I Told You So 639


Remember that I have been telling you that the insane upper class trash Royals will never quit?

This video shows that Poland and NATO are affectively declaring war on Russia, which, by international law, permits Russia to stage a preemptive surprise attack in self defense.

They are insane.

Their insane attitude is like, "The bear is not just sitting there letting us poke it until it is destroyed! Why the bear is actually fighting back to stop our insanity!"

They seem to think that they can walk around threatening and bluffing Russia with war and nuclear weapons, while using Ukraine as their proxy to destroy or weaken Russia and Putin is going to get scared, cry for his mommy, and submit to their bluffing in spite of the fact that not one of their bluffs has worked.

Look, Putin staged a surprise preemptive strike against Ukraine, when he first went in with only 90,000 troops, that destroyed better than 65% of Ukraine's ground forces, better than 65% of Ukraine's air force, and 100% of Ukraine's navy in the first two weeks without using nukes.

Putin now knows that he has to attack and destroy the West so it can no longer poke the bear and do it quickly. It is only logical that he will stage a surprise preemptive nuclear attack that will very quickly destroy command, control, communication, and the ability to retaliate to bring this to an end as quickly as possible.

The idiots running Poland have showed me that they know that Putin is getting ready to invade through Poland and Germany into France. They know they are next. They know they will be attacked first but they can't quit poking the bear because they will stop getting the money they are being bribed to poke the bear to keep selling weapons.

You have to understand that Poland has realized that, when Putin is finished with Ukraine, the West will use Poland as Ukraine II to destroy Russia...and also Poland.

Poland is crying, "You have to come in and help us fight Russia" and the West will, they will help Poland just like they helped Ukraine. She will be their next sacrificial lamb and the Polish leaders are too stupid to realize that maybe they should make peace with Russia and stop poking the bear.

Note that President Moron is feeling much more confident because his upper class trash Royals have him convinced that they will destroy Russia before Russia can reach France plus he is probably getting a lot of money to sell the idea. The idiot will find out that isn't true when the Russian nukes start going off in France on day one.

Mean while, puppet Stoltenberg thinks this will be a war that will last years so that he and his upper class trash Royal puppet masters will make a fortune selling weapons to fight Russia, while Poland and other nations are on fire.

They are all in for a very big surprise because Putin knows where they all live and work and his nukes can reach them all on the first day.

If you think WWII devastated Europe, wait until you see what WWIII does to Europe. I pray for my friends in Europe.

There is a rule I learned about the military a long time ago and they are violating it. You always prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

These idiots are preparing for their best fairy tale and stupidly believing that the worst would never happen to wonderful them. That is when the worst will always happen and they will be unprepared.

Then I found this video that tells me that Poland is terrified to the point of panicking and then the UK decides to put an end to Poland and France wanting to send troops into Ukraine. The UK is saying, "Hold it, guys!"

That tells me that the UK KNOWS what will happen if they directly take on Russia plus this shows that NATO is about to go to pieces like I told you years ago.

This also means that the UK and US stirring up this mess has not only backfired in other ways but could also backfire by getting them into a direct confrontation with Russia because of terrified NATO members.

Man plans, God laughs.

This war the West started to destroy Russia so they can set up their WEF global dictatorship is backfiring on the West and is probably what will cause the EU, NATO, and UN to go to pieces like I told you would happen though, Israel may be the final straw on the UN's back. Their plans are backfiring and destroying themselves instead of Russia.

One other thing this tells me is that most of these idiot politicians don't know anything about the military, doing an strategic analysis, fighting a war, or anything else except how to lie really well to get elected. When they get scared, they panic and are dangerous to themselves and their nations.

In this case, Poland got played for a sucker, is on the verge of being invaded because of their mischief, and doesn't know what to do so they are panicking.

When you get the bear mad, you don't just go charging into the bear den with a BB gun.

Right now, the best thing both Poland and Germany can do is 1) stop poking the bear and 2) make buds with the bear but I don't think they are smart enough to do that.

They are one wrong move away from getting nuked and invaded.

Then I found out that Europe is very concerned about the potential for the US to leave NATO and remove its military umbrella from over their sacked militaries so Europe will end up with nothing because their upper class trash Royals and their puppets sacked their militaries to fill their greedy pockets. If the US leaves NATO, it won't even be a paper kitten, much less a paper tiger. I warned you about that years ago.

Then I found this video about President Moron trying to build an alliance of NATO countries to fight Russia inside Ukraine with Germany saying no thanks. Right now, he has terrified Poland and Lithuania pretty much on board so he and his owners can make big bucks selling weapons, while Poland and Lithuania burn like Ukraine is burning because the first thing Putin will do is invade Poland and Lithuania along with the rest of NATO.

