Liberal Crisis 17

Truly there is a God and He is a great and wonderful God who holds us accountable for our actions, believe it. He also has a really fantastic sense of humor. God just showed me that He has given the problems the liberals caused with their lies, misinformation, propaganda, and many crimes to those same fool liberals who caused those problems in order to gain the power they so lust after and they are too stupid to solve the problems.

For years they have schemed, lied, deceived, and committed treason to bring down our economy, cause us to start losing the war against terror, and any other harm they could think of to do to the US in order to get their desired power back. Well, they just got their power and all the problems they created. They are now the ones the American people will hold responsible for solving those problems. What fools.

Again, God is proving that He meant it when He said, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", or what we say is, "What goes around comes around."

The economy they have tried to destroy for eight years is finally going into a recession and on the verge of an all out depression because of their mischief. Now they have to fix it and, almost in a panic, Pelosi just demanded that they have to give the middle class a tax break and fast to prevent the depression. The fool doesn't realize that it is more important to give the tax break to the upper class because they are the ones who invest their money either expanding or creating businesses and creating new jobs. It is the upper class who increase the demand for employees and, therefore, increase the salaries they will have to pay to get the labor they increase the demand for.

If the fool liberals do what they have said they will do, which is to increase taxes on the rich, then there will be less investment money for the rich and there won't be any new jobs. They will cause this country to plunge into a depression that could easily be worse than the Great Depression of the 1930's. Oops, the fools created another liberal crisis and are too stupid to realize they shouldn't have wanted what they just got.

They crawled in bed with the Muslim terrorists to get the conservatives out of power causing the war against terror to turn in favor of the terrorists causing the terrorists to increase their efforts against the US and our allies making that war much worse. Now they have to turn against those same terrorists they were sleeping with just last night or become their slaves. Think of how the terrorists will feel if the stupid liberals turn against them now that the liberals are in power. The terrorists will become enraged and increase their activities even more. As a matter of fact, Al Quaeda has openly stated they are going to increase their activities to get the liberals in the same trouble that the liberals caused for the conservatives by turning the US citizens against the War Against Terror. What fools.

Remember when the liberals gained control of Congress just two years ago and had to break their promises to their followers causing many of the followers to join the Green Party? They will really tick off the rest of the liberals in this country if they do what must be done to solve the problems they have caused because they, the liberals, have brain washed their idiot followers into believing a bunch of stupid crap that isn't true. Now, to solve the problems, the liberals must go against what they taught their idiot followers and do what the conservatives said should be done.

Yep, what goes around, comes around. What fools.

God says in the scriptures that He laughs at fools and I can just see Him laughing in Heaven right now. If the fool liberals do what they said they will, they will cause the problems to get even worse and look really bad to everyone and, if they don't, they will anger their voters for not doing what they promised. The idiots have created a lose, lose situation for themselves. There is no way they can win this fight. They screwed themselves by screwing us to get back their power. Yep, they are the brilliant ones.

The joke and the last laugh is on them and they are too stupid to realize it....yet. What fools, what fools.

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