The Lost Tribes

There is a myth in Christianity that the ten tribes of Israel God scattered into slavery more than 2,500 years ago are all lost and that no one knows where even one of those people or members of those tribes are today. This is absolutely false for a number of reasons.

First and most importantly, God knows where they are, every last one of them.

Second, you have to understand that many of God's people from those 10 northern tribes who still feared God would have and did move to the two southern tribes of Israel but have maintained their independent tribal identities. It is the old birds-of-the-feather routine in that many of those God fearing Children of Israel would not have felt comfortable with their siblings practicing paganism and would have been under the same pressure and persecutions by those pagan siblings to turn from God that we are under by our fellow pagan Americans to turn from God today. This drove many of those people south to the two remaining tribes of the Children of Israel in the same way these same persecutions are driving some Christians to Israel today.

Third, you also have to understand a combination of human nature and God's punishment. Because of Sodom and Gomorrha, where God had promised to Abraham to not punish the people of Sodom and Gomorrha by killing them all off, if there was even one good person, most people believe that God doesn't punish a group of people if there is even one good person among those people. This is only true if God is going to kill all of those people off for their crimes against His Laws. If God has another punishment in mind, then he will punish the entire group while providing at least some special protection for those who are still God's people.

Fourth, you have to understand that, throughout the scriptures, in both the New and Old Testaments, God warns us repeatedly that tolerance of other people's crimes against His Laws or looking the other way when others commit their crimes against His Laws is a crime itself. God warns us again and again that He will punish us for not taking a stand against others committing crimes against His laws, even unto our third and fourth generations. God is very intolerant of tolerance and it is a sin or crime.

Therefore, even though you may walk with God in your life, if you don't witness to others about the crimes against God's Laws or paganism in their lives, then you will be punished for not at least trying to turn the others from their paganism. And let's get this straight, that what all of this is really about is not political, economic, or other excuses or distractions the pagans (all anti God people) use to keep us from realizing it is simply them hating us, waging war against us, and trying to destroy us so they can freely practice their paganism. This entire war between good and evil is the pagans trying to wipe out God's people so that only paganism is practiced globally.

Jesus said it best when He said, "You are either with me or against me." There is no middle or neutral ground of tolerance, there is only paganism and God's way. Tolerance of other people's crimes against God's Laws is a crime against God's Laws and we will be held accountable or punished for tolerance of such criminal activity and the scriptures teach this to be true. You only have two choices, God's way and the pagan way.

One reason God does this is because, when He punishes a group of people, those who are still God fearing will turn back to God and turn others back to God. God always uses these people who love Him but commit the crime of tolerance to turn some of the wicked pagans back to God.

Therefore, among the 10 tribes of Israeli's who were scattered throughout the world into slavery, there were good, God fearing people who just didn't fear God enough to turn others from their crimes and God used those people to eventually turn some of those Children of Israel back to God.

The proof of this?

These people stayed together in groups where ever they went and, after they earned their freedoms, they built synagogues the people of Israel are still finding today in distance villages, towns, and cities in countries like India which date back to well before the time of Jesus. Most of those synagogues managed to reestablish contact with Israel within a few generations and develop a loose global network so that the Jews in Israel knew where most of them were at the time of Jesus.

Now I am going to introduce you to a tiny bit of the genius of God. You see, God used those 10 northern tribes to build Jewish synagogues all over the world but especially throughout the Middle East and Europe so that, when He scattered the Messianic Jews from Jerusalem and then from Israel about 20 to 30 years after the death of Jesus, those fleeing Christian Jews would go to those synagogues, worship in those synagogues, witness to the Israeli's in those synagogues about Jesus, turn Israeli's to Jesus as their savior, use those synagogues as a base of operations from which to witness to the Gentiles about Jesus being the Messiah of the entire world, and then bring those Gentiles into those synagogues to teach them the Torah and Tenach scriptures proving Jesus is the Messiah and help those Gentiles win other Gentiles to Jesus.