I am now even more convinced that France won't even exist when this is over.

Europe is now in a much worse place than it was when Rome fell because of their greedy Royals. They never learn, they never quit.

Do you believe me that these idiots are not as smart as they think they are and Putin is clearly not stupid like they think he is? Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense and makes you a fool?

The people in Europe need to pray really hard and long for God to get rid of their bad leaders to save their butts or a bunch of them are going to die soon.

Mean while, Erdogan of Turkey is trying to make peace between Russia and Ukraine but the West doesn't want that. I think two big reasons for that are 1) money by improving Turkey's economy and 2) free up Russia in hopes of getting Russia to help them invade and destroy Israel. Keep an eye on that.

You have to understand that Erdogan is trying to rebuild the Ottoman Empire (a Muslim Caliphate) with him as the Mahdi and head of its Caliphate to conquer the world so he can rule the world.

Mahdi Obama is not the only narcissistic, power mad nut wanting to be the Mahdi and rule the world. All of the Muslim leaders would love to be the Mahdi and rule the world.

Listen, if the Muslims did succeed at destroying Israel, they would immediate turn their guns on each other to fight for control of the Temple Mount to prove they are the Mahdi and everyone should unite behind them to rule the world. That will be the main reason for all of the Muslim leaders to get together in Damascus for wheeling and dealing before the invasion even starts.

There will be some wheeling and dealing to get others to support them getting control of the Temple Mount so they can prove they are the Mahdi and others trying to make deals for the best positions they can get in that Caliphate or government to rule the world, IF they support the others in helping them gain control of the Temple Mount. If you are a Muslim leader and you are not there wheeling and dealing before the fight starts, you will get left out and that will be when and why God will destroy Damascus, you know, with all of those leaders there wheeling and dealing.

Two different Bible prophecies will be fulfilled when that happens. The first will be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and the second one will be the destruction of Damascus.


Erdogan said that he fully supports Hamas and that is no surprise. He has been calling for all of the other Muslim nations to join him in destroying Israel for years. If he could get enough other Muslim nations to join him, he would send an army to invade Israel yesterday or years ago.

Remember that I told you that Israel would reject the US and EU building a temporary pier for delivering aid that isn't needed?

Netanyahu "snubbed them" or didn't grant permission so they are going to keep trying because they never quit. They have Queen Ursula doing the dirty work because they figure it will be harder for Netanyahu to fight back against a woman.

What Afghan Joe is doing, is he is insisting that Netanyahu sacrifice Israel and the people of Israel to Hamas so Afghan Joe can get reelected by appeasing his Muslim voters. It is selfish insanity, which is why Netanyahu is refusing and is insisting on winning the war by eliminating Hamas to protect his people.

Besides, with Afghan Joe trying to sacrifice the people of Israel to get reelected, Netanyahu probably prefers to work with Trump.


The enemies of Israel are making a big deal about Israel accidentally killing some civilians Hamas is hiding behind in order to kill Hamas to protect their peope, when NOT ONE of them has ever cared about whether they killed civilians in any other war.

Stop and think about it. The real criminals and monsters are not the leaders of Israel fighting to protect their own civilians from Hamas but ALL, 100%, of the world leaders who could provide refuge for the civilians in Gaza to get them out of the war to keep them alive but are not.

Those devouring brute beasts are intentionally leaving those people stuck there to die in that war so those leaders can use their deaths to make Israel look bad. Those are the real monsters, brute beasts, savages, and, on Judgment Day EVERYONE OF THEM will be held accountable for their evil actions causing the deaths of those people.

I can just hear God saying, "You could have but you didn't; you are guilty of their murder."

You know, I fought God to give my job to one of you so I could do other things more pleasant because what He has planned for me in the future isn't exactly what I would call a good job description but, if He gave me the job of Him teleporting me in front of these evil beasts to tell them, "God sent me to tell you that you will be burning in Hell soon," to see the looks on their evil faces, and then teleport out, I would take that job in a heartbeat.

These evil things have convinced themselves that God does not exist so they can do whatever they want to whomever they want and not be held accountable for it so they are arrogant and bold in the crimes they commit against you. That job would take some of the wind out of their sails for at least a few weeks.

When I see these evil, vile, disgusting, horrible, satanic monsters causing harm to you people without any remorse, I wish so much I could do that to them. I would just love to get in their faces and say, "You are going to be burning in Hell soon." You know they wouldn't sleep for at least a few weeks.

The thing is that they are all going to be burning in Hell within the next decade and they don't know it. In a little over 1,000 years they will all be standing before God in judgment with everything they did, said, and thought being made known to all of you before them being ushered off into eternal damnation. They are easily the worst monsters in the history of mankind.

