I Told You So 622


Remember that I have been telling you that, when the Western leaders "go to Kiev to meet Z Boy", they are not going to Kiev, Ukraine, but Kiev, England?

They are now telling us that British PM, Sputnik (I know but it is funny), just flew right into Kiev, Ukraine to sign a deal giving Z Boy 2.5 billion pounds more in weapons and munitions, flew back out without getting his butt blown out of the sky, you know, with Putin launching hundreds of missiles and drones all over Ukraine, including hitting Kiev? Really? Hold it, are they not still keeping Z Boy out of Ukraine to protect him from Putin? Are they insulting our intelligence or what?

People, no national leaders will travel into a war zone during a war to sign anything with anyone. It could get them killed.

I am even more convinced now that Putin knows he has to attack Britain and destroy their upper class trash and their puppets to stop their insanity.

You have to understand that, to Putin, the UK is a very easy target because he can not only reach the UK from Russia with their missiles but can get nuke armed ships and subs very close to the UK in international waters, plus the UK is very small with relatively few important targets, you know, like the upper class trash Royals. Putin could probably pretty easily hit the UK with only about 100 to 200 tactical nukes or less and kill and destroy everyone and everything he needs to kill and destroy to stop their insanity. With Russia's ships and subs launching from that close, the UK won't have time to stop more than a few, if any, AND Russia knows the exact locations for all of their important targets. They are arrogant idiots to keep poking the Russian bear.

Another thing is that the same ships and subs will be close enough to also attack France and Germany the same way at the same time, taking both of them out and the rest of Europe will beg for peace leaving only the US and Canada and Canada doesn't have many important targets with most of them in relatively small areas.

I have already provided a strategic analysis for the US and it sucks with so many enemy soldiers infiltrated into the US. This is not going to be pretty. You better hope that Mahdi Obama will make his move before Putin.

It is really terrible when your nation's sins have put you in the place to where you have to wish for the lesser of two evils. I can't wait for Judgment Day but have to.

Then I saw a very brief video of Sputnik arriving in Kiev with no signs of it actually being in the middle of a war zone in Ukraine in the middle of a war. I am keeping an eye on this.

Mean while, Russia is staging smaller attacks all along the battle line to keep the Ukrainian forces spread out so it is easier for Russia to make small gains all along the front line, while destroying Ukrainian/NATO troops.


Remember that I told you that it probably took them a few weeks to plan the attack against the Houthis?

They have probably been gathering some intel before but, when they decided to actually do the attack, they had to gather fresh intel because mobile stuff gets moved around. We do that all of the time to see where things got moved to since yesterday. Then they had to make a list of targets and decide which targets to hit with which weapons, you know, like missiles or planes. Then they had to assign targets to specific ships with the extra burden of coordinating assignments between the US and UK and they had to set the timing for the attack to coordinate all weapons systems. Then they had to get all of the ships in the right positions and those big boats do not quickly teleport to positions.

That naval task force was formed in December, well more than a few weeks ago, you can bet they began planning this operation at that time and this fake operation is likely why a number of nations in the EU opted out of this naval task force.

All of that would take time, probably at least a few weeks, maybe more, you know, while Afghan Joe was on vacation and Afghan Austin was lost in the ICU, probably not very with it because he was in pain. They didn't have crap to do with this mission except they did put on a little show to fool you by bringing some mobile equipment into Afghan Austin's hospital room for him to say, "Fire" and make it look he had something to do with it.

Normally, his assistant would have handled the mission and said, "Fire", telling me they were putting on a show to fool you.

Those ships didn't just suddenly say, "Hey, let's go fire a bunch of missiles at Yemen and hope we accidentally hit something other than a herd of goats", then teleport into positions and blindly fire a bunch of missiles into Yemen.

BTW, you have to pay attention to their military language because they were saying that they were trying to "degrade" the Houthis military capability, which means slightly diminish, and not to destroy or cripple their capability. They were trying to hit some relatively insignificant targets as mild to moderate psychological warfare. They were telling you that it was all show.

Then I found this video that basically tells you what I told you. He said that the US and UK attacks had little significance because the Houthis don't have anything but mobile weapons they can easily move around and replace within hours to a few days. It was all show to make everyone think they were fighting to help Israel, when they clearly were not.