In other words, God used the scattering of the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel to build a network of Jewish synagogues around the world to prepare for His coming global missionary work of spreading the good word or Gospel of Jesus, the Messiah, having come to pay for our crimes against God's Laws to all the Gentiles.

You have to understand that God set the Children of Israel up to be an example of living by God's Laws and teach those Laws to the rest of the world. When those Jewish religious leaders corrupted the Church of God setting a bad example for the world and not teaching the truth about God's Word, then God used punishing those Jews to do that teaching Himself by way of the synagogues built by the good people left in those punished and scattered groups. If the Jews wouldn't do God's work, He would do it through them and in spite of them.

God always gets His way one way or another and I call this the Jonah syndrome. You will do God's will one way or the other. One way, you will believe God, trust God, and obey God or, the other way, after He has dragged your butt through enough hell to cause you to give into His will, you will believe God, trust God, and obey God. Those are the only two choices you get with God.

And that is exactly what Paul and the other Messianic Jews did when they left Israel and scattered around the world teaching everyone, the Jew first (meaning in the synagogues) and, then to the Gentile, about Jesus. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what Jesus was telling the Jews to do when He told them to teach that He is our Messiah to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles. Jesus was telling them to use the network of Israeli synagogues God had scatter around the world with the 10 northern tribes to spread the good news of the Messiah having come throughout the entire world to both Jews and Gentiles. Jesus was telling them to go to those synagogues, win the Israeli's, and then work with those Israeli's to win the Gentiles to Jesus.

God knew what He was doing and still does. Always remember that "everything works for the good with God". No matter how bad it may seem to you are me, God will cause it to work to the good for God and all mankind.

Let me introduce you to another bit of brilliance by God. You will love this.

Remember that I taught you that, in order to regain control of the Gentiles the Jews had converted from the pagan Church of Rome to the Christian sect of Judaism, Constantine used a pretence of converting the Church of Rome to Christianity to assimilate those Gentile Christians back into the Church of Rome. From the pagan perspective, wrong move.

There was a little problem for the pagans with this. When those Christian Gentiles returned to being members of the pagan Church of Rome, the Christians began to slowly convert the Church of Rome from paganism to Christianity. For over a 1,000 years, the Christians worked on the Church of Rome from within gradually turning it into an increasingly Christian church and religion. Then, when Martin Luther left the Church of Rome in protest of the Church not adhering strictly to the Bible, creating the first Protestant religion, it created a serious problem for the pagans in the Church of Rome.

At first, one protestant church or denomination formed and then others followed until there was an avalanche of people leaving the Church of Rome. This crisis forced the Church of Rome to convert much more strictly, but not completely, to the Bible and Christianity in order to keep from losing all of its members and control over the people.

Constantine had assimilated the Christian Gentiles back into the Church of Rome in hopes of converting them all back to paganism but God used those same Christians within the Church of Rome to gradually convert the Church to Christianity. :-) With God, all things work to the good. Don't forget it.

Note that all of this happened before Christopher Columbus sailed from Europe on his first trip west in hopes to find India for trading and economic reasons. God used these economic ventures and His converted Church of Rome and His new Christian Protestant religions along with His Christian Baptists (please note that I am not a Baptist - I am a born again child of God with no allegiance to any religious sect) and Messianic Jews in those synagogues to eventually spread the Gospel of Jesus the Christ around the world to more than six billion people, globally. Today, almost everyone on this planet has heard that Gospel or the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.

God brilliantly used Constantine's efforts to convert all those Christians back to paganism to spread the Christian message throughout the world. :-) God is a pretty smart guy, isn't He? God outsmarts Satan at every turn and will continue to do so forever. Today's pagans, who have seized control of the planet, only think they have won this time but, if you watch closely, their plans are failing daily and God is using that to expose the lies of paganism, sort out those pagan infiltrators who have destroyed everything good and to turn people back to God. He is winning this one also.

Just remember the Jewish saying I love so much, "Men plan, God laughs." I would like to add to that saying that, "When God plans, only fools laugh."

So, about those 10 lost tribes of Israel, never happened!

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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