Don't believe me?

No other monster in history has destroyed even one entire nation, much less a number of nations. Think about that. Godzilla is a kitten compared to these devouring brute beasts and savages only pretending to be civilized. They are horrible things! You KNOW Satan is proud of his spawn.

They dress like civilized people but they are just devouring savages in civilized clothing.

They make me want to vomit! I am glad that God created the Lake of Fire for these wicked things because Hell is just too good for them. It isn't hot enough for them.

These evil, savage monsters need to be thankful that God is God and not me because God is patient and long suffering and I don't even come close to being such. If I was God, their butts would already be on fire. I cannot stand what these evil things are doing to other people.

I know and respect what God is doing in this test we call life but I would have already slam dunked some butts a long time ago. It makes me just a wee bit angry to see them doing to you what they are doing.

I have to keep reminding myself that 1,000 years with man is as a day with God so God has only been putting up with our crap for 6 of His days and He is about to take a break from it by putting an end to what has been going on for thousands of years, you know, since the Flood, for His Heavenly Sabbath or Millennial Reign of Jesus, before permanently finishing this off. I so look forward to that.

I have seen too many people hurt and killed by these beasts and human parasites.

Nation of Islam

Remember that I have told you that Farrakhan has been sending his Muslim people into the US Government and Military for training, bringing some out to build a shadow government for the Nation of Islam, and keeping others in the US Government and Military to build the current deep state? Remember that I have been warning you that, because of this, his people are as well trained as the best of the US Government and Military? Remember that I told you that Farrakhan stated at least 3 or 4 times before Obama was elected that Obama is the Messiah or, in Islam, the Mahdi?

I just found a very important video that is a brilliant piece of propaganda, obviously by the Nation of Islam.

Clearly, what they did was have Farrakhan produce the video explaining why Obama did what he did, a small third party post the video as a front to make it look innocent, and are using it to blame Europe/NATO for "forcing" Obama, the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, to murder Gaddafi. Basically, Obama isn't the bad guy, it is Europe.

They cunningly use a combination of a title that tells the message they want you to believe, "Louis Farrakhan Reveals Why Obama was Forced By NATO to Assassinate Gaddafi", a video explaining why that message is true, and justify to other Muslims around the world why Obama "was forced to murder Gaddafi by Europe" to vindicate Obama to the other Muslims because they have been seeing videos I have been seeing telling us that Gaddafi was a Muslim hero and asking why Obama "assassinated" him.

The Nation of Islam and Farrakhan just proved everything I have been telling you about Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, Mahdi Obama being one of their leaders, and what they are doing.

Don't think so?

Then, why is Farrakhan, who has been hiding quietly behind his curtain for years, suddenly coming out in public to take up for Mahdi Obama, who is retired, during Ramadan, while their pal Iran is trying to start a war to invade and destroy Israel, while Mahdi Obama and Billy Boy Clinton are supposed to be putting together a really big fund raiser for Afghan Joe during Ramadan, and Mahdi Obama is starting to be more public with his puppet, Afghan Joe? Wow, there sure are a lot of magic coincidences here, aren't there? Gee, you don't think they are working to get everyone to support Mahdi Obama in taking an army to invade and destroy Israel and to join that army with a very innocent looking video, do you?

This is really great propaganda to get people to believe what they want them to believe so those people will do what they want them to do. I don't know how many times I have seen the CIA do stuff like this and most people never catch on.

When you do a propaganda piece like this, you don't want to make it look like the Nation of Islam production crew made the video and then post it on a Nation of Islam site. That would be too obvious.

You want to do what they did by making it look amateurish. You make it look like someone, who is not part of the organization, recorded the video, while Farrakhan was preaching, because that someone liked what was being preached, and then have that "third party" post the video on their site.

I told you his people are good. Keep an eye on it.


This video is more proof that Europe is tearing their organizations like NATO, the EU, the UN, and others apart like I told you years ago they would do. I have already shown you that France is recruiting nations to stand with her and other nations are taking a stand against her.

This is happening when Europe is already increasingly divided on a number of very important issues and their economies and militaries suck.

Every day they get one day closer.

British Royals

This video confirms that the British Royal Family converted to Islam quite some time ago before Mahdi Obama was elected president.

First, they bought land more than two decades ago for a new palace where they plan to build Mystery Babylon, then they have been running interference to prevent Israel from destroying the Hamas terrorist organization, and now they are spending 150 million dollars to protect Muslims and their buildings during Ramadan, when there is very little threat for Muslims and a lot of threat from Muslims to non Muslims.

Gee, I wonder how much money they have spent or plan to spend to protect Hebrew synagogues from those Muslims?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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