He told you that, what they should have done was kill the leaders or, like I have been telling you, you have to kill from the top down. You take out command, control, and communications, which is the way the military puts it.

Look, everything the Houthis have worth destroying is mobile weapons systems, they got notice in advance and moved everything to where they were safe, and took minor damage. It was all show and clearly worked out between the Nation of Islam, you know, Afghan Joe's and Afghan Austin's puppet masters, and Iran. You can bet the Nation of Islam told Iran right where the ships were going to target, Iran told the Houthis, and the Houthis moved everything but a few minor systems or old missiles out of the way, leaving a few to make the show look better.

You want proof that this is just show by the Nation of Islam and Iran?

They have not killed anyone of either side, much less leaders, and have just blown up a bunch of missiles and drones. Just look at the massive difference between what is going on between the US and Iran verses the actual war in Israel. Israel is killing a lot of terrorists and taking some losses, which is war, but the US and Iran are not taking any significant losses, which is show.

Plus, you have to understand that, under Mahdi Obama, the US stopped supporting Saudi Arabia's war against the Houthis and made buds with Iran, giving Iran billions of US dollars. The Houthis seized control of that part of Yemen in 2014 under Mahdi Obama. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Do you believe me yet?

I am seeing that the Houthis leaders are bragging that the missile attacks by the US and UK have not killed one Houthi.

Let me share something with you. If you have to make a choice to either kill the weapon operator or destroy the weapon, what do you do?

You always kill the operator because, if you just take out the weapon, the operator can quickly grab another weapon and be back in business but, if you kill the operator, they will have to train up a replacement operator, which will take time and buy you time.

Of course the best is to destroy both at the same time.

The US and UK are only destroying "weapons" that could be old junk or a few explosives set out as a target to make it look like they hit a weapon.

Then I found this video which tells you what I have been telling you. The US and UK blew up some mud huts and tin covered buildings, you know, things Iran told the Nation of Islam to hit. That is just so obvious but I don't see anyone else getting it.

It is like he said, they just blew $100 million putting on a show to make the stupid people on the left believe they are supporting Israel while doing nothing but target practice on mud huts AND trying to stop Israel from killing all of the Hamas terrorists to protect Israelis.

Then he tells you that the missions are being planned within the White House just like Mahdi Obama did. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that the Nation of Islam and Mahdi Obama are running this nation and not Afghan Joe and Afghan Austin? Do you believe me yet that they are obviously in bed with Iran? Is it getting obvious enough?

Then I found this video and am wondering and watching about this intel.

Are they really refusing because they found out that the US and UK are part of the Nation of Islam working with Iran?

Did they refuse to participate because they knew the US and UK wouldn't hit any important targets?

Is this just more show to make it look more like the US is helping Israel against the wishes of Europe, when it is not?

It is obvious that Spain is staying out of all actions against Muslim terrorists because the southern third of her nation is Muslim and it would cause a civil war in Spain. Spain's motivation is understandable.

France and Italy both have large Muslim immigrant populations in their nations so they probably fear an uprising and terrorist attacks, if they also take actions against Muslim terrorists.

I think the excuses those 3 nations are making are just lame excuses covering for their real fears. They are all 3 afraid of the large Muslim populations in their nations.

Then I found this video that is pure bull crap. People, our intelligence would NEVER compromise an intelligence mission by making it public because it would put the operators at risk and compromise the intelligence gathering, NEVER!!! The existence of such intelligence gathering operations is ALWAYS classified secret to top secret so that making such operations public knowledge would be a breach of national security and get your butt arrested.

The only reason for them to make such an operation public knowledge would be to fool people into believing the US is aiding Israel, while trying to stop Israel from protecting her people. This is more proof that they are just doing show to fool you into believing they are helping Israel, when trying to stop Israel.

Just making such an operation public knowledge hurts Israel and definitely does not help Israel. They never quit with their lies and deceptions. But, hey, most people don't know any better.

You NEVER compromise your intelligence gathering by making it public knowledge, NEVER!!!

You KNOW that story was leaked to the NYT by the lefties in our government or it is just a fake intelligence story. I am so sick of the left's insane lies.


