The Liberal Crisis

Political Satire

Note: In using the word fool, I go by Webster's definition of a fool being a person lacking in common sense. Therefore, when I call some one a fool, I am expressing my opinion of that person or persons being lacking in common sense.

A number of years ago, I began to notice that the nation seemed to be moving in a more conservative direction by realizing the flaws in liberal ideas and methodologies and moving to eliminate or seriously alter programs and ideas created by our liberal government and society. Then news commentators began to announce that the country really was moving in a more conservative direction.

To counter this, I noticed an increase in liberal preaching and propaganda through the media and entertainment. Then the liberals brought back the greatest liberal preacher of modern times, Phil Donahue, the great high priest of the liberal political cult.

These moves tell me the liberal leaders feel the reason the country is moving in a more conservative direction is because of a need for more and better liberal preaching to persuade people into a more liberal direction. But they obviously have failed to properly analyze the reason for the national move to the right and are actually making the wrong moves, even the worst moves they could make.

You see, the primary reason the country is moving to the left is because the liberal preachers like Donahue are too good, have convinced too many people to move too far left, and the liberals got what they wanted. For example, they got the legal abortions they wanted, the free sex they wanted, they got the police agencies to change from prosecuting drug users to prosecuting drug pushers (which is why we are "losing the war on drugs"), and have been trying to legalize euthanasia. The nation moving to the right is a classical case of "be careful about what you wish for because you might get it". They got it and don't seem to have the common sense to realize that getting what they wanted as being the cause of the problem they are facing with the country becoming more conservative.

Research will show that the majority of the people doing these things are liberals and that most conservatives have consistently opposed these activities. This is very important to understand because the cause and effect of these activities are what is causing the move of this country to the right.

For example, with abortion, since Roe v.s. Wade, liberal mothers have murdered off approximately forty million unborn liberal voters while the conservative mothers have been having their children and raising them up to become conservative voters. That is just the first generation and you have to keep in mind that many of these children were murdered long enough ago that, if they had been born, they would have had children and raised them up to have become liberal voters so that the cumulative effect for losses of liberal voters is some where between fifty and sixty million lost liberal voters who will never be born.

That one loss in the liberal population is enough to have gotten Al Gore elected as president in the 2000 election. Therefore, George Bush owes his presidency to all the great liberal preachers, like Donahue, Oprah, Rosie, and the rest of the liberal media and Hollywood, who persuaded their followers that it is alright to murder off their unborn children and future liberal voters. He owes his presidency to all the liberal politicians who passed the laws making it legal for liberals to murder off their offspring. George Bush owes his presidency to all the liberal judges who have made liberal rulings so the liberals could murder off their unborn liberal voters.

George, I feel you owe all these great liberal leaders really nice thank-you notices for getting you elected to office. You should thank Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Senator Byrd, and the others for giving you the presidency. In a manner of speaking, all these great liberal leaders and preachers, thinking they were campaigning for the liberal politicians (only for the short term) have been inadvertently campaigning for the conservative politicians in the long term.

Then we have the matter of free sex. If they do the research, they will find that the vast majority of people who have and who have died from sexually transmitted diseases in the last 35+ years are liberals. Plus many of the current survivors have been sterilized and can never have and raise up liberal voters. This is a double hit against the liberal population over the last 35+ years caused by sexual permissiveness and can easily translate into a loss of millions of additional liberal voters.

Next, we must consider the effects of so many liberals using drugs. This one thing has caused many liberals to die from over doses, prematurely die from physical damages and illnesses caused by the drugs, the decrease in child production from destroyed marriages, liberals not voting because of the apathy created by the drugs, liberals not voting because they have become derelict or imprisoned for stealing to support their drug habits losing their rights to vote, and the general contribution drug abuse has towards reproduction including still born or incapacitated children.

Finally, we must consider the current liberal move for legalizing euthanasia. There have not really been a large number of liberal voters killed off by this system but the potential will only add to the decline in liberal voters and can make a difference in a really close election like the presidential election of 2000.

You have to understand that just decreasing the life expectancy of a person also decreases the number of years that person can vote. If a person only lives to be thirty instead of forty, then they will be able to vote ten years less resulting in lost votes for the liberal politicians.

In other words, liberals are their own worst enemies. They should not be wanting what they do want and have gotten. But the real mind bender is that the liberal leaders are so lacking in common sense that they would even think of supporting, much less funding, the right and ability for their voters to murder themselves and their off sprint off. It defies common sense that, I a liberal politician would want the people who vote to keep me in office to be involved in activities which kill them and their future voting off spring off. Don't these supposedly brilliant liberal politicians understand the concept of job security?

It is my opinion that liberal politicians have to be among the biggest fools in the history of the planet. They have been literally and intentionally shooting themselves in the foot. Their activities and philosophies completely defy common sense. Common sense tells me that it is only a matter of time until enough liberals have been murdered off in what could be the greatest genocide of modern times so that the politicians will be forced to become more conservative or be put out of work.

I have been noticing that political move to the right and predict that, if the current behaviors of liberals don't change radically in the immediate future, it will become very difficult, if not impossible, for a liberal politician to get elected in the not so distant future.

