I Told You So 642


Remember that I told you that, if France sends 2,000 troops to Ukraine, they won't last long? Remember that I have been telling you that Putin is not trying to get NATO to stop sending their troops to Ukraine, he is just killing them to weaken Europe even more?

This video is very interesting because Russia's response to President Moron threatening to send troops to Ukraine is that they are mocking President Moron and telling him to send them. "Bring it on, tough guy." They are publically humiliating the arrogant fool.

Now, it is very likely that President Moron has been pushing the idea of sending French and NATO troops into Ukraine to impress the French people as a tough leader with him being so far behind in the polls for their coming election. If that was the reason why he started acting tough to impress his people, it is backfiring because it is just making him look like a fool.

Don't be surprised to see his poll numbers drop even more.

It is proving just how stupid President Moron and his owners are.

First, they are losing in Ukraine, then France started getting run out of Africa, and now France is being made a fool of by Russia because of President Moron. His polls may get so low that his owners tell him to resign so they can replace him with another stooge.

The Russians even implied he is a moron when they said, "It will be a good lesson for the OTHER restless morons of Europe." LOL So, he really is President Moron. They just proved me right about that too.

Plus the Russians, like me, think that the European leaders who keep failing at everything really are stupid.

Don't be surprised if more French controlled nations in Africa break free from French rule because of this.

The next day, I see that France and the UK are going after each other with France exposing UK plans to send troops into Ukraine and the UK denying those plans.

As usual, France won't quit or admit they are wrong and it looks like that is tearing NATO apart.

Mean while, Putin is threatening the US with satellite warfare like we had during the Cold War. I told you about a year ago that both Russia and China launched a bunch of new satellites that I said would be used for satellite warfare. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Remember that I keep telling you that the upper class trash Royals never quit and just keep making things worse?

This video is a huge poke at the bear to scare and intimidate him into surrendering to the West but you just know it will backfire like all of the rest of their great sounding stupid ideas. If they push this, it could easily push Putin into launching a surprise preemptive nuclear strike.

After all, if one of his targets is that court, what trial?

The idiots just put themselves on Putin's kill list.

The upper class trash Royals just have to have their global dictatorship at all costs so they should be the ones on trial for their crimes against you. They are raving mad nuts.

I seriously doubt Putin is going to be backed down by any of the West's scare tactics and will only be motivated to stop their insanity, which he has been 100% focused on for years. The Western upper class trash Royals keep thinking they are smarter than they are and Putin is dumber than he is even though they keep always failing and he keeps succeeding. The Western leaders are too arrogant and stupid to figure it out.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall", because pride causes arrogance and arrogance destroys common sense and intelligence, making them arrogant fools and arrogant fools never know when to quit to cut their losses or quit making things worse, proving our leaders are arrogant fools.

Look, they have lost the fight to beat Putin economically and financially, they have lost the fight to beat Putin militarily, they have lost the fight to beat Putin by taking his allies away from him, they have lost the fight to beat him by way of propaganda, so the idiots are now trying to beat him using the rigged international court system and they just rigged that court system by appointing Tomoko Akane as president with Putin having the option to use nukes to win against any of their great sounding stupid ideas.

Putin is not stupid, he knows they rigged that court system by appointing her president because that is the ONLY reason they appointed her president just before trying to use that court to destroy Putin and Russia, you know, by a magic coincidence.

And you think they are smarter than you? Do you believe me yet that the only thing that will stop these Western criminals is death?

To prove they won't quit, the leaders of the EU states are having a two day summit in Brussels to discuss the Ukrainian War. It sounds like they are running scared and frantic.

Later I found out that it was about stealing that $300 billion from Russia and dividing it up to put it in their pockets.

Biological Warfare

Remember that I have been warning you about biological warfare and the threat of certain diseases?

This is a very well done video on biological warfare. I am surprised and impressed at how well he did the video.

Note that he told you what I have told you about Yersinia Pestis, you know, there are strains that have developed a resistance to antibiotics so that antibiotics will have little to no affect on the pandemic. At about 15 minutes into that video he told you how Japan used Yersinia Pestis as a bioweapon during WWII in China.

He also tells you about quite a few other threats that are kept or manufactured by different nations. We were taught about the US and USSR having organisms for things like small pox.

