I Told You So 637


To show you how stupid many attorneys and other people are, let's take a look at the parents who are being prosecuted because their son did a mass shooting.

Their entire premise for this prosecution is that the "parents raised the child", you know, they were the only ones the child saw in its entire life, they were the only ones who taught the child anything, and, therefore, they should be held responsible.

Kind of stupid, huh?

I want to know why their defense attorneys are allowing this to happen by not disproving the simple minded assumption of the DA?

What? His school teachers didn't teach him anything? His college professors didn't teach him anything? The lying lefty media didn't teach him anything? None of the media shows or movies taught him anything? If he was seeing a shrink, the shrink didn't teach him anything AND, by the way, should be held most responsible because they are a professional and should have detected, dealt with, and prevented that problem?

Do you see how simple minded and stupid that case is? I want to know why the judge has not dismissed the case because of its severely flawed assumptions and why their defense attorneys have not gotten the case dismissed? Maybe it is because the stupid and greedy attorneys make more money by making the case last longer and by having to appeal the decision?

If the DA's assumption that the people who taught and gave ideas to the young man are partly responsible for his behavior, they should have investigated EVERYONE who has had contact with and especially taught him anything.

The parents are not the only persons of influence on a person growing up in today's world by a long shot. His school teachers spent more time with him than his parents did and so did his college professors. The books he read and videos he watched influenced him at least as much as his parents, probably more.

Those parents should fire those defense attorneys and hire someone with at least one functioning brain cell.

I see so much crap in this world today it just makes me want to puke.

The most rare things in this world today are not gold and titanium; they are sanity and common sense. Too many people today have been given over to reprobate minds and they are screwing up everything.

One thing that I have learned from my court case with the City of Alamogordo is that NO ONE cares about the US Constitution or the people. All they care about is money and control. I cannot find ANYONE who cares that the City is in violation of the US Constitution, state law, and federal law and is abusing the power of government to control and steal from the people.

I am praying that the New Mexico State Supreme Court will care but I am not holding my breath. So far all of the judges have avoided even discussing anything about the US Constitution and focus entirely on enforcing obviously unconstitutional laws, codes, and mandates, which is a federal felony, to make the City more money at the expense of the people.

I am convinced that there will be a lot of attorneys and judges burning in Hell, you know, along with all of the upper class trash Royals, corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, lefty media, lefty Hollywood, lefty college professors and academe, and many others. The biggest crowd in history is right now in Hell and it will soon get much bigger. Jesus said so.

If the courts do not enforce the Constitution, you don't have a constitution, this can no longer be a constitutional republic and it becomes a communist dictatorship.


Remember that I have been telling you that the inbred insane upper class trash Royals think they are smarter than they are and Russia is dumber than they are so the Royals won't quit poking the bear?

This video shows that the insane Royals got caught with both hands in ye ole cookie jar and their pants down. They are still trying to find a way to defeat Russia with junk armies and it wasn't just Germany. There were several other nations involved.

Ukraine is failing and the West is getting desperate so they are getting even more stupid, which I didn't think was possible.

Man plans, God laughs.

Do you believe me yet that they have invented infinite insanity and stupidity because their insanity and stupidity are never ending?

I bet that you are beginning to believe me now that they are not leaving Putin a choice so he will be forced to nuke Europe and North America but the Royals are still so arrogant they believe Putin wouldn't dare nuke wonderful them.

He tells you that the West is refusing to quit their insanity and are determined to destroy Russia, you know, so the evil beasts can set up their global dictatorship over you.

You think I am wrong?

They just announced that Afghan Joe is removing Z Boy from Kiev, which he has not been in for two years now, but it is now official and Germany is "begging NATO" to come to his aid against Russia because he knows Russia will now invade through Poland and Germany to France just like I told you couple of years ago. The West is in panic mode and they are about to do the most stupid thing in history.

If you think I am wrong about Z Boy not being in Kiev for the last 2 years, you just think about all of the nations you have seen him in begging for money and weapons, figure the logistics for going in and out of Kiev (18 hour round trip train ride), plus the time to travel between those nations and to and from those nations to Poland to start the train trip and it should be obvious that Z Boy has not been anywhere near Kiev, Ukraine in the last couple of years.

