Know Your Enemy 2

Before you read this essay, you need to read the prior essay, "Know Your Enemy".

Now we are going to talk about both Obama and Farrakhan so you can know what to expect. To really understand them, you have to have studied Islam, them, dictatorships, US Military science, and Muslim history because what they know and believe comes from those areas.

First, we start with a little back ground and review. Farrakhan and the nation of Islam set Obama up by doing a number of things. Obama was told to marry Michele, it was an arranged marriage. Obama was also set up with Valerie Jarrett, who is a black Muslim and loyal to Farrakhan, as his right hand person and personal manager.

When Obama was jet setting around the world giving great sounding lectures to stupid people in other nations, playing golf, and taking expensive vacations on your dime, who do you think was running the US Government?

It was Valerie Jarrett. Farrakhan knew that Obama was very charismatic but that he is also a lazy playboy so Farrakhan appointed Valerie to do the work while Obama gave great sounding speeches to stupid people. Obama is the front man for Farrakhan.

For most of the eight years Obama was officially president, Valerie was the functioning president. She worked with the deep state for 8 years and knows who they all are. After Trump was elected, Valerie and her husband moved in with the Obama's and she has been working to help stage a coup of the US Government, working with the deep state and the Nation of Islam, while Obama has been running around the world giving great sounding speeches to stupid people. Nothing has changed and this will be important later.

Second, I watched as Farrakhan spent more than half a century traveling around the world picking the brains of the best dictators in the world such as Saddam Hussein, the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, North Korea, and all of the Muslim dictatorships. He made regular visits to most of these dictators and he knows that, for his dictatorship to succeed, after he has seized control, he must eliminate at least 90% to 100% of the people who helped get him in power and the sooner, the better. He knows that it is best if you kill at least 90% of those people within the first 72 hours and the rest as soon as possible.

Don't believe me? Study modern history.

He has seen the film of Saddam doing just that within days of seizing control of Iraq where Saddam called in all of the top people who helped him stage his coup. They all met in a big auditorium and, after everyone was seated, Saddam started calling off names, those people got up, went outside, and were shot. You can hear the gun shots in the background in the film.

He met with Ayatollah Khomeini a number of times after Khomeini seized control of Iran and purged thousands of people to consolidate his control of Iran. He met with Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro, the leaders of other dictatorships like North Korea, and he studied people like Stalin and Linen.

Farrakhan also knows what is required to establish yourself as the Mahdi or Messiah of Islam. He knows that Babylon has to be rebuilt, which is why he had Obama start giving millions of US tax payer money to the World Monument Fund to rebuild Babylon within 3 months of the time Obama took office, you know, about a decade ago. Remember that I told you that they have completed the first of 3 phases for rebuilding Babylon, will soon start the third phase, and have dredge most of the Euphrates River for shipping traffic towards Babylon.

He also knows that the Muslim Mahdi has to stand on the Temple Mount and order the Muslims to kill all non Muslims, which creates a number of problems because he knows that every power mad Muslim leader and Imam knows this along with many other Muslims. Don't forget that.

He knows this is why the Muslims are currently working to destroy Israel and fighting each other, especially with Babylon being rebuilt. He knows that, as soon as the US is removed from being able or willing to help defend Israel, every Muslim leader in the world will descend on the Northern hills of Israel to invade Israel, murder everyone in the country to make sure they get all of the Hebrews, and for their leader to stand on the Temple Mount to give that order to kill all non Muslims, proving that leader is the Muslim Mahdi. He knows there will be a veritable stampede by the power mad Muslim leaders to get to the Temple Mount first, which means that, as soon as the US falls, time will be critical so that the invasion of Israel must be Farrakhan's first priority. He knows that he will have to get his army there soon enough to get the best tactical position for punching a hole through Israeli lines.

He knows this effort will take place in 3 phases; punching a hole through Israeli lines, the race to Jerusalem, and securing the Temple Mount with his forces first.