Then he started telling you about "non state actors" or terrorists, guerilla armies, rebels, and individuals.

Listen, you don't even have to have a degree in biology to be able to stage a massive biological warfare attack on some entity. I could easily put together a crude lab for growing, harvesting, and distributing a chosen pathogen that could easily kill tens of millions.

All you would need would be a sophomore to junior level education in biology (I studied senior level biology) and you should know enough to murder millions to hundreds of millions of people. All you would have to do is a little research to decide which pathogen you want to use, where you can find it in the wild, and where to set up a lab to grow and harvest that pathogen, design your delivery system, and then deliver it.

After I studied Yersinia Pestis in college and knew where to find it, I became concerned about what would it take for some person/monster to use it on their own as a biological warfare weapon. I studied that for a few years and it was pretty amazing how easy and cheap you could do it for. For just a few thousand dollars and a few years work, I could easily wipe out one third to more than half of the people in the US with the rodent pandemic our chemical companies have created to make them more money.

The really disconcerting part is that, with that rodent pandemic created by the chemical companies because of their greed, it could easily breakout on its own any day and kill off more than half the people in the US, Europe, or anywhere else.

I have been warning you about this for decades and now so is he though I don't think he is aware of the current threat for Yersinia Pestis and there are a number of resistant strains in the wild.

With the rodent pandemic the chemical companies have caused, it is only a matter of time until there is another massive natural pandemic with Yersinia Pestis.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you years ago that, during the lead up to and during the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, the Muslims would start using the Houthis in Yemen and the Somali pirates in Somalia to cut off shipping to Israel to weaken her and that would force Israel to take all of the way south on both sides of the Red Sea to and including both Yemen and Somalia to protect her shipping?

This video shows that the Muslims have brought back Somalia piracy that had been previously stopped and been inactive for almost a decade in conjunction with the Houthis in Yemen to stop Israeli shipping through the Gulf of Aden just like I told you they would. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Do you believe me yet that this is the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 just like the Bible predicted?

Afghan Joe's handlers are telling Afghan Joe to be tougher on Israel, you know, scare and bluff them into submission to not kill off their Hamas terrorists. They are clearly getting desperate to stop Israel from finishing off their Hamas terrorists. "Why, there will be serious consequences!"

They are even telling Afghan Joe to threaten Israel concerning getting rid of the terrorists in the West Bank. "You are supposed to let our terrorists murder your people!"

They are threatening Israel that they will "restrict provisioning of assistance to Israel".

So far they are just bluffing and talking to intimidate and scare Israel into submitting to their desires to keep their terrorists alive but you know that will eventually stop.

I have to keep reminding myself that all of those animals will soon be burning in Hell, where they belong and the planet will be a better place.

Death of America

Remember that I have been warning you that the left have destroyed our Constitutional Republic and it has just not finished kicking yet?

This video shows Tim being as upset as me concerning what the Commierats have done to this nation. He points out that, in the blue areas, you no longer have protection by the government, you cannot defend yourself, and the cops protect the criminals from you, instead of protecting you from the criminals.

That means there is no law and order to protect you but there is to protect the criminals from you because of the insanity by the left.

Do you believe me yet that the left is nuts?

Please note that, when cops and the military protect the criminals from you and justice, like with them arresting that home owner to let the squatters stay there, they are legally aiding and abetting those criminals in the commission of their crimes, which makes them complicit in those crimes and accomplices so they should be prosecuted for being accomplices in those crimes.

"Just doing your job and following orders" is not a valid defense for doing things you know are wrong. That precedence was set at the Nuremberg Trials. If you are a cop or the military and your superior tells you to murder someone, you are still committing murder and responsible for that crime.

Remember that they hung about 200 SS troops who used that as their defense?

Also, the people who order those cops to commit those crimes of aiding and abetting the criminals are aiding and abetting those criminals too, are therefore complicit in those crimes and accomplices in those crimes plus it is a crime to tell someone to commit a crime, you know, like those cops.

Therefore, if the cops were truly doing their jobs and enforcing the law, when their superiors tell them to commit a crime in violation of the law, they would arrest their superiors and file charges against them.

