I Told You So 631

Bull Crap Show

Right now, Congress is doing nothing good and only putting on a show to make you think they are doing good.

"We impeached Mayorkas!" So what, the Democrats control the Senate, which is responsible for removing him so he isn't going anywhere. NOTHING will have changed but it may help them get reelected.

I am so fed up with the government wasting our money and their time doing nothing but putting on a show to make you think they are doing something. It is just bull crap.

Chinese Invasion

Remember that I have been warning you about China infiltrating troops into the US to attack the US from within? Remember that I told you more than a decade ago about a Chinese base in Idaho that has 50,000 Chinese in it?

In this video he tells you about building an army inside the US in some detail. He even briefly mentioned some soldiers in Idaho but didn't say how many.

Over the years, I have told you much more than he told you such as China buying land near US Military bases and putting their people on that land to quickly attack those bases.

One thing I am wondering is what weapons are they smuggling into the US in cargo containers because you know they are?

You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load. I am not the only one warning you about this now that more people are realizing it.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Muslim nations and their allies are working together to destroy Israel and they are using this war to unite them all into an invasion force?

This video shows that Ireland and Spain are both insisting that the EU do an "urgent probe" or join them in trying to make Israel stop destroying their terrorists.

Spain is doing it to keep the large Muslim population in South Spain from staging a rebellion to take over the Spanish government.

Ireland is doing it in part because the Muslim nations selling them oil probably warned them to turn on Israel or they will stop getting oil.

You would be surprised at how cheap the upper class trash and their puppet souls are.

It should be obvious that Israel is probably fighting the most humane war in history. You can bet that none of the EU nations have ever fought a war that humane.

They have all murdered more people with their brutal wars than Israel will kill in this war.

You watch, God will make this backfire on them sooner or later.

Then I found this video, which is basically Iran and some other Muslim nations, but mostly Iran, beating the war drums to unite other nations to destroy Israel and they literally are belittling the other Muslim nations for not uniting against Israel.

This tells me they are very desperate and running out of time and they are getting a few more Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia and Qatar to unite to encourage the rest to also unite.

Suddenly these Muslim nations and their Western allies are rapidly increasing the propaganda and psychological wars against Israel to unite against Israel. It is like I told you in my last essay, they are running out of time and are increasingly desperate. Hamas is almost finished and Hezbollah won't last much longer, maybe a few months longer. They MUST get an invasion force committed by then or it fails and God told us it isn't going to fail by no one showing up.

It will fail by them all showing up just like the Bible says. Every day we get one day closer and they keep proving me right.

They will unite but not for the reasons they think. They will unite to fulfill the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 & 39 because it MUST be fulfilled soon.

This video shows you the betraying nations of the West working to force Israel to accept another "two-state solution", you know, like the one that just failed and caused this mess. They are insisting there being another "Palestinian State" like the one that caused this mess.

Oh yeah, that is going to bring peace and security to Israel just like it just did the first time.

At the beginning they showed that Israel is preparing to invade Lebanon to stop the attacks by Hezbollah on Israel and the same traitors will scream at Israel for continuing to defend herself and protect her people telling you that they don't care about you either so they won't protect their own people from terrorists because that would be inhumane and they are better than Israel. /sarc

Black Plague

Remember that I have been warning you about the Black Plague or Yersinia Pestis over almost 25 years?

Here is a map that shows it is even worse than I have been warning you because the bacterium is spread out over a greater area than I had seen but thought it might be, proving that my estimates are always conservative.

All that will have to happen to cause a massive global pandemic is for someone to either get bitten by an infected flea in one of those many areas, then get bitten by a flea in any medium to large size city by another flea, and that flea begin infecting that rodent population or a flea get into your belongings, be carried to that city, and start infecting rodents and we could have a global pandemic much worse than the Black Plague pandemic 700 years ago that could wipe out most of mankind within a few years.

Remember that, as the Bubonic Plague, the non treatable strains have a mortality rate of 90% and the Pneumonic Plague has a mortality rate of 100%. Hey, that terrifying COVID19 only had a mortality rate of 3% so you ain't seen nuttin' yet. Most of the medium to large cities on this planet will turn into ghost towns because of their large rodent and human populations.

Remember that I taught you that the Spanish settlers brought it here in the 1500s and that is why the highest infection area is the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area in New Mexico. It has been there for 500 years and had more time to spread through more rodent and flea populations to infect more people. It isn't if, but when it will happen.

