I Told You So 633


Remember that I told you that an abundance of CO2 would just cause more plants to grow and make the planet greener?

I just found out that a study shows that "CO2 is greening the Earth and making vegetation flourish worldwide."

Gee, who would have figured that plant food would cause more plants to grow bigger?


What is the left really doing with this $50 minimum wage in Commiefornia?

They are deceitfully increasing their tax revenues at the expense of businesses or that is what the fools think. If your business pays you more, you have to pay more in taxes so that it is a way to indirectly steal from the businesses money they probably would not get from the businesses because of the tax deductions the business can use and you can't, by giving more of the business money to you.

Plus the businesses will have to increase prices to pay for the higher wages, which means the government will get much more in sales taxes.

It is just another way to steal more money from more people faster because the lunatics never quit.

What they are going to do is drive all businesses broke or out of Commiefornia, cutting the government's tax revenues and cause the government to go broke.


Remember that I have been telling you that the EU is dying?

This video shows that it is getting much worse with elections coming up, partly because the idiot leaders of the EU decided to cause trouble for and bully the people just before the coming elections, which was really stupid.

From the looks of it, both France and Germany could end up leaving the EU soon and, if either one of them does, the EU is dead.

What do these idiots think, they can treat the people like crap and get away with it forever?


Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam run US is using Iran as a proxy to wage war against and destroy Israel?

This video tells you that Iran has ordered her proxy forces to halt attacking US forces because they killed three of them in Jordan. Remember that almost all of the other attacks caused no fatalities and were just show plus Afghan Joe is turning more and more against Israel.

Oh, and then he tells you that "it is clear that Biden did the right thing by attacking 85 Iran proxy targets", telling me that they are doing this to make it look like Afghan Joe is being a good military leader to get more stupid people to support Afghan Joe for the coming election. "Why, he has backed down Iran."

If you don't believe me yet that Iran is working with the Nation of Islam, then you have to explain why Iran is stopping attacks to help Afghan Joe get reelected. It couldn't get more obvious.

It's a con.


Remember that I have been warning you that Russia is ramping up for a surprise preemptive nuclear attack against the West followed by invasions?

This video shows that Russia is definitely ramping up for that war. She is bringing stuff out of her black closet that is a real threat to the West.

Keep an eye on this.

Note that he says the big missile carries 10 to 15 warheads with a throw weight in the lower hundreds of kilotons "that can wipe out entire cities", well small ones. Each warhead probably has a 100 to 300 kiloton throw weight with a 100% destruction diameter of about 10 to 15 miles so they are really talking about medium to small size cities or military bases.

Hey, they have to scare you. They have everyone thinking they will only target cities and not military targets, which would be stupid.

US Infiltration

Remember that I have been warning you about the intentional infiltration into the US of illegal aliens?

This video shows you that it is much worse than I have been telling you because my estimates are always conservative. Afghan Joe is using your tax dollars to literally bring illegal aliens into the US to help destroy the US and set up a global dictatorship. He is being helped by the UN and a myriad of other organizations including several hundred NGOs that should be outlawed to get more and more young, military age men into the US.

When you put that together with decades of the Nation of Islam owned and controlled black gangs across the US smuggling in military grade weapons, you know those people will get, this is really bad. It is open and blatant treason selling you out with your own money. What they are doing is bringing in enough troops to overwhelm tens of millions of US citizens with guns to help Obama secure control of the US.

They tell you that they are now even managing the number crossing to help Afghan Joe with the voters and I am wondering why didn't they just give orders to not bring as many until after the elections in November.


I just found out that Z Boy is going to have entire groups of soldiers prosecuted, who fled Avdiivka to save their lives and of officers who negotiated deals with Russia to capture and not kill surrounded soldiers to save their lives.

He is arrogantly and angrily going to teach the troops and officers to stand and fight to the last man or they will go to jail making Ukraine even shorter on troops.

With the numbers they are talking about being entire military units, this could easily turn into a revolt against Z Boy and any troops who obey his orders to arrest those who took actions to save their lives or the lives of others instead of just wasting those lives.

This is definitely not going to help morale at all for the rest of the troops because they know that they will also be arrested for trying to survive or save the lives of others. Z Boy is making a lot of enemies right now.

The next day I see that the Russians are closing off another cauldron devastating the Ukrainian forces. What they did was draw the Ukrainian forces into cauldrons by "letting them take ground into a pocket" so the Russians could devastate their military with artillery, bombs, and drones. Once they got the Ukrainian forces weakened enough, they "put a lid on the cauldron" or finished encircling them to finish destroying/capturing the forces.

It is obvious they have weakened the Ukrainian forces to where they planned and are now putting lids on the cauldrons to finish those forces off.

The question is, "Will they now do more encirclements to destroy the troops more or push through what is left of the enemy forces to breach their lines and cause them to panic into a full route back to Poland?" Keep an eye on this.

Then I found this video telling you several things. First, it tells you that NATO troops are fighting Russia disguised at mercenaries, which means they are being killed and depleting NATO forces, while the West is ramping up for war with Russia.

Second, he tells you about how the Ukrainian forces literally ran away from the battlefield in a route like I have been telling you and shows you pictures of them running away.

Remember that I have been telling you that as soon as Russia has weakened the Ukrainian/NATO forces enough, they will push to penetrate the Ukrainian lines in a westwardly direction in the north/south battle line to get behind the Ukrainian/NATO troops, collapse their lines, and cause them to route for Poland?