Remember that I have been warning you that a lot of doctors and hospitals have become corrupt and the only thing that matters to them today is money? Remember that I warned you that the chemical companies are giving kickbacks to MDs for using or prescribing their chemicals that is corrupting medicine even more? Remember that I told you how the US Congress encouraged such corruption by passing a bill that would pay the hospitals $3,000 for each COVID patient they had, which caused a lot of hospitals to practice bad medicine such as not quarantining their COVID wards to get everyone in the hospital infected to increase profits for the Hospitals?

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Do you believe Him yet?

This video shows you that today's doctors and hospitals have become extremely corrupt, have stopped caring about their patients and are only caring about maximizing profits at the expense of their patients. They belong in prison.

The left has destroyed everything in this nation.

And you wonder why God is punishing us?

The more of this we let them get away with, the greater the punishment will be.

Do you believe me yet that only God can save our butts now because we were tolerant of the left far too long, permitting them to gain too much power?

You BETTER pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because this is going to get much worse before it gets better to get the attention of those not paying attention and then open their eyes so they can make an informed decision between good and evil. I wish they would hurry up and make up their minds.

God has a lot of bad people to clean out of control of everything before we can get control of our nations back. There are going to be a lot of bad people burning in Hell soon to pay for their evil.


I just saw a title on a video that said, "The Reason Most People Will go to Hell."

Most people will go to Hell because they love their sins enough that they refuse to give up their sins for salvation and choose eternal damnation by choosing to continue in their sins. All they care about is immediate gratification so forget tomorrow and eternity.

BTW, I am pretty sure I told you that, when I was studying biology in college half a century ago, we knew that a zygote is a living organism and that it is genetically a human being. That is a scientific fact. Therefore, an abortion is murdering a human.

I also get tired of the lefty upper class trash Royals and their puppets pretending to care about people who die from drug overdoses when they are the people making the most money selling those drugs. In 1975 they passed a bill forbidding the US Military from interfering with the smuggling of drugs into the US and Afghan Joe was one of the top people involved in passing that bill.

The ONLY thing they care about is themselves and their bank accounts. They DO NOT care about you. Hey, they have told you that they plan to murder off more than 7.5 billion of you.

Does that sound like they care about you?


Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam has been working with Iran for decades and began using the US to fund and build up Iran to be its proxy?

This video tells you that, surprise, surprise, Afghan Joe is strengthening Iran and her terrorists in the Middle East. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

They just keep telling you that what God has shown me is right.

Of course Afghan Joe and the Nation of Islam are using the US to strengthen Iran and her terrorists, the Nation of Islam wants their proxies to be stronger to destroy Israel.

Demon Worship

Yesterday I saw the Arabic word "Jinn" on the front of a video as I was scrolling through videos looking for intel. I recognized it, knew what it meant and scrolled past.

About 4 or 5 am this morning, when I should have been sleeping, God woke me up and told me that most people, even many Christians, don't know what it means and told me to explain it so I write.

Remember that I told you that, in the last 75 years, I have studied all of the major religions at least a fair amount and some a very significant amount along with more than half a dozen ancient mythologies a significant amount.

In studying Islam, I learned that Jinn is Arabic for Jeannie, Genie, or demon. That is right, the pagan lefties forgot to tell you that mythological Jeannies are demons who use their supernatural powers to do things for pagans. The story about "Aladdin and his lamp" with a genie in the lamp is about him having a demon in his lamp. It is amazing how many Christians don't understand that.

Hey, Jeannie sounds better than demon but they are the same.

All pagan cults are some form of demon worship using the names of different gods, where they do different things to entice Satan and his demons to use their supernatural powers to do things for them. The incantations for all spells, black magic, witchcraft, and other forms of paganism are just the demon worshipper enticing a certain demon or Satan to use their supernatural powers to do things for them.

I have read books by former witches and Satanists telling how, during such incantations, the demons would appear in spirit form for a little while and then disappear to do the horrible thing the human wanted to be done to someone else. In one case, the spirit came back very angry after a brief period of time, told the pagans that they had sent him to cause harm to a Christian, who was protected by God, and quickly left in anger. They were lucky the demon didn't kill them.

All pagan gods are either human Royals, who had themselves deified as gods, or they are Satan and/or his demons. All forms of paganism are just some form of Satan and demon worship, which is one reason why they have so many gods, because they are worshipping so many demons. After a human has themselves deified as a god and they die, a demon just takes the place of being that god the people are worshipping.

