Just Do It

I was reading FB posts about wearing the masks for COVID 19 in submission to the lefty tyrants and one lefty rationalized about obeying the tyrannical, unconstitutional, and federally illegal orders of the lefty governors and mayors that the people MUST wear masks in spite of the fact that it has nothing to do with science, medicine, and the virus, like the tyrants claim, you know, "for the common good". The lefty said something to the fact that the conservative "would be protecting others", you know, blindly parroting the tyrants' "good intentions", and why didn't the conservative take the path of least resistance and "just do it?"

This is the same thing the sheeple have been saying for thousands of years when the tyrants use their false claims of "doing it for the good of the people" or "the common good" to bully and terrorize the sheeple into submission and even murder the sheeple with their evil wolf packs. The tyrants always claim good intentions but not one tyrant in history has ever had good intentions, they always lie about good intentions to fool the sheeple and the sheeple blindly believe it and bleat "just do it".

When the Nazi wolves loaded the sheeple on the box cars to take them to the Nazi work camps to be murdered, the sheeple complied, took the path of least resistance, and said, "just do it". "After all, maybe these tyrants really did have good intentions just like they said they did, unlike any tyrants in history before them, and maybe it was for the common good." The sheeple continued to bleat "just do it" as they were herded by the wolves into the showers with Zyklon B shampoo and were herded to their mass graves to be gunned down.

Most people don't know it but only about 3% of the American colonist actually fought against the evil, oppressive British Royal tyrants. Some of the rest of the people helped these patriots with things like food and information and some were Tories fighting with the British forces to oppress their fellow colonists for promised rewards but the rest, about 90%, were sheeple taking the path of least resistance, bleating that, whatever the British Royals order, "just do it".

The British Royals sent their red coated wolf pack to bully and terrorize the sheeple into submission just like all tyrants use violence and fear to control the sheeple for power, you know, just like today's tyrants are using Antifa and BLM wolf packs to terrorize the sheeple into submission. Today's COVID 19 and riots are nothing but terrorist attacks against the sheeple for "good intentions" using biological and psychological warfare against the sheeple, their own people, to terrorize and control them.

Of course, the sheeple are always upset by the patriot sheep dogs or militia "causing trouble" by fighting back for themselves and the sheeple instead of "just doing it".

3% of the colonists were the sheep dog militia, who stepped up and took the fight against the wolves and British Royal tyrants for the sheeple, while most of the sheeple fearfully bleated "just do it"; take the path of least resistance, you know, just like all of those sheeple who later bleated "just do it" to take the path of least resistance while being herded into the Marxist work and reeducation camps by the wolves like Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald, Treblinka, the Russian Gulags, and the Chinese "reeducation camps" to be murdered by the tens of millions by their evil tyrants, who were claiming good intentions "for the common good".

American Colonial General Greene, known by the red coated wolves as the "Swamp Fox", looked at the superior numbers of the British wolves as the fur on his back rose in anger and his eyes focused on those red coats. He knew that he and his inferior band of sheep dogs had to defeat the wolves to protect the sheeple so he and his militia men took the path of greatest resistance and waged guerilla warfare until he finally drove the British wolves into a defensive position at Lexington, where the wolves finally surrendered to the American sheep dogs.

Be the mighty patriot sheep dogs, the 3%.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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