But they are not alone. Look at the liberal media who depend on liberal views for ratings in order to generate income and profits through advertising sales. By encouraging this policy of willful self destruction or annihilation by their liberal viewers, they have been decreasing their potential viewership and readership, potential earnings, and even the future of their liberal productions, shows, and books. What kind of fools who depend on a group of people for their lively hood and the future of their industries would encourage those people to behave in a manner which would destroy that population? Duh, hello!!!

Common sense should tell you that it would only be a matter of time before the liberal population would drop low enough that the media would be forced to turn conservative in order to survive. I have been noticing that move to the right indicating that the liberal population has declined enough that the media are now being forced to move right or die with their viewers. It should only be common sense that you cannot get conservatives to watch your liberal shows or read your liberal books. If conservatives are all that is left, then liberal producers, publishers, journalists, and writers are out of business.

Then I find it mind boggling that liberal judges rule in support of activities which threaten their futures as judges. After all, if they rule in favor of activities which will cause the decline in the liberal voting population and prevent liberal politicians from getting elected, who will appoint liberal judges to higher courts or as replacements on courts when other liberal judges die or retire? Duh, hello!!!

Finally, I question the common sense of businesses which support liberal leaders through campaign donations or by purchasing advertising for liberal shows who are killing off the businesses' present and future customers, decreasing their earning potentials, and decreasing their profit potentials. I want to know what marketing genius dreamed that marketing strategy up. Gee, let's support politicians and media which are killing off our customers. Another Duh, hello.

Obviously, these people are clearly lacking in common sense and can be nothing but simple-minded fools. Their foolishness and stupidity blows my mind. Bringing back the high priest of the liberal cult is the worst thing these fools could do.....well, from a liberal perspective. And that brings me to the conservatives.

If it were not for Christianity, the conservative stance, based on logic alone, would also defy common sense and force me to pool conservatives in the gang of fools. Especially the politicians.

We know that liberals are fools for even wanting what they have gotten much less working so hard to get it and keep it when it is destroying them, their off spring, and their political power base. They are their worst enemies, not the conservatives.

But, based purely on logic without Christianity, the conservatives should not be wanting to stop the fool liberals from getting what they want because what the fool liberals want decreases the liberal population and increases the conservative power base. Logically, conservatives should not only be making it legal and possible for liberals to get what they want (knowing that the vast majority of the people doing these things will be liberals) but should be helping them get it. They should be busing those liberal mothers to the abortion slaughter houses to murder off those future liberal voters and, often, sterilize themselves so they can't produce more liberal voters in the future.

Conservatives should make prostitution legal and even own the brothels and orgy houses where the liberals will get the sexually transmitted diseases which will kill the liberals off and sterilize them so they can't vote or raise up more liberal voters. Conservatives should legalize drugs and sell the drugs to the fool liberals who want to kill themselves and their potential liberal voting children. Conservatives should turn Dr. Jack Kavorkian lose and legalize euthanasia to eradicate many more liberals because their lives are not perfect.

Based purely on logic, conservatives should build "sin cities" like Sodom and Gomorah where liberals (and only liberals) can do as they please with sex houses, abortion slaughter houses, drug houses and stores, and euthanasia slaughter houses for the fool liberals to use as they please. They should be willing to pay to bus these fools to these sin cities.

The only conservatives who should not support such behaviors are the business managers who sell products and services to both liberals and conservatives because they would be losing clients and potential profits. The conservative politicians, judges, and media should rejoice at the idea of permitting and even helping so many liberal fools kill themselves off. These conservatives should be rejoicing at the return of the great liberal high priest, Phil Donahue, and the increased liberal propaganda in the liberal media and TV shows. They should be shouting, "Preach on, Brother Phil, preach on!!! Murder off more of those liberal fools and their unborn liberal voters with your liberal ideas and philosophies!!!"

But.....then we come to Chistianity. According to God's Laws and Word, we Christians are suppose to oppose such actions and behaviors because God loves even the fool. It turns out that the fool liberals' best friends are the very Christians they hate. The liberals hate the Christians because the Christians are the only people standing between the liberals and the liberals getting everything they want. This means that the Christians are the only people standing between the liberals and complete self annihilation. The only reason we do this is because of the love of God.....the very love most liberals hate.

This brings us to God's Laws. The liberals see God's Laws as being something they hate because God forbids us to do what the liberals want to do and the very things which are killing the liberals off because they are doing them. Common sense tells me that, if these things God forbids in His Laws harm us, then Him forbidding us from doing them is not oppressive and hateful as the liberals imagine but an act of love in that He is protecting us from ourselves and the things we naturally want to do. Surely, His wisdom is far greater than ours and our liberal wisdom is foolishness.

Truly God was right when He said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

In violating God's Laws, we have made ourselves criminals before Him deserving eternal incarceration in His eternal penal system, the Lake of Fire. But God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have ever lasting life. Simply put, acknowledge your crimes against His Laws given to us in love and for our protection, turn from your crimes against His Laws, and accept the payment Jesus made for your crimes against His Laws and you will not have to spend eternity paying for those crimes.

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