That is why pagans sacrifice humans, especially babies and children to their gods, to get those gods or demons to use their supernatural powers to do things for those pagans. It seems that Satan and his demons love for humans to murder other humans for them.

All pagan rituals, incantations, and spells are just enticing Satan and his demons to use their supernatural powers to do what the evil humans want done.

For example, they have four basic levels of witches in witchcraft; the Earth witch (the lowest level of witch), the Solar witch, the Galaxy witch, and the Universe or Cosmos witch as their highest witch. The fairy tale they tell you is that the Earth witch gets her powers from the Earth, the Solar witch gets her powers from the sun, the Galaxy witch gets her powers from the galaxy, and the Universe witch gets her powers from the universe but physics and astrophysics say that is bull crap.

Just how do they get power from those entities? Do they plug into the Earth or stars?

They don't; their powers come from different levels of demons or Satan. Each level of witch, warlock, or wizard practices incantations for getting that level of demons to do their bidding for them and they have to work their way up from the bottom level towards the top, with all of them becoming demon possessed early in their practice. At the highest or universe level, they are enticing Satan to do what they want.

It just sounds nicer and more appealing if they are getting "their powers" from nature instead of from Satan and his demons. It is easier to entice more people to join their cult if they claim to get their powers from nature and are worshipping pagan gods and goddesses instead of from Satan and his demons so they lie.

Any time you see cute little stories about Jeannies in bottles or lamps doing things for humans, that is just demon worship.

Yes, Satan and demons are real but Satan likes for most people to not know that so he covers it up by doing things like having humans call them by pagan god names or Jeannies. Hey, he is the father of lies.

Artificial Intelligence

I have been watching AI for some time and you are being lied to. The idea that AI will become completely independent, learn, and think on its own to do what is best for humans, is just a lie. They are computers that will do whatever they are programmed to do and will only do what they are programmed to do.

The upper class trash Royals are trying to build a new curtain completely controlled by them to hide behind so they can dump all of their expensive puppets for much less expensive robots and the idiot puppets can't see it coming.

They are telling you that the robots will think on their own so that, when the Royals cause everything to go bad for you, you will turn on the robots instead of on the Royals so the Royals can keep their evil heads.

I told you before that the Royals are going to share power with as few people as possible and, when they get absolute power the Royals ALWAYS purge at least 90% of the people who helped them get in power, you know, their puppets, to remove the threat those people will put them out of power by putting someone else in their place. With robots they control, the Royals will be able to removed 100% of the puppets who helped the Royals get into power.

It is a super duper sucker punch by the Royals to their puppets just before the Royals dump and kill all of their idiot puppets. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Listen, the Royals are not going to permit their puppets, who have betrayed all of you, live to betray them too.

Look, these same Royals are doing everything they can to keep you from learning and thinking on your own to better control you and you think they will just let the robots do what they won't let you do? Really?

The Royals will have better control over THEIR robots than they have over you or their puppets. You can bet on that because they are "control freaks". It is all about power and money and, if they give their control over to a bunch of robots, they will lose that power they love and abuse so much.

People, the only reason the upper class trash Royals have spent billions of your tax dollars developing AI is to have complete control over you and, in their evil minds, the best control is to be able to replace you with robots so they can kill you off, including all of their puppets.

Hey, why pay puppets millions of dollars to do what robots can do for free?

And the puppets are too stupid to figure that out.

So what if there won't be any more innovation, they will just enjoy the current luxuries forever, without having to deal with their peasants and puppets they will have replaced with robots, with their dreamed of immortality as gods, well, in their evil minds. You know, before they turn on each other as they have always done in history to gain absolute power over everyone else. They won't stop because greedy, power mad people can never have enough wealth and power.

Man plans, God laughs.


This video shows that the EU just turned into a complete dictatorship because, after this, no one will dare to stand against the leaders of the EU for fear of being punished. They have already turned on each other like I have been warning you for years.

This also shows me that the leaders of Finland have gone power mad nuts and they deserve to be taken out by Russia.

I have also noticed that Italy's Meloni is not keeping her word and is increasingly falling in line with the EU leaders. She has no spine.

It also shows me that Russia is going to have to invade Europe to stop their insanity. They are not leaving Russia a choice. Europe is doomed and their leaders insist on going to Hell soon.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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