Oh, I'm sorry, maybe they were talking about taking Z Boy out of Kiev, England. Yeah, that was probably it. /sarc

What they are telling you is that they know Putin is winning that war and will take Kiev, Ukraine soon and Kiev, England not too long after that.

Listen, when Russia takes Kiev, Ukraine and they don't arrest Z Boy, people will know that he was not in Kiev, Ukraine and I have been right about him being in Kiev, England.

This video shows you some about that and note that the people remaining in Ukraine are now rising up against Z Boy, which is probably the real reason they are getting Z Boy "out of Kiev" or the picture as head dictator. The people have had enough of Z Boy and the West.

But, hey, the people are rising up against the lefty upper class trash Royals and their puppets all over the world.

Maybe it is time for Bastille II?

Does that mean they are going to have to "evacuate" these criminals out of the Earth to the moon or, even better, to the sun?

I really hate to say this but Mahdi Obama and the Nation of Islam nuking Chicago and a few other places is the lesser of two evils for the US because Putin is going to nuke a whole lot more, probably a few hundred times more places.

I just wish they would all die, go to Hell, and leave everyone else alone but we still have some people who have closed eyes, refuse to pay attention, and need to make their informed choice between God and Satan in this test called life.

Don't you wish they would pay attention, hurry up, and choose?

And Sergeant Scholz is saying, "I know nothing! I vill haves to investigate."

Do you believe me yet that they are not more intelligent than you?

Then the Nazi German Defense Minister made it very clear they are not going to quit and will force Putin to nuke their evil butts. Hey, dey gots tuh habs der global dictatorship ober you.

They tried to change the subject from being about them getting caught planning illegal operations against Russia to being about "Russia waging an information war", you know, don't look over there, look over here thingy.

The lefties are now putting out the insane propaganda that, if you "give into Putin, it will mean a nuclear war." That is clearly meant to scare the stupid people into supporting the US sending troops into Ukraine to fight Russia and to possibly also support the US striking Russia first with nukes.

The message is very clear that, if Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be a nuclear war because Putin is bad and not because Putin will stage a nuclear strike to stop the insanity of the lefty leaders.

The truth is that, if the Western leaders back off and leave Russia alone, there won't be a nuclear war.

Medvedev just stated that "Ukraine is Russia". Guess what their end game plans are. Hint: they don't include Z Boy. He is going to have to get another job.

Let's make something very clear here. The upper class trash Royals and their puppets don't care if they completely wipe out all of Europe and North America in a nuke war as long as they get rid of Russia so they can setup their global dictatorship. They want their global dictatorship at any and all costs to you.

Hey, they plan on murdering off 7.5 billion of you anyway and they don't care which ones they murder off. Dey gots tuh habs der global dictatorship at all costs to you.

Do you believe me yet that they don't care about you; they only care about themselves and their bank accounts?


Remember that I have been warning you that Afghan Joe is pretending to be helping Israel while working against Israel and to make Israel look like the bad guy?

This video shows you about 3:30 into it how Afghan Joe is working overtime to make Israel look like the bad guy, while helping Hamas get more food and probably also weapons and munitions in those parachuted cases.

You know, like that would be the first time that the left betrayed an ally like South Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Shaw of Iran. /sarc

Note that he exposes the hatred and violence of the Palestinian Authority Afghan Joe wants to run Gaza after the fighting is over, further proving that Afghan Joe is sabotaging Israel.

Do you believe me yet that this is all run and planned out by the Nation of Islam and Iran with Afghan Joe being Mahdi Obama's puppet?

Iraq is now trying to expel US troops and I am waiting for Syria to do the same thing, you know, the way Afghan Joe quietly withdrew an entire US Navy fleet from near Israel. This way, instead of it looking like Afghan Joe did it, they can blame Iraq for the coming election.