He also knows that when the Muslim armies and their allied armies start forming in Lebanon and Syria that Jordan and Egypt will form blocking or holding forces on the eastern and southern borders of Israel respectively to prevent anyone from getting out alive. He also knows that these forces will be closer to Jerusalem so his forces will have to be large enough to punch through the Israeli forces much faster to beat those forces to Jerusalem.

Why not position his forces in either Jordan or Egypt?

Because that will just cause the Israelis to move more forces from the north to counter his forces and make it easier for the other Muslim armies to punch a hole through the Israeli lines faster and beat him to Jerusalem.

He also knows that his Mahdi candidate, Obama, must be as close as safely possible for a quick flight to the Temple Mount, probably by fast helicopter, before anyone else can get there, which will be Damascus, and that the Muslim leaders plan to meet in Damascus to make deals for supporting each other for one of their leaders being able to be recognized as the Muslim Mahdi, and the weaker armies will make deals to support a stronger army for promises of the weaker army's leader getting a powerful position in the Caliphate government. He knows this deal making to share in ruling the world will make the stock trading on the Wall Street floor look tame and Farrakhan and Obama must be there at the start of the deal making.

Farrakhan also knows that, once a hole is punched through the Israeli lines, most deals with other Muslim leaders will be off, with a lot of normal Muslim back stabbing, and it will be a dog-eat-dog race to get and keep control of the hole in the Israeli lines, move as many forces through that line as quickly as possible, get enough forces through that hole to win any fight with other Muslim armies on the way to Jerusalem, preferably by having part of his force tie up the other Muslim forces racing south while the rest of his force continues south to seize control of the Temple Mount before Jordan and Egypt and to stage a vicious and ruthless mortal combat for control of the Temple Mount with any other Muslim forces who can get there before Obama can give a televised order to kill all non Muslims from the Temple Mount.

From the time the first Muslim forces engage the Israeli defenses and until the Temple Mount is secured with the order given, it will be one continuous running bloody battle between Muslim armies for global power and the leader starting with the biggest army in the right position will have the best chance of ruling the Caliphate.

After they punch a hole through the Israeli defenses, will they turn and roll up the Israeli lines, as is common practice for an army?

No, they will want the rest of the Israeli line to hold up the other Muslim armies as long as possible to give them a head start for Jerusalem. It is just going to be punch and run.

Therefore, Farrakhan knows that he can't spend much time consolidating his control over the US, he must set up a government with enough of a military to hold key areas for importing his Muslim army of hundreds of millions of heavily armed Muslims to overwhelm the tens of millions of armed US citizens, and that, after he has formed the Caliphate under his control, he will quickly have a Muslim army of at least 200 to 300 million heavily armed men to overwhelm the armed US citizens. Therefore, if the armed US citizens stage a counter coup, all Farrakhan will need, will be to have enough of a force to hold enough ground to land his Muslim army in the US. If that fails, he can plan to invade the US from Mexico and Canada.

Remember that Farrakhan and Obama plan to return to the US with US trained Nation of Islam troops, US military weapons like planes and tanks, and hundreds of millions of heavily armed Muslim troops.

Based on prior behavior, most likely, Farrakhan will set up a temporary government managed by Vice President Valerie Jarrett with enough forces to hold at least some ground in the US so he and Obama can quickly beat it to the Northern Hills of Israel with their massive army before someone else can stand on the Temple Mount, be recognized as the Muslim Mahdi, and Farrakhan and Obama will be forced to submit to their rule and probably either become slaves or dead.

They will probably only have a maximum of about 6 months to a year to get their force of millions of troops and weapons moved into the best position possible, which is normally pretty quick for rapid deployment of large forces today.

Farrakhan knows that they have to get some forces there quickly to get the best possible tactical position for punching a hole through Israeli defenses, he must have large enough of a force to quickly punch a hole large enough to quickly move a large enough force through the hole to start the race south and still be able to win control of the Temple Mount.