Then I found this video today telling us that is exactly what Russia is doing now. They are using the Avdiivka battle line for their main push like I recently told you they could because they have already decimated the forces in that area and routed them. All they have to do is keep pushing to not allow them time to regroup or get in reinforcements to finish breaking through the Ukrainian/NATO forces in that area.

He tells you that Russia just beefed up her front line by 200,000 troops and then tells you that they just sent another 52,000 troops into the battle to push through the battered and defeated Ukrainian/NATO troops even faster.

When Russia routes those troops, watch Belarus start fighting south just east of the Polish border to 1) keep Poland out of Ukraine and 2) keep the Ukrainian/NATO troops trapped inside a Russian super cauldron to kill or capture the rest.

This is a huge move for Russia and, just like Putin said, this could cause this war to be over within weeks with Europe disarmed, Russia more powerful than she has ever been, and Africa chomping at the bit. It is not looking good for the West right now because our upper class trash and their puppets are idiots.


Remember that I told you that NATO is one of the international organizations used by the West that will fold?

This video is huge because it tells you that Europe is uniting to form their own international mutual defense treaty and organization WITHOUT the US, which means NATO isn't going to exist any more.

I mean, after Afghanistan, Ukraine, and trying to stop Israel, who would want to be an ally to the US, right?

They are also refusing to host US nukes in their nations to protect them from Russia. They say they will be just fine because a few of their nations have nukes, you know, the UK has about 200 tactical nukes and France has about 300 tactical nukes and that should scare off Russia with more than 5,000 strategic and tactical nukes.

I guess they got tired of being bossed around by the US and the US upper class trash Royals, not being able to depend on the US, and have realized that the US can no longer protect them but they have just a wee bit of a problem. They are not going to be able to undo the damage caused by more than 34 years of sacking their military budgets turning their militaries into jokes that can only last a few days against Russia and, after all, the US can only hold off Russia for a month.

My first thought was, "What are their leaders smoking?" If you combine all of their leaders together, would there be an IQ?

People, as bad as they have destroyed their militaries with their insane greed, it would take them increasing their military budgets by at least 10 to 20 times what they should have been spending, keep their greedy upper class trash from stealing most of that, and it would still take at least 5 to 10 years for them to catch up to Russia and Russia and Africa aren't going to just sit around waiting for them to catch up before invading.

They have to undo about 34 years or a third of a century of them sacking their own militaries to catch up to Russia and no one is going to do that in less than 5 to 10 years and it will probably take much longer.

Note that even the UK is talking about dumping her proxy, the US. That should tell you how big of a mess the lefty upper class trash Royals have made of the US.

I think it is a combination of them knowing that Trump will put an end to their evil globalist plans so they want to get away to keep their evil globalist plans intact and still failing. "Why, we can fail quite well on our own!"

AND the morons are still selling their munitions and weapons to Ukraine for Russia to use for target practice.

What are they going to fight with AFTER the morons have started WWIII?

They make my brain hurt.

An easy prediction is that at least the best of them will now bail on the EU to make buds with Russia to use the Russian military as an umbrella to save their butts so they can keep sacking their own militaries to fill their greedy pockets. The EU will die next.

This video shows you how stupid the European leaders are. With them uniting without the US to defend against Russia, they are committing to send ALL of their artillery to Ukraine, leaving them without any artillery to use against Russia.

This is with Ukraine already having lost the war and is now imploding so Russia will soon be free to invade unarmed Europe.

This proves that these morons are militarily ignorant and stupid too.

"Hey, just send Ukraine ALL of your weapons and get ye ole white flag ready."

Then I found this video showing that Finland is so afraid of Russia they don't want US nukes in Finland to upset Russia even more. That shows that they know the US cannot protect them from Russia any more than the US has protected Ukraine and they don't want to end up like Ukraine so they are ditching the US in hopes of keeping Russia from invading their nations.


I was listening to Thomas Sowell talk about what poverty was like years ago and he reminded me of something when I was a kid, when he talked about white kids beating up black kids.

When I was a kid, the middle class "house kids" used to gang up in small groups and look for smaller and younger "trailer kids" to beat up. The worst places were in Southern Colorado, where the kids were taught to viciously hate trailer kids, in California it was more of them attacking us on the spur of the moment because they were superior to us, and in New Mexico it was a combination of us being white and trailer kids with the Latino and American Indian kids ganging up on us.

I backed it up with a black kid in a fight once against about a dozen Latino kids who attacked me. Once they realized they couldn't get behind us, they called off the fight.

Backing it up literally meant we fought back-to-back so no one could get behind us to sucker punch us.


Remember that I have been telling you to question everything the media tell you?

In the first seconds of this video Levin tells you what I have been telling you about not believing anything the media tell you and why. Most of it is just lies.

I have told you that all of the media are owned by the rich upper class and the ones owned by the corrupt lefty upper class trash Royals, the journalists either tell the lies they are told to tell and paid large sums of money to tell or get a job at McDonald's losing large sums of money.

Then he showed you some of the actual crimes Mayorkas was impeached for but, unfortunately, he won't be removed by the Commierat controlled Senate.

Blue Cities and States

This video shows you the damage the lefties are doing to their states with their insane ideas. They are turning their cities and states into "looser states" and conservatives are keeping their states as "winner states".

And the idiot lefties don't get it. They are losing tax revenues because they keep running more and more people and businesses out of their states so they keep raising taxes that will keep running more and more people and businesses out of their states. The lefties are destroying their states with their stupidity and greed.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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