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I have been watching and thinking about what has happened politically in the US since the last election. The conservatives have become disheartened and rightfully so. They became discouraged by the RINO's who had infiltrated the Republican Party in Congress and the Democrat Party took advantage of that to get back in power by having a number of their people pose as true conservatives and get even strong conservative Republicans removed from office in Congress. Then Rice has taken over the Presidency with her and the State Department making things much worse. Now they have a herd of RINO's leading the charge for the Republican candidacy for President of the US. It makes it look like the RINO's have completely taken over the Republican Party and would frustrate the most devout and optimistic conservative.

After all, what conservative wants to vote for conservative posers?

Suddenly, a glimmer of hope has emerged for conservatives as a true conservative, Huckabee, has started moving up quickly in the poles and others have finally started to spend their much more limited campaign money for advertising. Plus Bush is finally beginning to realize that Rice doesn't make a good President and he should grow a testicle or two to do his own job. I just realized that there is a way to completely revitalize the conservatives, win back Congress, and keep the Presidency.

If a true conservative like Huckabee, Tancredo, or Ron Paul were to find a truly conservative female (no RINO's) who has upper level military training and command experience with combat experience in either Iraq or Afghanistan, also has Pentagon experience, who believes we should stay in and win the war in Iraq, and believes we should accelerate the war against terror and announce that, if elected to be the Republican candidate for President, he will nominate her as his Vice Presidential candidate running mate, he will explode to the top of the poles and it will be a slam dunk election for the conservatives.

This alone would provide him with much more positive PR than he could buy with $100,000,000 in advertising and would get at least half the women in America behind him. It would truly light a fire under the conservative's tails and get out the conservative vote. The liberal election efforts would implode.

So, maybe a few of you might want to send this idea to a few of those conservative Republican presidential candidates but not to the RINO's. It wouldn't hurt.

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