They are going to clear the US troops out of that area so they can't interfere with the invasion of Israel, I told you they would probably do that months ago and why. Now they are doing it.

Keep an eye on it because they just keep proving me right.

Hamas is being unreasonable in the cease fire talks to keep the war going during Ramadan so the war will escalate because of Ramadan. This was all planned out just like I told you.

It is important to note that the US has "withdrawn its support for Israel because of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza", you know, like the much worse humanitarian crisis the US is helping cause in Ukraine because they care so much about citizens plus like Afghan Joe removing the US Navy and soon removing the Army from Iraq and Syria.

I told you that the US would pull out its support to make it look like Israel got mad at the US for pulling out and nuked Chicago. It will help the Nation of Islam blame Israel and get more stupid people to believe it was Israel.

Now they are not even pretending to help Israel and are more openly siding with the Muslims against Israel.

BTW, Erdogan of Turkey just visited Egypt and they signed some deals but are not telling anyone what those deals are. They let out a rumor about the Port of Alexandria being sold to Turkey. Remember that they signed several deals and that may just be a distraction. Keep an eye on it.

Then she started a bunch of nonsense speculation that tells me she has no clue about what is really going on in the Middle East. She doesn't seem to understand that Turkey and Iran are friends and allies and Turkey is trying to join forces with Iran to invade Israel and destroy her.

Then I found out that Iran is trying to find a place on the Red Sea to setup a naval base to give them control over shipping to Israel from the south like I told you they would. Sudan supposedly turned Iran down.

Gee, I wonder why Israel is going to have to take both sides of the Red Sea all of the way to the Arabian Sea/Indian Ocean like I told you they would? I warned you about this years ago before this even started, didn't I?

Every day we get one day closer.

For years I have been wondering how the US troops will be able to rebel against Obama taking them to invade Israel.

Would it be because of the preparations by the good guys in the US Military to be ready for that day? Did they know that the Nation of Islam and Mahdi Obama were planning to do what they are doing today?

It began in 2010 under Obama with a rebellion building within the military as shown by this video. Note at the beginning that they said they had formed an organization to work against the upper class trash and their puppets sending the soldiers to die in wars to make the upper class trash Royals more wealthy. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

They know what is really going on better than most and started organizing to rise up against being sent off to die fighting in wars for the wrong reasons, you know, like to butcher every man, woman, and child in Israel.

That is one reason why Afghan Joe is pulling troops out of the Middle East to be replaced by the Nation of Islam troops. That is why God showed me in that dream that Obama would lead Nation of Islam troops to invade Israel instead of the US Military.

I am seeing that Elon Musk is publically saying that something is about to happen that is far worse than 9/11 was but he doesn't know what it will be. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam and Mahdi Obama are planning the nuking of Chicago as a much, much worse Muslim terrorist attack than 9/11 to make Mahdi Obama the greatest terrorist and, therefore, the greatest Muslim leader in the history of Islam and to give Mahdi Obama/the Nation of Islam control of the US to take an army to invade Israel to prove Mahdi Obama is the Muslim Mahdi or Messiah to force all Muslims to unite behind Mahdi Obama to conquer the world?

Nuking Chicago would definitely be far worse than 9/11 increase the probability of more Muslims uniting behind Mahdi Obama. More than one million people will probably die.

Gee, what a magic coincidence, especially with the timing. Keep an eye on this.

Then I found this video telling more about what is going on. Note that the 320,000 illegal aliens flown into the US by Afghan Joe came from throughout Central and South America, especially nations that are hostile to the US, just like I have been warning you. I wonder how many of them were military officers.


Remember that I have been warning you that the European nations are destroying their own militaries and stupidly believing they can continue to hide under ye ole mythological US Military umbrella that don't exist no more, while they poke ye ole Russia bear?

This video is about the UK destroying it own military, while leading the charge to poke ye ole Russian bear. He shows you just how stupid the upper class trash Royals and their puppets really are as they are committing the same stupid mistakes that made Rome vulnerable and brought her down.

Then he tells you that the lefty pagans running things are working to get rid of Christians in their military. "Hey, let's destroy our military even more."