When this is over, everyone of these commie criminals causing this mess, whether bad politicians, bad bureaucrats, bad cops, bad DAs, or bad judges, need to be investigate and prosecuted for their crimes against the people because they MUST be held accountable for their crimes against the people. They cannot be allowed to get away with those crimes or others will also commit those crimes later.

Proper enforcement of the law is a deterrence to people breaking the law. That is why God is right now punishing us for breaking His Laws to deter us and others from breaking His Laws that were given to us to protect us from people like these terrible commies.

Hey, we broke God's Laws and now the commies are also breaking God's Laws against us and we are paying for our crimes against God's Laws.

I also just realized that, when you conservatives have to fight to clear the traitors out of your blue cities, it will be an easy fight because these lefty criminals are chasing most people out of those blue cities. There won't be many people left there to fight you.

Also, it is important to see that some people are angry at not having cops protect the people so they are doing the jobs of those bad cops to protect the people as vigilantes and they are probably also either members of the good guy militias or will fight with them to get rid of the commies and get their nation back.

Remember that the courts just stated that illegal aliens can own guns? Remember that I told you years ago that, in 1993, the FBI stated that the black gangs in the greater LA area had smuggled in enough military grade weapons and munitions to stage a continuous war against the US for 10 years?

Gee, I wonder where these illegal aliens will be getting their guns from to help take control of the US from you and destroy the US?

What it looks like they are doing, is the Commierat traitors are taking more and more of these illegal aliens to the big blue cities to build their armies and where those black gangs have all of those weapons and munitions with plans to fight out from those big blue cities against you, the militias, and the good guys in the Military to seize control of the US from within. You can bet they are arming those illegal aliens right now.

Keep an eye on that.

BTW, note that the illegal aliens are being forced away from entering into Texas to entering into Commiefornia and Arizona, you know, where God will stage that super duper earthquake storm to destroy those armies in the greater LA area that God told me about. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Man plans, God laughs.

There are two important things about this video. First, it shows that this is a communist coup or insurrection of the US Government destroying the US Constitution and turning it into a communist dictatorship and Tim tells you that.

Second, it shows that God is using this to open people's eyes to how evil and corrupt the left is. Tim tells you that the worse these very desperate traitors are, the more they are opening the eyes of the people as to how evil the traitors are and it is turning people against the traitors and for Trump.

Man plans, God laughs.

After this is over, all of these things need to be prosecuted and held accountable for their crimes and there are a few hundred million witnesses to these crimes. Their cases should all be slam dunk into prison.

One thing this should teach everyone, especially the rich, is that none of them are above the persecution by these evil tyrants. If the traitors can do this to Trump for fake reasons, then they can make up reasons to do it to any and all other rich too. No one is safe from these animals.

I am wondering how many rich people's eyes this is going to open?

We have already seen rich people fleeing New York City because of this and the fear that they could be next because they have learned that NO ONE is safe from power mad tyrants. The US Constitution is required to protect all of us because even their money cannot protect the rich or Trump would be protected.

Have you learned yet that, when the power mad tyrants decide to, they can just seize your wealth just like I told you years ago.

That is good because we are going to need good rich people to help build a new nation.


This has gotten very interesting as this video shows.

You have to understand that China has been building up Pakistan to help China fight India and now, India's ally, Afghanistan, is at war with Pakistan and is attacking Chinese resources built up in Pakistan as legitimate targets inside Pakistan.

Suddenly, Pakistan can't help China fight India because she is too busy fighting Afghanistan AND Afghanistan is destroying resources China has and still is building in Pakistan to use to fight India.

China's strategy has completely backfired on China and Pakistan. If China goes to war against Afghanistan to help Pakistan, India will be justified in attacking China and Pakistan to protect Afghanistan and India's other allies will be justified in attacking China and Pakistan.

Man plans, God laughs.

Keep an eye on this.


I am looking but not finding how much money the US Government is suing Apple for.

Is this really the government stealing money from Apple or what, you know, the way they are stealing from Trump?

Keep an eye on that because these government things are rarely what they tell you they are.


I just found out that people are panicking because of this eclipse.


They need to be more concerned about what the upper class trash Royals are going to do because they have murdered at least hundreds of millions of people and the moon as never murdered anyone.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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