bottom to the well. Hey, the West lied again.

Upper Class Trash Corruption

Remember that I keep telling you about the corruption of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets?

This video gives you good examples of how our leaders are literally selling you out by taking bribes and Qatar is not the only one who owns those traitors.

I keep warning you that these monsters don't care about anyone or anything but themselves and their bank accounts and this confirms that. I also keep warning you that they have corrupted the system so they are above the law and won't be prosecuted for even treason and that video confirms that.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil." He is right.

I hope these treasons make you as upset as they make me because they are selling you, your family, and your friends out for money. They don't care what happens to you as long as they get more money.


Remember that I have been warning you that we have turned our backs on God for our sins and we are now being judged for those sins and that will bring down our nations?

This video tells you how God brought down Israel for doing the same things in the Book of Jeremiah. He reads scripture to you that could just as easily apply to the West today. I have been telling you that God has had enough of your sins just like He had enough of Israel's sins and brought them down.

Note that he tells you that Jeremiah said he knew that the people were not listening to him but he still had to warn them just like God told him to, the same way God told me to warn you for the same reasons.

People, this is just going to get worse until you make it better by repenting and turning back to God and then God will save our butts.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because we have already pushed God too far and He is right now saying, "Enough!" We are being judged today just as every nation before who turned their backs on God was judged.

Just because you are prospering while sinning does not mean you will always continue to prosper while sinning. It just means that God has not yet brought judgment on you and it will eventually come and bring you down.

They are clearly putting out the Epstein files with Trump on it as a desperate move to destroy Trump because everything else they have tried has failed and backfired on them. They are only putting out a partial list or they would be putting all of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets on it.

If this also backfires on the left, I think they will kill Trump. They are extremely desperate right now.

Then I found out after I wrote that that the Epstein files actually exonerate Trump. Satan's spawn can't win for losing.

Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I have been telling you that God told me that Obama is going to nuke Chicago and seize control of the US to lead an invasion to destroy Israel?

I just found this video by Sowell telling us that it will probably only take one nuke of a major city like "New York, Chicago, or LA" to get the American people to surrender.

Do you better understand why our nation will divide into blue and red zones after Obama nuking Chicago and them permitting him to seize control of the US?

The lefties will surrender but the conservatives won't and that will cause the division of the US with a Mexican standoff like God told me. The Nation of Islam is probably believing and hoping one nuke of Chicago will cause everyone to submit in fear but that will only be the lefties. They probably know the lefties will submit and are believing and hoping the conservatives will too but God told me they won't.

Note that, at the end, he talked about miraculous deliverances for the US, which is why you will need God to save your butts. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.


Here is a little reality for you. In a few months, on April 13, 2024, I will be 75 years of age, three fourths of a century old, only 3 years less than the oldest average life expectancy in the US, which was 78, but I keep seeing many people die in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s so that I have already lived longer than most people will live. That is because about two thirds of the people die before reaching the average life expectancy so you better get right with God right now because any of you can die on any day at any age for any number of reasons.

No one is guaranteed tomorrow unless God personally gave you that guarantee.

From what God has shown me, I will die at about 83 in about 1932 but it won't end there for me the same as it won't end for you when you die. You will either go to Heaven or Hell and that will be based on your choice to walk with God or walk with Satan.

The Bible and God have told me that I will go to Heaven because of my choices. Jesus tells us that most people will choose Hell. I would like to see you in Paradise.

My life is almost over. I only have about 8 years left but, hey, I have already lived at least a decade or two longer than the doctors thought I would.


I have noticed that the lefty shrinks have been sending their brainwashed and drugged shooters out to murder children in public schools. Their gun control or disarmament of law abiding US citizens has failed with people being randomly murdered on the streets by the lefty shrink shooters.

So they decided to start having their shooters murder children in schools to anger more people, especially parents, into supporting the left's unconstitutional gun control and disarming US citizens. They are hoping that, if they get enough parents angry, more of them will support disarmament of law abiding citizens to make it easier and safer for the left to set up their dictatorship.

What they need to do is to start investigating those shooters' shrinks and their upper class trash owners and prosecuting them for premeditated murder and hanging them. If you hang enough of them, that game will stop.


Remember that I have been telling you that the nations of Africa will unite in a similar way to how Europe and the US united with NATO?

Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali are forming an alliance against the West and others will quickly join. This is the African seed that will grow into an African tree.

Keep an eye on this.


More and more I am becoming convinced that, because of the greed and insanity of their leaders, Europe is screwed. I really hate that because I have friends living there but it is really looking worse and worse for them. Just Spain, France, Germany, and the UK could end up being more than a dozen nations before the dust settles. This should happen soon.


Remember that I have been telling you for more than 2 decades that the Muslims have been killing, murdering, and butchering each other for 1,400 years? Remember that I tell you that most of that killing is between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims but there are other factions involved in it too?

This brief video tells you that the Sunnis and Shiites are still murdering each other 1,400 years later. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

Do you believe me yet that, when the Muslims conquer the world and set up their one world government and church during the Tribulation that they will then turn their guns on each other for power and control and that will probably be the fulfillment of the prophecy in the Book of Revelation concerning 3 of the 10 members of their council being killed and then the Antichrist seizing control of their government? God has taught me a lot, hasn't He?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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