Yeah, God is going to protect that nation, you know, like he did the pre Flood world and Sodom and Gomorrah. /sarc

Do you believe me yet that Europe is dead with the US closing fast?

It is not the sky that is falling, it is Rome II that is falling.

You know what God is doing is that He is getting Christians out of their militaries so they 1) won't be killed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and 2) so they can fight to get their countries back after their evil leaders die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. The military calls it prepping the battlefield and God knows how to do it even better.

Do you believe me yet that Britain is dead and will soon be 4 different nations just like will happen to most of Europe?

Then I found this video telling about the UK urging Germany to send long range missiles to Ukraine to be used to attack Russia.

It proves that the British Royals are so arrogant they believe that Putin wouldn't dare nuke their evil butts. They believe they can do anything they want and Putin won't even try to take them down in spite of the fact their military has been sacked by them to being worthless in a war.

Do you believe me yet that the Royals and their puppets are insane?

They definitely don't know how to do a strategic analysis.

You are living the fall of Rome II.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load plus put on your lead lined underwear.

Lefty Paganism

Remember that I have been telling you that the left is a fanatical pagan religion, especially with their evolution?

In this video he shows you that the left is a fanatical pagan religion so that everything they believe like evolution, communism, and everything else is a part of their fanatical pagan religion and part of their belief system.

He tells you that is why they cannot quit or learn to change because it would destroy their pagan religious beliefs. They cannot question their religious beliefs like evolution, communism/socialism, they are the superior elites, or the hierarchy of their leaders or their religion will fall apart. That all means they can't learn, they can't change, they can't quit, they can't fail, and they can't be wrong. Everything they believe, such as Putin is afraid of them and he wouldn't dare nuke them, must be true. Their god, Satan, said so.

They are the most fanatical and dangerous pagan cult in the world and the leaders at the top are their gods. They must believe, not question, and must respect their gods like their insane, stoned academe. They are not allowed to think for themselves because it is blasphemy to question their gods.


Remember that I have been telling you that a number of nations in East Asia have military mutual defense treaties with each other to come to the defense of their allies, if attacked by China.

Japan just sent troops to be part of a military exercise in India. Japan has a mutual defense treaty with Taiwan as does India so they may also have a treaty between Japan and India. Keep an eye on that.

Then I found this video that shows that other nations in the area are also staging military exercises to prepare for war against China. They list most of the nations but not all of them such as they left out the Philippines and Australia.

Do you believe me yet that it is not just going to be China and Taiwan?

It is going to be far too complex for your media to understand.

BTW, extremely desperate China/Xi have dropped the "peaceful reunification" talk with Taiwan. They are going to go to war but it will be against everyone. The world has gone nuts.

Then I found this interesting video that tells me a number of things. First, it is a distraction from China infiltrating troops into the US to destroy the US from within.

Second, it is a sign of desperation showing that the CCP is wanting to conquer other nations to sack them to pay China's bills.

Third, it is China preparing its standing military for confronting their enemies in Asia AFTER they have taken out the US in hopes of intimidating those other nations into submission.

Keep an eye on it.


France just became the first nation to guarantee a constitutional right for abortion. I think I can safely say that France will soon cease to exist as a nation and will probably soon breakup into at least 3 or 4 nations, you know, she will get aborted by God for aborting His babies.

Hey, it is their constitutional right to be aborted by God.

This video is a PR campaign by France to bully, insult, and shame the other European nations into joining France in a war against Russia inside Ukraine because the upper class trash Royals cannot suffer the humiliation of losing this war because they fear the people will rise up and depose their loser leaders, you know, Bastille II. Plus France knows she can't defeat Russia alone.

Plus the French Royals realize that, if they expand this war, it will increase their military industry sales and profits to make them more wealthy faster.

Plus the idiots think they can keep this war confined within Ukraine indefinitely so they won't have to worry about actually having to defend against an invasion by Russia. They actually believe that Russia is not capable of expanding the war into Europe, if they send troops into Ukraine to fight the war there.

