Jews & Gentiles

There are two basic groups of people who are causing confusion within the Church and need to be dealt with. These are the Jew worshipers and the Judaizers. Both groups are suffering from a serious inferiority complex, especially to Jews (which the pagan Jews really like and will take advantage of at the drop of the hat for power and wealth.)

The Jew worshipers are people who feel inferior to Jews and want the Jews to take control of and run their lives with the Jew worshipers just tagging along like stupid little sheep and the Jews telling us how to live when the Jews have not done any better or worse of a job than we have. Jesus said we are to follow Him and not the rest of the Jews. As a matter of fact, even the Jews are supposed to follow Jesus because He is also their Messiah. If the Jews are not following Jesus and you are following the Jews, you are going in the wrong direction.

The pagan Jews who take advantage of the Jew worshipers always set themselves up as absolute leaders or rulers (theocratic dictators) where their word is law, while teaching that we Gentiles are to either live by all 600+ of the Laws in Torah or that we are to live by the less than 180 Laws we are supposed to live by PLUS a few laws the pagan Jews throw in to make sure the pagan Jews remain the Christian rulers.

The Judaizers are Gentiles who deal with their inferiority complex to Jews by trying to be Jews or are wannabee Jews or Jews who feel that, if the Jews have to live by all 600+ of the Laws in the Old Testament, then we Christians should also have to live by all 600+ laws. The leaders have taken the scripture about being grafted into the Jewish tree completely out of context saying it means that, when we accept Jesus, we literally become Jews. This has caused replacement theology, which demeans Jews and elevates the wannabees above the Jews or causes them to believe they are Jews. Whether the leaders are Jews or Gentiles, they teach that we must adhere to all 600+ of the laws in Torah.

The orthodox Jews, you know, like Paul, know better than that. Unless we are living in Israel, we Gentiles are only required to live by less than 180 of those laws. If we Gentiles are living in Israel, we must live by all 600+ laws. It was mostly the Judaizers Paul had so much trouble dealing with because certain of the Jews kept trying to make the Christians live by all 600+ of the laws in Torah and Paul kept setting them straight by saying we Gentiles don't have to even live by the 10 Commandments but rather must live by the Noahide Laws (he didn't specifically mention the Noahide Laws but the Jews knew what he was talking about) and the Laws in Torah which apply to the Noahide Laws.

The proof to what is right is found in the prophesy about what life will be like in eternal Paradise here on earth following the Last Judgment. Note that the scriptures clearly say there will be a nation of Israel in which the Jews will all be priests to bear witness for God to the Gentiles, you know, what God chose them to be. Note that the scriptures say the rest of the world, you know, the Gentiles, will have our own nation and it outlines which Laws we Gentiles must abide by. Also note that the Jews will be required to keep all five of the religious festivals forever and we Gentiles will only be required to keep Sukkot.

Now, what should this tell you?

First, you don't become a Jew when you accept Jesus as your savior, you just join them in salvation, and replacement theology is Satanic crap. The Jewish Christians will live in the nation of Israel and the Gentile Christians will live in a Gentile nation which will cover the rest of the world. BOTH will be Christian nations, ruled over by Jesus, with no paganism permitted, you know, just like we are to build our new Gentile Christian nation. Each nation will have its own human ruler, the two olive trees (Zacharia 4) and two witnesses (Revelation 11), one will be a Jew and the other will be a Gentile raised up SIMILAR to Elijah (Malichi 4). The scriptures clearly state that the one who will be SIMILAR to Moses will be raised up from among the Jews but no mention is made of from which group the one SIMILAR to Elijah will be raised up from in the last days, everyone just ASSUMES he will be a Jew.

The one who has been (the two witnesses are already here preparing for the soon coming Tribulation) raised up similar to Moses is a Jew (the scriptures state this in Torah), he will stand before God forever representing the Jews (one of the two olive trees) and will rule over Israel forever. God has shown me that the one who has been raised up similar to Elijah in the last days is a Gentile who will stand before God forever representing the Gentiles (the other of the two olive trees) and will rule over all Gentiles forever. The ONLY Jew who is to rule over the Gentiles is Jesus, who already rules over all existence including, eventually, both nations in Paradise.

Second, the Jews are not to rule over the Christian Gentiles. We will have our own ruler but we MUST ALL follow the leadership of Jesus, both Jews and Gentiles because Jesus is our eternal global ruler. That one scriptural fact just shoots the living crap out of both belief systems.

