I Told You So 68

Remember what I taught you about the two conditions required before God helps people with their problems. This is very critical at this time and is a key part of our situation. The first condition is that we must KNOW that we cannot resolve our situation or problem without His direct intervention into our lives. As long as we believe we can resolve the situation ourselves without God's direct intervention, there is no need for God to intervene to save us. Therefore, until we reach this realization and continue to believe we can some how save ourselves, all God will do is wait, watch, and let us continue to attempt to resolve the situation without His intervention. We must realize and admit to ourselves, God, and each other the futility of our situation and that only God can save us.

Second, after realizing and admitting the futility of our situation, we must ask God to save us because we can't save ourselves. In doing this, we are turning our salvation over to God letting Him take our salvation out of our hands and putting it into His hands. To do this, we must talk to God or pray to Him asking for His direct intervention to save us. God will not even begin to save people who don't want and ask to be saved.

Don't forget these two conditions because I am about to show you just how futile our situation is.

This debt crisis fiasco was started by the true conservatives in the Republican Party trying to bring Obama's spending under control but was quickly taken over by the liberal infiltrators who managed to quite effectively make it look like they did something when nothing was done. They put on the show that they stood up to and held off Obama and his tax and spend communism but every day, we find out more and more that there was no realistic limit placed on the debt and that the government can continue the tax-and-spend business as usual. It was all smoke and mirrors.

What it did show was just how extremely good and effective the commie traitors have become at infiltration and taking control of any movement, organization, or system the conservatives try to start up to get their country back. It showed that the commie's have not only effectively infiltrated and seized control of both the Commiecrat and Republican parties but very quickly infiltrated and gained significant control of the Tea Party making it virtually ineffective. The first sign of this came when increasing numbers of very conservative sounding politicians who were elected by the Tea Party just blatantly thumbed their noses at the Tea Party to vote for whatever legislation they wanted saying, in effect, that, "if you vote me out in the next election, we will just replace me with another liberal commie infiltrator." The other sign of this is the increasing numbers of Tea Party elected politicians who are more quietly voting for such things as this phony debt ceiling legislation or are making compromises while making great sounding excuses. I already warned you about the compromise thing and how the commie's use it to eventually get everything they want.

The ugly truth is that the liberal Commies have become so good at infiltration that they can and will quickly infiltrate and take control of any new organization or system the conservatives set up to stop them. They have trained and paid professionals who know exactly how to talk and behave to fool most people into believing they are conservatives and these professionals are just waiting for new organizations to form so these professionals can quickly infiltrate and seize control of those organizations. Learn to think of them as a covert army trained in the sciences of infiltration, subversion, and sabotage. They are a second government within our country which has seized control of our country and government in order to set up their commie dictatorship. These are 21st Century professionals and not the amateurs of the 1960's. They trained, organized, and prepared for this war while we slept.

These professional traitors have shown that the only way the American people can get their country back is by violence but, if the people were to organize and stage a revolution to over throw these commie traitors, the commie's would just very quickly infiltrate and seize control of those organizations the way they just did with the Tea Party. Even if the people were to raise up armies to fight and kill the commie traitors, the commie's would just quickly infiltrate those revolutionary armies the way they did our current US military, especially at the top, just enough to cause those armies to lose the war. This would also give the commie's "justification" in rounding up the rebels and sending those rebels off to the commie "relocation centers" death camps built under the Clinton administration.

These professional soldiers and traitors are so well organized and trained that they can and will infiltrate anything the people put together to get their country back. They rush to join such organizations with great conservative political zeal and feigned patriotism. Remember that, under a democracy or republic, they don't have to infiltrate 100% of the leadership, but just 51% or, in some cases, just enough to get the job done by taking armies in circles when they should be fighting or sending soldiers into bad charges causing them to be ineffective or die. They are so good that there is no way that man can tell any of these professional posers from the real thing until it is too late and remember that, in a democracy, you only have to fool 51% of the people to get into power. It is obvious they have so thoroughly brainwashed almost 60% of the people and have such good control of the media that they can easily fool 51-60% of the American people on almost anything. Look at how high Obama's polls are in spite of how bad of a job he is clearly doing. Any other president would have been in single digits by last year.

I have noticed that even many of the people and media who have managed to get themselves established as conservatives are poser conservatives and devout liberals. I have noticed one journalist in particular who is really big with the Tea Party, who has endorsed every one of the tea party infiltrators and openly endorses politicians in the republican party as being conservatives who are obviously liberal. This person is considered a conservative icon and Tea Party leader but regularly opposes true conservatives for the liberal infiltrators.

I have come to the realization that there is absolutely no way man can stop these monsters and traitors because they are so well organized, trained, and funded. Many of the people who have openly turned their backs on the Tea Party were among those who appeared to be the most conservative. These professionals are very well trained to be able to talk the talk and even walk the walk as long as they need to in order to get the job done. Remember, they are professionals trained to pose as conservatives.

But don't despair, there is hope. With God, there is always hope.

It is written that God knows the heart of man. God and only God knows what is in our hearts and minds and, therefore, only God can sort out the commie infiltrators and save our butts. But first, we must come to the realization that we cannot stop this commie machine ourselves because there is no way we humans can tell what is in their poser hearts and minds and that only God can save us from this brute beast. We must admit this to ourselves, to God, and then to everyone we know. Then we must turn to God in prayer asking for His forgiveness for our sins or crimes against His Laws we let the liberals talk us into committing and tolerating and promise to turn from those crimes back to His Law. Next, we must be willing to accept whatever punishment God deems necessary for our crimes and be willing to accept whatever solution God provides for us. You can bet this solution will not include the great pagan god, democracy, which has failed in ancient Greece and Rome and has now failed throughout the world because democracy means you are trying to retain at least some control and not giving complete control over to God to solve your problem. God will appoint a leader and government whom He knows is best. Finally, you must beg for Him to save our butts. We have lost this war, our backs are against the wall, and only God can win it. It is time for national and global revival for God is our only hope. This is where we must.....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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