The idiots don't realize that 1) Russia will just destroy the European forces inside Ukraine the way she has destroyed the Ukrainian forces and then what will they have left to fight Russia with?

2) All Russia would have to do, after Europe sends their forces into Ukraine, would be to stage an assault from Belarus through Poland and Germany into France with Europe's forces being cut off from being able to receive reinforcements, resupply, or being able to retreat to defend their own nations. The idiots would be sending their forces into a super cauldron trap to be captured or killed by Russia, leaving Europe with nothing left to fight with.

Hey, dey habs tuh win duh war in Ukraine to destroy Russia so dey can habs der global dictatorship over you. They are nuts.

Then I found this video telling you what I recently told you about Moldova and Transnistria because of the Western hostile aggressions by Moldova against Russian owned and run Transnistria.

They have figured out that will cause Russia to take Moldova but they are too stupid to leave Transnistria alone to keep Russia from taking Moldova.

Another great sounding stupid idea by the West backfiring on them.


There is something that most people do not understand about God selecting those who go to Hell and those who go to Heaven and us also having free will.

You see, God gives everyone more than adequate opportunity to choose good over evil and we all fail terribly with our free will thingy so God chose some of us and told us we are going to Heaven with Him, like it or not. You do all have free will and you all failed with that so God selected certain people for certain reasons to scare the Hell of us and Heaven into us. The rest of them chose Hell and God is giving them what they want, eternal damnation.

The proof of that is that Jesus died to pay for the crimes committed against God's Laws by EVERYONE OF US and not just those who are going to Heaven, meaning, we all failed the test of our free will. So God chose some of us to do what we didn't choose and is letting the rest get what they want, eternal damnation.

We ALL failed the free will thingy or Jesus would not have died for all of us. We ALL chose evil over good and deserve eternal damnation. So God then chose some of us, turned us towards being good, and paid for our crimes against His Laws so we can be His eternal companions, causing us to be disgusted with the evil upper class trash Royals and their puppets.

Can you believe that, if it were not for God's love for me, I would be just like those horrid monsters? Yuck!

I thank and praise God for loving me and saving my stupid undeserving butt.

Those who are depending on the works of man to get to Heaven are busy working their way into Hell. No human can do enough works to pay for the eternal damnation required for breaking just one of God's Laws one time; only the immortal, eternal, and infinite God, who can see the past, present, and future at the same time, can.

"Climate Crisis"

I just saw a headline on a lefty video that said, "There is only one way out of the climate crisis!"

My first thought was, "Yeah, you kill off all of the upper class trash Royals and their puppets who keep using private jets."

Hey, they create more CO2 combined than all of the rest of you combined so, of course, that is the answer.

People, it is no coincidence that today's elites are trying to do to you what their Royal ancestors did to your ancestors for thousands of years to make the Royals more wealth at the expense of your ancestors, where your ancestors owned nothing because the Royals owned everything.

They want their monarchies back so they can do to you what their ancestors did to your ancestors, keeping them in poverty, so the Royals could live in greater luxury.


Every time the right defeats the lefty plans, the right celebrates but the left never quits, you know, just like I have been telling you. They are insane.

Listen, if you manage to set it up so they cannot rig the election in any way, they will just kill Trump. Hey, they killed JFK and Bobby, got rid of Nixon, Reagan, and now Trump. Those evil monsters will do ANYTHING to get what they want including murdering more than 7.5 billion men, women, and children, just like they have been telling you they plan to do.

They have been trying to stick Trump's butt in jail for life so they don't have to murder him to stop him from destroying their global dictatorship dreams (You do know he will "commit suicide in jail" like Epstein, right?). If all else fails, they will murder him.

People, the Commierats are so obsessed with stopping Trump from destroying their dream of a global dictatorship over you to the point that they are trying to write a bill to keep Trump out of the election. That is blatantly unconstitutional, illegal, and insanity.

No one who is in any way involved in writing and passing that bill can claim to be even a little sane. They are telling you how obsessively insane they are with their openly illegal actions caused by their extreme desperation. Those people will murder Trump or anyone else to get their dictatorship.