So, what are we supposed to do?

EVERYONE, both Jew and Gentile, who lives in Israel MUST live by the 10 commandments and all 600+ of the Laws of Torah. That is very clearly stated in Torah and what Paul taught. ALL JEWS MUST live by the 10 Commandments and all 600+ Laws of Torah no matter where they live, inside or outside of Israel. That is very clearly taught in Torah. The Gentiles who live outside of Israel are to live by the Noahide Laws given to man following the Flood and less than 180 Laws of Torah. That is taught in Torah AND by Paul but not as clearly stated as the rest.

Now do you see why Satan set up "New Testament" churches to keep people from studying the Old Testament so Satan could get people to believe his lies?

The New Testament did not replace the Old Testament, it completed the Old Testament, which should tell you that you MUST study the Old Testament to see just what was completed by the New Testament. Neither is complete without the other. You MUST study BOTH testaments or testimonies about God, you know, the BIBLE.

So, when I designed my suggestion for our new Christian calendar, why did I include all five of the festivals God told the Jews to keep?

Because of human nature. We will need to get rid of ALL of the pagan holidays and rituals to get our Christian house in order and that will leave us with only one holiday to keep, Sukkot. Most people are not going to want to go from a bunch of pagan holidays with a few Christian holidays to just one Christian holiday. This will cause the continued practice of those pagan holidays to go underground, history proves this to be true. Therefore, if we replace all of the pagan holidays with Christian holidays, there will be plenty of holidays to keep most people from wanting to secretly practice the pagan holidays.

Therefore, if we replace all of pagan holidays with Biblical holidays but practice those holidays from the perspective of worshiping Jesus from different aspects instead of celebrating such things as Israel being freed from Egypt, then there will be less reason to continue the pagan holidays underground giving Satan a foot in our Christian nation's door for its eventual destruction, you know, like Satan just destroyed the Republic of the US.

For example, we completely replace Easter, which is celebrating the birthday of the pagan fertility goddess with her eggs and rabbits, with Passover, which was when Jesus really did die, was buried, and raised from the dead. Why continue to wrongly celebrate and recognize the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus on the birthday of a false pagan fertility goddess when it should be observed on Passover, when it actually occurred?

In the same way, we should shift worshiping the birth of Jesus, which is now believed to have happened some time during the fall (September or October), to one of the fall Biblical festivals instead of on the birthday for the false pagan sun god, Sol (December 25), AND we do away with the pagan rituals of a Christmas tree and giving gifts, which has caused Christmas to become so commercialized it isn't even recognized as worshiping Jesus by most. Xmas? We can keep Thanksgiving because that has always been a Christian celebration giving thanks to God, which is a good thing. Halloween is nothing but worshiping Satan, witches, and demons in various forms and has to go. April Fools Day (All Fools Day) is another purely pagan celebration along with the liberal commie holiday of May Day (May first).

The rule should be that, if it is or was pagan, it goes, if it is and always has been Christian or Biblical, it stays or is included. We should NEVER get caught in the trap of replicating what the Jews do because they celebrate different things on those festival days, which do not pertain to Gentiles, and they have so totally paganized their celebrations. What they do is between them and God and what we do is between us and God. We should love and pray for the Jews knowing that the scriptures tell us that most of the Jews won't open their eyes to the truth about Jesus until a little more than one hour after the resurrection of the two witnesses at the end of the Tribulation. Between now and then, most of them will continue to live in their beloved paganism and you don't want to follow them down that road to hell. We need to get right with God, not more wrong.

The reason why I chose the names of seven Bible prophets for the seven days of the week and the 12 Apostles for the 12 months of the year instead of the current names of pagan gods and leaders is to 1) stop worshiping the pagan gods and leaders, 2) encourage people to study the New Testament to learn about the 12 Apostles, 3) encourage people to study the Old Testament to learn about those prophets, and 4) give glory to God instead of false pagan gods we currently give glory to with our current pagan calendar. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.

If God is soon going to clean most of our house, we need to clean the rest of it. This is what God has shown me with some of the dreams. God is about to get rid of most of the criminals who destroyed our Christian nation and we will have to get rid of the rest to free ourselves and start a new nation. To do this right, we MUST purge all paganism to prevent the pagans from destroying our new nation before we can even get it up and running.

Just how many times do you want to go through all of this evil crap?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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