I Told You So 88

Remember that I told you years ago that the "Great Babylon" of the Book of Revelation has nothing to do with Rome but will be the rebuilt City of Ancient Babylon? Remember that I told you that the prophesy about the destruction of Babylon and it never being rebuilt again has not yet been fulfilled?

In the scriptures it teaches us that the destruction of Babylon will be sudden and so violent that none of the building materials will every be used again for building and the city will never be lived in again. Ancient Babylon was not suddenly destroyed as the Bible predicted but simply fell because of centuries of gradual decline. This did not fulfill the prophesies for the sudden destruction of Babylon so Babylon has to be rebuilt so it can be suddenly and completely destroyed in order to fulfill those prophesies. It is this rebuilding and the subsequent sudden and violent destruction of the City of Babylon which was prophesied in the Book of Revelation.

I taught you years ago that the Islamic Caliphate will become the one world government and church of the end time prophesies and Babylon will become its capitol city. I taught you that the sudden and complete destruction of Babylon in the Book of Revelation was about the destruction of the actual City of Babylon in Iraq and had nothing to do with Rome and Europe.

I have finally been able to find some pictures and even videos of the rebuilding of Babylon on the Internet. They still have quite a bit of work to do but, with enough money behind the project, the rebuilding can escalate quickly.

Then I found out that the Shiite Muslims (Iran) are currently trying to gain control of the City of Babylon because they want to rebuild Babylon as the capitol city for Shiite Islam, you know, just like I told you years ago that Islam would do.

Then I found out that, in 2009, right after getting elected President of the US the first time, Obama gave $700,000 dollars to "The Future of Babylon Project." The stated goals of this project are to rebuild the City of Babylon as a "tourist project" to help rebuild the economy for Iraq. I don't know whether Obama and/or Valerie have given any more US money to the project but wouldn't be surprised to find out that they have quietly given quite a bit of additional money to the rebuilding of Babylon. I wonder who else has been giving money to this project.

Remember that Valerie Jarrett is a Shiite Muslim from Iran? Remember that Obama and Valerie stabbed King Abdullah (Sunni Muslims) in the back last year by dumping King Abdullah and taking sides with Iran to build nukes?

Guess what, Obama and Val were planning to dump King Abdullah all along. Get the picture yet?

Don't be surprised when the rebuilding of the City of Babylon suddenly takes off and the city gets rebuilt quite quickly, fulfilling end time prophesy. Keep an eye on this one.

Remember that this is the site where you get tomorrow's news today. Isn't it fun to watch Bible prophesy coming true in such detail? It is absolutely amazing and makes me so excited.

BTW, I have been seeing that more people have started telling you the same things about Islam being the one world church and government of the Tribulation, how the Muslims will conquer the world during the Tribulation, and such, which I told you more than a decade ago, but I still have not seen anyone who gets it all right yet. They still have more to learn but are getting better. We will have to pray for them.

You can pray for me too, if you want, because God is still showing me things to share with you.

It is increasingly time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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