The lefty upper class trash Royals are insanely obsessed with getting their global dictatorship so they can get their monarchies back. Why, they are ordained by their god, Satan, to rule forever.

Satan and his bunch have turned Earth into a mental institution and the head nuts are running it.


I am convinced that, after this string of victories for Trump by the US Supreme Court, the Nation of Islam will nuke them too, you know, along with Congress. They own the rest of the deep state government.

Judgment Day

You know what is going to be funny and even hilarious?

When, on Judgment Day, the pompous, arrogant, elitist, greedy, power mad, inbred Royals from throughout history find out that they were not ordained by God to rule over, oppress, impoverish, enslave, and murder the rest of the people so the Royals could have more wealth and luxury at everyone else's expense. They were put in that position of power to protect and maintain civil order for the rest of the people. Boy, are they going to be super duper surprised when they get sentenced into eternal damnation for the crimes they committed against God's people.

You see, the problem is that, when God gave them that position and authority, they ignored their responsibilities to the people and took advantage of the opportunity to control, impoverish, rob, enslave, and murder the people so they will all be held criminally negligent in their jobs.

Those criminals better enjoy all of their special privileges while they have them because absolutely NO ONE will respect them even the slightest bit when the angels herd them all off into the Lake for Fire for eternal damnation, where they will never again be able to cause harm to anyone forever.

There are going to be a lot of very surprised people on Judgment Day and Jesus alluded to that when He said we will be surprised because some of the people we think will go to Heaven won't and some of the people we think will go into eternal damnation won't. Jesus also told us that very few Royals will go to Heaven, you know, the rich people.

Judgment Day will be the most interesting and educational day in history and I plan to enjoy as much of it as possible. Hey, we are going to get to see every human that has ever been conceived stand before God and the angels expose everything they thought, said, and did in their lives so that the "truth will be made known".

You are going to find out the real truth about all of those people you were taught to hero worship by the Royals.

I can just hear billions of people repeatedly shouting, "You did what?"

And God said, "The truth will be made known."

US Republic

Remember that I have told you that, following the war in the US, which will follow the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, you will have to let the remaining commies take of the US Government with them into the North East because they have run up so much debt, you could never pay it off, especially while trying to build a new nation?You will have to start a new nation without that debt in order to be able to build a strong nation.

This video shows you just how terrible the US debt is that the left has caused. She shows you that, financially, the US is dead and, whoever is saddled with that government will be saddled with that debt. Your only hope, especially for your children, will be to start a completely new nation.

You would be amazed at what they are keeping from you and we studied in getting an M.B.A. so I could help run the government. Most of what the media are telling you is bull crap and that video shows it.

The real truth is that they keep spending more money so they can launder more of your money into their greedy pockets and they cannot steal enough from enough people fast enough, which is why more and more governments are going broke. They are stealing your future from you so they can have your future.

2024 Election

Remember that I told you that, if there is a 2024 election, it will be so very rigged that Trump won't have a chance?

This video makes that very obvious with the left literally telling you that they plan to rig the election as much as they can.

They are going to do away with ALL controls to protect the integrity of the election because they "discriminate" against illegal voters. Why, everyone on the planet, in the solar system, in the galaxy can vote as many times as they want and you can bet they are going to. Your dog, your cat, your bird, and your gold fish can vote as many times as they want. Your rose, hydrangea, tumble weed, and lawn can vote as many times as they want to. Your toilet, stove, and dinner table can vote.


Integrity discriminates and is evil so there can be no integrity.

Enough of the sarcasm. The US Military needs to step in and protect the integrity of this election but I seriously doubt that will happen.

Don't put your faith in the coming election because it will be corrupted by the left. Put your faith in God to save your butts.

The upper class trash Royals and their puppets belong in prison for life.

Do you believe me yet that they are super duper evil savage brute beast monsters?

They are openly proving there is nothing good about them. This is treason and an insurrection. I warned you about this.

You better plan for what to do after they steal the election AGAIN because they will make sure there will not be another election after that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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