I Told You So 76

Five years ago last month, November, I posted the first essay about a dream God gave me telling us that Obama would nuke Chicago on a Monday between 8 am and 5 pm, a normal workday, as a false flag event so Obama could declare martial law and set up his US Muslim dictatorship while blaming Israel so Obama could justify invading Israel in order for Obama to fulfill Islamic end time prophesy establishing Obama as the Mahdi or Messiah of Islam so Obama could set up the Muslim Caliphate under Obama's control and use the Caliphate and US weapons, technology, and resources to conquer the rest of the world for Islam. Since then I have posted a number of other essays providing additional information about the nuking of Chicago by Obama including that I would expect Obama to also murder his wife and two daughters (actually an honor killing) in that nuking so Obama could use the sympathy card to silence anyone questioning or challenging whether Obama nuked Chicago and that Obama will use nuking Chicago to consolidate his power by getting rid of the most powerful people in the US.

I want to add at this time that I would also expect Obama to use the nuking of Chicago to get rid of top black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, and other famous blacks to instill anger in blacks towards Israel and white conservatives and provide Obama direct, absolute control of the black community. This would be what the military would call a consolidation of power within the black community.

Very interestingly, this year ALONE, there have been all of these incredible coincidences:

1. News stories about Obama stealing and attempting to use from two to three different US military nukes to nuke US cities as false flag events so Obama could declare martial law and set up his US Muslim dictatorship.

2. The Navy Ship Yard shooting and news stories about it being an ambush to stop top military officials from arresting Obama for treason for attempting to nuke US cities.

3. Obama continuing to fire top military officers at a record rate with news stories about how two or three of them were fired for stopping Obama from using nukes against US cities.

4. Obama suddenly dumping King Abdullah because kingy boy's plans to conquer other Muslim countries to set up the Muslim Caliphate under Sunni control failed in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Syria and Obama trying to make nice with Iran.

5. Obama blatantly giving Iran the farm so Iran can build nukes including Obama giving Iran three to four billion dollars for building those nukes.

6. Finding out that Valerie Jarrett had been secretly negotiating the nuke deal with Iran for over a year, Valerie was born in Iran in 1953, is fluent in Persian, and is a Shiite Muslim.

7. A few days after Obama signed the deal with Iran, Iran makes a public statement that they suddenly have the plans for a better missile with which to deliver their nukes. You can bet those plans were part of the Iran deal.

8. Reading today that American Muslim convert and 9/11 truther, Dr. Kevin Barrett, did a story for Iranian TV claiming that Israel was behind the Monica/Billy Boy Clinton scandal, killed JFK, and is planing to assassinate Obama. Note that Barrett very strategically started out by claiming Israel was behind the other things before stating Israel is planning to assassinate Obama in order to increase the validity of Barrett's claim Israel is planning to assassinate Obama.

Nothing like priming the Obama blame pump by having a US Muslim proclaim on Iranian TV that Israel is going to try to assassinate Obama. If you really want your lie to sound more valid, have another person and another country tell the lie first, then, when you tell the lie, more people will believe it. Years ago, I told you that Obama would blame Israel and US white conservatives for nuking Chicago and say Israel and the conservatives were trying to assassinate Obama. Bet on it.

Gee, I wonder if Iran priming Obama's blame pump was part of the Iran deal. Not really, you can bet it was.

I am sorry, I don't believe in coincidences, I believe in God and that is way too many coincidences in just one year to believe they are coincidences anyway. I have to believe that Obama just purchased some nukes from Iran to use against one or more US cities in the near future, especially since his failed effort to use US military nukes on US cities would have dried up any US military sources for obtaining nukes.

Those dreams of mine are suddenly sounding more real and frightening. And you think God is not real and that He doesn't use what the Bible calls dreams and visions and we call telepathic communication to warn us about future events? Get the picture yet?

Keep an eye on Chicago.

I also told you that Obama knifing Israel and Saudi Arabia in the back has caused them to be very desperate in finding new friends or allies. I just read that Saudi Arabia is trying to recruit other countries like Pakistan and France to help Saudi Arabia's proxy terrorist army defeat Syria. I also read a news story that Saudi Arabia and Israel are working together on a Stuxnet 2 virus to slow down Iran's nuclear weapons program. That sounds pretty desperate to me when two deadly enemies join sides against an even more deadly enemy. Keep an eye on it.

With all of this madness in the world, it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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