The two main areas the Spanish infected were Nuevo Mexico and Alta California and you can see that on the map. That infection pattern didn't come from a steamship on some coast.

One thing I am concerned about is how many bioweapons labs do Fauci and China have working with Yersinia Pestis in that area?


Remember that I have been telling you that the EU, NATO, and other Western international organizations are going to cease to exist?

This video shows that Sweden is seriously talking about and taking actions to leave the EU. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Note that he said that the EU cannot afford to lose any more sources of money for the EU. That means that, if one of two of the bigger payers leave the EU, the EU will be dead. That would probably start a mass exodus.

It should be common sense that the more bull crap the EU puts into action, the sooner nations will leave and the more nations will leave but they just keep putting out more and more bull crap because they are too arrogant and stupid to learn. They MUST have their global dictatorship at all costs, I guess including losing ever having their global dictatorship.

The defense ministers for all of the European NATO nations just had a big meeting and decided to start spending the required 2% of their individual nations' GDP for defense, which has increased the budget for NATO by 6 times as much.

Gee, you don't think they have been laundering their defense money into their greedy pockets while hiding under the US Military umbrella the way I have been telling you, do you? I guess Trump's comment got them just a wee bit scared, did it? But, is it too little too late?

Probably. The truth is that they should be quickly spending at least 10 times that much to quickly bring their militaries up to where they just might be able to protect their nations but that would require their greedy upper class trash to make a lot less money for a while and you know they are not that scared yet.

Then I found this video showing that some of them are finally getting in touch with reality and realize how much more powerful Russia is than they have been believing. I guess this guy didn't feel they increased NATO spending enough so he is trying to get them to increase it more.

Yep, they are finally scared but will they quit poking the bear?


Remember that I have been warning you about globalism for more than a decade, that they want to own everything and you will own nothing?

This very brief video tells you that is exactly what is going on. He said, "They want more and more and more and will give you less and less and less." You know, you will own nothing because these inbred, greedy, power mad human demons want everything and Tucker tells you they are demonic, you know, human demons like I have been telling you.

Just like I have been telling you, God is opening eyes so that more and more of them are realizing what I have been warning you about for years. If you doubt me, you can go back, read my prior essays and see for yourself. That is why I set up my blog the way it is so you can check me out.


Someone just staged an attempt to do a shooting on a US Air Force base and I am monitoring to see who it was to tell me what they were doing. It is possible the left or one of their allies, you know, like China, was testing the perimeter defenses for that Air Force base. We will have to wait and see so keep an eye on it.

Look, I really doubt that China will attack Taiwan, India, or Japan because the better strategy is to eliminate the US from being able to come to their aid to cause them to surrender without China firing a shot. You don't waste troops taking out the little guys first and find yourself short on troops to take out the big guy. You take out the big guy first and then bully and scare the rest into surrendering.

That is why China is infiltrating so many troops into the US she won't be able to use to attack anyone else, hint, hint. China is ramping up to fight the US from within and just using everyone else as a distraction to get us to send our troops over there so they won't be able to help defend and protect the US making the US an even easier target. That is the most probable thing she is doing.

I just realized that I have never done a strategic analysis on the war the Nation of Islam is preparing to use to take control of the US and conquer the world so let's do it.

First, I told you decades ago that the US Military knew what the Nation of Islam is planning to do and has been working to build a Military/civilian militia defense force to stop them and they couldn't exactly keep it secret and recruit millions of civilians to fight in those militias so the Nation of Islam also knows what the US Military is doing to stop the Nation of Islam.

Let's say there are approximately 70 million gun owners in the US and the militias managed to recruit 20 million of them, which also explains why the number of people joining the US Military has dropped off because the good guys in the Military know the fecal matter is already starting to hit the fan so they and those militias are redirecting those people to the militias so they can't be deployed overseas by our lefty traitors right when they will be needed in the US.

The Nation of Islam knows approximately how many US and militia troops their Army will be facing and that many militia troops could probably overwhelm them so what do you do?

You have to remember that the Nation of Islam is a Muslim organization run mostly by black Muslims but takes in all Muslims so other Muslim nations, especially black Muslim nations in Africa, will be willing to work with you to infiltrate some of their troops into the US to help conquer the world for Islam.