Farrakhan also knows that, after he has seized control of the US and the conservatives, his greatest threat will be the lefty upper class trash and their puppets staging a counter coup against Valerie while Farrakhan and Obama are in the Middle East so you can bet that he has a kill list of the upper class trash and their puppets and that he will have his special operations forces, trained by the US Government, quickly take out as many of the upper class trash and their puppets as possible, probably killing at least 90% within the first 72 hours, hunting the rest down as quickly as possible, and leaving only the stupid lefty minions to use for cannon fodder for invading Israel.

I expect that he will have kill teams strategically placed throughout the US with kill lists to quickly move to eliminate the upper class trash and their political whores with ye ole 2 am wake-up calls, dragging all of their families, even babies, out in the back yard and filling them full of hot steel while blaming conservatives for the slaughter so he can justify moving against conservatives, you know, the "alt-right". Hey, dead babies will anger a lot of people and help Farrakhan to turn people against the conservatives.

You can also bet that Farrakhan will quickly take over all of the lefty media with his Muslims, mostly black Muslims, and have control over the "news" you will see. He will feed you the propaganda he knows will buy him the most time to get the job done.

The white lefty commie traitor "journalists"?

Eh, Farrakhan will probably give them old rifles with a few bullets, place them on the front lines, and use them to clear Israeli minefields for his CNSF. Hey, they deserve it.

People, Farrakhan and his US Government trained Nation of Islam government have been planning this for more than half a century, while he has been publically preaching the violent overthrow of the US. You better bet they will have all bases covered.

What? You think he hasn't been planning to do what he has been preaching they should do for more than half a century? Really? Why?

Half a century is a long time to plan something and plenty of time to cover all bases. Remember that I was trained by the same US Government military they were trained by, I have also studied Islam, and I have been watching these turkeys for half a century. Note that Farrakhan almost staged this violent coup when Billy Boy was being impeached but Billy Boy talked him out of it...for now. Farrakhan has been chomping at this bit for a long time.

Third, Farrakhan knows that he won't be able to just take control of the US Military, will have to replace most of that military with his CNSF military that has already been trained by the US Government, and ask for volunteers to join his military, probably Antifa and military and militia Hebrew haters. He does not want to have soldiers defecting to Israel with advanced weapons systems he will have to defeat because he drafted them to fight against Israel, which many members of the US Military will not fight against Israel, especially for a Muslim leader.

Most of these patriotic soldiers and law enforcement will probably defect to the patriot armies or militias to take back control of the US. Some of them, especially the officers, will be able to grab control of US bases and weapons systems.

If the US militias, law enforcement, and military organize like I have been warning you, all of this combined will cause the Mexican standoff God showed me in dreams. Therefore, to set up safe zones for your families, soldiers, and weapons and munitions, you must join a militia, organize internally, locally, regionally and nationally with each other, law enforcement, and the military so that, if any of Obama's forces try to confiscate weapons from some people or militias, the rest will quickly come to their aid, probably ambushing such CNSF forces before they reach their objective to turn those CNSF forces back, knowing that Farrakhan, Obama, and Valerie won't have the time or forces to clean up the US militia resistance until after they have established Obama as the Muslim Mahdi.

Now, you don't want to start a counter coup until after Farrakhan and Obama have left with as many troops as possible to make them believe they can take as many troops out of country to invade Israel as possible, which they will need and want, so they will take as many troops as possible so there will be fewer CNSF forces left in the US to fight and/or kill civilians to keep the US death toll down during the subsequent war. You want Farrakhan and Obama to feel safe in taking out as many troops as possible to increase your chances of winning the war with fewer deaths on your side. The military calls this psychological warfare to prep the battlefield in your favor.

That is when they are going to run into God, who will level the playing field for His Israel and conservative Christians with the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and by destroying Damascus. Just remember that man plans, God laughs.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, we need it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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