They have also made buds with other nations like China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Mexico, to name a few (you know they have been promised something and may be planning on taking over from the Nation of Islam) to infiltrate troops into the US. The bigger those forces are, you know, tens of millions, the less likely the US forces will be to stage an immediate attack to overwhelm the Nation of Islam forces, when Mahdi Obama takes control, in order to give the Nation of Islam forces time to destroy Israel and prove Obama is the Muslim Mahdi, like I have told you, so the rest of Islam will unite under Mahdi Obama to conquer the world, starting in the US by Mahdi Obama bringing back a few hundred million Muslims from around the world out of 1.4 billion Muslims to finish off our tens of millions of troops.

That size of infiltrated force will force the US forces to immediately go on the defensive, you know, secure those red zones, to deplete those attacking forces like China before going on the offensive.

The Nation of Islam knows that, if Mahdi Obama brings back a few hundred million Muslim troops, they will be able to finish off the US troops plus anyone else who decides to back stab the Nation of Islam. The infiltrating forces for Islam are to level the playing field for the Nation of Islam against the US forces and to hold the fort down until Mahdi Obama can get back with his much larger Muslim forces. That is the most probable thing that is going on right now and makes the most sense based on observations.

So, you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God (you are going to need Him), secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Also remember that man plans, God laughs and I have told what some of God's plans are for this. For example, that super duper earthquake storm on the West coast is going to take out a lot of their troops and almost all of the troops Mahdi Obama takes to invade Israel will be destroyed by God, leveling the playing field for you. Plus I know some things about the US Military that I prefer to not tell anyone about and the Nation of Islam probably doesn't know about because the good guys in the US Military knew this was coming. It is best to keep it that way. The more surprises we have, the better. I don't tell you everything, just what you need to know.

God told me that, with all He has prepared and our Military has prepared, your fight will be swift and not last too long but you are going to have to fight like a cornered bobcat; all jaws and claws.

Then, by the strangest magic coincidence, the US Air Force is recruiting retired forces.

You have to understand that, in the advent of a national military emergency, the Military can recruit and, if necessary, even draft veterans, including retired veterans to quickly beef up the Military and they are doing it right now, when all of this stuff is just happening to be going on.

The fecal matter is about to hit the fan big time and they know it but that is just a magic coincidence, wink, wink.

Spacy Nukes

I am pretty sure I told you about spacy nukes and thought I did it in this essay but that turned out to be on FB. I know that I did tell you about spacy nukes before though.

They are making a big stink about Russia is going to put nukes in space and I know I have told you that we both had them half a century ago when I was in the military and we even had a space war that Russia started. We have technology to tell if there are nukes on satellites, to track them, and to destroy them.

Now the Military and Congress are making a big deal about it acting like we never had them before to scare people into accepting them spending tens of billions more dollars on space weapons. It is a money making con by the upper class trash or they would be honest.

I am pretty sure I told you that the US, Russia, China, and maybe even India have nuke satellites in space waiting for a coded message to drop nukes on preprogrammed targets.

We have a variety of satellites in space for a variety of jobs, including killer satellites to take out other satellites.

They are talking about Russia using nuke killer satellites to take out other satellites, which would be stupid unless they have to clear a lot of satellites out of an area very quickly but you better make sure you and your allies don't have satellites within range of the nuke you use or it will destroy their satellites and your satellites too.

Now, it is possible that Putin may be planning to quickly destroy a bunch of US satellites for a surprise preemptive strike against the US but he better make sure he doesn't have any important satellites in the area plus he wouldn't tell anyone so keep an eye on that.

One problem with using a nuke in space is that both Russia and China launched hundreds of satellites just after the start of the Ukrainian War a few years ago so they will have more satellites in space and you can bet that a lot of those satellites were killer satellites that will use solid fuel air-to-air missiles and maybe even lasers.

You have to understand that the reason to use nukes is to destroy larger areas and take out hardened targets, of which there are none in space. They can also create EMPs that would fry the electronics of all satellites within line of sight, except maybe ones using hardened electronics.

I found this video that tells you it is all about making big bucks from your tax dollars. They never quit.

The people who don't believe we have nuke satellites are the same stupid people who believe China still uses spy balloons with more than 300 satellites in space.


Is the lefty upper class trash keeping Nikki Haley running for president because they are planning to soon murder Trump?

Keep an eye on that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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